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Magic Moments > 2009 > Sonya's Arrival Episode 5755

Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 14/08/09, Five: 16/10/09

Paul and Rebecca get engaged... Toadie warns Callum that the puppy supervisor is coming to see Rocky soon... Lucas chats up a girl at Charlie's... Libby, Callum and Ben are awoken to find Lucas and the girl kissing on the couch... Dan tells Lucas to get some help or move out... Lucas asks Steph if he can stay in her spare room... Lucas tries to kiss Steph... Elle hears Lucas at his gamblers' anonymous meeting, talking about his struggles to settle down in suburbia...

At number 22, Elle arrives home, in a terrible mood, as Paul is looking around for his address book, trying to think of someone to ask to be his best man. He notices that Elle is unhappy, and she asks him if she's changed, as Lucas seems to think that she has. She asks for some space, and Paul tells her not to stay up too late.


The next morning at Harold's, Lucas is putting a notice up on the door, advertising a special offer - a free tune-up with every full service - at the garage, and Karl immediately spots it and arranges an appointment. Lucas then asks Karl if he's seen Elle - Karl hasn't, so Lucas leaves, just as Elle appears from the kitchen, acting surprised when Karl tells her that Lucas was looking for her just now. She goes over to the Ramsay kids and asks them if they like rollerblading.

Outside Grease Monkeys, Elle screams and is sitting on the edge of the pavement, in pain. Kate asks her if she's OK, and she says that she just needs a moment to catch her breath. Harry and Sophie laugh about Elle rollerblading across two lanes of traffic and somersaulting onto the pavement, and she asks them if they want to go and get a milkshake.


Back at Harold's, Harry wishes that he'd got the whole thing on film, and Sophie thanks Elle and asks if they can go again tomorrow - Elle suggests that they do something different next time. Kate goes to stark work, with Sophie and Harry following her, and Elle listens as, at the next table, Rebecca declares that the wedding will be a disaster, and they should just elope. Paul reminds her this was meant to be a fresh start, so she says that they'll just have to come to some decisions, and stick to them.

At number 22, as she puts some ice on her injuries, Elle reminds her father that he hates harpists, but he says that it was one of the few suggestions from Rebecca that hadn't featured in one of his other weddings - and his mind is still on finding a new best man. Elle suggests Declan, but Paul explains that he's giving Rebecca away. Elle jokes that, once you've been married 37 times, it's probably difficult to find any new and original ideas. Paul notices that she's in pain, and wonders what possessed her to go rollerblading in the first place - she tells him that she's looking for new and interesting things to do with her time - and no, it has nothing to do with Lucas. She says that she's sick of doing the same thing over and over again - like Paul with his weddings! She suggests that he just tell Rebecca that all of her ideas have been done before, but he doesn't want to hurt her feelings.


At Charlie's, Rebecca asks Elle if Paul's getting cold feet, as he becomes very cagey whenever the wedding is mentioned. Elle thinks he's just trying to avoid being seen as soppy, and Rebecca wishes that men would just be honest about their feelings. Toadie and Callum then come in, with Rocky, to buy some beers - Callum claims that they're going to use them to bribe the guide dog supervisor. Toadie says that's not true, and that Rocky is doing fine, but then Callum notices that the dog has peed on the floor.

At number 30, Callum is trying to persuade Toadie to let him have chocolate for lunch - it's fruit and nut, and healthy, apparently - when the guide dog supervisor arrives at the door. Toadie is surprised to find that it's a young woman, named Sonya, and he invites her in. She says hello to Callum, and then points out that chocolate is toxic to dogs, so Callum has to go to the kitchen. Toadie then tries and fails to get Rocky to get off the couch and come over to him, as Sonya makes notes.


At the park, Toadie is stalling for time, before Sonya finally forces him to demonstrate what Rocky can do. Rocky manages to walk alongside Toadie, who's delighted, and he starts talking about having a few private training sessions with Sonya, who then points out that the dog has gone. Toadie runs off across the park, chasing Rocky.


Lucas runs into Elle at Charlie's - she tries to leave, but he says that part of his recovery is facing up to what he's done, and confronting the people that he's hurt. Elle tells him to shut up, and says that she doesn't care if he has to stand up and share his pathetic life with strangers at a support group. She then walks out, and Lucas is slightly shocked.

Later, Lucas is sitting in Charlie's, thinking over the 12 steps of the Gamblers Anonymous programme - he spots a couple of guys at the pool table, joking around and putting down money on the game. He's clearly tempted to go and join them, but instead he gets up and walks out of the bar.


