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Magic Moments > 2007 > Oliver's Arrival Episode 5137

Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Tony Osicka

Episode Title: For Whom Janelle Tolls

Zeke sees Ringo looking through number 30’s kitchen window. Rosie tells Frazer that she wants to be with him. Elle moves out, telling Paul that she doesn’t need him or his money. Ringo introduces himself to Rosie as Rick Yeats. Janelle realises that Paul set her up and she punches him – he demands that she’s charged with assault.

At the bar, Carmella is trying to get in touch with Will and leaves him a message, as a guy comes in and walks up to her. He tells her that he’s Will’s older brother, Oliver and produces a driver’s licence to prove it. Carmella didn’t think that Will had any siblings and can’t understand why he lied to her. Oliver explains to her that Will had issues and he’s gone overseas – he tried to stop him, but he didn’t want to say goodbye to everyone. He tells Carmella that he’s sorry about her getting caught up in all of this, but everything Will told her was lies.



At number 30, Rosie is suffering with ‘flu as Pepper tries to pester her for details of whether she and Frazer have slept together yet. Rosie says that they haven’t, as she’s sick, but Pepper says that leprosy wouldn’t be enough to stop her. Rosie decides to take a shower as Frazer and Ringo come in. Pepper runs off to get her third cup of coffee, as Ringo laughs about them all calling him ‘Rick’. Frazer, however, isn’t amused and reminds Ringo that he was only meant to be staying for a few days, and they had an agreement that he’d go home once school started again.

Back at the bar, Carmella is feeling stupid for trusting Will, as Oliver explains that he was the brother who went backpacking, while Will checked into a luxury hotel after three days of roughing it. He says that Will never really had a life of his own, so he pretended to have Oliver’s, and that Alan Napier has been working on Will to take over the family businesses. Carmella is shocked by all of this, but Oliver tells her not to worry about Will, as he was a charmer. Carmella comes to the realisation that she wasn’t the only woman he did this to, and Oliver consoles her, saying that his brother had excellent taste. He tells her to get in touch if she has any other questions, before handing her his card and leaving. As he goes, Elle comes in and passes him. She asks who it was, and Carmella says that it was the person Will wanted to be.


At number 30, Ringo is pleading with Frazer to let him stay, but Frazer says that he can’t afford to keep the two of them. Ringo then sadly says that he’ll have to call their parents to come and collect him. Frazer looks worried, and Ringo pretends to suddenly realise that, if their parents were there, his true identity would have to come out. Frazer says that he won’t be blackmailed. They’re interrupted by Pepper who’s had her third cup of coffee and is leaving for work. Ringo tells her that he’s enrolling at Erinsborough High so he’ll join her, and Frazer can only agree. They leave, and Frazer spots Rosie, all ready to leave for work. He stops her and is about to drag her back to bed when Carmella arrives and says that she needs to talk.

At the school, Pepper arrives at the health education class and introduces “Rick”. Zeke immediately recognises him as the guy who was hanging around Ramsay Street and Lassiter’s. Lolly sits with Ringo, who is too busy staring at Rachel, who is paying no attention to him. Bree is embarrassed when Zeke notices that her allergy, apparently from Willow, is rubbing off onto her dress. Rachel then makes an announcement about the school blogzine and a meeting at lunchtime and Ringo enthusiastically says that he’ll be there, before giving her a round of applause as she sits down down.


At number 30, Carmella has explained everything to Frazer and Rosie, who are confused. Carmella asks them never to mention Will again, so that she can just forget about the whole thing – she realises that all of her doubts about him have been proved right. Rosie can’t believe that it’s possible to just move on like that, but Carmella says that they can help by forgetting that he ever existed.

At number 22, Elle bursts in, demanding to know how Paul could plant those pirated DVDs in Janelle’s garage. She’s disgusted by his behaviour and so he tells her to report it to the cops. He looks at her and says that she wouldn’t be able to do it, since she’s his daughter. She says that she wants nothing more to do with him, and leaves, just as Dylan arrives for a word with Paul. He says that he’ll make sure his mum stops messing about with the business, if he drops the charges against her – for Elle’s sake, as he loves her so much. A stunned Paul says that he loves Elle more than Dylan could ever fathom, and Dylan tells him that all of this has to end – now.


At the police station, Paul is having second thoughts about his statement against Janelle, but then she comes in and pushes Paul, who is leaning back on his chair and ends up on the floor. He says that he was about to retract his statement but now he’s changed his mind – and he tells Steiger that he wants a restraining order taken out against her.

At the store, Harold is complaining about the airline suddenly taking Lou off the roster just before his first flight. Lou, however, doesn’t seem too bothered and, as Rosie sneezes on the other side of the shop, he gets an idea. Meanwhile, Rosie is telling Janelle and Dylan that their charges of winning a legal battle aren’t good. Dylan is furious with his mum for not keeping her temper under control, but Janelle says that she didn’t realise that Paul was about to drop the charges and, besides, they have the truth on their side. Rosie points out that there’s nothing to prove that Paul framed them, so Janelle should perhaps try being nice and humble if she wants to keep this out of court. Meanwhile, as Rosie is about to sneeze again, Lou suddenly appears with her order, causing her to sneeze all over him. Carmella then comes in and rather awkwardly asks Harold and Lou if they’ve seen a green bra of hers, as it’s gone missing.


