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Magic Moments > 2008 > Sienna's Departure Episode 5555

Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 03/10/08, Five: 09/01/09

Sienna announces that she is going to travel to Italy to visit Rosie and Frazer and Lou tries to put her off. Lou convinces Logan to talk to Sienna. Miranda assures Nicola that her food didn't make Steve sick, but Nicola suggests her lie down. Alone, Steve begins to eat more of the food and collapses in agony.

Miranda tries to contact Steve on his mobile to remind him to pick them up for the barbeque, but to no avail. She thinks he may have forget about them with all the celebration, but Didge notes his poorly stomach, suggesting that he may not be doing much celebrating. Nicola is horrified to learn that he was sick, but quickly covers it up, saying that it's shame that it will ruin his big day. She also worries that Steve has gone off without them because of her presence in the house. However, Didge tells her that she's acting stupid and attempting to calm the situation, Miranda and Didge leave for the barbeque. After they've left, Nicola runs to the fridge, frantically searching for the container containing the poisoned lasagne. She is startled when Mickey and Callum appear, but attempts to convince them that she is fine.


Miranda and Didge arrive at the gym and call Steve's name. Miranda is worried that he didn't urn up at the barbeque and is beginning to believe Nicola's theory, but she is confused as they didn't even have a row. Didge tells her that she and Steve had an argument about making Ringo captain and his treatment of Nicola before the match. They then find his bag containing his wallet and keys and head to the hospital, thinking he may have went to get treatment for his stomach. As they go, Miranda leaves Steve a voicemail message, unaware that he is laying unconscious on the changing room floor.


At The General Store, Susan and Rebecca are writing an article about the match for the paper. Miranda and Didge arrive inquiring about Steve, before hurrying off again. Carmella comes over to their table with coffee and the women notice Sienna and Logan together at a different table. Carmella reveals that their reconciliation was Lou's doing in a bid to prevent Siena from going overseas. Joining them, Lou is still convinced that his plan will work. Sienna and Logan walk over, announcing change of plans about the Italy trip - Sienna is still going, but now Logan is joining her.


At number 26, Miranda arrives home and Nicola asks about Steve. Miranda fears that she may have pushed him away, but Nicola is eager to take the blame.She tries to comfort Miranda and thinks that Steve may just have to blow off some steam. She suggests Miranda freshen up and tells her that she loves her. When Miranda goes to the bathroom, Nicola grabs her handbag and Miranda's keys and runs outside.


Heading toward the bin, she hesitates and goes to the Kennedy's bin instead. Searching through her handbag, she tries to hide something inside the bin. Callum appears behind her and scares her. Nicola angrily tells him not to sneak up on people before apologising and makes excuses. She asks him not to tell anyone. He wants her to play a computer game with him, but she refuses, promising to play another time.


Nicola arrives at the gym, finding a few empty containers on the floor. She shoves them in her bag but before she leaves, she hears Steve's mobile ringing. Following the sound, she finds him on the ground. Distraught, she apologises and begins to call the ambulance, but stops, realising that she will implicate herself. She holds his hand and sobs beside him.

Outside, Didge and Zeke have returned to the training ground to find a clue about Steve's whereabouts. Noticing that the door to the gym is open again, they go inside, finding Steve. Having been dragged him out of the changing room by Nicola, she quietly cries on the other side of the door.


Miranda arrives at the hospital. Karl tells her that Steve is in a serious, but stable condition and they are running a series of tests to find out what is wrong. Didge mentions Steve's prior stomach pains. He thinks that is at least something to go on and assures them that Steve is in the best hands.


At The General Store, Toadie is looking after Mickey and Callum. Callum seems worried and distant. They notice Lou also looks unhappy. He informs them of Sienna's upcoming departure and believes that she, like everyone else around him, will leave and not come back. Toadie points out that some people are still here and Lou tells him that he appreciates it. Lou walks away and Mickey follows him. When they're gone, Callum reveals Nicola's lies to Toadie and how it reminds him of his mum's actions when she was sick. Toadie says that he will check up on her.


Nicola tells Toadie about what happened to Steve, but he mentions Callum's worries about her. She is angry and lies about what she was doing - she simply went outside to get fresh air and leaned on the Kennedy's bin for support. Nicola continues to be evasive and she receives a call from Miranda, who tells her that they haven't been allowed to see Steve yet. Miranda also says that they will be at the hospital for a while, so Nicola will have to organise dinner for herself, mentioning that leftover lasagne that should still be in the fridge. After she hangs up, Nicola excuses herself and goes to lie down.

Miranda and Didge are finally allowed to see Steve, but Karl tells them that they still don't know specifically what they're looking for in the tests. However his low blood pressure is due to gastrointestinal bleeding, so it is possible that he ingested something highly toxic that caused his condition.


Lou continues to make Sienna realise that she shouldn't go, mentioning that Logan is a musician and will find it hard to make a living. Sienna is confused as Lou was the one who helped them get together and Carmella takes her into the kitchen to explain. Meanwhile, Susan is struggling to write the article for the paper. Noticing Logan, Rebecca notes that she wouldn't mind him taking her to Italy. Susan says that she didn't know Rebecca was in the market for a toy-boy, but Rebecca corrects her - she just wants a nice, romantic getaway and the toy-boy would just be a bonus. Lou takes Logan aside and asks him if he has thought the Italy trip through. Logan tells him that he hasn't, but is just listening to his heart. Sienna interrupts Lou's meddling and promises that she will come back and that she wants Lou to be happy for her. He is, and hugs her, but begins to warn Logan. Sienna jokingly tells him to shut up.


At the hospital, Didge proposes the idea that Steve wasn't poisoned accidentally, but that someone did it on purpose. Zeke tells Toadie that he wishes there was something that he could do to help. Toadie says that he is helping just by being there. As Toadie joins the Parkers, Didge tells everyone that she thinks that Nicola poisoned Steve, much to Miranda's horror. Didge uses Nicola's suspect behaviour earlier as evidence of her guiltiness. Miranda angrily denies her sister's involvement until Toadie backs Didge's claims. He reveals Nicola's reaction to Miranda's call and tells them that Callum saw her place something in the Kennedy's bin.


Approaching the house, Toadie asks Miranda how she is going to deal with the situation, offering to come with her. Miranda would prefer that no one witnessed it as it might make it easier to convince herself that she never did this. She enters the house alone.


Inside, Nicola cleans numerous empty containers before throwing them in the bin. Miranda comes in, saying that she just came home to pick up a few things. After she asks about Steve's condition, Miranda tells her that Karl fears Steve may have ingested a toxic substance and it may not have been an accident - possibly the work of one of Peter Ferguson's cronies. Eager to shift the blame, Nicola immediately backs up the idea. Miranda is appalled, finally realising that Nicola shouldn't remember Peter Ferguson, that her amnesia is fake and that she poisoned Steve.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Rebecca Napier, Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Mickey Gannon, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Lou Carpenter, Carmella Cammeniti

Guest Cast: Imogen Bailey as Nicola West, Erin McNaught as Sienna Cammeniti, Morgan Baker as Callum Jones, Nick Cain as Logan Ellis, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Erin McNaught as Sienna Cammeniti

Summary by Conor

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