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Magic Moments > 2008 > Rosetta and Frazer's Departure Episode 5440

Written by David Hannam, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 25/04/08, Five: 16/07/08

Declan introduces Chris to the gang, but he and Taylah already know each other. Susan asks Rachel and Zeke what they think about Ringo moving in and Rachel replies that she has no problems but Zeke doesn't look happy. Frazer tells Prue that she makes him feel like a failure and that Rosie and their baby will need him, so he can't afford to feel like that. He says that he can't have her in his life anymore.

Prue tells Frazer that he is overreacting, that they have their ups and downs but always get through it. He says that he was a fool to think that they could have a normal relationship, unaware that Ringo has walked into the kitchen. Ringo tells Frazer that he can't mean it and Prue argues that until he has a child, Frazer can't know but he argues that he can't imagine ever blaming his child for his own shortcomings. Ringo tries to reason with him, but Prue interrupts, asking if this is what Frazer wants. He says it is and she leaves.


Later at Charlie's, Rosie and Frazer are discussing Italy. Rosie that that as soon as she arrives there, she's buying new shoes and she'll buy so many, that she jokingly decides to leave all her old shoes behind. She asks Frazer if he is sure he wants to go with things as they are. He tells her that he is and thinks that Ringo has got himself together now. Rosie says that she'll miss him and everyone else, but the shoes really take the edge off. They laugh and get up to leave to pack their bags for Italy.

The following day on Ramsay Street, Daniel follows Sam out of number 30, asking her to come back to bed. She says she can't because she has a meeting in an hour, but he won't take no for an answer and kisses her. She decides to stay, just as Libby and Ty run by and notice them. They wave awkwardly and Libby suggests breakfast to Ty. As they run off, Rosie and Frazer walk round the corner, having bought their tickets. Rosie returns to the subject of Prue, but he insists that he wants to cut ties with her. Rebecca and Miranda walk over to them, discussing Ringo's surprise 18th birthday party. Frazer is shocked, asking when this was decided. Miranda tells him it was planned in secret and that they want Ringo to know that people love him, given the tough time he's had recently.


At The General Store, Lou finishes his shift, but Marco tells him that he needs him to work the late-shift today and tomorrow. As he heads into the kitchen to show him the roster, Lou sneaks away. At a table, Rosie tells Sam that she hears she was late for her meeting and doesn't believe her excuse of car troubles. She also thinks it's great that that Sam and Dan have got back together because they deserve happiness. Sam talks about one of the firm's clients and Rosie admits it will be hard to hand over Rebecchi Cammeniti. At a different table, the teens discuss Ringo's party. Taylah thinks that Bridget could keep Ringo distracted whilst the party is being organised. As they all leave, Zeke asks Declan if he got the alcohol and he did.

At number 28, Ringo and Prue arrive to discuss moving in. Prue offers sheets and pillows, but Susan says that they have all that, all Ringo has to do is bring himself. But after noticing Prue's dejection, Susan tries to make her feel better by saying that she might need some extra towels. However, since the spare room is still full of Libby's stuff from Shepparton, Susan tells Zeke that Ringo will be sharing with him. Zeke doesn't look pleased, but covers up, saying it will be a blast.


At number 30, Prue says goodbye to Frazer. Now that Ringo is settling in, there is no need for her to hang around. Frazer asks her if she is sticking around for the party, but Prue believes she will just be in the way. He tells her that she should stay as Ringo needs to know that everyone loves him, now that he and Rosie are leaving. He asks her to stay but for Ringo's sake, not his.

At Charlie's, Frazer, Ringo, Steve, Daniel, Riley and Lou toast Ringo's 18th. Ringo goes through his 'rite of passage' - buying the next round of drinks. At the bar, Frazer asks Ringo if he wants to come with them, but he says that he is fine. However, he wants Frazer to make up with Prue before he goes. Frazer tells him not to worry about him as he has enough on his plate and that he should tell all his friends about his eating disorder to help his recovery.


Back at number 30, Rebecca, Susan, Miranda, Prue, Rosie and Libby all discuss Italy - the food, the clothes, the shoes. Rosie says that it will be hard to leave everyone, particularly Carmella and that her phone bill will be huge. Libby asks if they have enough beer and wine but Rebecca and Miranda tell her that although there will be adults there, their kids aren't drinking. Susan says that they don't need drink to have a good time and asks Zeke to agree. He does, but exchanges a guilty look with Declan.

Ringo and Didge are out for a walk and he tells her about everyone buying him his first beer. Didge says that it is good to see him happy again. She then asks what he wants to do for his birthday. When he suggests going into the city for a movie, she says that they should hang out together - just the two of them.


