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Magic Moments > 2010 > Chris's Arrival Episode 5869

Written by David Hannam, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 25/02/10, Five: 15/04/10

Andrew wants Paul to help him pay back some guys he owes money to... Andrew saves a video of him and Donna kissing on the bed... Lyn invites Harry to a get together for Summer... Libby tells Lucas he either pays the fine or goes to jail - he chooses jail... Toadie tells Steph that it's really obvious she still loves Lucas... Libby shows Lucas a card that Ben made for him...

Out on Ramsay Street, Lucas is teaching Ben how to kick a football. Libby watches them and cheers Ben on. Toadie and Callum then come out of the house, and Callum asks why Lucas isn't in prison - Toadie says that he got a fine instead. Callum is annoyed that Ben doesn't have to go to school, as he has a curriculum day. Callum wanders off, and Toadie says he's happy to see that Lucas finally saw sense - Libby thanks Toadie for helping her out. They're joined by Steph, and things are a little awkward - Libby says that she knows it's going to be difficult with Lucas still around, but Ben needed his uncle too. Ben asks Lucas if they can hang out for the day, and also says that he's glad Lucas didn't go to jail. Lucas smiles, but his smile fades as he spots Toadie and Steph walking out of the street, hand in hand.


At Harold's, Andrew is complaining about Kate going out with Declan, but Harry says that Declan isn't really that bad. A couple of kids from school, Chris and Adam, are looking at the video of Andrew and Donna online, very impressed. Andrew quickly goes over and changes the screen to a doggy dress-ups website, which is what Summer sees when she comes over to find out what everyone's looking at.

Andrew and Harry leave the store, and Harry says that it's a bit late for Andrew to keep this under wraps, as the video is already on more than one website. Andrew admits that there are people he doesn't want to see it - Harry assumes he's talking about Summer, but Andrew says that it wouldn't look good with potential investors either. Harry says that's good, as he doesn't stand a chance with Summer anyway. Andrew suggests they make a bet on it, but Paul overhears this, and wonders where Andrew's going to find the money to place bets. Andrew insists they were just talking about school stuff, and Harry quickly leaves. Paul wants to be sure that Andrew is being honest with him, as he doesn't have a very good track record lately - Andrew insists that he's getting things back on track now, telling his dad that he's going to work hard at school and pay back the money he owes, and he hopes that Paul can trust him again.


At the school, Summer jokes with Andrew about the doggy dress-ups website, and they flirt a little with each other before she walks off. Andrew goes over to Harry, who's with Adam Miller, who wants to know how Andrew keeps getting the girls. Andrew isn't really interested in talking about it, until a desperate Adam says that he'll pay...

In a classroom a bit later, Adam is handing over some money to Andrew. He tells Harry that this could be a great way to make some money, though Harry thinks it's insane. Andrew doesn't see the harm - Adam now has a little more confidence to talk to girls, and Andrew's turned the negativity of the online video into a positive. Harry looks over at Summer and says that maybe it's not such a bad idea. Andrew gives Harry some of the money - his cut of the profits - and walks off, as Harry looks over at Summer again, and she smiles at him.

Libby is doing some gardening outside number 28, when Ben runs up to her and tells her about all of the fast food he had for lunch. Lucas catches up with him, and says that was supposed to be their little secret. He wants to kick the ball with Lucas again, so Lucas sends him off to get it. Libby comments that Ben is really happy to have Lucas back - Lucas thinks that Ben's the only one who is. Libby says that it's going to be awkward with Toadie and Steph for a while, but Lucas admits that he just doesn't understand the relationship, and will probably never accept it. Libby tells him to focus on what he's got, instead of what he's lost, and reminds him that he's still got her and Ben. He thanks her for bailing him out, promising that he'll pay her back, and then Ben returns with the ball, and they run off for a kick.


At the school, Andrew is telling a group of boys that the secret is to have confidence in yourself, and then all the girls will be obsessed with you. There ends the lecture, and he tells everyone to give their money to Harry on the way out, but then Summer walks in. Andrew claims that it's a biology study group - she doesn't believe him, even with the backing of Harry and the other guys, and she walks out.

At Harold's, Harry admits that it now seems like a good idea, and gives Andrew his share of the money. Andrew immediately walks over to his dad at the counter, and gives him the money to start paying off the debt. Once Paul leaves, Andrew goes back to Harry and says that they can make more money out of this, but they need to start thinking bigger. Harry starts to worry.


