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Magic Moments > 2010 > Donna and Ringo's Wedding: Part One Episode 5997

Written by Jo Watson, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 24/08/10, Five: 12/10/10

Prue and Nick meet for the first time... Donna finds out that Prue and Nick have slept together... Prue tells Donna that she and Ringo's father have been living separate lives for years... Diana and Declan plot to bring down Paul... Rebecca threatens Paul... Paul reminds Declan that he could end up in jail, and wouldn't be around to see India grow up...

The timer counts down to 4... Paul lies unconscious outside the hotel... and we jump back to 16 hours earlier...


Outside number 22, Declan looks at the newspaper front cover, with a story about Diana Marshall's arrest. As he turns around, Paul almost reverses into him, warning him to be more careful in future.


At Harold's, Prue notices that Donna has barely touched her breakfast. She pours some champagne into Ringo and Donna's juices, saying that it's tradition, and telling a surprised Ringo that she's not as straight-laced as he thinks. Donna almost chokes on her juice, and then Ringo's dad calls. Ringo wanders off to talk to him, and Donna says that she can't keep this up - she needs to tell Ringo the truth. Prue says that she'll tell him after the wedding, but for now he needs his family's support to get through the day. Ringo returns and passes the phone over to his mum - she goes to talk to him, and to pay the bill, and Donna looks very worried.

At number 22, Paul finds Declan reading the newspaper, and asks him what he thinks of the story about Diana - he points out that Declan's name was left out of it, but he could easily do another story about Declan if circumstances were to change. He then says that he's been to the DVD store, suggesting a few things they could watch, before reminding Declan that he still has the DVD from the CCTV at the building site too. Declan is alarmed, having believed that Paul had destroyed it, but Paul says that he gave the original copy to a friend, and can get many more DVDs made, whenever he needs to.


At number 28, Karl and Zeke are going out to pick up the dry cleaning, just as Donna and Ringo return from breakfast. He notices her odd mood and asks if she's getting cold feet. She says that there's something she really needs to tell him - he says that, as long as she still loves him and wants to marry him, then it can wait, but she insists. She then explains that the real reason Ringo's father hasn't come to the wedding is because he and Prue aren't really together anymore. Ringo is confused, and Donna says that she only found out by accident, when she caught Prue and Nick in her hotel room. Ringo gets up and leaves, saying that he needs to speak to his mum, alone.

Ringo knocks at his mum's hotel room, and she obviously had warning that he was coming. She answers the door and says that she didn't want him to find out like this - he just wants to know how long his parents have been separated. She explains that it was when he was doing his exams at high school, and they didn't think he needed the extra pressure at the time. He asks if the others know, but Prue explains that they don't, but Graham is going to tell Frazer and Rosie while he's in Italy. Ringo asks if there's any chance that they'll get back together, but Prue just shakes her head. She admits that they just grew apart, and she's jealous of how strong Ringo and Donna are, both as individuals and as a couple. Prue then hugs her son.


At number 24, Kate is doing Donna's hair, with some help from Sophie, and Donna is wishing that she'd just kept her mouth shut. Declan arrives to pick up the flowers, and Sophie tells him that Ringo's disappeared. Declan says that he'll try calling him - and Kate sarcastically says that she wishes she'd thought of that. Ringo then walks in, and Donna rushes over to him, saying that she thought he'd decided not to marry her. Ringo, however, says that he came to thank her for being honest with him. They kiss, but then Kate drags Donna away, telling Ringo and Declan to leave. Declan then quietly asks Ringo if he can have a word.

At number 28, Karl is complaining to Zeke, about the cost of having his suit dry cleaned, when Ringo and Declan walk in. Declan tells them all that he and Kate have split up - Zeke thinks that they'll be able to work things out at the wedding reception, but Declan isn't so sure. He then explains that he hooked up with Candace at the buck's party - he and Kate had already split up by then, but Ringo and Zeke aren't impressed. They start to argue about how Declan's always too busy for anyone else these days, and Declan then quits as best man, giving the rings to Zeke as he walks out of the house.


At Harold's, Lucas has been having lunch with Natasha and Michael, when Declan comes in and says that he isn't going to the wedding, and he isn't the best man anymore. Lucas follows him over to the counter and asks what happened - Declan says that he just had too much to do at the office. Lucas laughs, and says that Declan is sounding more and more like Paul.

