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Magic Moments > 2009 > Andrew's Return Episode 5828

Written by Meaghan Rodriguez, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 25/11/09, Five: 17/02/10

The teens head off to schoolies... Kate gets a makeover... Karl and Libby worry about Susan's stress levels... Declan throws everyone out of the party as guys flirt with Kate... Kate and Declan kiss...

At the beach house, Kate and Declan separately think about their kiss.


Kate goes into the kitchen and helps Declan with some spilled orange juice. She apologises for the kiss, claiming that the party atmosphere just took over, but Declan tells her not to be sorry. She tells him about a party down at the beach, but he says that he's going for a run, and he goes, leaving Kate confused.

The next morning, a hungover Donna walks into the kitchen, and Kate offers to get her a coffee. The atmosphere becomes awkward as Declan walks in, and he tells Donna and Ringo that he went for a run last night. Kate says that she just went to bed. Ringo jokes about them really taking the opportunity to let their hair down. Zeke then comes in and tells them about the parties he went to, and they're pleased to see him moving on from Sunny. He asks them what the plans are for today...


The gang all walk down to the beach and settle down, but it quickly turns into bickering between Ringo and Donna over whether they should sunbathe or play cricket. Zeke is already sick of it and decides to go for a walk. Donna and Kate go to get some juice, with both Ringo and Declan offering a moody 'no' when asked if they want anything.

Later, Donna and Kate are walking by the beach with their drinks, talking about Declan's weird behaviour when he threw everyone out of the party. Donna admits that she isn't sure about things with Ringo - schoolies was meant to be fun, but it just seems like she's having too much fun for him. She then picks up a volleyball and a shirtless guy comes over and asks if they'd like to play. Donna agrees, and says 'Ringo who?'. She goes over to join the game, with a shocked Kate close behind.


At Harold's Store, Steph, Toadie and Charlie are having breakfast. Libby runs in for some bread, and Steph tries to arrange a time for a catch-up, but Libby says she's busy today and will call her. Lyn takes some drinks to Steph's table, and Paul is standing at the counter getting increasingly annoyed as he waits for his coffee. Lyn points it out to him, hidden behind the cakes, and he's annoyed to find that she's put tinsel on his cup. She calls him a grinch, and says that it's a pity he's in charge of the Christmas spirit competition, though this is news to him. She explains that it's in his newspaper and that she might enter it. Meanwhile, Steph is surprised to learn from Toadie and Libby and Dan are thinking about marriage counselling.

Steph finds Lucas at Charlie's - he think she's in a bad mood because he left the house in a mess, but it's actually because she's learnt about the counselling. Lucas is surprised that she's so worked up about it, but she explains that she and Libby used to be so close, and she wants them to be like that again. Across the bar, Rebecca is minding India, and reads out a newspaper article to Paul, about the Christmas spirit competition. She doesn't think she could enter, as it would be a conflict of interest, but Paul points out that there is an independent judge and mentions that Lyn is entering, which changes Rebecca's mind.


At the beach, Ringo and Declan are playing cricket - Zeke returns to join them and the three of them are surprised to see Donna and Kate walking back up the beach with some good looking guys, thanking them for a fun afternoon. Declan makes a remark about Kate showing the guys plenty of attention, and Ringo accuses Donna of deliberately trying to wind him up. He walks off, and Donna wonders why the guys don't seem to want them to have any fun at all.

Later that night, the gang are all in the line to get into a club, and Zeke arrives, giving them the tickets. Kate drags Declan away, asking Zeke to mind their spot, and wants to talk about their kiss and the way he's been treating her. He doesn't think there's anything to talk about, so Kate gets back into line with Donna. The organiser, Andrew, then appears and tells everyone to be patient. He spots Donna and immediately helps her and Kate to skip the line and go in with him.



At Harold's, Rebecca is trying to get the ingredients for mince pies, to make for her customers for the competition, but Lyn seems to have mysteriously run out of everything she needs.

At the club, Andrew is watching Donna and Kate. Kate wishes that Donna and Ringo could patch things up and have a good time, but Donna is more interested in talking about Andrew and how cute he is. As Ringo and Declan drink alone, Andrew walks over to Donna with some more free drinks for them, telling them to have a good night. Donna thinks he's definitely interested in Kate and is playing hard to get.


Toadie arrives at Harold's, and can smell the mince pies in the air. Lyn offers to give him a few free samples, if he'll do a favour for her...

Toadie arrives at number 22, with a tin of mince pies. Paul is disgusted by them, and Rebecca then comes downstairs and is furious that Lyn has stolen her idea. Paul suspects that Lyn is playing hard to win the competition, and will be sending mince pies to every house in the street, but Rebecca declares that she's going to play harder...


Back at the party, Andrew watches as Donna tries to persuade Ringo to dance with her. He doesn't want to, and wonders what she's trying to prove by being like that. She tells him that she's just trying to have fun, and then gets up on the bar and starts dancing. Andrew comes over to tell her that the crowd is loving it.

Later, Donna is still dancing and Ringo isn't very impressed. Afterwards, she's having a drink on her own and Andrew joins her, asking about her unusual top. She explains that it's her own design, a shrugalero, and Andrew tells her that the party is his business. He asks about the guy who was giving him the evil eye earlier, but she says that it was no-one.


At Harold's, Lucas asks Libby is she's avoiding Steph. The guilty look on Libby's face makes Lucas realise that Steph is right, and Libby admits that she's left it so long now, she's worried that it's too late. Libby decides that she'll try to talk to Steph.

At Charlie's, Libby and Steph hug, and Steph apologises for interfering in Libby's relationship with Dan, whilst Libby apologises for not being honest. Steph admits that she had some crazy thoughts when she found out that Libby had been confiding in Lucas, admitting that she feels stupid about it now. Steph says that things are going well with Lucas, and that she's planning to take him shopping for a new motorbike. Libby then tells Steph about the counselling, and how she had to push Dan into it but she thinks that they both want the marriage to work.


At the party, Zeke is finding that he has a connection with a girl he's met called Mia.

Zeke takes Mia back to the house, and she says that it's going to be weird to go from seeing her schoolfriends every day, to hardly ever seeing them. Zeke admits that it's different for him, as they all live on the same street. He asks her about her plans, and she says that she's going to be moving all over for a while, until she starts uni. They're getting on well and start to kiss, but then her bag falls on the floor and Zeke finds some fake IDs in there. He's surprised, as she mentioned that she wanted to get into a law course and this would jeopardise that. Zeke tries to still get her to stay, claiming that he'll just have short term memory loss, but she decides to go.


At the party, Donna and Andrew are kissing. He offers to call a taxi for her, but she says no, and goes back to his place instead...

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Donna Freedman, Paul Robinson, Ringo Brown, Kate Ramsay, Zeke Kinski, Toadfish Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Janet Andrewartha as Lyn Scully, Jordan Patrick Smith as Andrew Robinson, Alicia Bonaddio as Mia Zannis, Isaul D'Sousa as Hot Volleyball Guy, Kevin Harvie as Bouncer, Kate Thomas as Dancing Girl, Joshua Durdin as Dancing Guy

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Jordan Patrick Smith as Andrew Robinson. He only gives his name as 'Andrew' on screen, but is credited as Andrew Robinson, essentially giving away the surprise of him being Paul's son in the following week's season finale episode
First appearance of Andrew since 1992. The character was born on screen in 1991 and should have been aged 18, but was de-aged by two years to 16, allowing him to be a part of the new teen group with Harry Ramsay, and later Summer Hoyland and Natasha Williams

Summary by Steve

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