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Magic Moments > 2009 > Zeke's Return Episode 5631

Written by Jeff Truman, Directed by Karl Zwicky, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 23/02/09, Five: 27/04/09

A brainwashed Zeke is discovered living with Phil Andrews, under the name of his dead son Trent. Donna and Rachel help Ty with his dancing dilemmas, whilst Ringo gets a false impression about Donna and Ty. Susan gets a strange phone call from Zeke, claiming to be Trent Andrews. Karl and Susan then come across Zeke at Phil’s garage and persuade him to come home.

At Phil Andrews’ lock-up, in the corner a young lad is practising martial arts moves. When Phil comes in, that young lad turns round, to be none other than Zeke Kinski. Answering to Phil as ‘Dad’, a clearly brainwashed Zeke gets ready to go to work with him, picking up his packed lunch from the table.


At number 24, Karl and Susan are planting a memorial garden for Zeke, and, whilst discussing the beauty of the magnolias, Karl is trying to persuade Harold not to move away to be with Sky. Yet, plagued by the thought that life is too precious to just stay put forever, Harold ignores Karl’s wishes, and leaves him to hassle the magnolias instead!

Back at the garage, Phil is busy packing some clothes, when Zeke walks in, holding a package he’s received. He opens it to find the t-shirt Elle found when she was at Phil’s house with Lucas. With it is a letter addressed to Phil from Susan, and, as a sign of the severe amnesia he suffered, Zeke fails to recognise who ‘Susan’ is, and why she had his missing shirt. Phil intervenes before Zeke has any chance of realising what’s what, and tells him how he knows of Susan – the fact that she came looking for Zeke, after Elle and Lucas talked to her. Becoming increasingly anxious about being found, Phil suggests he and Zeke move up to Griffith, to start a fruit-picking job. Phil throws the package in the bin, leaving Zeke very curious about Phil’s knowledge of Susan.


Meanwhile at Charlie’s, Ty is dancing, but struggling to learn some new moves for bootscooting classes he will be teaching. Completely in the zone, he’s unaware that Donna and Rachel walk in, who burst out laughing at his ridiculous rhythm. Donna shows Ty a bit of fancy footwork that she learnt when she used to go dancing with her mum and some ‘old desperados’! Ty, who is in desperate need of some help, agrees to Donna’s master classes, in exchange for a year’s supply of free coffee. As they get down to it, Ringo enters, and, after finding out about her and Zeke, thinks that she is having an affair with Ty now.

Donna chases Ringo out into the Lassiter's complex and tries to tell him that it wasn't what it looked like. He tells her to do what she wants and she's upset, but he walks away and she returns to Charlie's.


At the lock-up, Zeke is still questioning Phil about Susan, but he tries to change the subject, talking about what it'll be like in Griffith. When Phil goes to load the car, Zeke takes out the letter Susan sent with the shirt, and dials her number.

At number 28, Susan gets a mysterious phone call from Zeke, who claims to be ‘Trent Andrews’. Susan instantly recognises Zeke’s voice, and when she calls him ‘Zeke’, Zeke himself gets flashbacks of the feud he and Rachel had just before the rafting excursion. Freaked out by this, Zeke hangs up, much to Susan’s panic, and she runs outside.


In the garden of number 28, a stunned Susan tells an equally stunned Karl about the call they just received.

Later, back inside the house, Susan calls the police to see if they can trace the call, but they suggest she contacts a counsellor, as they, and Karl, believe Susan still hasn’t come to terms with Zeke’s death. She insists that she wasn't hearing things, and Karl agrees to go with her to see Phil.


At the lock-up, Zeke cross-examines Phil as to why Susan called him ‘Zeke’ on the phone. Phil explains that when Susan visited the other day, she saw a photo of a boy who looked like him, and thought there was some connection, but Phil just says that Susan just hadn’t managed to accept Zeke had gone.

At Charlie’s, Ty, Rachel and Donna are discussing Ty’s dancing, when Ringo comes in. Repelled by Donna’s presence, he walks away, but, after some persuasion by Donna, he swallows his pride and comes over to apologise. However, the falseness of it makes Donna realise that he hasn’t changed, and still thinks she is untrustworthy.


In Phil’s garage, Zeke finds a newspaper cutting whilst he and Phil are tidying up, which details the car accident which killed Phil’s wife, and son Trent. Baffled at this, plus the earlier conversation with Susan, Phil’s face fills with guilt as he believes Zeke is beginning to make sense of things.

Meanwhile, Karl and Susan are on the road heading towards the garage, when they get stuck behind some incredibly lazy workmen. In frustration, Karl swerves past the workmen, and speeds off, desperate to get to Phil.



Back at the garage, a furious but perplexed Zeke interrogates Phil again, demanding to know the truth about his real identity, and the car accident. Again, worried that he’ll have to reveal the truth, Phil tells Zeke that in the car, was ‘Trent’, actually Zeke, Phil, his wife, and a student from Erinsborough High, who also died. Phil consistently tries to make Zeke believe he is Trent.

Arriving at a junction, an increasingly panicky Karl and Susan argue over which way to go, as she isn't sure, but eventually tells him to go right.




As Karl and Susan eventually arrive at the garage, Susan is amazed to discover Zeke sitting in an armchair right in front of her. Susan calls out, and a very uncertain Zeke turns round, but keeps his distance, just as Phil enters. Karl, demanding to get some answers lashes out at Phil, and Zeke warns Karl to leave his ‘Dad’ alone.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Ty Harper, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Robert Mammone as Phil Andrews, Joss Gower as Lollipop Man

Trivia Notes
• Phil's late wife was called Lisa
• Harold again mentions his granddaughter Sky, and announces his plans to leave Erinsborough

Summary by Matt

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