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Magic Moments > 2004 > Janelle's Arrival Episode 4609

Written by Peter Mattessi, Directed by Helen Gaynor

Episode Title: Keep It In The Family

Susan and Lyn receive flowers and a card from Alessandro for Libby. Luka confronts Serena and tells her that she should get used to sharing her mother with him. Lil and Luka stop for petrol and ask the attendant about Ivan – he explains that Ivan is dead.

Liljana brings Luka some flowers and he puts them on the grave. He asks her again what Ivan was like, and whether she would have stayed with him if he hadn’t left. Lil explains that Ivan was a good man, and that she loved him very much, but she got another chance at happiness with David. Luka starts talking about what it would have been like if the three of them could have been a family.


At number 28, Sindi is on the phone to Carmella, complaining about a piece she has to write on fashions for people over 45. Without realising that Susan is standing behind her, listening, Sindi talks about the floaty clothes and scarves that these women wear. When Sindi realises that Susan is listening, she tried to cover her tracks. Susan reminds her that she helped to pick most of the clothes in her wardrobe. Sindi tries to claim that she was talking about other women, but Susan tells her to quit while she’s ahead.

Out in the street, Stu is seeing off another of his one-night stands in a taxi, when Toadie gets back and congratulates him on having three different women over the last three nights. Stu helps him in with the shopping and reminds Toadie that he’s too classy these days to behave like that, but thinks that women would be all over him these days. Sindi comes outside and Stu makes a quick exit. Toadie explains about Stu’s third night in a row and Sindi seems put out, especially when it looks like that’s what Toadie wants too. He says that he’s got everything he wants.


At the pub, Harold is looking at a poster for Lou’s new “Parma Sunday” promotion, with chicken parmigano for $5 on a Sunday. He’s complaining about how it’s sacriligious, when a woman comes in in a neck brace saying how she’s been on the “frog and toad” since 10 that morning and is looking for a feed. Lou tells her about the special offer and she asks for a glass of “chardy” to go with it.

Lil and Luka arrive home and David tells Luka how sorry he is, explaining that he felt the same when he lost his sister. Luka tells him that it’s not the same, as he knew his sister, and he goes to his room. Lil tells David how awful it was, and how she had to lie to Luka about Ivan again. She wonders if it would all be easier if she was just honest, but David tells her that no boy needs to know that his father was really a no-good liar. Meanwhile, Luka is listening in on their conversation and doesn’t seem very impressed.


Toadie arrives at the Coffee Shop to pick up his pizza, when his phone rings and he goes to answer it. Meanwhile, Lou comes in, begging for Harold to lend him some more cheese, as that woman from earlier is complaining that there isn’t enough. Harold is unsure that he should support Lou’s campaign, but goes to get some cheese anyway. Lou then sees Toadie talking on the phone, looking at a ring in a box. Lou asks Toadie if he’s about to propose to Sindi, but Toadie claims that he isn’t and quickly leaves as Stingray is coming in. Lou tells Stingray that Toadie is bluffing.

Luka is out on the balcony at number 24, when Serena comes out and tells him he shouldn’t have matches, as people might get the wrong idea. She walks off as he shouts at her, saying that she’s just jealous, as his parents shared something special. She ignores him and continues walking.


At the pub, Harold brings in the cheese for Lou, when the woman from earlier starts complaining, saying that there’s a hair in her food. Lou looks at it and claims that it’s one of her’s, telling her that nobody in his kitchen has dark roots. Harold reminds Lou that the customer is always king, as the woman asks for her money back. Harold takes Lou to one side and tells him to give the woman a meal voucher, it’ll shut her up and she might bring back a friend next time. She is very grateful for this and leaves.

Stingray is at the pub, writing Sindi Rebecchi loves Toadie Watts on a napkin, when Serena comes in and asks for his advice. She explains that Luka is acting strange and she’s worried that he’s manipulating their mum. Stingray says that Luka is probably just a bit messed up with all the problems with his parents.


Liljana is at number 28, looking at the card from Alessandro. Susan explains that she’s out of the race anyway, according to Sindi. Lil says that Sindi will be singing a different tune once she’s had a couple of kids and she tells Susan that she’s looking great since the divorce. She also admits that Luka wants her to be a loving mother, but the bond just isn’t there yet. She says that David and Serena are trying too, but it’s just such a big change. Susan says that they need to get some cake and take their minds off it.


At the Coffee Shop, the woman from earlier is trying to come on to Harold, while Susan and Liljana watch, giggling in the background. She then proceeds to remove part of her muffin and put it in her bag. Harold chats to Liljana about her trip with Luka, and she tells him that it was quite difficult for Luka, but he’s putting on a brave front. The woman then starts complaining about her muffin and demands a refund. She tells Harold that she’s going to call health inspectors if he doesn’t compensate her. Harold suspects that she’s done it herself, but Lou reminds him that the customer is always king. She tells him she wants a refund for the muffin and the milkshake and Harold goes to get it. Susan and Lil are laughing and the woman asks them what they’re looking at. Susan denies looking at anything, and she tells them to keep it that way.


At number 28, Stingray arrives home to find Sindi working on her article. He starts asking questions about her and Toadie’s relationship and she asks him what’s going on. She tells him he’s freaking her out, and he says he knows a secret that he can’t tell her – but then he suddenly blurts out that Toadie’s going to ask her to marry him.

Sindi wants to know everything, and Stingray explains what happened earlier in the Coffee Shop. Sindi is stunned, and has no idea what she’s going to say. He tells her that she has to act surprised when he asks her.


At number 30, Toadie is on the phone to Angie, talking about the ring. Stuart comes in and overhears the conversation, then asks Toadie if he’s going to propose to Sindi. Toadie explains that he’s bought a ring for Stonie, who’s going to propose to his girlfriend, Chantelle.

At number 24, Lil, Harold and Serena are preparing dinner, when David comes in, searching for his briefcase. They all start mocking him, and he admits that he had a gift for Lil in it. She’s touched by his gesture.


Luka is standing on some wasteland, watching David’s briefcase burn. He throws the gift into it, then turns around and walks away.


At number 28 that evening, Sindi is trying on some of Susan’s clothes. Susan reminds her that she’s in her twenties, so she wouldn’t know anything about fashion for the over-45’s. Sindi says that after all of the fake articles Carmella made her write, this is her first genuine one and she feels like she’s been broken. Stingray gets home and Susan asks if he’s been studying, to which he starts getting defensive. There’s a knock at the door and Susan answers it to find the woman from earlier in the Coffee Shop standing there. Stingray recognises the voice as his mother’s and runs to greet her, while Susan watches them, stunned.

Summary by Steve