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Magic Moments > 2004 > Joe's Departure Episode 4425

Written by Peter Mattessi, Directed by Jeffrey Walker

Harold catches Lil and David talking about him and sarcastically leaves them to it whilst he goes to his room. Izzy and Lyn’s feud continues as Izzy takes her time serving in the Coffee Shop.

At the Coffee Shop, Harold is closing up for the night when Sindi comes in, asking if he has any penne left, as she’s been so busy working on Making Mansions, that she hasn’t had a chance to eat. He angrily tells her that he can’t be expected to drop everything just because she’s too stupid to organise her own meals, and Sindi gets upset. She says that she misses nice Harold, and goes to leave, but he stops her and says that, if she waits, he’ll heat some up for her.


At number 26, Steph and Gino are having dinner with Lyn and Jack, and they all offer Steph their congratulations on her buying number 32 with Max. Steph wants to have a family dinner to celebrate, with the Hoylands there too, but Lyn and Jack aren’t quite convinced that they want to share a meal with Izzy. But, after seeing how disappointed Steph is, they agree to go. As the kids leave, Gino tells Lyn that she did a good job of pretending not to hate Izzy.

The next day, at the Coffee Shop, Harold is behind the counter, looking at notes he’s stuck up for himself, reminding him to smile and be nice and friendly. Jack and Gino then come in, quickly joined by Stuart who has been out for a run in preparation for starting at police academy. Max then comes in and Gino says that it’s great to hear about the joint Scully-Hoyland dinner – much to Max’s surprise.


Steph and Max are then on the phone, Steph at number 32 and Max at the pub, and she admits that she was scared to tell him about the dinner. He asks if she’s forgotten about Lyn and Izzy’s fight in the street the week before, but Steph thinks that they can all patch things up. Max realises that he’s lost the argument and agrees to try and talk Izzy into joining them.

In the Coffee Shop, Lyn is happy to learn that Izzy has the day off. Max then comes in, and he and Lyn are forced to discuss the issue with Izzy. Lyn explains that it’s nothing personal and she has no problem with Max – she’s just trying to defend Susan. Max says that he understands that, but when she attacks his sister, she’s attacking him too. They decide that, for Steph’s sake, they’ll try and get along.


At the building site, Joe shows Jack some blueprints for the house that’s going to be built on the land, and is impressed as Jack looks over them and thinks that they’re a good use of the area they’ve got, particularly the garden, which will have sunlight at all times of the day. Joe is impressed with the progress his son’s making and asks another of the builders, Jim Baynes, to show Jack how to render a wall.

At the pub, Max has been interviewing applicants for the job of pub manager and Connor is concerned, as he’s seen the applications and they’re all very good. Max admits that, if he could, he would magically make Connor’s problems with immigration go away and give him the job, but it’s just not possible.


At the building site, Joe is pleased with Jack’s work and heads off home to check on the film crew. Jack is then distracted as Joe tries to teach him how to render a wall properly.

At the Coffee Shop, Stuart and Connor are having lunch, with Connor warning “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” when Sindi bursts in and announces from the other side of the shop that she thought they were meeting at Grease Monkeys. They try and lie, pretending that they weren’t avoiding her and that they thought they were only working as cameramen for one day. Toadie then comes in, asking Sindi to let Connor and Stu off, and stop trying to run everyone’s lives for them. Sindi is very taken aback by his attitude.


At the building site, Jim has finished doing the rendering job, on his own, with Jack just watching and not helping at all, when Joe comes back. Joe believes that it was a joint effort and both Jim and Jack allow him to think it, as Joe congratulates his son on a job well done.

At number 30, Connor wonders what’s wrong with Toadie and Stuart points out that having Sindi around is reminding him of when he split up with Dee. Connor then finds a package from his mum in the post – she’s sent over an old beer recipe that’s been in the family for generations. He says that it’s an amazing recipe with a secret ingredient and Stu thinks that it could be his key to staying in Australia and keeping his job.


At the pub, Toadie, Connor and Stuart are having a drink to celebrate Connor finding a reason to stay. Max isn’t convinced though, pointing out that if it’s anything like the beer he tried in Dublin, it won’t be that good, but if it is good, he’ll resubmit Connor’s immigration application. Izzy then turns up and asks her brother for a word in private. Meanwhile, Sindi also comes in, talking on her mobile phone to her boyfriend, arguing about his always having to work. When she spots Toadie looking at her, she gets annoyed and says that she had hoped that they could be friends, but clearly she was wrong. In the office, Izzy finally agrees to go to dinner and Max thinks that Lyn will be courteous and forget what happened. Izzy says that she will too, but she’ll also give as good as she gets if Lyn wants another fight.

At number 26, Jack phones Lyn and explains that Joe won’t be able to make it to dinner as he’s stuck at Gino’s place, fixing his plumbing. Sindi then turns up, ready to shoot some more footage – on her own – of the lounge room before the renovations begin. Jack heads off and Sindi starts filming, walking backwards, when her foot goes through the wall and she realises that she’s stuck. She’s then forced to phone Toadie and ask him to come and help her.


At number 32, Jack and Lyn have joined Steph and Max for dinner, but they’re all still waiting for Izzy to turn up. Max starts to explain what they’re having for dinner, but as soon as he mentions the words ‘cabbage rolls’ he realises his mistake. A sullen Lyn asks if they’re suburban cabbage rolls?

At number 26, Toadie arrives to help Sindi, but can’t help laughing at the ludicrous situation. He tries to pull her foot out, but fails, so he grabs the hammer and makes a bigger hole but pushing her out. He laughs at she lunges towards the couch but isn’t amused and wonders how they’re going to explain the hole. Toadie thinks that the picture of Valda above it will distract people, which finally makes Sindi smile.


At number 32, Izzy finally turns up but explains that she’s not staying, as Gus is waiting outside in a cab and they’re going on a date – she just came back to apologise and get a jacket. Lyn says that it’s typical of her, as a smiling Izzy leaves. Once Izzy has gone, Lyn says that they can all relax now – she really loves cabbage anyway!


At number 30, Toadie is asleep and has a dream about Dee and the wedding. She is facing away from him, but when she turns around, it’s Sindi. Toadie suddenly wakes up, clearly uncomfortable about the content of his dream.

Notes: Although Joe isn't mentioned as having left until episode 4428, this is the last appearance of Shane Connor, who was suddenly sacked from the role.

Summary by Steve