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Magic Moments > 2005 > Zeke's Arrival Episode 4791

Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Nicholas Bufalo

Episode Title: Return Of The Living Dead

Serena quits her job at the bikini shop. Steph is on the phone, telling the caller not to say anything to her husband, as he’s had enough bad news lately. Rachel explains that her mum died and she and her brother, Zeke, have always been home-schooled. Alex asks Susan out on a date…

Outside the General Store, Rachel, and her brother, Zeke, are waiting for their dad and are worried that he’s taking so long.

Inside the store, Susan is trying to work out whether Alex actually wants to go on a date with her. He struggles to express himself properly, before saying that he is.


Rachel tells Zeke that their dad does have a tendency to dither a bit, so she won’t start worrying until it gets to four minutes. Bree then spots the pair of them and runs over.

Alex is still trying to ask Susan about the date, as she looks slightly perplexed.

Rachel introduces Bree to Zeke and explains that he’s been at a camp for children of high intellectual potential.

Alex is still stammering away.


Rachel tells Bree that Alex is in the General Store and he’s asking Susan out on a date.

Inside, Alex is still talking, telling Susan that there are no strings attached.

Zeke is worried as Alex has now been talking to Susan for five minutes.

As Alex finally finishes talking, Susan tells him that she’ll need some time to think about his offer.

Outside, Zeke is concerned that his dad will need some chocolate to cheer him up if Susan’s turned him down. Rachel and Zeke both hope that their dad will be alright after his rejection.


By Lassiter’s lake, Joe is on the phone to a client, telling them that he’s not going to be able to start work for a while as he’s really busy. An unhappy Serena wanders by and tells her Uncle that she’s just quit her job at the bikini shop. She tells him about her problems with Connor and he tells her that there’s no point in giving up or running away – it’s her life and she has to live it the way that will make her happy.

At the Scarlet Bar, Steph is on the phone, arranging to meet someone, when Max approaches her and overhears the end of the call. She tries to claim that she’s arranging to meet Stanno, but Max suspects that she’s arranging a secret party for his 40th. She acts like she’s just been sprung and then Max approaches a depressed Connor and works out that he’s got women problems. Connor explains that it’s Serena, and Max asks if he’s interested in her, but she’s not in him. Connor explains that they both like each other, but the age difference is going to cause problems, especially with Serena’s parents. Max and Steph point out that they have an age difference themselves, but they wouldn’t be as happy as they are now if they’d listened to all the criticism. They tell Connor to just go for it.


Outside number 24, Lil is cleaning the car as David searches for a missing lotto ticket and is delighted when he finds it. Suddenly, they, and the car, are covered with a pile of leaves from over the fence at number 22. Paul’s head pops up and he smugly apologises, before sending another load of leaves over, this time with some going in David’s eye. David warns Paul that he should be careful, as he can’t afford to have another little accident. Lil tells David to stop taunting Paul as they go inside and Paul smugly watches them over the fence.

At the store, Bree is sitting with the Kinski family and Zeke is telling his father and sister about what he learnt at camp. Bree looks confused and wonders if they ever speak English, and Alex tells her that she’s free to join the discussion at any time. Bree starts offering Alex some advice on Susan, warning him to look out for her ex, Karl. Alex asks the kids if they’d like a skimmed milk milkshake, but Bree would rather have a coke. Alex is surprised that her mother allows it, but goes to get the drinks anyway. Meanwhile, Bree tells Rachel and Zeke that her family is so different to theirs.