At the school, it’s the blogzine meeting and Lolly is sitting behind Zeke, playing with her bra strap but trying to get him to notice a bruise on her shoulder. She suggests that they do an article about secrets, as everyone has them but nobody wants to talk about them. Zeke says that they’re better out than in, but Lolly thinks that some secrets just cause trouble. She asks him if he likes her bra strap, but he just ignores her. Ringo then arrives and Zeke is unimpressed to see him again. Rachel isn’t convinced that Ringo is serious about the blogzine and asks him who his favourite journalist is – he quickly reads a name from the cover of a newspaper on the desk. Rachel decides that Bree should be the art editor, and Zeke sarcastically suggests writing a column about how to look after cats. Bree reminds him of her allergy, and Rachel has finally had enough and tells Bree that Zeke knows about her cat phobia. A shocked Bree chases her boyfriend out of the room.

At number 30, Frazer has once again dragged Rosie her and she’s in her pyjamas on the couch as he hands her some magazines and tells her not to go near another legal document until she’s better. Rosie is convinced that Carmella is keeping something from her, but Frazer says she’s probably just embarrassed about being taken in by Will. As Frazer massages her shoulders, Rosie says that it must be awful to be lied to like that by someone you trust, and Frazer sheepishly agrees.


At the store, Lolly, Rachel, Bree, Zeke and some of the other kids come in. Lou is pleased to see how quickly she’s made friends and agrees to her request for free milkshakes all round. Zeke is quizzing Bree about how she can hate cats, but Bree admits that she’s scared of them, especially if they were to sit on her face and suffocate her in her sleep. Zeke reminds her that she doesn’t have to hide her fears from him. Carmella then sees Lolly fiddling with her bra strap and notices that it’s her missing green bra – she tells Lolly to ask before borrowing her things again.

In a meeting room at Lassiter’s, Janelle apologises to Paul, just as Steiger arrives with the restraining order. Janelle tells him that it’s no longer needed, as she’s said sorry now, but Paul says that it still stands and she can’t go within 50 metres of him, so they’ll have to set up a phone link for board meetings. Janelle is furious and Steiger has to drag her out of the room. Pepper then arrives, asking Paul if he’d be interested in sponsoring the school’s new blogzine. He says no, and asks if that’s why she’s really come to visit, or whether she just fancies him. Pepper denies this – he’s so much older than her and she already has so many guys chasing her. Paul tells her that it’s swings and roundabouts – she could try out a new roundabout, but she knows that the old swings are so much more fun. Paul smiles to himself as Pepper rushes out of the room.


On Ramsay Street, Zeke, Lolly, Bree and Rachel are about to have a game of cricket when Ringo runs up and asks if he can join in. Zeke accuses him of stalking them and calls him a loser and a fight is about to break up when Frazer appears and stops it. Zeke says that Ringo’s stalking them, but Frazer explains that he’s his brother. As he leads him inside, Frazer tells Ringo that, if he wants to stay, he’s going the wrong way about it. Lolly sees Lou and Harold pull up with shopping bags and heads inside. As they get the shopping out of the car, Harold can’t understand why Lou has turned down yet another shift with the airline, but Lou explains that he’s caught Rosie’s ‘flu. As Lolly walks by, Harold gives her some shopping bags to take in.

Inside number 24, Dylan and Carmella are in the kitchen, talking about the situation with Will, when Lolly comes in. Dylan suggests going over to number 26 to talk, but Lolly says that she’s going out anyway. She pretends to go out the back door, as Carmella takes Dylan into the bedroom. Lolly then comes back in and sits at the breakfast bar, as Harold and Lou bring the rest of the shopping in. Lou finally admits that Harold mentioning David and the plane crash has scared him a bit. Lou then notices Lolly looking upset and apologises for scaring her, but she says that it’s not that. Lou hears Carmella and Dylan laughing from the bedroom and Lolly implies that she walked in on them doing something they shouldn’t be. Lou is appalled and says that Carmella has gone too far and if Harold won’t do something about it, then he will.


At number 26, Dylan is back and telling Elle that Lou’s behaviour was really weird. Steiger, meanwhile, is telling Janelle that he wishes he could have done more to help her – she’s just grateful that he’s still standing by her. He explains that they’re checking prints on the box of DVDs, and Bree suggests that they pay Paul a visit, or at least ask Elle. Janelle tells her daughter to lay off Elle, as she’s one of the family now and is welcome at the Timmins house for as long as she needs it.

At number 24, Lou and Harold are sitting with Carmella, telling her that they expect a certain standard of behaviour when she’s living with them, and they would like her to move out. She’s stunned – she and Dylan were only talking. Lou leaves them and goes to see if Lolly is alright. Once they’re alone, Carmella asks Harold how well he knows Lolly, as she set the whole thing up. Harold looks like he has his own suspicions, as Carmella says that girl clearly has some big issues.


At number 30, Carmella is thankful that they’re letting her stay. Frazer comes in and says that he’s packed up what little stuff Will had, so the room is now Carmella’s. Ringo, meanwhile, is asking Pepper whether he should call her Miss Steiger at home. She says no, and he asks about a girl at school called Christina, but she spells it with a K and two Ys. Pepper can’t help him with that enquiry, and Rosie remembers when she dated a guy called John, who had siblings called George, Ringo and Pauline, named after The Beatles. Ringo looks worried, and Pepper remembers when he arrived the previous day and introduced himself as Ringo and asked after George. Pepper drags Frazer out to the kitchen and confronts him with what she knows, warning him not to even think about lying to her…

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Summary by Steve