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Magic Moments > 2004 > Michelle's Return Episode 4439

Written by Katrina Foster, Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Gus tells Max that he’d want his son to be just like Boyd. Rocco shows Lou a suitcase full of money he is willing to lend him, $50 000 to be exact. Gus slips a drug in Max’s drink.

Max and Gus are playing a game of pool for Gus’ birthday. Max doesn’t want to finish his drink but Gus insists that he does. When Connor shows up, Gus tells Max that it would be rude not to finish Connor’s brew off, so Max drinks it and almost immediately is affected, tripping over. He leaves to pick up Steph. Connor gets a call for Lou, and Lou takes it in the pub. He asks ‘Gavin’ how many damaged goods he can get a hand of.


At the Scully’s, Lyn, Valda and Jack are moving their things into the lounge room, as they have to prepare for the wallpaper to come off. Jack isn’t too thrilled however when he hears that they will all be sleeping there together and tries to find ways that he could finish the job earlier. Jack gets angry that they’re not allowed to do anything without cameras rolling.

Max and Steph are preparing to go to the doctors, and Steph comments that Max smells like a brewery, but he says he only had two beers with food. Gus begins to get worried and offers to drive Steph instead to the doctors but Steph doesn’t think its necessary.


Lyn and Valda are setting up the house when Jack arrives and announces that he got into his draftsman course at TAFE. Lyn says that “Scully and Son” has never looked so good.

Back at the pub, Lou asks Connor about Carmella, asking if he’s seen her. Connor says she’s in Italy but Lou tells him that she’s back. Connor rushes off and Lou gets a mobile call from Gavin, who tells Lou he has gotten the goods.

In Lou’s backyard, Lou gets some of the money he’s stored in his compost bin out, but Harold looks over his fence. Lou is angry and says that Harold gave him a fright. Harold tells Lou he needs some worms for his compost. Lou says he doesn’t need them and tells Harold to go away. Harold says he’s only trying to be friendly like the “old Harold” was. He wonders if he was being too friendly or not friendly enough.


Steph and Max are driving home and Steph is talking to Max who looks a bit dazed. She wonders if maybe she should take up yoga to help her with her treatment. Max’s vision starts to go blurry. He turns right onto the path of an oncoming vehicle. Steph screams and quickly grabs the wheel and runs the car off the road. Max passes out and Steph grabs him and asks if he’s OK.


Connor arrives home to an empty number 30, and looks around. He is suddenly grabbed by the back and begs for Rocco to leave him alone and not to put him in the boot, but when he turns around he sees it is Stuart joking around. Stuart asks what ‘the boot’ is all about, but Connor storms off saying he doesn’t want to talk about it.

At number 32, Gus is on the phone checking if there have been any traffic accidents, when suddenly Steph comes in with Max. Steph says he doesn’t know what’s wrong but wonders how many drinks he did have. She’s in a frantic mood and says she needs to get back to the appointment, and Gus says he’ll drive her.


At number 26, Lyn takes Oscar to bed. Valda says Jack should give Sindi a break as she’s doing her best, and that she can see through Jack and can see he has a crush on her. At that moment, Michelle appears at the door commenting on how Jack is “still chasing skirts”. They are all shocked and happy to see her, and Lyn rushes out ecstatic to see her daughter.


At number 32, Max comes into the kitchen and Steph starts to grill him on how he got into that state. He says he honestly does not know and that he only had two drinks. Steph tells Max that she’s still in the clear.

Back at the Scully’s, Lyn tells Michelle that she looks really beautiful and that Steph is on her way over. She asks what’s going on around and they say they’re all sleeping in the lounge room. Michelle says it’s her fault for sneaking up on them but was worth it for the look on their faces. Steph runs in and hugs Michelle and tells everyone that she’s still in the clear. Michelle says she’s in Erinsborough for six weeks. Steph wants to know how Michelle has been going in NYC, but Michelle would rather hear about what’s been happening back home. They tell her about Lou and Trixie, and joke about how Connor had to handle her all day in the pub. Lyn says, “he said he’d lost the love of his life”. “Connor said that??” Michelle asks, but Lyn tells her she meant Lou as the others silently giggle.


Harold is walking through Lassiters, and sees Lou dealing over a wad of 50 dollar notes to a man giving him stereos.

At number 30, Stuart jokes around with Connor about “the boot”. There is a knock on the door and it’s Carmella. Connor hides behind a couch and Stuart goes to answer it, telling Carmella that Connor isn’t here, but she says she’ll wait. Stuart tries to convince Carmella that Connor isn’t right for him as he is clueless, and she is classy and beautiful. He also tells her that Connor will have a different woman for every night, and she becomes furious. She says she will make him pay, but just then Bob runs behind the couch and exposes Connor.


At number 26, Michelle is preparing to go out. Lyn asks if she’s going to catch up with ‘old friends’. Michelle asks Lyn if Connor ever talked about her, and Lyn says that he did sometimes, but that Michelle shouldn’t get her hopes up because she cannot expect to just walk back in and have everything the same as it was. Michelle says she knows that, but she and Connor are soul mates and she will get him back.


Connor tells Carmella that what Stuart said was a lie but that she has to leave as he is “too young to die”. She says that she is only here for two weeks and will give him “two weeks to die for” and they begin to kiss.

Lou is selling someone a dodgy phone as Harold watches on. When the person leaves, Harold confronts Lou and asks him who that person was and the person in the car park. Lou says that if Harold wants to be a good friend, he should not judge and question him.



Connor and Carmella emerge from the bedroom and she suggests they go for a swim, but Connor says he doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Carmella says he ruins every moment and that they should be upfront to Rocco, as he will respect them more. Connor asks if she’s thinking straight, and that he values his life. She asks if he values her, and he says of course he does, that she’s everything to him. They begin to kiss and just then Michelle walks in on them. Michelle is shocked to see them kissing but Connor is even more shocked to see “Micha”.

Summary by Joe