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Magic Moments > 2005 > Janelle's Return Episode 4673

Written by Drew Proffitt, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy

Episode Title: Guilt Giving

Lyn is discussing her new boyfriend, Andy, with Susan. Izzy walks into Paul’s hotel room to find him in bed with Lee Thomas.

At the hotel, Izzy is telling Paul that she’s not going to play second fiddle to ‘Little Miss Hilary Clinton’ and she’s going to the bar. She warns him that if he hasn’t joined her by the time she’s drunk one cosmopolitan, their relationship is over. As she leaves, Paul tells her that she looks very sexy when she’s angry. She then reminds him to take a shower as she hates the smell of cheap American perfume.


At number 26, Lyn is setting up for Andy’s arrival. She jumps as he knocks on the door and she lets him in. He tells her what wonderful taste in décor she has, and she babbles on for a while about appearing on Making Mansions, before she shuts up and realises that he turned up to talk about himself. She asks how his life is going and he says that he’s decided to leave Sandy. Lyn asks if he’s thought it through and he explains that he realises that it’s not Sandy he wants any more – it’s Lyn.

Dylan and Stingray burst into number 24, as Serena and Sky sit, watching the tv. Stingray gives a flower to Serena and tells her that Susan’s gone out so the house is free. The two of them run off, leaving Dylan to try his luck with Sky. She isn’t impressed with his efforts, however, and asks him if he’s ever seen the film Clueless.



Back at number 26, Andy is telling Lyn about his dream life, living by the beach where he can write. Lyn asks him if he can imagine sharing this life with anyone, and he says that it would be his soulmate, who would let him be himself, like Lyn does. Just as they’re getting close, Janelle bursts through the door, telling Lyn that her key got stuck. Janelle apologises for interrupting them and Andy takes a look and says that he can fix the door, so Janelle dubs him ‘Handy Andy’. She goes to dump her stuff in the bedroom, while Lyn apologises and Andy says that he should probably get going.

At number 28, Serena and Stingray are just getting comfortable when Janelle bursts in, explaining that she had a key cut when she was down last time. Stingray explains that everyone’s out and tries to hint at his mother to leave. She realises what’s going on and says that she’ll just be sitting at the other end of the couch, with the volume on the tv turned up, so they can carry on with what they were doing.



In the hotel bar, Izzy is waiting when Paul arrives. She tells him that she’s just finished her second cosmopolitan, so he’s late. She makes more digs at Lee, and Paul tells her to give it a rest. She says that it’s a bit strange how he was so anti-development one minute, then the next, he’s in bed with the developer. She wonders out loud if anyone from Erinsborough council would be interested to hear about what she witnessed…

Later, Paul has explained to Izzy that he and Lee just happened to bump into each other whilst staying at the same hotel. Izzy is far from convinced, but Paul reminds her that everyone has secrets and Karl might have to find out about the affair if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut. Izzy calls his bluff, saying that with their affair in the open, they could be a real couple. Paul reluctantly apologises and promises not to cheat on her again.


At number 28, Janelle is explaining how she got a computer and was online “goggling” people, when she found an ad for the apprentice’s job at Lyn’s salon. As they’re discussing this, Susan walks in and is shocked to find Janelle there. She’s even more shocked to hear about Janelle getting the job at the salon, until Janelle explains that she hasn’t actually got it yet, but she’s determined to do right by her family.

At number 24, Dylan is still trying to win over Sky, but she twists his arm behind his back as soon as he touches her. Just then, Serena returns and says that she and Stingray got interrupted by Janelle. Dylan is surprised to hear that his mum’s back and he quickly runs out of the house to see her, leaving Sky and Serena confused.


Back at number 28, Janelle is telling Stingray about his sisters’ latest antics, while Susan cleans a stain off the couch. Susan says she might go and visit Lyn, but Janelle warns her that Lyn might be entertaining tonight. Dylan suddenly bursts in and hugs his mum, who immediately turns on him, asking why he’s been out when he should be studying. As Dylan leaves, Susan and Stingray look upset at the way Janelle treated him.

At the community hall, Karl is chatting to Dylan, trying to find out if he has issues over Janelle returning to town. Dylan becomes defensive and, when Stingray comes in and starts mocking Janelle’s attempts to be a hairdresser, Dylan gets angry and walks out.


At the salon, Janelle is annoying Lyn, who warns her that there’ve been quite a few applicants with more experience. Janelle tries to justify being an older woman in the workplace, then blurts out the truth; Kim has set up home with another woman and left her with nothing. She puts more pressure on Lyn by saying that she just needs someone to believe in her.

Later on, Janelle is chatting to Karl while Lyn cuts his hair. Izzy suddenly bursts in, explaining that her friend’s mother actually had a bad cold, rather than pneumonia. Karl is confused, but Janelle interrupts and asks what guilt gift Izzy has brought for Karl. Izzy says it’s nothing of the sort and she’ll give it to him later. As she leaves, Dylan and Stingray come in to wish Janelle luck, but she attacks Dylan again for taking time off from schoolwork.


At the school, Susan is handing back work and Dylan is disappointed to find that Stingray has done better than him. Stingray realises what Janelle will say, so he borrows some liquid paper from Serena and changes his mark from a B to a D.

At the community hall, Izzy comes in and gives Karl his present, insisting that it isn’t a guilt gift. Karl is impressed with the aftershave, Persuado, but feels like he’s smelt it somewhere before. He kisses Izzy to thank her.


Back at the salon, Andy comes in to see Lyn, explaining that he’s ended his marriage with Sandy. He says that he feels like he’s finally living for himself. He tells Lyn that he wants to be with her and he knows that she feels it too. He gives her his new address, while Janelle watches them. As Andy leaves, Lyn starts crying, saying that she doesn’t want to be the other woman. Janelle tells her that if there’s one thing she’s learnt, it’s that you can’t wait for happiness to come to you – you have to go out there and grab it by the neck…

Summary by Steve