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Magic Moments > 2004 > Taj's Departure Episode 4400

Written by Piet Collins, Directed by Tony Osicka

Taj tells Toadie and Stuart that Sam Tinselman, a movie producer, is staying at Lassiter’s and so the lads decide to get him to notice Taj. Steph tells Max that she can’t see a future without kids of her own, even if it means that they have to break up...

At the pub, Max and Steph wonder where they can take their relationship from here. He says he has to be honest with her, and she says that she couldn’t cope with them resenting each other down the track. He says that he’ll need some time to think, and she tells him not to listen to her mum. Max says that they can get through this after all they’ve been through.


At number 30, Stu and Toadie ask Taj if he’s made his pitch to Sam Tinselman. He says he hasn’t, so they suggest some ways to get him noticed. Taj is worried about getting sacked by Chloe Lambert, and Toadie says that all they need is Sam’s room number, and they’ll sort everything.

Joe arrives home, saying he forgot his lunch and Steph is holding Oscar, while Lyn prepares some food for the Hoylands, insisting that it’s not an apology, simply her being neighbourly. Steph tells Lyn not to feel bad about talking to Max, and that they’ve finally started to talk about things.


At the Coffee Shop, Izzy asks Max if they managed to talk, and he says that they did. He explains how difficult the situation is, and Izzy says that it’s the sort of thing that people break up over. She tells him that he has to do what he wants, and not what he thinks he should.

Karl is at the pub, with his old mate Standford Mundy, talking about old times. They decide to have a game of pool, and try to work out when they lost contact. He talks about The Right Prescription and when they used to pick up girls. Standford says that work’s work, but he lives for skiing in Aspen. They talk about marriage, retirement and death, but Standford says he’s not going to go quietly and arranges for the pair of them to go out on the town that night.


Taj comes out of The Coffee Shop and is worried when Toadie and Stu start talking about what they’ve arranged to get Sam to notice him. They say they’ve been in Sam’s room and put up pictures of Taj, but Taj explains to them that they’ve got the wrong room, so they run off.

Steph is buying lunch from Izzy at the Coffee Shop and they realise that their efforts to be friends simply aren’t working. Izzy says she won’t tiptoe around Steph anymore and that Max doesn’t want kids. Steph is angry about them discussing this and Izzy warns her that one mistake could cause them all pain.


Taj is making up the sign for outside the Lassiter’s reception, but he’s distracted and has written ‘Licket Club’ and ‘Eat Children for Half the Price’. Stu assures him that Toadie knows his way around the hotel and everything will be fine. Just then, Toadie appears and tells Taj that he’s wired up Sam’s TV so that instead of Tootsie, he’ll see Taj’s amateur film. Taj is convinced that he’s going to get the sack now, but the boys go off to celebrate.

Lyn and Joe are having lunch at the Coffee Shop and Joe is worried about their debts, and wishes Lou would pay him the money he owes. Stu and Toadie come in and are convinced that they’ve done Taj a favour. Joe asks Stu to look at his ute, as it’s playing up, but Lyn is worried about going behind Lou’s back. Stuart agrees to do it.


Taj is on the phone to someone complaining about his film being shown on the hotel TVs, and is forced to field lots more calls, until one comes through from Chloe Lambert…

At the pub, Standford and Karl meet up and he explains that his wife is staying in Sydney for the time being. Izzy and some friends come in, and Standford is impressed that Karl and Izzy are acquainted.


A woman asks Taj if she can get a replacement key, when she says her room number, Taj says she thought she was a man. She asks what he means, and he explains that he thought Sam Tinselman was a guy. He tells her he’s been sacked over his movie scam, and she tells him it wasn’t all that bad and he obviously has a passion for film. She asks if he has time for coffee…

At the pub, Karl and Izzy are exchanging glances, while Standford chats up one of her friends. He says they’re good looking and they could be in with them, but Karl isn’t sure. Izzy tells her friends that Standford thinks he’s wonderful, just because he’s a rich surgeon. Standford tells Karl not to kid himself, as they both came out tonight for one reason…


Izzy speaks to Karl, who says he’s going to let Standford have his mid-life crisis on his own. Karl and Izzy are left alone and he says it’s been a weird evening and he’d like to talk to her about it, no strings attached. They discuss how old Standford’s chat-up lines were and that he’s so casual about cheating on his wife. She explains that she meant what she said at Lou’s wedding, and that things are different now that Susan isn’t around. He says he doesn’t want to lose her friendship and that they have fun together, simply as friends.

Toadie and Stu are playing badminton in the lounge room when Taj arrives home saying that an old lady choked on one of the chocolates they left, and that the movie got played on every TV in the hotel, plus Chloe sacked him. Toadie and Stu feel terrible, until Taj announces that Sam Tinselman gave him a job as a runner on her new film and that he’s leaving for Sydney straightaway. He says he doesn’t deserve it after cheating, but they say he’s the most genuine guy they ever met and Stuart agrees to take on Taj’s old room. Taj pretends to cry when Toadie tells him what a great guy he is, and they all have a group hug.


Steph and Max are at number 32, looking at baby photos of Boyd and Summer. She asks if it’s working, making him want to have more babies, and then she apologises. He says he’s petrified, but he says it’s the greatest thing in the world, and he wants to share it with her. She’s thrilled and they hug.


A taxi pulls up outside number 28 and Lyn watches from her window as Karl and Izzy get out and go inside for coffee…

Summary by Steve