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Magic Moments > 2010 > Summer's Return Episode 5859

Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 11/02/10, Five: 01/04/10

Zeke in court, with Susan speaking in his defence... Zeke's court case on the front page of the Erinsborough News... Zeke suspended from the radio station... The radio station is officially closed down due to another appearance by Zeke on the newspaper cover and Melissa is furious...

Declan finds Zeke sitting alone at PirateNet. Zeke is upset that, after so many attempts to get the radio station closed down over the years, he's managed it with just a couple of newspaper articles. Zeke worries that everyone, both the other station volunteers and the listeners, is blaming him for this, but Declan assures him that, with time, they'll come to see that it's not his fault.


At number 22, Rebecca is impressed with Susan's new article about Zeke, and Paul says that, if she's that impressed, she might want to buy a few thousand copies of the paper, as circulation is down and he's worried about advertisers going elsewhere. Andrew tells them that the future of news is online, but Rebecca reminds him that people said that radio would die out when television came along, but it's still going strong now. Andrew wants to do some research on it for his dad, to pay off some of his debt, but Paul reminds Andrew that he's meant to be working at Lassiter's to pay off that debt, and sends him to get changed. He then tells Rebecca that he's going to meet Declan, who apparently has some ideas for the hotel.

At Charlie's, Paul is impressed with Declan's ideas for a new hotel marketing strategy, but then Andrew comes in and sees them - he points out that the low number of bookings won't be fixed by throwing money at it. Declan and Andrew argue about it, until Paul tells them both to get back to work, saying that paying for the marketing is his problem, not theirs. He then calls Jeff, his accountant, and tells him that he needs money quickly, so to try and find out what sort of price he could get for the Erinsborough News.


Paul is at Harold's Store, buying the financial news - complete with a jibe from Lyn about whether he's sick of his own paper now - and Zeke goes over to him, blaming him for the radio station being shut down. Zeke rants at him about putting the court case on the front page and exposing the underground radio station, but Paul reminds Zeke that he and Susan were responsible for the second 'puff piece' and that did just as much damage, so Zeke had nobody to blame but himself - and Susan.

Lucas is struggling to open the garage door, when Zeke arrives to help him. Zeke explains that he's looking for work - not as a mechanic but maybe he could do some paperwork. They're talking about it as they open the door and a hooded figure suddenly bursts out and runs away. Zeke goes to give chase, but Lucas tells him not to.


Lucas and Zeke arrive at Harold's, with Zeke annoyed that Lucas didn't let him give chase. Lucas admits that he was concerned that it could have been someone like Johnno and he didn't want Zeke to get hurt. They tell Lyn and Rebecca about what's happened, and that they've called the police. Lucas decides that starting up a neighbourhood watch might make people feel safer when things like this happen, so he, Zeke and Harry head over to Charlie's, at Rebecca's suggestion, for their first meeting.

At the bar, Lucas, Harry and Zeke, joined by Declan and India, are discussing the hooded figure, with Declan and Zeke joking about it, until Lucas points out that he could be dangerous. Rebecca suddenly calls out as the hooded figure runs out of the kitchen and out of the bar.


Outside Charlie's, Lucas, Harry and Zeke have all failed to find the person, who watches them from the window of the hotel reception. They then get thrown out by one of the receptionists, and remove their hood and baseball cap to show that it's a teenaged girl.

At number 22, Rebecca is telling Paul about the intruder at the bar. He then tells her about his idea to sell the newspaper, but he's decided against it as he's grown to love working there. Rebecca takes India up to bed, and Paul starts looking at the Ramsay kids' trust fund, but is interrupted by Andrew and Harry coming in. Paul asks Harry how he and his sisters are doing and whether they're managing financially, and Andrew mentions that Harry has been playing basketball in old shoes. Paul tries to give him money for new ones, but Harry insists that Paul has done enough for them, securing their education with the trust fund, and he doesn't want any more from him.


At number 26, Lucas is looking out of the window, when he spots the intruder across the street, outside number 32. Zeke calls the police, as Andrew and Harry go outside to get a closer look.

Andrew and Harry sneak around the cul-de-sac, with Andrew calling out 'Freeze' when he gets close enough. He then realises that it's a girl, and asks her what she's doing. She says that she was on a tour of Erinsborough, but she's leaving now. Andrew and Harry, joined by a hobbling Lucas, stop her from going.



At number 26, the girl sits down on the couch as she's interrogated by Lucas, Harry, Andrew, Rebecca and Declan, along with Zeke, who is certain that he's seen her somewhere before. She jokes that it must have been in a swimwear catalogue, with everyone amused as Zeke becomes quite flustered. The girl then claims that she's a private detective, but Rebecca isn't amused, pointing out that breaking and entering is a serious offence. She is just telling them how she didn't break anything, when Lyn comes in and hugs the newcomer, and Zeke realises that it's Summer Hoyland.

Lyn is smugly telling everyone, including Rebecca, about Summer's music scholarship, but is silenced when Summer says that she got expelled. Rebecca is very amused, and everyone else leaves so that they can discuss it. Summer explains that Lyn that she hasn't told her dad yet, as she had a plan that she would move back to Erinsborough and stay with Steph. Lyn is annoyed with the underhanded way Summer has gone about this, but Summer says that she was just trying the garage, the bar and the old house to find Steph. Lyn then says that she's going to call Max and tell him.


At Harold's, Lyn comes in with Summer, who's managed to convince her dad to let her stay, as he's still away on the rigs. Lyn tells Summer about she ended up with the store after her divorce settlement, and Summer sees Paul working at a table, and wants to go over and punch him. Lyn makes her sit down and offers to get her a milkshake. Zeke then comes in, with Summer joking about whether he's caught any more criminals today. A guy recognises Zeke as Lost Boy and says what a shame it is that he can't get the station any more. Zeke looks over at Paul, blaming him for the whole mess, and then tells Paul about how they had tens of thousands of subscribers, and if it had been a commercial station, it would have made a lot of money.

Back at number 22, Paul comes in and tells Rebecca and Declan that he's come up with an idea and is going to buy another business, make a quick income from it and put the money back into the hotel. Rebecca isn't convinced that they can afford it, but Paul tells her that he really needs her help with this.


Declan and Zeke walk into the PirateNet studios, where Paul is busy making an announcement to an assembled group of journalists about how the Robinson Foundation has acquired PirateNet and is going to turn it into a commercial station. Zeke asks him how he can own both the local newspaper and radio station, as surely it can't be legal for one man to control all the media. Paul explains that it isn't going to be him running it, and then Rebecca appears and is introduced as the foundation's new CEO.


At Charlie's, Paul is making a toast to Rebecca - Erinsborough's newest media mogul. Rebecca still isn't convinced that Paul having so much media power is a good idea, but he says that he'll be employing a programme manager, who'll make all of the editorial decisions at the radio station. Rebecca still seems unhappy, but Paul asks her if he has her support on this, and she says yes. Rebecca, Paul and Declan then celebrate the Robinson Foundation's newest acquisition.

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Harry Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: Janet Andrewartha as Lyn Scully, Jordy Lucas as Summer Hoyland, Jye O'Toole as Adam Miller

Trivia Notes
Summer Hoyland returns after three years away, now played by Jordy Lucas. Summer was aged nine when she first appeared, but was aged slightly during her time played by Marisa Siketa. With Jordy Lucas taking over the role, she returns to her correct age of 16
Past characters Elle Robinson and Max Hoyland are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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