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Magic Moments > 2004 > Ten Years Of The Kennedys Episode 4502

Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 15/06/04, BBC One: 12/08/04

Episode Title: Publish And Be Damned

Steph tells Libby that Izzy is a piece of work and that if her article can show her that no-one is fooled, then it’s worth doing, telling her to print it. Darren takes the chance to get to know Ben, much to Libby’s delight. Izzy pushes Karl to tell Susan about the baby, before someone else does...

In the parkland at Lassiter’s, Libby is taking Ben to feed the ducks when she spots Darren sitting on a bench by the lake reading the paper. She tells Ben that they’ll feed the ducks another day and turns to walk away, but soon changes her mind and walks over to Darren. She asks if he’s not working that day, but he explains he’s just got a bit of time off, he spots the bread in Libby’s hand and asks if they’re having an early lunch. Libby tells him that they’re off to feed the ducks, so Darren asks if she wants an assistant as he speaks fluent duck, laughing she tells him that Ben does too and they go off to feed them.



At Karl’s apartment, Izzy pushes Karl again about telling Susan. He says that Susan normally goes to the market at that time of day, but she tells him that he’s putting it off. He initially denies it, but eventually admits that maybe he is, explaining that he was just starting to put his life together and then this happens, now he feels like he’s doing a juggling act, trying to stop two worlds colliding, he already has a family – three beautiful kids who he’d die to protect and he has Izzy. She points out that she’s having his baby and asks if he’s not happy about that, Karl says that he is, so she asks him to just look to the future. Karl says that they can, it’s just a bit scary and apologises for being a chicken, to which Izzy says that it’s ok, as he’s her chicken.

Meanwhile at Number 28, Darren, Libby & Ben return from the lake and she compliments him on his ability to talk to the animals, calling him a regular Doctor Doolittle. Darren compliments her on Ben, saying that he’s a great kid, Libby agrees, explaining that she just doesn’t want to let him down, before mentioning the situation with Karl. She stops and apologises, saying that he probably doesn’t want to hear about it, but Darren insists that he does, asking if she wants to go out for dinner to catch up. Libby agrees, telling him that she might need a friendly face once it hits the fan. He asks what she means, before she directs him to page seven of the Erinsborough News.


At that moment, Izzy is reading Libby’s article:
“But then there is the young woman still desperate to be worshipped, who will stop at nothing to gain control, an emotional vampire who will suck dry whoever she sets her sights on, usually an older middle-aged and gullible man; himself growing insecure about his own attractiveness...”
Infuriated, she asks Karl if he’s read Libby’s new column, but he says that he hadn’t got that far and begins to read it. Izzy points out that Libby has called her a ‘predatory traitor to feminism,’ but Karl says that she isn’t mentioned by name, however Izzy says that everyone will still know that it’s her, continuing to quote “morally bankrupt” “scheming gold-digger.” Karl agrees that Libby has overstepped the mark and Izzy demands to know what he is going to do about it, but he tells her that there’s not much he can do.

Outside Number 22, Lou is reading the article as he returns home, however stops as he hears to sound of something breaking indoors.


Over at Number 30, Bob looks on as Stuart does sit-ups when Lou bangs at the door, asking if he’s in, explaining that it’s an emergency. As Stuart answers the door, Lou tells him that someone is in his house, to which Stuart asks who? Lou says that he doesn’t know and thinks he may be being burgled, so Stuart grabs his hat, explaining that he has to identify himself. Lou asks about his gun, but he says that he’s not allowed to keep it at home and says that he’ll call for back up if he needs it as they head across the street.

