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Magic Moments > 2005 > Dylan's Arrival Episode 4649

Written by Philippa Burne, Directed by Tony Osicka

Episode Title: An Itch In Time

Boyd and Stingray are discussing Stingray’s sex life, until he storms off. Karl watches Paul and Izzy discuss their business deal. He later accuses her of flirting with Paul, which she admits to.

At the flat, Karl is on the phone to the wife of his tennis partner, Chris. When he gets off the phone, Izzy accuses him of flirting and he tells her that it’s completely different. He accuses her of using Paul to get a business deal and she tells him that she’s not going to let his jealousy ruin this opportunity for her.


The next morning, at the Community Hall, Sky is reading out a letter from Lana to Serena. They run into Stingray and Sky tells him about the letter. He suggests that they all go over to Canada when they finish school, then he starts acting oddly and runs off outside, before running in to grab his skateboard then leaving again. A dog comes into the hall and a man grabs it and drags it outside, before a young man tells him to stop mistreating the dog. Sky and Serena applaud him and he tells them that dogs are people too.


At number 28, Sindi is guiding Stu through to the kitchen and Susan tells him that she’s bought him some muesli. He decides that he wants to get it himself and asks Susan to tell him where it is. As he finds it, he also manages to knock a jar from the kitchen bench. He apologises, while Susan decides to head out. Sindi tells Stu to sit down, and he wants to take off the bandages, but Sindi tells him to wait until Karl comes over later.

Karl and Izzy are in a better mood, having apparently made up the night before and he makes them pancakes for breakfast. She starts telling him about the plot of her book, and he reminds her about Paul framing Phil Martin for fraud. She thinks that one mistake shouldn’t be allowed to tarnish someone’s entire life and she tells Karl that he’ll have to start to trust her.


At the community hall, Sky and Serena are discussing Serena still being in love with Stingray. Sky thinks that they’re meant to be together – despite what happened with Shazza. Izzy then comes in and tells Sky that she shouldn’t be working there. Sky says that she’s helping Harold by working for free, so Izzy tells her that they’re run out of muffins, quickly taking the ones from the counter and giving them to Karl. As Sky and Serena leave, Stingray comes in and rushes over to speak to Karl about his ‘friend’. He explains that his friend’s girlfriend might have left him with an unwanted present and Karl tells him that it should be easy to take care of.

At number 24, Sky is lacing the chocolate muffins with chilli to get back at Izzy. Serena warns her that Izzy will get revenge, and her evil makes chocolate chilli look like the Disney Channel.


Karl is removing Stuart’s bandage and all he can see is black. Karl shines a torch and tells him to blink a few times, and Stu lies that he can see. Sindi and Karl are both extremely relieved.

At the Community Hall, Izzy and Paul are flirting once again. She sits with him and explains that everyone’s in agreement; Harold and Lou will open their own coffee shop and she and Max will open a bar. He tells her that they need to get together and discuss sums, as she produces her plans for him.


Sky is tasting the muffins and Serena warns her that Izzy is going to go nuts. Sky asks Serena if she ever gets bored of being so good and that she should live life like she only has six weeks left. Sky suggests that Serena would spend her final six weeks with Stingray, with which Serena has no chance to argue.

Susan is home alone, reading, when Audrey starts whining, so she goes to feed her. Stingray then walks in and she asks him why he’s behaving so strangely. He says it’s something terrible but he can’t tell her. She suggests that he pays a visit to Karl and he bursts out of the door, passing Serena as he goes.


At the Community Hall, Sky is claiming not to know how the chilli got into the muffins, but Izzy tells her that she’ll have to go home and make some more. Sky leaves, while Izzy tries to sell some of the muffins to a customer, claiming that they’re all the rage in New York delis.

At Karl’s flat, Stingray is trying to explain what’s wrong with him and Karl tells him to drop his pants, which he does. Karl takes a quick look and tells him that it’s his nylon underpants which are the problem. Stingray is extremely relieved and he hugs Karl, who tells him to pull up his pants.


Stu is at home, watching the footie, when Sindi appears in a negligee and he pays absolutely no attention to her. She is suspicious and asks him what she’s wearing, to which he replies that it’s a nice, new dress. She realises that he can’t see, which he finally admits to, so she drags him off to see the specialist.

At number 28, Susan arrives home from shopping with Serena in tow. Serena is about to leave, when Susan tells her all about a boy she knew at school, who she really liked, but she never approached. She then saw him years later, when he was married and he admitted that he’d liked her back then. She tells Serena that she has to be brave and talk to Stingray. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Stingray’s brother, Dylan Timmins. He says that he’s heard so much about her and then sees Serena, who he remembers from the Community Hall. He sees Audrey and picks her up, while Serena tells Susan that Dylan really loves dogs.


At the flat, Karl is just home from a jog, when Paul and Izzy come in. She tells him that they’ve struck a deal and they’ve come back to celebrate with some champagne. Izzy explains that they just have to draw up some contracts and that Karl needs to relax and enjoy it. Izzy then makes a toast to leaving the past behind them, where it belongs.

Dylan is telling Susan and Serena about his dream to be a vet, but he isn’t smart enough, so he thought about being a veterinary nurse, but he’d get beaten up in Colac. He says that he’s only just out of juvenile detention, so he needs to help his mum before he thinks about going back to studying. Stingray then walks in and Dylan is happy to see him. Stingray is less happy, and he punches his brother, much to everyone’s surprise.


Outside the house, Sindi says she’ll get them some Irish coffee and they can spend the afternoon together in their room. He says that he doesn’t want people patronising him for the rest of his life and he has to face it – the specialist has confirmed that he’ll be blind for the rest of his life.


Summary by Steve