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Magic Moments > 2008 > Kyle's Arrival Episode 5593

Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Jonathan Geraghty, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 26/11/08, Five: 04/03/09

Zeke tells Susan that he's worried about Karl, as he was looking up research about cancer... Didge suggests that Declan moves in with the Parkers... Steve is shocked that Miranda said yes to Declan moving in... Harold asks Karl to stay out of his private business... Sam assures Dan that the baby is his... Libby asks Sam to come to the barbecue, as they need to start dealing with things... Sam lets Dan feel the baby kick... Libby calls off the wedding...

Dan and Libby agree to postpone the wedding, even if it doesn't make things any easier for her. He decides to go home, and tells her that he will marry her, just not tomorrow. Once he's gone, Libby throws the wedding cake on the floor.


At number 30, Dan is deep in thought when Ben suddenly appears, dressed in his suit for the wedding. He says that he and Mickey have been practising their wedding walk, and he demonstrates. Dan tells him that he's nailed it, and Ben then decides to go and show his mum. He runs out the door, with Dan unable to stop him.

Back at number 28, a concerned Karl and Susan hover over Libby as she cleans up the cake, saying that at least they don't have to worry about all those calories now. Steph then arrives and insists on cleaning up, as Susan pulls Libby away. Ben walks in and asks what happened, and Libby lies that Lennie the pig got into the house and knocked the cake over. Ben then shows them all his wedding walk, and notices that his mum is upset. She insists that everything is fine, but Karl encourages her to tell him.

At number 32, Libby sits Ben down, reminding him that she loves him, and tells him that the wedding won't be happening tomorrow.

At number 30, Lucas tells Dan that he's going to make a great dad.

Ben says that it's stupid, as his mum and Dan were supposed to get married. She says that they can't, not tomorrow, and Ben calls her stupid and walks out.


At number 26, Donna, Zeke and Ringo have turned up to help Didge and Declan put together their flat pack double bed, but they're having little success. Steve walks in, and Didge asks him to help, but he's slightly shocked by the whole thing and says that there's something he needs to do, before leaving. The boys go to make some food, and Didge wonders why her dad acted so oddly - Donna then points out that they're building a bed for her and her boyfriend, so of course he'll be uncomfortable. Declan then returns with some chocolate bars which he starts handing out, but is horrified to realise that he's raided Steve's stash, and Didge doesn't think her dad is going to be too happy when he finds out.

At Charlie's, Elle asks Sam what she's really doing back in town, and Sam says that she's always going to be bi-polar, and that the baby will need Dan to be there for her sometimes. Lucas then joins them, sarcastically congratulating Sam on the show she put on earlier.


At number 32, Libby is in her room, calling people to tell them that the wedding's been postponed. Steph then pops her head in, to say that she's going to close up at Charlie's, and to check that Libby will be OK. Libby then puts her head on the pillow, and realises that there's something underneath it - a box with some earrings, and a note from Dan - "To my wonderful wife-to-be. We can't be together tonight, but believe me, you're all I'm thinking of. Please wear these tomorrow. Yep, that's right, you're marrying a man who can accessorise. I can't wait for tomorrow." Libby struggles to hold it together.

At Charlie's, Steph calls last drinks, and Elle goes to order coffees, leaving Lucas and Sam alone. He again sarcastically congratulates her on getting Libby and Dan to postpone the wedding, and she says it's not funny. He wonders why she's acting like she didn't know that the wedding was tomorrow - but she reminds him that he was the one who told her in the first place, and she's sure that Dan would be interested to know that, particularly given his own history with Libby. Lucas insists that wasn't why he told Sam about the wedding, and she says that she had no ulterior motives either - she just wanted Dan and Libby to know about the baby, before they were married.


Later, Steph is trying to close up, and Elle asks Lucas if he wants to go on somewhere else, but he admits that he's got something on his mind, something that he should probably tell Dan. Elle thinks he should just be honest, but Lucas admits that he won't come of it looking too good, and he isn't sure that his relationship with Dan would survive at the moment. Elle still thinks that secrets are very damaging. She and Lucas then leave, as Steph tells Elle that she's keeping an eye on Sam. As they go, Lucas asks Elle if she still feels like that coffee, but she tells him that caffeine keeps her up, and leaves.