Back at number 30, Marco has arrived and asks if they have enough wine and beer and Miranda tells him yes, as the kids won't be drinking. They all begin to discuss the subject, with Susan asking if blanket bans really work. Steve, Marco and Riley think it would be better to know what the kids are up to and control it. Rebecca sarcastically questions Steve if he is going to buy alcohol for Bridget and he says no, but thinks they should be reasonable. She asks if he will check the bags of their under-age guests and he agrees to, but there is obvious tension between them. Nervously, Zeke and Declan leave to go out the back. Outside, they hide their bag of alcohol in the bushes where they hope it won't be found. Declan asks Zeke if having a few drinks to impress Taylah is worth their parents finding out again. Zeke accuses Declan of being chicken and he agrees to carry on with the plan.

Later, Bridget leads Ringo into the garden, her hands covering his eyes and everyone shouts surprise. Libby and Ty have yet another awkward meeting with Dan and Sam, who are heading to the swimming pool. Ty asks Libby to dance, but she refuses, looking toward Dan at the pool. Zeke goes over to Declan, anxious to get the alcohol but Declan says that Steve is still around and they have plenty of time.


Frazer announces that Ringo would like to say a few words and introduces him. Ringo thanks everyone for coming, and especially thanking the efforts of Prue, Rosie and Frazer and he wishes the couple a safe trip. He also mentions that they have been with him through some tough times and publicly announces his eating disorder. He apologises to them all and says that he'll try to tell the truth from now on. Everyone applauds him.

Inside number 30, the teens are talking and Ringo says he is glad that it's out in the open. Declan makes a comment about thinking it was a 'chick thing' and Zeke realises that this is what Ringo's excessive exercising was about. He tells Bridget that he should have told her and realising that they have to talk, Rachel takes Declan and Zeke outside with her. Ringo tells Bridget that she deserved to know, but he was too embarrassed to tell her. He says that the doctors have said that you always tell the people you care about most, last because they are the people you don't want to lose. He tells her that he cares about her that much and asks how much she cares about him. She kisses him and quickly dash off when Steve, Rebecca, Miranda and Marco come in the back door. Steve and Rebecca are still bickering about alcohol, after he found two bottles. In the hall, Dan asks Sam if she has decided whether or not to move in yet, assuring her that they're ready. Libby and Ty enter the kitchen, causing yet another awkward moment between them.


Outside, Zeke offers Chris a beer but he refuses, going off to greet one of his mates. Taylah comes over and starts questioning Zeke about his secret stash of alcohol, saying that she wasn't being serious earlier on when she said she wanted drink at the party. She tells him that he doesn't have to try to impress her and that she likes him much more than she ever liked Chris. But Zeke is still worried, saying that their relationship is different and isn't as serious. Taylah asks him to come with her and takes him away.

On the street, Prue and Ringo say goodbye and she tells him that he'll be just fine. She tells Rosie and Frazer to have a wonderful time in Italy. Frazer and Rosie give her an envelope containing money to travel to Italy or wherever they are, when the baby comes. They convince her to accept it and all four share a family hug. Ringo had thought that Frazer and Rosie wouldn't be leaving until tomorrow night, but Frazer tells him that they have something to take care of first, driving Prue back home to Muttatang. As Ringo's birthday present, Frazer gives him the keys of his car and Rosie warns him not to drive until he gets his licence. Frazer and Ringo hug and he puts their suitcases in the boot, as everyone gets in the car. Ringo tells them that he'll miss them. As they drive out of Ramsay Street, the brothers wave at each other.




Back inside, Chris and his mates throw food at each other. Rebecca and Steve come in and he tells Chris to take his friends and go home.

At number 28, Taylah tells Zeke that she likes him because he is different - he likes her for who she is. They kiss.


At the party, things get rowdier and Steve tries to separate and chuck out two of the young guys. Chris' friends begin to make rude comments to Rebecca and Steve threatens to make him leave.

Back at number 28, Taylah pulls away but then says that nothing is wrong. Unbuttoning her top, she tells Zeke that she is sure that she is ready and he takes his top off. They kiss again just as Susan walks in, much to their collective horror.


Things escalate out of control at the party, with Declan fighting one of Chris' friends. Rebecca tries to pull them apart, just as Steve accidentally shoves another kid in her direction, knocking her straight to the ground.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Blake O'Leary as Ben Kirk, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland

Guest Cast: Dean Geyer as Ty Harper, Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Danielle Horvat as Taylah Jordan, Luke Mitchell as Chris Knight, Declan McGovern as Mozzie Cummings

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti and Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats
Rosie and Frazer leave for Rome and mention the Cammeniti family hotel
Rebecca makes fun of Miranda's suggestion of fondue, saying it sounds like a "70's dinner party" not an 18th. They are trying to choose between sausage rolls and spinach triangles or vol-au-vents and mini quiches
One of Rebecchi Cammeniti's clients is Mr. Peterson, a man who is very punctual and whose wife likes a bit of a gossip. He has given the firm all of his contract work and after Sam twisted his arm, his personal work too
Bridget is a fan of actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Ringo suggests they go and see his new movie in the city
Frazer gives 'Bessie', his car, to Ringo

Summary by Conor

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