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Magic Moments > 2007 > The Final BBC Episode Episode 5330

Written by Perri Cummings, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 26/10/07, BBC One: 08/02/08, GOLD: 06/11/08

Marco and Oliver meet for the first time. Mickey runs into the house just as Ned and Janae are trying to get intimate. Rachel walks into the General Store and sees Pepper hugging Ringo…

Rachel arrives at number 30 and demands to know from Pepper what is going on between her and Ringo.


At the store, Valda is leaving a message with Jude Troy, trying to find out why he isn’t returning any of her messages. Lou overhears and asks her what’s going on, and she lies that there’s a problem with the suppliers. Lou think it’s something more serious, but Valda says there’s nothing wrong, and her launch yesterday was a big success. Lou watches her leave, knowing that something isn’t quite right.

Back at number 30, Rachel asks if Pepper is having an affair with Ringo and she quickly denies the accusation. She tries to explain that she’s been tutoring him because he failed his last exam, but Rachel doesn’t believe it, and walks out, determined to find out what’s really going on.


At the store, Steve is chatting to Harold, and mentions that he’s worried about how hard Didge is pushing herself during her rehab sessions. Harold says that she’s clearly very determined – but the conversation is interrupted by Mickey, who asks Steve why Ned and Janae were acting so weird earlier. Lou lies that they were searching for a pen, Steve says that they training for the couch wrestling championships, but Mickey thinks they’re being silly. Valda, who’s listening in from a nearby table, thinks that they should tell the lad the truth, so he agrees to get Ned to have the ‘birds and the bees’ chat with his son. Valda calls Steve and Lou cowards and offers to do it herself, so Steve gives up and agrees to chat to Mickey himself.

At number 26, Janae and Ned are sitting on the couch, still in shock from Mickey catching them together. Ned has an idea to take Janae’s mind off things, but she’s just worried that they’ll get caught again. Ned insists that Mickey won’t have understood anyway and he starts tickling Janae, but Mickey then bursts in, and runs off to play with the guinea pig pups. Steve follows Mickey in, and says that they need to have “the talk” with the boy. Ned isn’t too keen on the idea, and Steve then admits that it was Miranda who told Riley about it, so he’s never really had to do it either. Janae realises that none of them have any idea what they’re doing.


At number 28, the next morning, Zeke is leaving for the swimming pool and tells Karl and Susan, but they’re not really listening. Susan is too engrossed in reading about Rachel’s course in Canberra, but then the girl herself comes in and says she’s not going. She lies that she’s just not into books right now and doesn’t feel like going, so there’s no point. She wanders back into the bedroom, and Karl points out that this wasn’t cheap either, with the airfare and hotel, but Susan insists that she’ll get to the bottom of things.

Carmella arrives at Marco’s apartment building and see him outside, where he’s taking the rubbish out. He’s delighted to see her and she apologises for having run out on him. He, in turn, apologises for asking her about her personal affairs, when it was none of his business. She points out the flirting between them, and says that it has to stop, as she needs to focus on her new business and her baby. Marco accepts what she is saying and thanks her for being so honest. He tells her that it’s not everyday his heart gets broken before breakfast.


At the school, Pepper is taking a class and teaching the students about trust exercises. She tells everyone to pair up, and Rachel realises that she might be stuck with Ringo, and reminds him that trust isn’t his strong point. He’s confused by her attitude, and Pepper interrupts, asking what the problem is. Rachel announces that the class is lame and she isn’t learning anything from it. Everyone else is stunned as Rachel tells Pepper that she isn’t qualified to talk about trust. Pepper angrily tells Rachel to apologise, but she refuses to.

Back at Marco’s apartment, they’re inside, and he’s made up some recipes which he thought they could include with their fruit and veg deliveries. As they’re both trying the dessert he’s made, their spoons cross and he says that he’s got to be honest now; he’s crazy about Carmella and wants to kiss her, but he won’t because he knows that it’s not what she wants. Carmella looks pained as Marco says he’ll be her business partner and nothing more.


At number 26, Ned and Janae sit down with Mickey at the kitchen table. Ned explains that when a man and a woman love each other, they want to spend time together… but Mickey doesn’t seem interested. Janae then tries to explain in a different way. She asks Mickey what’s in his sandwich – when he says cheese and vegemite, Janae says that men and women are like cheese and vegemite. Ned can’t quite work out where she’s going with this. She tells Mickey that cheese and vegemite are nice on their own, but when you mix them together, you get some special. Ned adds that sometimes they spend time together to make a little vegemite sandwich all of their own. Janae is touched by this, while Mickey claims to understand, before going to play with the pups.

