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Magic Moments > 2007 > Lolly's Return Episode 5134

Written by Drew Proffitt, Directed by Chris Adshead

Episode Title: Hello Lolly

Frazer finds the pros and cons lists that Rosie wrote about him. Zeke confronts the mysterious prowler and fights with him, but Harold breaks it up. Frazer tells Rosie that he wants out of this stupid contest to win her…

At the bar, Paul is about to approach Rosie when Pepper rushes in. She wants to know what happened with Frazer, but Rosie doesn’t want to talk about it. Pepper keeps going anyway, talking about baby names for their first child and suggesting Heidi. Rosie finally shuts her up by telling her that the date was a disaster and Pepper demands to know why. She explains that Frazer saw her lists and now thinks that she’s shallow and wants nothing more to do with her. Pepper says that Frazer’s reaction is weird considering Paul took it so well. Rosie is shocked to learn that Paul’s seen his list too, as Paul sits and listens in, smiling to himself.


At number 30, Frazer is in the kitchen eating noodles when Pepper comes in trying to convince him that Rosie’s lists weren’t a bad thing and he shouldn’t be so insecure. She decides that Frazer’s little quirks are things that Rosie will soon come to love, if he just gives her a chance. Frazer isn’t convinced, and Pepper calls him an idiot for letting true love pass him by, so he tells her to stop poking her nose into other people’s relationships. Pepper takes it as a good sign that he’s talking about the ‘relationship’ but, luckily for Frazer, is interrupted by a knock at the door. Pepper answers to find a young guy who introduces himself as Ringo and asks if George is home. Pepper jokes that he’s out back with John and Paul, but Ringo doesn’t realise that she’s taking the mickey, so she slams the door. Frazer, who’s been listening in, looks very worried.

Outside, Ringo slowly walks away from number 30 and spots a young girl taking her suitcase from a car outside Harold’s house. She smiles at him and he asks what she’s staring at, but Lou calls her inside the house. She tells Ringo that she’ll see him later – if he’s lucky. Frazer then approaches Ringo and they hug. Frazer then demands to know how Ringo found him and he explains that Johnny told him about thinking he saw ‘George’ in Erinsborough. Ringo wonders why his brother’s housemate doesn’t know who George is, but Frazer spots Rosie coming, and quickly shoves Ringo into the car. Rosie asks for a word with Frazer, but he’s rude to her, so they arrange to meet later on for a chat about what’s happened. As Rosie walks off, Ringo gets out of the car and realises that he knows Rosie as Johnny’s former fiancée, though he was at boarding school and has only seen photos. He demands to know what’s going on.



Inside number 24, Harold arrives back from work to find Lou sitting on the couch and is surprised when Lolly comes out of the bedroom. They share a hug and Lou explains to Harold that Lolly might be staying for more than just a holiday. Lolly goes to finish her unpacking, as Harold asks Lou exactly how long she’ll be staying, but Lou admits that he isn’t sure and says that it’ll be good to have another babysitter around. Lolly calls out to ask if she can put her clothes in the wardrobe and Lou tells her she can, to which she replies ‘Thanks Dad’ and Lou smiles.

At the bar, Frazer and Ringo are trying to discuss the situation when Ned comes over and joins them. Ned asks if he can buy Frazer a drink, showing him a roll of money and explaining that he decided to bet on the tennis. Frazer doesn’t really want to talk about it, but Ned walks off saying that there should be enough room in Erinsborough to two betting men. Ringo says that Ned seemed nice and he could see himself sticking around in Erinsborough for a while. Frazer tells Ringo that he’s going home, but Ringo wants to know what’s going on first, loudly calling his brother George to get his point across. Frazer explains that when he heard about Rosie and Johnny splitting up, he decided to try and win her himself and get into the Cammeniti family. He explains that now he really, really likes her, but she doesn’t know the truth as he hasn’t been able to tell her. Ringo thinks that Johnny had it coming anyway, as a toothpick has more personality. He says that he’s felt trapped ever since Frazer left the family six years ago and now he’s going to start a new life with him. Frazer tells him he’s not, but Ringo says that he’s sixteen and he’s not going back home – ever.


At the allotment, Susan is busy doing some planting as Karl sits nearby reading a book and eating pears. Pepper joins them and Susan asks her if she’s had any luck getting people signed up for the school blogzine – Pepper’s managed to get a couple of evil twins and a girl who’s clever but committed to her ice skating – Karl says that it sounds like Torville and Mean. Susan and Pepper hold their sides. Susan is pleased with Pepper’s work, but Karl interrupts, pointing out that Susan has left too small a gap between plants. Susan gets increasingly annoyed as Karl tells her what to do, having made no contribution whatsoever, then blames his injured groin. Pepper then blurts out that she saw Karl jump their fence that morning, to steal pears from their tree. Hearing this, Susan chases Karl with a pitchfork before throwing it into the ground, narrowly missing his foot. She announces that she and Pepper are going for coffee and non-organic cake – possibly two slices – and walks off, stopping Pepper from apologising as they go.

At number 24, Harold tells Lou that he didn’t realise he was going to visit Lolly while he was away, but Lou says that he was passing and couldn’t not drop in. Lolly listens from the door as Lou says that Lolly has been kicking up a fuss at school and accused Sandy of not loving her as much as her own children. Harold reminds him that John and Sandy have custody, but Lou says that they agreed to this as they’re having a few marital problems. Lolly then comes in and they pretend that they weren’t just talking about her, as she pretends that she wasn’t eaves dropping. She gives Harold a bookmark she bought for him at a roadhouse on the way and begs him not to send her home. She says that he won’t even know she’s there and Harold gives her and hug and tells her she’s welcome for as long as she wants. Lou quietly thanks his friend.


