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Magic Moments > 2004 > Sindi's Return Episode 4418

Written by Philippa Burne, Directed by Tony Osicka

Susan explains to Lyn that although she wants to work things out in her marriage, she thinks Karl wants a divorce. Joe and Lyn record their audition for Making Mansions. Boyd spots a mysterious figure watching him from the end of Ramsay Street, but when he looks again, he’s gone.

Summer is standing looking up at her kite, which is stuck in a tree in the park. The mystery man that Boyd saw in the street – Gus – just happens to come by and, despite Summer not really wanting the strange man to get involved, he starts to climb the tree.


At number 28, Karl and Susan are awkwardly making small talk with each other as they go through their morning routine. He admits that it’s difficult getting used to sleeping in a single bed. She then offers to iron a shirt for him as he goes to take a shower and struggles to keep her composure as he leaves the room, almost walking into their old bedroom as he goes.

Back at the park, Gus is climbing back down the tree, having retrieved Summer’s kite and tells her not to make a habit of it. Izzy then runs over and says that Summer shouldn’t be speaking to strange man, but thanks him anyway and admits that it’s rare to meet such a gentleman these days. He jokingly says that he has to go now, and rescue a kitten in the next suburb, while Izzy wishes that she’d gotten his name.


Back at number 28, Karl emerges from the bedroom and Susan starts asking him whether he’ll be home for lunch, or dinner, as she’s planning to cook a curry. He admits that he has some plans to see a movie with some people from work, so not to expect him. He leaves, as Susan looks disappointed.

Meanwhile, in an editing suite, a woman is sitting back with her high heels up on the desk, watching back Joe and Lyn’s audition tape for Making Mansions, which accidentally got left on. She watches the family argue and smiles to herself.



At number 28, Karl is searching for his diary, which Susan finds for him. They wish each other a good day, as Karl finally leaves for work. Once he’s gone, Susan puts her head in her hands.

At the pub, Joe and Jack are having lunch and Izzy is sitting at the next table. Jack looks awkward when Izzy starts flirting with the man who helped Summer get her kite from the tree. Izzy is about to ask him to join her, when Max comes out of the office and immediately recognises the man as Gus Cleary, an old mate from the rigs. Gus explains that he had to come and see Max’s new life as a publican for himself, and Max admits that he’s really happy and life in Erinsborough is working out well for him. As Max goes to get them all some drinks, Gus offers to tell Izzy all about Max and his antics on the rig.


Later, Max and Gus are playing pool, as Gus explains to Izzy that Max was a bit of a heartbreaker whenever they were on leave from the rig. Izzy is busy flirting with Gus and asks him over to dinner, not taking no for an answer and telling him she’s sure he can find his way when he asks for directions to the Hoyland house.

At number 28, Susan is happily hugging Audrey, who’s had the all clear from the vet, when Karl arrives home unexpectedly. He explains that he thought he’d come back for some lunch and Susan immediately starts fussing, offering him some of that nice cheese that he likes. He takes the leftover chicken instead, before announcing that he should leave. He notices the look of hurt on her face and they hug, before suddenly sharing a kiss which surprises them both. They quickly apologise and Karl rushes off, leaving Susan pleased by what just happened.


At the building site, Jack is struggling to get the tube of sealant to work, and Joe comes over and points out that he needs to cut the end of first. He then takes Jack over to the window and demonstrates how to use it.

At the surgery, Izzy pops in to bring Karl some coffee and he’s grateful, saying that it was just what he needed. She explains that she overheard a customer saying that he was working through lunch. She asks if he’s still thinking about his dream of doctoring in war-torn countries, but he admits that he’s a bit old for that now, and besides, life in Erinsborough is difficult enough. He tells Izzy about the kiss and he admits that, despite wanting a separation, it’s difficult to ignore all the history. He wonders if it’s given her false hope, and Izzy suggests that still living with Susan is already doing that. He says that it’s still his family home and he can’t give up on that – so Izzy suggests that he try again with Susan. He then admits that he and Susan are definitely over. He then quickly changes the subject, asking Izzy what she’s been up to lately and she says that she has a hot date…


Back at the building site, Joe and Jack are being watched, and videoed, by the mystery woman from before. They’re happily working together, and the woman starts talking about how they could start arguing at any moment. An argument then begins, but they quickly make up, and the woman wonders if they’re really going to make such interesting television after all.

At the surgery, Karl is making encouraging noises about Izzy’s date, though she admits that it’s just a family dinner for now – but give her time. She realises that she should get back and help with the rush. He suggests that they shouldn’t meet up like this any more, as people will start gossiping. As they go into the waiting room, Lyn is waiting to see Karl and doesn’t look impressed to see Izzy with him.


At number 26, Susan calls in, on the pretence of discussing the book club meeting, but can’t resist blurting out the news that she and Karl kissed. She’s beginning to wonder whether Karl is having second thoughts about the separation but Lyn isn’t convinced, since Karl didn’t actually say that. Susan, however, is certain that Karl won’t leave her now, although it may take some time to get things back to how they were.

At number 32, Gus arrives for dinner and is impressed with the house, as Max explains that it’s being auctioned off and they hope to buy it. Izzy brings in some food and she and Gus continue their flirting from earlier. Steph then arrives home, asking about the motorbike outside, and Gus explains that it’s his.

A bit later, Gus and Izzy are still getting on well, as Summer is sent off to bed and Gus arranges another kite-flying session with her.

Later still, Gus is telling stories about ‘Killer Hoyland’ and his time on the rigs. He explains that he’s also quit working on the rigs and is staying with his dad, but isn’t too keen on settling in one place for too long. He explains that Max used to take his work on the rigs very seriously, though things seem strained between the two of them.

Later, Gus offers to take Steph out on his bike, as Max is leaving for the late shift at the pub. Once he leaves, Steph asks why Max was called ‘Killer’ and Gus explains that it was short for ‘Ladykiller’, but insists that none of Max’s other women were as good as her.


Steph finally goes to bed, leaving Gus and Izzy to talk. They decide that they’re very similar and he decides to stay and have another coffee with her.

The following morning, Gus is asleep on the sofa, where Max is surprised to find him. Izzy comes in, and Max smells that she’s been making pancakes – a treat for Gus when he wakes up. She leaves, asking Max if it’s ok if Gus uses one of the rooms in the back of the pub. Max looks over at Gus, and says that his old friend has still got it. Once alone, Gus opens his eyes, having been listening to the whole conversation.


Outside, Lyn is out walking Oscar when she spots Izzy leaving number 32. The two woman stop to chat and Izzy asks Lyn to let her know if there’s anything she can do to help the Kennedys. Lyn wonders out loud if Izzy hasn’t already done enough? She thinks that Izzy’s behaviour is indecent and points out that Susan and Karl were happy until Izzy moved in. She angrily warns Izzy to stay away from them, as she’s already done enough damage.

Notes: This episode marks Marisa Warrington’s addition to the regular cast, after three guest stints as Sindi.

Summary by Steve