Back at number 28, Ringo is worried about how Donna is going to react when she finds out about Declan. Karl sits and listens, as Ringo admits that it's been quite a full-on day, after finding out about his parents, and then Declan and Kate, and he's worried that things aren't going to work out between him and Donna now. Karl says that things are bound to change between Ringo and Donna, but they're both intelligent people and have worked hard to be with each other, so they'll build a marriage that's right for them. Karl tells Ringo that he's proud of him, and Ringo then asks him to be the new best man. Karl says that he'd be honoured - Ringo hands him the rings, and they hug.


At number 24, Sophie and Lou are pestering Kate about why she didn't mention her break-up from Declan. She says that she didn't want it to over-shadow the wedding, which is what it's doing now. Kate apologises to Donna, who says that she's worried about her too. Nick and Zeke then arrive, with the news that a pipe burst and the wedding venue is flooded. Donna refuses to freak out, and says that, as long as she's marrying Ringo, she'll do it in a car park if she has to. Nick suggests that they could use his bar, and then Donna wonders if Declan could help - Zeke then breaks the news that Declan is no longer the best man.

Paul is in his office at Lassiter's, when Declan arrives. Paul says that he has some errands that need to be done, Declan is about to go and get one of the work experience kids, but Paul says that Declan will do. Donna then comes in and explains about the flood, asking Declan if he can help. Paul interrupts and says that he'll arrange something - Donna is like a daughter to him, and he wants her wedding to be perfect. Paul makes a call, arranging for the courtyard to be set up for a wedding, but Declan realises that Donna and Ringo were hoping for something a bit more romantic and special. Declan offers to find something more romantic - Ringo doesn't want any favours from him, but Declan insists that he'll sort it.

Later, Karl, Zeke and Ringo are packing things into a van, and Declan comes over with a map and directions to the new wedding venue - a small church in the hills. Ringo is amazed, and Declan says that one of the Lassiter's clients owed him a favour. He says that he had a lot of ground to make up after what happened earlier. Ringo is very grateful, and asks if Declan can still come to the wedding. Paul then finds Declan, and asks why he changed the plans without consulting him. Declan explains that he was doing it for Ringo and Donna, but Paul says that he wants to be consulted about anything at all that involves him. As Paul walks away, a furious Declan smashes up some crockery that's on the table next to him.



Prue walks out onto the balcony of number 24, followed by Kate. Donna then walks out in her wedding dress, and Kate firstly presents her with her old hairpin from school (something old), then some new earrings (something new), some of Kate's perfume (something borrowed) and a garter (something blue) - the one that Donna threw at Prue when she arrived at the hen's night. Donna is very touched by everything, and then Prue takes some photos of the girls, and then one of the three of them together.

Kate and Sophie run down onto the street, where Nick is on the phone, giving the celebrant the details for the new venue. Donna then walks down and joins them, and Nick tells her how beautiful she looks. Kate and Sophie then get in the car and leave, and Nick tells Donna that she looks very happy. She suddenly asks why there are no more cars...



Donna runs over from number 28, and says that everyone's left. Nick explains that the wedding car was on its way, but it's broken down. He says that he called for a taxi, but it's going to be an hour. They spot Lucas reversing out from number 22, and run over to him. He's happy to offer them a lift, but then Donna spots the mess inside the ute, and tells him that she can't get inside, as the dress will be ruined. Lucas then has an idea, and asks her how good her balance is...

At the church, everyone is gathered outside, and Ringo is starting to panic that Donna isn't going to show up. Karl assures him that it's traditional for the bride to be late, but Ringo isn't reassured and looks at his watch.



Lucas's ute speeds down the road, with Donna standing up in the back. They pass a police car, which puts on its siren and starts to follow them.

Kate and Sophie arrive at the wedding, and Kate assures a worried Ringo that Donna is right behind them. Sophie tells Kate that she feels car sick, so Kate takes her inside to lie down.

The police officer listens as Lucas explains that they're on their way to Donna's wedding, then tells them all that they're not going anywhere.

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Robinson, Paul Robinson, Declan Napier, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Guest Cast: Penny Cook as Prue Brown, Brian Vriends as Leigh 'Nick' Nixon, Nick Riley as Constable Lee Davis

Trivia Notes
The Erinsborough News headline is 'Dirty Diana: Dodgy Businesswoman Sent Packing'
Paul mentions the films Wall Street and The Godfather
Past characters Graham Brown, Frazer Yeats and Rosetta Cammeniti are mentioned

Summary by Steve