At the pub, Libby is telling Steph how she used to think that people don’t change, but think she’s wrong. Steph asks if she means Karl, Libby agrees that he has – he’s regressed, but explains that she meant someone she used to know. Steph asks if she means a certain electrician as Susan walks in and asks Libby if she really thought it was a good idea to throw petrol onto the flames, asking what possessed her, wondering what Karl will think. Libby says that she doesn’t care; the column was about a legitimate social issue. Susan tells her that’s rubbish, it was a direct attack on Izzy and everyone will know it. Libby says that she thought Susan would like it, but she tells her daughter that she’s not doing her any favours as she’s the discarded middle-aged wife and it’s hard enough to live through it without having the whole thing aired in public. Libby tells her mum that she’s sorry she feels that way, but they do say ‘publish and be damned.’ Susan tells her that she better prepare herself for some damnation then as Karl isn’t going to take it lying down. As she does, Max walks over and tells Libby that he thought journalists were supposed to have ethics, but that her article was just character assassination.


Back at Number 22, Lou tries to open the door, but whoever is inside has put the chain on. Stuart tells Lou that they’re obviously smart as they’ve eliminated the element of surprise and that it’s time for plan b, moving to kick in the door. Lou reminds him that he doesn’t own the house any longer and warns him about damaging the woodwork, but as he hears the sound of more breakage inside, he tells him to go for it. Breaking the chain, Stuart enters telling whoever is inside to put their hands up as the police have got the place surrounded, but as he does, he and Lou turn to see Valda about to destroy another of Lou’s possessions. She thanks them for her welcoming committee, as Lou asks what she’s doing breaking into his house and trashing the place, but Valda says that she’s just helping him get rid of some of his terrible trinkets. Lou asks again what she’s doing there, so she says that she’ll give him a little riddle:
“I’m tall, I’m tanned, I’m young, I’m lovely and when I go walking, each one I pass goes ah.”
Seeing the confused look on their faces, Valda asks if they give up, before telling them that she’s the girl from Ipanema.

Over at number 28, Libby & Susan return home, still arguing about the article. Susan points out to Libby that she put Steph in an awful position, she may be her friend, but Steph also has to be loyal to Max, who then feels he has to defend Izzy. Libby asks to change to subject before noticing that there’s a message on the machine, Susan says that it’s probably Karl doing his lolly, but it’s Lyn, asking Susan to call her as its really important.


Outside, Karl pulls up as Lyn is about to head down Susan’s driveway, Karl tells her that he wants a private word with Susan and is in no mood for her judgemental, holier than thou attitude. As he heads in, she calls after him, wondering if he hasn’t hurt Susan enough already.

At Number 22, Valda explains that she owns Ipanema Investment Group and therefore she owns the house. As a shocked Lou comes to terms with the news, Stuart apologises for breaking the chain, offering to replace it, but Valda tells him that Lou can do it. As Stuart leaves, Lou asks if she’s there for an inspection, but Valda tells him that she’s moving in. Lou says that he’s a tenant and has rights, but she points out that he’s not paying any rent so she can do what she wants before continuing to destroy his ornaments. Lou hands her a $5 note, telling her that it’s rent and as she accepted it that means that he now has rights, but she says that there is no one else there to prove that she touched it. As Lou threatens her with his lawyer, she laughs, realising that he means Toadie before asking him to move his stuff out of the master bedroom as she’s going shopping. She also ask him to get someone to look at the wiring in the kitchen as she got a shock off one of the plug sockets, but then again it was nothing compared to the shock he’s just had.


In the living room at Number 28, Karl is scolding Libby for her actions, saying that to attack Izzy in a way in which she can’t defend herself was gutless, but Libby points out that he’s not in a position to take the moral highground. Karl reminds Libby that he is her father, to which she reminds him that Susan is his wife and Ben is his grandson and tells Karl what she’ll telling Ben about him as Susan intervenes, telling Karl to go as he’s said what he came to say. He explains that he actually wanted a word with Susan in private, to which Libby agrees, as she can’t imagine what he could say that might damage the family any more, telling Susan that she’ll be at Steph’s if she needs her.

Over at Number 32, Libby is ranting to Steph about Karl and asks if she went too far. Steph reassures her that she did the right thing, but Libby wonders if it’s only the two of them who think so.