The next morning, at number 22, Steve walks into the lounge to find the bed still in pieces on the floor. He thinks back over some happy times with Didge, and decides to sit down and put the bed together himself.


At Harold's, the gang are trying to remember which chocolate bars they need to replace. Didge is worried, but Declan says that he doesn't care, as long as he has her, and they start to kiss. Donna and Ringo do the same, and Zeke feels a bit left out. He goes over to the counter, and overhears the end of a phone conversation that Harold is having with Karl. Zeke asks Harold why Karl needs to see him at the hospital - Harold takes him into the kitchen and tells him that there's nothing wrong with Karl. Zeke realises that it's Harold who's sick, and Harold eventually admits that he has cancer, but he is going to be fine. Zeke grows upset, asking if Harold thinks that God is going to help him, and then runs off, saying that everyone he leaves either leaves him or dies.

Later, Zeke is walking down the street when he walks past Justin, Shane and Kyle from school. Justin makes a comment about Zeke's bad mood, and whether he broke a bra strap, and Zeke replies that Justin might look like more of a man if he wasn't standing by his mum's car, with a Magic Happens bumper sticker. Kyle is amused by Zeke, and asks him where his car is - Zeke says that the cops took it. Kyle then asks him to join them for a ride, and Zeke gets in.



At number 26, Steve has finished putting the bed together, as the gang return, trying to sneak in with the chocolate. Didge thanks her dad, as Declan tries to get to the kitchen, but Steve spots him, and says that the pile of sweets look a lot like the ones that went missing from his stash last night. He explains that, if it happens again, Declan will die, and if Miranda finds out, he will die, so they all agree to never speak of it again.

Lucas is waiting outside number 30, just as Elle and Sam are leaving number 22. Sam spots Lucas, then she sees Dan returning from a run, and she quickly goes over. Sam stops Lucas from confessing the truth, by talking about the pregnancy and morning sickness, but then Libby appears from number 32, and Dan goes inside. Sam asks Lucas what he was about to do, but the conversation is interrupted by some commotion next-door, as Ben leaves the house with a bag packed, saying that he's going to live with Karl and Susan, because Libby is a liar. He starts shouting 'liar!' at her and runs off across the street, leaving everyone looking very awkward.


At number 28, Libby brings in Ben's bag. Karl takes it through to him, and Susan suggests that maybe it would be best if Ben stayed with them, and out of the firing line, for a little while. Libby wonders if she did the right thing, calling off the wedding, and suspects that Lyn might have been right about the wedding being cursed. Susan reminds Libby that the wedding is still going ahead, and she just needs to remind Ben of that.

Later, Susan has seen off Libby after her pep talk, and Karl appears from the bedroom, just as Harold knocks at the door. He says that he was sorry to hear about the wedding, and then asks for a private word with Karl. Karl asks why Harold isn't at the hospital, and he explains that he saw Zeke earlier and he was rather upset - Susan overhears this and asks what's going on, and Harold is forced to be honest about the cancer. Susan insists that Zeke will be fine, and she asks how Harold is coping.


At number 30, Dan is looking at his wedding ring, when Sam arrives at the door, asking if he'd like some company. She says that she doesn't seem to have lost her knack for messing up his life, and he tells her that he's happy to know about the baby - it was just very bad timing. Sam puts her hands on his shoulders to comfort him, but then Libby walks in. She gives Dan the earrings, and says that she wants them back on the day that they do get married. They both agree to do whatever it takes to be together, and they hug, as an upset Sam walks out.


Justin stops the car outside an old factory, and he and Kyle tell Zeke that this is where they all come to hang out and do whatever they like. Zeke isn't that impressed, and Justin asks him if he's scared, as Shane and Justin get out of the car. Kyle stays back and asks Zeke if he's going to join them - Zeke then agrees, and they all run off into the factory.

Featured Regular Characters: Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Steph Scully, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Zeke Kinski, Elle Robinson

Guest Cast: Christopher Milligan as Kyle Canning, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Chris Toohey as Justin Hunter, Ryan Bate as Shane Gregory

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Christopher Milligan as Kyle Canning, who would continue to recur until early 2011, when he became a regular character
Kyle's first words are "Feisty! Pretty funny for a geek. Where's your car then?"
Libby Kennedy is played by Michala Banas in this episode

Summary by Steve

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