At the gym changing rooms, Andrew is presenting his new 'picking up girls' manual to a group of guys, who are all very impressed. Harry still isn't sure it's a good idea, but Andrew talks him round, and tells all the guys to give their money to Harry. Summer is on a treadmill outside, and watches the guys all leaving with their manuals. Meanwhile, Andrew has one manual left, and Harry says that he'd quite like it, just in case. Summer then bursts in, wanting to know what's going on. Andrew manages to distract her, asking if she just wanted to see him getting changed. He takes off his shirt, and she's clearly a little bit flustered.

At number 30, Callum and Ben are arguing about who gets to walk Rocky, then they start arguing about whether Toadie or Lucas is better at kicking a ball. Callum starts calling Lucas a loser, and Steph defends him, but Toadie struggles to back her up. Steph tries to stop the argument, and wants Callum to apologise to Ben, but Toadie doesn't think he should have to, as Lucas really isn't a good role model. Ben is upset by this, and he says that he has to go. Steph is furious with Toadie.


At number 28, Lucas jokes that spending time with Ben is quickly helping him to get in shape, and Libby says that he's welcome to look after him any time, as she managed to get her nails done and pick up her dry cleaning this morning. Ben then bursts into the house in a bad mood. He just wants to go to his room, but Libby makes him come back to talk to her - he asks if Lucas is a bad role model. Libby doesn't understand, but Ben explains that it's what Toadie said, and he also said that Lucas is reckless and does stupid things. Lucas is really angry and walks out, with Libby close behind him.

Back at number 30, Toadie is explaining to Steph that he's just looking out for Ben, but Steph thinks that he's just being unfair to both Lucas and Ben. Lucas then comes in, wanting to know why Toadie is trying to poison Ben against him. Libby then comes in, suggesting that this isn't the time or place for this, but Toadie says that he's known Ben since he was a baby, and he doesn't think that the Fitzgerald brothers have been a very good influence on him. Lucas says that stealing Steph from him was hardly a good example for Toadie to set either. Libby doesn't think that it was Toadie's place to tell Ben those things, but Toadie simply replies that somebody had to do it. Libby isn't impressed by that comment, and Steph tries to calm everyone down, but then Lucas and Libby walk out.


At Charlie's, Libby, Lucas and Ben have been having dinner, and she says that it's not the first time she's had a run-in with the neighbours, and it probably won't be the last. She decides that they should get Ben home to bed, but then Toadie, Steph and Callum walk in. Steph wants to leave, but Toadie thinks that they should stay. Lucas takes Ben over to the bar to pay the bill, and Toadie goes over to Libby to apologise for what he said earlier. She accepts the apology, and suggests that Lucas is owed one too, but Toadie isn't prepared to do that. Lucas takes Ben out to the car, and Toadie goes to order some drinks, leaving Steph and Libby to talk - Libby insists that the problems with Lucas and Toadie will pass, and everything will go back to normal soon.

At Harold's, Paul has just bought a Danish and is walking out of the store eating it, when Summer bumps into him. He asks her what's going on with all those guys at the table, pointing out some Erinsborough High kids with Andrew's manuals. Summer doesn't know what it's about either, and Paul asks her to let him know if she finds out, as he's always looking for a good story for the paper. Summer then marches over to Chris and tells him to hand over the manual, and then gets him to confirm that it came from Andrew. She has a look, and says that Andrew knows nothing about what women want, but Chris says that he definitely knew what Donna wanted. Summer doesn't understand this, so Chris shows her the video online, and she's amazed to hear that Andrew is proud of his actions. She then leaves, telling the guys at the table not to tell Andrew that she knows about this.


At the gym, Summer goes into the men's changing rooms and is about to plant her iPod, but then Harry comes in. He asks what she's doing, and she says that she's getting changed - he accepts this, but then comes back and tells her she's in the boys' changing rooms. They have a brief chat, and she asks if he could mind the door so she can get changed anyway, as she's feeling really lazy. He does as he's asked, and she sets her iPod to record, and then plants it on top of the lockers.


Andrew walks into the changing rooms, and gives Harry his share of the money. He also explains that Paul found his last copy of the manual, so Harry can't have it. Harry is really disappointed, and admits that he feels like he's useless when it comes to girls. Andrew tells Harry that he's the real deal and he has nothing to worry about - and says that the manual is a fraud, there's no secret to picking up girls and the guys who bought it are all losers. The iPod records the entire conversation.

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Ben Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Stephanie Scully

Guest Cast: James Mason as Chris Pappas, Jye O'Toole as Adam Miller, Alysia Aberatne as Jumilla Chandra

Trivia Notes
First appearance of James Mason as Chris Pappas. Chris would be a recurring character for over a year, before becoming part of the permanent cast, when he would also become the first gay regular character in the series
Chris's first words are "Man, Freeman's on fire!"

Summary by Steve

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