At number 24, David is still struggling with his sore eye as Joe asks where all the noise is coming from. David angrily replies that it’s “Robinson”. The noise then stops suddenly, and Serena appears and tells her parents that she’s quit her job. They’re pleased to hear it, as now she’ll have more time for her studies, but Serena tells them that they really don’t seem to understand – she’s not going to uni either. At this inopportune moment, Connor walks in and announces that he doesn’t care about the age difference – he loves Serena and wants them to be together. David and Lil are gobsmacked as Serena kissed Connor, but their attention is quickly diverted by a commotion out on the street…

A stretch limousine pulls up outside number 22 as everyone pours out of number 24 to see what’s going on. Steph and Max, meanwhile, are walking home and Susan is checking her mail. They all stop to look as Izzy gets out of the limo and hugs a delighted Paul, who tells her that her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Izzy isn’t sure that she’s got the nerve to pull this off, but Paul disagrees, and twirls her round for everyone to see before they head inside.




Inside a newly-redecorated number 22, Paul and Izzy catch up on things and he asks her how long she intends to stay with him. Izzy tells Paul that it will depend on how much fun she’s having and they drink a toast to her having a long and happy cruise aboard S.S. Robinson.

At number 32, Max is furious with the way Izzy is messing with everyone’s feelings. Steph points out that there’s nothing they can do now to save her from herself and is about to tell him something when he decides that they should invite Stanno and the boys over for a barbecue. Steph quickly explains that Stanno is going out that night, so Max settles for a quiet night in, just the two of them. An uncomfortable Steph hugs her husband.


At number 24, Susan, Joe, Lil and David are gossiping about Izzy’s latest grand return, but Lil would prefer not to talk about the residents of number 22. Susan brings up the fact that she has some “news” but before she can report it to Lil, David suddenly realises that Serena and Connor have gone…

Connor and Serena are walking through the Lassiter’s complex, holding hands and she mentions his perfect timing when announcing his feelings. Connor jokes that he can take it back if she wants and she suddenly stops and asks if he means that. He assures her that he doesn’t, and tells her that he loves her. She says that she loves him too and they kiss.


At the General Store, Alex and Zeke are playing chess and they tell Bree that they eat dessert first and savoury food last as it helps to prevent tooth decay, which was been known to destroy entire civilisations. Bree is less than interested and tells them that they’re not normal. Susan walks in and tries to subtly mention the date, but the kids already know about it, as Alex doesn’t keep secrets. As the kids try to get involved with the date, Alex sends them off for a long walk. Susan quickly tells Alex that she’d love to go on a date with him.

Paul and Izzy are drinking champagne and she asks him if he’s still in love with Lil. As he fails to answer, Izzy decides that he is, despite him telling her that she’s wrong. Izzy then suggests a party to annoy all of the Ramsay Street residents and Paul smiles.


That night, taxis are pulling up outside a very noisy number 22, as Max and Steph watch from their driveway. Max can’t believe it, although Steph isn’t surprised to see Izzy behaving like this. Max suspects that these people are from rent-a-crowd, as Paul and Izzy wouldn’t have enough real friends between them to fill a phone booth.

At number 26, Rachel and Zeke are “dancing” to the music from number 22 as Bree sits on the couch, pretending not to be embarrassed. Zeke drags Bree to the floor to join in, as Rachel becomes distracted by the television. Zeke thinks that watching television makes people stupid and Bree is offended by this. Zeke quickly changes the subject to Bree winning the spelling bee and being the best young speller in the whole country. She is flattered and sits down, smiling.


At number 24, David checks his lotto numbers and realises that he hasn’t won, before suggesting that they call the police about the noise coming from number 22. Joe walks in the back door with a beer which he got over the back fence and suggests that he might go and join the party. David and Lil’s annoyance only grows when Serena and Connor walk in the door. Joe tells David and Lil to leave Serena alone, as Connor is a nice guy and he clearly loves Serena, so where’s the problem? What with this, and the music starting up again next door, David is not a happy man.


At number 22, Izzy comes in from the spa and tells Paul what a great party it is. Steve Chisholm then arrives to remind Paul about the money he’ll be collecting the next day. As Steve leaves, Izzy decides that they should break into his house and steal back the papers. At first, Paul thinks that she’s kidding, but when he realises that she isn’t, he smiles and calls her a naughty girl.

Summary by Steve