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Magic Moments > 2004 > Making Mansions Episode 4473

Written by John Davies, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Lyn tells Sindi that Jack overheard them, and she knows that she and Rocco were talking about the Scullys not being the dysfunctional bogans she was hoping for. Rocco stops Sindi at the club and tells her she doesn’t have to go back to the exotic dancing – she says that she has to work, but he says that he wants to help her.

Sindi insists that she is no longer in love with him, and she’s about to say that she’s in love with Toadie, but stops herself. He realises what she was about to say, and points out that Toadie is nowhere to be seen – he clearly doesn’t want to help her. Rocco keeps trying to talk her round, until she finally stands up and walks out.


At number 32, Max and Boyd sit down to watch a movie, since everyone else is out, then Max notices that it’s R-rated and says that they can’t watch it, and Boyd should have told him at the video store. As Boyd goes to choose another film from Summer’s collection, he says that it’s nice not to have that weirdo Gus hanging around any more. Max defends him, saying that he was just lonely, but Boyd says that it was still pretty weird, him wearing Max’s clothes. Max is shocked to hear this and says that he knew nothing about it. They’re interrupted by a noise coming from the roof, but Max says that it’s probably just possums.

The next morning, Boyd is half asleep on the couch, with a bowl of cereal on his lap, when Max starts shouting at him to get dressed and go to school. Boyd complains that the possums kept him awake for half the night, but Max has no sympathy and heads out to work, telling Boyd to do some tidying before he goes out.


At the Coffee Shop, Lyn and Oscar are having breakfast with Tom, when Susan comes in. She tries to sneak back out again, but Lyn spots her and drags her over to be introduced to Tom. They pretend that they’ve never met before, and Susan says that she’s meant to be meeting Sindi and Scott, who then arrive. Lyn introduces them to Tom, and Scott has some trouble understanding how he’s not a vicar, and how he can be a ‘father’ if he doesn’t have any children. Sindi explains that Making Mansions is definitely going to be shown that evening, but Lyn is still upset with her and quickly leaves. Susan tells a worried Sindi that Lyn will soon come round once the show has been screened. Meanwhile, Scott wants to have a salad for breakfast and Susan is grateful that it’s not fish fingers.

At number 32, Boyd and Max arrive back to find the lounge room tidied and hoovered. Max is surprised that Boyd went to so much effort and begins to suspect that he’s about to get a call from the school, but Boyd insists that nothing’s wrong, though looks very confused as Max goes into the kitchen.


At number 26, Lyn is on the phone and is starting to get aggressive with one of Joe’s clients who hasn’t paid, when Tom comes in and she becomes more polite. Jack arrives and looks in the fridge, saying “God, are we out of OJ already?” before calling his uncle, “Father” when he asks if he’d like chocolate milk instead. Lyn answers the door and it’s Sindi with some flowers as an apology, but Lyn is still upset with her and says that she won’t be welcome at the house, as it’s family only. A despondent Sindi leaves.

At number 28, Sindi walks in, announcing that Lyn hates her and she regrets getting involved with Making Mansions. Scott starts reading out job vacancies to her – public relations, zoo-keeping and the two of them leave the room, arguing. Lyn then calls by to ask Susan over for the screening, but realising that Tom is going to be there, Susan says no, as she promised to watch it with Sindi. She insists that she’s not taking sides, though Lyn seems far from convinced.


At number 26, Lou, Boyd and Max have come over to watch Making Mansions and Lyn says that Jack might get discovered and become a model.

At number 28, as they wait for the programme to start, Scott decides that he should also get his own show on Channel 44 – a cooking show. Sindi and Susan are bemused.


At number 26, Lou and Tom head into the lounge room as the show begins with Sindi on screen:
Our mission was to find the typical suburban Australian street. We found it. And within that street, the typical suburban Australian home. But go inside and ask yourself; did we find the great Australian dream or a total nightmare?

At number 28, Sindi is appalled to realise that it isn’t her edit of the show as it continues with the introductions to the family members:
Lyn is trying to tidy up and look after Oscar and calls Jack to help her as she’s sick of all the mess. The caption reads ‘Lyn Scully, 46. Mother. Housewife or fishwife? On the verge of a nervous breakdown.