At number 22, Rosie arrives for dinner. She’s surprised that he hasn’t hired someone to cook, but Paul says that he’s making Italian. Rosie asks if he’s going for the understated approach and he admits that he has been trying too hard. He says that it doesn’t matter what they do, as long as they’re together. Rosie thinks it all sounds a little rehearsed and he says that it was, but he’s trying to let her see the real him without any tricks. She suspects that cooking Italian food is just a ploy, but he says that he likes the best – and most of the best things in life are Italian, including women. He says that he just wants to spend time with her, and they head to the table.

At number 28, Susan hugs Lolly and tells her what a fine young woman she’s turned into, as Karl heads into the kitchen to make tea, leaving his wallet on the counter. Lolly compliments Susan on her new haircut, calling her Mrs Kennedy, but is corrected to Kinski. Lolly apologises and says that she did know that, as Lou keeps her informed about what everyone in Ramsay Street is up to. Lou explains that he’d like to enrol Lolly at the school, and Susan is happy to oblige, as Lolly goes to help Karl with the drinks. She tells him that he looks no older, calling him Dr Kennedy, but he says that he’s given up medicine and is now running the house self-sufficiently. Lolly smiles and asks him what he does for a job, though, and Susan finds this comment quite amusing.


At number 22, Rosie isn’t enjoying her food all that much. Paul wonders if he’s added too much oregano, but Rosie thinks it might be the garlic. She decides that they’re at least safe from the vampires tonight, and Lyn starts to mention that Lyn used to enjoy it, before stopping himself. Rosie breaks the awkward silence by saying that it’s edible, though not as good as her mum’s cooking. Paul is then surprised to get a call from Lyn, for the first time since she left and he goes to answer it, only to find Oscar calling. Rosie listens awkwardly, as Paul tells Oscar that he can’t play horsey with him now, then Lyn grabs the phone and hangs up. Both Paul and Rosie look upset.

At number 28, Susan and Pepper are going through some design ideas for the school’s blogzine as Karl searches for his missing wallet. He says that he’s looked everywhere, and Pepper asks if they’ve had any strange visitors, as her nan was once robbed by a vacuum salesman. Karl suddenly remembers Lolly being there and decides that it must be her, despite Susan’s strong doubts. Karl tries to think of a reason for her to do it, but is interrupted by a phonecall from the hospital – Katya’s been beaten up.


Karl and Susan arrive at the hospital, complaining that Katya can’t take much more at the moment. They bump into Ned, who’s been there visiting Toadie, and explain what’s happened. Ned wants to see her, but Karl and Susan decide to go in first and check that she’s ok. In her room, Katya is sitting up in bed with a bruised face, insisting that it’s not that bad. She says that Guy probably had something to do with it and it’s made her realise that she needs to speak to the police and tell them everything. Karl reminds her that she’ll always have him and Susan for support and she admits that she doesn’t know where she’d be without them. Susan tells her that Ned cares too, and he’s outside waiting to see her.

Back at number 22, Paul is telling Rosie about the horsey game where he used to crawl around on all fours with Oscar on his back. Rosie isn’t entirely comfortable hearing about it as Paul admits that Oscar was his second chance to have a kid around the house and actually be a decent parent. Rosie says that it was this soft side that made her like Paul in the first place. He takes her hand and says that he likes her too, but she reminds him of how quickly he’s moved on from Lyn. Paul reminds her that he was interested in her before he split from Lyn, but Rosie has made up her mind. She tells Paul that he’s a great man and there is something between them, but she wants someone to share her life with, right from the beginning, and Paul’s already done so much.


Ned enters Katya’s hospital room and she says that she thought, in his suit, that he was a detective. He says that he’s not sure whether to be flattered or offended and tells her that she’s doing the right thing by talking to the police. They both agree that they had a good time together and Ned suggests that they recreate it there and then in the hospital room. He kisses her and she tells him to bolt the door.

At number 24, Lou is amusing Lolly and Harold as he practices his safety speeches. He says that he should be leaving for his first flight soon. He’s clearly looking forward to reuniting with Mishka, and Lolly notices. He reminds her that she’s still his first priority, but this new job will help him to look after her too. Lolly sweetly says that she has some pocket money saved and can help with babysitting. She then goes to make them all a cup of tea and, in the kitchen, takes a wallet from her pocket, removes the money and puts it in the bin. She then announces that she’ll take the rubbish out to the big bin while the kettle boils, and Lou smiles.


At number 30, Frazer tells Ringo that he can stay until the end of the holidays, and only if their parents agree. Ringo wants to know if he should come up with his own fake name, suggesting Claude or Brock, but Frazer tells him to drop it. Frazer says that, since Rosie doesn’t like him anyway, he’s just going to come clean. Ringo decides to go for a swim, just as Pepper and Rosie come in. Pepper quickly leaves them alone and Rosie sits Frazer down. She tells him that she knows he’s not perfect, but her lists were about her own insecurities and she likes him a lot and was just scared of her feelings. She tells him that she wants someone she can share her life with, right from the beginning, and he’s that person. She asks if she’s left it too late, but he says no and they kiss. They’re interrupted by Ringo, who comes in saying that there’s a guy outside stealing the pears. Rosie asks who he is, and, as Frazer falters, Ringo says that he’s Frazer’s brother, Rick Yeats.

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Summary by Steve