At Number 22, Darren is checking the dodgy plug socket and tells Lou that he really ought to get the whole place checked for safety. Lou says that sounds expensive, but Darren says that he’s charge family rates, materials only, however Lou tells him to charge top dollar as the new owner is paying for it. Darren tells Lou that it feels strange being back in the house after so many years, remembering Cheryl throwing ‘wobblies’ in the lounge room, to which Lou agrees that she threw a few of those, before telling Darren that she’d be proud of him. Darren tells him that the sad thing is that he remembers what she looked like, things she said, but can’t remember the sound of her laugh. Lou tells him that he’s got some old videos somewhere and offers to get them out one night, Darren tells him that would be good. Lou asks him if he can asks something personal, why he came back to Erinsborough instead of setting up elsewhere where people don’t know his history. Darren explains that he’s got unfinished business there with Libby.

Across the street at Number 32, Max returns home to find Libby there. As she quickly makes her exit, he asks Steph if she was researching her next hatchet job. Steph tells him that he didn’t have to be rude, to which he instantly reacts and asks if she knew about the article. Steph admits that she did, but tells him that he’s always telling Boyd about facing the consequences of his actions, however Max tells her that it’s different, this was in public and reminds her that she said that she’d make an effort with Izzy. Steph says that she is, pointing out that she didn’t write it.


Back at Number 22, Darren & Lou are eating lunch and talking about how he regrets losing Libby. Lou tells him that Libby & Drew were very much in love and now there’s Ben to consider, telling him that he’s his godfather. Darren explains that he’d heard most of the news through Brett and that Drew seemed like a decent guy from what he’d heard, but he’s not going to leave without trying.

At Number 28, Karl is still putting off telling Susan, so she tells him to get on with it. He explains that he wanted her to hear from him first that Isabelle is having a baby and he’s the father.


Outside, Valda is telling Lyn that she was speaking to the florist about weddings and that as long as they give them enough notice, the sky is the limit, but Lyn explains that Max & Steph want a tiny wedding, but Valda doesn’t believe it. As Lou & Darren come out of Number 22, Lyn & Valda wave as Lou tells Darren to load up on the quote. As Libby walks past, they wave, but the moment is soon interrupted by Izzy who demands a word with her.

Inside Number 28, Susan is in shock as Karl continues to explain, saying that he’s sure they’re all mature enough to get though it and he won’t be any less of a father to their kids, but Susan, struggling to hold back the tears, stops him as tells him that she needs him to leave. Karl thanks her for being so understanding and says that he’ll see her soon. As he leaves, Susan lets herself react, collapsing onto the kitchen counter sobbing, struggling to breathe due to the force of the blow she’s just been dealt. Looking up and seeing a photo of them together at Ben’s Christening, Susan composes herself, picking up the picture and throwing it to the floor before heading out after Karl.




In the street, Libby & Izzy are arguing over the article as the neighbours look on. Coming down the path, Karl tells them to stop, but as he does, Susan flies out of the house and berates him:
“Karl, I am not understanding, you are pathetic, you walk out of our marriage after thirty years because you want to be free and within minutes you’re telling me you’re gonna be a daddy again and then you have the nerve to thank me for taking it so well.”
As Libby looks on shocked by the revelation, Karl tries to respond, but Susan pushes him away, screaming at him:
“You just shut up; you shut up and listen to me! I am not understanding. A couple of years ago I wanted to have another baby, do you remember? And you said no. You said this was our time, time to do what we wanted to do, time to spoil ourselves you said, well you have spoilt my life, you have destroyed my happiness and I am not understanding! From now on Karl, expect nothing from me but hatred. I hate you. I hate you for what you’ve done to me and my family and I will never, ever forgive you.”
Sobbing, Susan turns and heads back inside as Karl is overcome with emotion following Susan’s outburst, his heart visibly breaking.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Stuart Parker, Stephanie Scully, Susan Kennedy, Max Hoyland, Lyn Scully

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Todd MacDonald as Darren Stark

Trivia Notes
• Although it did not coincide with their actual date of arrival, this episode was written to celebrate ten years of the Kennedy family
• Libby’s column, ‘Women’s Libby’ featured on page 7 of the Erinsborough News
• Mentions of Cheryl & Brett Stark
• Return of Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, who reveals herself as the new owner of Number 22

Summary by Callum

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