Sindi is outraged, and Scott can’t stop laughing, as the show continues and Jack appears on the screen:
Jack is posing in front of the mirror and his caption reads ‘Jack Scully, 20. Failed soccer star. HIMBO.’
Valda is then shown steaming open a letter and her caption reads ‘Valda Sheergold. Age: anybody’s guess. Grandmother. Gourmet chef. Battleaxe.’

At number 26, they’re all wondering what was going through Sindi’s mind when she edited it all together. Sindi then appears on the screen:
The caption reads ‘Sindi Watts, 30. Wannabe presenter. BIMBO.’


At number 28, Scott is still laughing, while Sindi is horrified that they said she was 30.

On the screen, Lyn is giving Sindi a tour of the kitchen, describing it as functionable, but could do with an update. Sindi agrees and announces that there’ll be new Scandinavian appliances, stainless steel surfaces.


We then see another scene, in which Jack is trying to find his old soccer uniform to show Sindi. The family start arguing as Lyn asks if someone can help her to feed Oscar, and Sindi says that the family clearly needs her help.

Another scene shows Jack walking into the room, carrying his weights and knocking over some plywood. He sees Sindi with the camera and says that she’s early – he isn’t ready; his muscles aren’t buffed.


The next scene is of Valda standing up and realising she’s sewn herself to the sewing machine, much to cameraman Scott’s amusement. Sindi, standing next to Valda, announces that next week they’ll be going on location at Valda’s celebrity cooking classes. Valda looks at Sindi and says “I think not.”

The scene then changes to Valda arriving at the front door with a frame for Jack’s Ricky Martin poster. Jack protests and Valda tells him that they live in modern times.


Sindi talks to camera about what a day of mayhem it’s been. Scott, behind the camera, starts to focus on her chest and she realises and demands to know what he’s doing.

At number 26, they’re all quite stunned by what they’re watching, then the phone rings. Lyn answers, and it’s Valda…


At number 28, Sindi is on the verge of a breakdown, worried about how Lyn is going to react, as Susan tries to calm her down.

On the television, Jack is continuing to deny that he has a Ricky Martin poster, but Sindi promises that it’ll all be edited out. He storms out, closely followed by Valda, who exclaims that it’s all such fun.


At number 26, Lyn is assuring Tom that they don’t all really behave like that, and Max offer words of encouragement, but Lou then jokingly suggests speaking to a lawyer. When Jack comes back on the screen, he quickly gets everyone to quieten down.

On the screen, Jack is busy painting, when Lyn and Valda tell him that it’s the wrong colour for the kitchen. They all start arguing, then Valda steps on the lid of the paint tin and starts making footprints everywhere. They’re all shouting at each other in the background, as Sindi speaks to camera, reminding everyone to tune in next week to find out what happens next with Australia’s most dysfunctional family.


At number 26, everyone is stunned as the final credits roll. A furious Lyn can only say “Sindi!”

At number 28, Sindi is busy packing a bag, as Susan tries to convince her that it won’t be that bad, and she should stay and face it. Sindi is then extremely worried as Jack and Lyn arrive at the door.


With everyone now inside, an argument has started and Sindi is insisting that it wasn’t the way she edited the show. Tom arrives and manages to diffuse the situation a little and says that they should all go to bed, and talk things through properly in the morning. Sindi, however, has realised who is to blame for all of this.

Outside Lassiter’s, the next morning, Rocco is sitting at a table and Sindi confronts him about the terrible way the footage was edited. Rocco says that he had nothing to do with it, and he’d only look into it if they were still a couple. He says that Toadie’s never coming back, and Sindi wonders how he knows, but he leaves. Scott then appears, having listened in on the whole conversation.


At number 26, Tom arrives and Lyn wonders if he thinks she’s a fishwife. He insists that it’s not the case. Meanwhile, the phone rings – it’s Susan, who wants Lyn to come over for a chat. Lyn reluctantly agrees.

At number 28, Susan apologises for not coming to the Scully house for the screening, and explains that she met Tom once before – when Lil convinced her to chat him up at the supermarket. Lyn’s stunned and asks what he said, and Susan dryly says that they’re going out dancing on Saturday. The two women finally burst out laughing at the absurd situation.


At the school, Scott is telling Susan about Sindi and Rocco’s little liaison. As they arrive at the classroom, Susan is very surprised to see Tom in there, and he explains that he’s volunteering for an Amnesty International campaign at the school, so they’ll be spending some time together. Susan blushes.

Summary by Steve