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Magic Moments > 2004 > Lori's Return Episode 4457

Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by Chris Adshead

Connor tells Michelle that they’re worth all the trouble to be together. Lou is rescued after a fall down a hill in the bush.

Harold is getting angry at Lou, who is in hospital, for betting money, that he (Harold) had saved for Serena’s schooling, on a horse. He then gets even angrier that Lou didn’t pay back his friends with the winnings, but bought shares in a product that hadn’t even gone on the market yet and ran from his friends.


Michelle and Connor are at Lassiter’s, and she asks him what Valda said to him. Valda had said that as Michelle’s grandmother she knows her interests lie in New York not in Erinsborough. Michelle thinks her family will come around, as they know what her being with Connor means to her.

Back at the hospital, Lou is telling Harold how he spent years paying off his houses and businesses, and Harold says he threw all his money away when he invested in Hello Dolly, and that he really is bankrupt.


In the reception of the hospital, Karl is talking to an admin lady, Margaret. She says that she’s heard the rumours of his separation, and wonders if he would join her for a date one evening. He politely turns her down saying that he’s still ‘getting used to his own company’. Writing down her number, Margaret tells him to call her if he changes his mind.

At the pub, Connor asks Max if he thinks an “OK” sort of guy as a potential suitor for his daughter. Max says that Summer is still a bit young, Connor replies “not your daughter per se” and Max catches on that it’s Michelle, wondering if the family has a problem with him. Connor says her family still treats her like a baby. Max says he should see it from the Scully’s point of view – they just want what’s best for Michelle. Although Connor thinks it’s obvious he’d do anything for Michelle, Max thinks that it’s Michelle who has made all the sacrifices, not Connor.


Valda arrives at the hospital to visit Lou. Lou is asleep having a dream about Valda telling him that he has absolutely nothing and that he certain doesn’t have her. He wakes up to Valda above him telling him to wake up. Lou tells Valda to leave him alone and stop haunting him. Shocked, Valda leaves the room.

Outside in the waiting area, Karl tells Harold he is dropping around to Ramsay Street to pick up some things and that they should have lunch. Harold asks if Susan knows Karl is going, but Karl has a spare key. Harold insists that Karl ring Susan beforehand in case he runs into her houseguest. Karl is confused, and Harold tells him that he isn’t the only one “getting a bit of action”. Harold simply tells Karl that Susan’s new ‘friend’ even stayed overnight.


Out on the street, Connor wonders why the whole world seems to be against him and Michelle. He tells Michelle that they should both go to New York so that she can finish school there. Michelle tells him that he will lose his Australian Residency if he does that, and that if he really wants to do something heroic for her he will give her his credit card so she can create a ‘world of their own’ for tonight.

Karl is taking some of his things from his house when he sees Max about to head off for work. He goes over the Max and apologises for what happened at his and Steph’s engagement party, admitting it was bad form on his behalf. After being a bit cold, Max forgives him and says it isn’t the first time his sister was involved in a big scene. Karl congratulates Max on his engagement to Steph. Max tells Karl that happiness will come along in the most unexpected times and places, and that Karl should grab onto it when it does.


Harold wakes up Lou at the hospital, telling him he hardly slept at all after what he said to him the day before. He says that he’s his friend and should stick by him, and he will because he is too good a friend to lose. Lou tells Harold that although he didn’t like what Harold said, it was the truth and what he needed to hear. He says the only way out of all this is to sell up and move on.

Karl greets Margaret again in the hall and tells her that if she’s still willing, he would like to do something with her some time. She suggests that evening, saying that they’ll start with a drink at the pub. She leaves, and Karl sees Max and Connor arrive to visit Lou. When they go into the room, Lou expects that Max is there to tell him that he is there to end the partnership. However Max tells him that he isn’t here to give him a hard time. Karl comes in later and says that they’ll have to leave as Lou needs his rest. By his side, Karl tells Lou that he was very close to death, within hours of it. Lou asks him if being close to death often brings on visions. Karl tells him that it’s very common to experience intense out of body experiences. Lou wonders what it means, and Karl explains that some people think it’s a spiritual right of passage – your life flashing before your eyes, and communicating with loved ones who have passed on. Lou asks what about the living? Karl says that he imagines at his death, he will be thinking of those who have been important to him.


At their date, Karl and Margaret are talking about how awful divorce can be – divvying up belongings and friends. Margaret tells Karl to wait for the real killer, when he gets to court, but he doesn’t think it will come to that. Margaret says that she’d much rather get to know more about him than talk about their prior marriages.

At Lassiter’s Hotel, Connor tells Michelle that he is not moving from his bed all weekend. Michelle joins him and he asks her how much he loves him, and she replies that asking that is like asking how big space is. He asks if she loves him enough to steal a rose from Harold’s garden for him every morning, to skinny dip in the lake or even write in a letter about their weekend at the hotel with no details left out. She suggests that instead she just show him how much she loves him, and they kiss.


Karl and Margaret’s date is continuing at the pub, as he talks about movies he liked. However it gets awkward when she starts going on about egotistical males, and about all of her ex husbands who didn’t know which end of a woman was up. Karl excuses himself to go to the bathroom, and Max tells him that the bathroom window might be a bit of a tight squeeze to escape.

At the hotel, Michelle is painting Connor’s toenails pink and then suggests clipping his hair and giving him some eye shadow. He refuses but she gets all moody and says that he doesn’t love her at all. Finally he agrees to let her “do her worst”.


Back at the pub, Margaret is leaving just as Karl returns. He asks where she’s going and she says there is no point hanging around here, as he was obviously hiding from her. She says he is just as pathetic as her ex-husbands. She pays her bill and then tells Karl to stay out of the dating game as long as it takes him to find out what women want – which isn’t for him to flatter his chauvinistic vanity.



The next morning at Lassiter’s, Michelle and Connor have come down to check out, except he is dressed up with makeup and hairclips. Connor is very embarrassed and says he’s only doing it to prove how much he loves her. They hear a baby crying and look over to see – and are shocked to see the mother of the baby is Lori. Lori notices the couple and walks over to them holding her daughter. “Hi, Connor,” she says, “This is your daughter…Maddy.” Connor and Michelle are speechless.

Summary by Joe