At the high school, Susan finds Rachel in the corridor, and tells her that she heard about what happened in Pepper’s class. Rachel doesn’t want to talk, but Susan presses the matter, so Rachel admits that she thinks Ringo is having an affair with their teacher. Susan is stunned and asks what evidence Rachel has to back this up. Rachel explains that she saw them together, though Pepper claims they were studying. She also admits that she hasn’t asked Ringo for his version of events, but she just knows it’s the Carmella situation all over again. Susan insists that Pepper would never do that, and goes into the classroom, where Pepper is tidying up. Pepper explains that she’s been tutoring Ringo, and he definitely isn’t getting the wrong idea about it. Susan says that Rachel is so worried that she’s decided not to go to Canberra, but Pepper suspects the break might be good for her at the moment. Pepper wants to get it all cleared up though, as she’ll be heading up north to see her dad the following week, and isn’t sure how long she’ll be away.


At number 30, Pepper arrives home and tells Ringo that they need to have a serious talk – Rachel thinks they’re having an affair, and it’s his lying that’s caused the situation. Pepper insists that she hasn’t – and wouldn’t – spoken about his eating disorder, but he needs to find Rachel and tell her something to make her see that this is all in her head.

At number 28, Rachel is feeling stupid, but Karl tells her that she’s just got back together with Ringo, and they need to rebuild the trust, which takes time. Susan gives him a strange look, and he quickly says that he’s talking from experience, having seen so many teen romances in the house. Rachel wonders if it’s always going to be like this, but Karl says that there are also some good sides to having a love life. Ringo then turns up, and Karl and Susan promptly make themselves scarce. Ringo apologises to Rachel for not telling her about the problems he’s been having with his studies, but Rachel thinks there’s something else going on, and he should be able to tell her, if he loves her. Ringo struggles to respond to this.


At number 26, Mickey and Tyler are playing with the pups in the laundry room, chatting to each other about how many cheese and vegemite sandwiches it might take for there to be more baby guinea pigs. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Ned and Janae are telling Steve that their little chat with Mickey went well, but when they listen at the laundry door, Mickey is telling Tyler that they need to mix the cheese and vegemite is just the right way to make something special. Tyler suggests that they try having babies, so Mickey gives him a sandwich and tells him to love it very much. Steve has to stop himself from laughing, while Ned wonders where it all went wrong.

At number 28, Susan, Karl and Zeke are in the kitchen when Rachel appears with her bags packed. She announces that she prefers reading about tragic heroines, rather than being one. Susan is thrilled, and Rachel explains that she’s going to forget boys and get back into books. Zeke hugs her, so she licks her finger and wipes it on his face.


At number 30, Pepper is annoyed with Ringo for not telling Rachel he loves her. He thinks that she’s going to stop loving him if she finds out about his eating disorder, but Pepper says it’s too late now, and he’s given Rachel no option but to go. She tells him to give it one last try and tell her he loves her, though Ringo isn’t convinced that it’s going to work.

Outside, Karl, Susan and Zeke are about to take Rachel to the airport to see her off. As the car pulls away, Ringo chases after it, calling out for them to wait. Karl stops, and Rachel looks back, but then tells Karl to keep driving, as she can’t miss her flight. An upset Ringo watches the car pull away


Later, Carmella and Marco have been looking at business plans all day and decide to call it a day. As Carmella stands up, she feels a sharp pain and claims that the baby was kicking. Marco says he’ll make them both a snack, but whilst his back is turned, Carmella clutches her stomach again, and is clearly in pain.


Not long after, Carmella is in the bathroom and Marco is calling to her from the kitchen, asking what she wants to eat. When she doesn’t reply, a concerned Marco goes to the bathroom door and goes inside, where she’s double up in pain. She tells him to call an ambulance, as there’s something wrong with the baby.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Nicky Whelan as Pepper Steiger, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Eliza Taylor-Cotter as Janae Timmins, Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani, Brody McPharlane as Tyler Smith

Trivia Notes
• After 21 years, 3 months and 14 days, this was the final Neighbours episode to be broadcast on the UK channel BBC One, before the show moved to its new home on channel Five

Summary by Steve

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