At number 30, Sonya is giving some feedback to Toadie and Callum, and she says that Rocky seems to respond well to Toadie's voice - he explains that this is because he has a naturally low tone, which also works well in court. Sonya is slightly confused by that comment, but says that obviously their discipline with the dog is a bit ad-hoc, and that she thinks some private lessons would be a good idea. Toadie is delighted - she then points out, before she leaves, that Rocky is eating from an old pizza box on the floor.

At Charlie's, Paul is suggesting a wedding on a yacht, with a full 15 piece orchestra. Rebecca likes the idea, but wonders if they can afford it. Paul tells her not to worry about the money, and she admits that she loves the idea, and runs off to tell people. Paul then goes over to Elle, who reminds her father that he gets seasick, and wonders why he can't just ask Rebecca what she wants. He says that he doesn't want Rebecca to think that he doesn't know what she wants - she gave him a list, which ended up ruined in the washing machine. Elle is frustrated with people who pretend to be something that they're not - Paul reminds her about the rollerblading, and she glares at him, before telling him that honesty is the best wedding present he could give to Rebecca.


At the garage, Lucas is unloading supplies from the back of the ute, when Karl arrives. He asks why Lucas doesn't just get them delivered, but Lucas explains that his credit rating, and his reputation, aren't so good at the moment. Karl assures him that things will get better soon and hands over his keys. Karl leaves, and Lucas is just starting to look under the bonnet, when Vanessa, the girl from the other night, turns up. She says that she found out where he worked from the barmaid at Charlie's. He tells her that she looks nice, and apologises for the other night. She then suggests that they go for a drink and a few games of pool - and asks if she can tempt him away from work...

Lucas goes to see Rebecca at Charlie's, and asks her not to serve him again until he's paid his tab, and after that, only serve him if he's got cash. She's surprised, and he then asks after Declan - Rebecca explains that he's been struggling, but things have improved since they arrested Johnno Brewer - he also mentioned that he'd like to see Lucas. As he goes, Rebecca tells him that there was a girl looking for him earlier - Lucas says that he saw her, but he sent her away, as she's nice, but she's not Elle.


At number 30, Toadie tells Callum that they have to do all of Rocky's training by the book from now on, and Callum teases Toadie about being in love with Sonya. As Callum takes the dog outside for a toilet break, Karl arrives to tell Toadie about Lucas's offer at the garage, thinking that his friends can get behind him. Karl asks how the puppy training is going, and Toadie admits that he has a problem with discipline, but it's more to do with Callum than Rocky. Karl suggests that Toadie changes his own bad habits, and it will filter down to Callum and Rocky.

At number 26, Paul asks Rebecca if she really wants to get married on a yacht, and she admits that she doesn't - and is relieved when Paul says that he doesn't either. He goes on to tell her that some of her suggestions are things that have featured at his other weddings, but he was too afraid to say anything. Rebecca says that she doesn't care - she just wants to marry him, and she doesn't care how or where. She asks if he's organised his best man yet, and he tells her not to worry. He then goes into the kitchen and starts looking through his phone contacts, including Karl, Lou and Tim Collins, and realises that it's hopeless.


At number 22, Paul finds Elle on the phone to Chantelle from work, arranging to go and see a band at midnight. Paul says that he thought Elle didn't like Chantelle - or bands. He reminds her of her advice about staying true to yourself, and wonders why she's doing the opposite. She explains that Lucas blames her for his gambling problem, because she was so boring and he felt trapped. Paul gives her a hug, and says that Lucas was never good enough for her anyway. He then asks her what she's going to do to get back at Lucas - she admits that she hasn't thought of anything, then spots the ad for the free tune-up at the garage, and gets an idea.


Lucas is about to bed down at the garage, when the rollers open and Elle appears, with a bunch of flowers. He's surprised, but pleased, to see her and says that he'll get some water. Elle explains that the flowers aren't for him, but for the workshop - now that she owns it. Lucas's face drops, and he realises that this isn't a joke. He asks her not to take the garage away from him, but she says that she has no intention of doing that - she thinks it will be far more entertaining to be his boss. She then tells him to remove the mattress, as he won't be sleeping there from now on.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Kate Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Rebecca Napier, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: Eve Morey as Sonya Mitchell, Soolin Ong Tan as Vanessa Chung

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Eve Morey as Sonya Mitchell, who would continue to recur until late 2010, when she became a regular character
Sonya's first words are "Hi! I'm Sonya from guide dog puppy training. I'm a bit early."
Past character Janae Timmins is mentioned

Summary by Steve