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Magic Moments > 2010 > Rebecca's Confession Episode 6021

Written by Stuart Page, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 27/09/10, Five: 15/11/10

Paul tells Rebecca that he's remembered who pushed him - and it wasn't Diana... Declan is shocked to hear that Rebecca and Paul won't be getting a divorce after all...

Declan chases Rebecca out of the hospital, wanting to know what's happened - Rebecca says that Paul knows everything. Declan suggests that they should just pack their things and disappear, but Rebecca doesn't want to abandon Andrew, and doesn't believe that they'll ever be able to escape from Paul. Declan tells her that they have no choice - Rebecca wants more time to think, but Declan tells her that they don't have time, and runs off to pick up India from daycare.


At number 22, Declan is packing some clothes, when Rebecca walks in. He tells her that she needs to pack, and to get some money - he's booked a motel up north for the three of them. Rebecca is in a state of shock, but Declan says that they can make a new life, as long as the three of them stick together. He snaps at a dazed Rebecca to go and get packed, and then takes India upstairs.


At number 28, Susan is thinking about going over to speak to Rebecca, as she's worried about her, when Donna arrives home. Ringo, Karl and Susan are delighted to see her, and Susan declares that she'll cook a special roast to welcome her back. Donna, however, has other ideas and tells them all that she's going to cook for them tonight - failing to notice the concerned looks on the faces of Karl, Susan and Ringo.

At Harold's, Donna is picking up some ingredients, and Ringo asks if she's doing all of this to try and be a better wife. She says that she just wants everyone to sit around the table like a family, and she doesn't see what's wrong with that. She then spots Kate and goes over to catch up on the gossip, but Kate is quite distracted and says that she thinks something weird is going on with Declan. She wonders if she's just being silly, but Donna encourages her to go and see Declan, to talk things through.


At number 28, Susan, Karl and Zeke are all watching over Donna, as she tries to cook. They're all giving advice and opinions, and she stops and asks if someone could go to the store, as she forgot to get the pistachios for the salad. Zeke leaves, and then Donna asks if Karl could get some wine. He goes out to the garage, and Susan takes the hint and says that she might go across the street to see Rebecca. However, before she can go, Donna ends up tipping a lot of salt into the meal, and Susan rushes back to help her fix it.

At Harold's, Zeke finds a distracted Kate and asks her about pistachios, but she's too busy looking at her phone and thinking about calling Declan. Zeke finally manages to get her attention, and she points him in the direction of the pistachios, before deciding to leave work.


At number 22, Kate finds Declan coming downstairs with a bag, and asks him who's leaving. He tries to claim that it's a business trip, but she realises that he's lying, and she says that she wants to know what's going on - after everything they've been through together, maybe she can help.

At the dining table, Declan is explaining to Kate that things weren't good between him and Paul, but after the wedding, he came home and found his mum in a mess, as she'd just found out about Paul and Diana. He says that he went looking for him at his office, then he found him on the mezzanine and confronted him - they got into a fight and Declan pushed him. Kate just looks at him in disbelief.


Kate is thinking over Declan's story, and then asks if Rebecca knows. Declan explains that he told her he was going on a business trip too - Kate suddenly gets up and says that they need to go to the police, which is what Declan should have done all along. He tells Kate to do what she has to do, and she walks out.

Back at number 28, Donna offers up a sample plate, for everyone to try and give their feedback. They all try to pretend that it's very nice, but Donna realises that it's not, and then she has a taste herself, and says that it's disgusting. They all want to order pizza instead, but Donna says that she's going to fix it. Ringo suggests that she should go and try speaking to Kate, as she's good with this sort of thing.


Donna bursts into number 24, declaring that she needs some nutmeg and some advice. Kate isn't too happy to see her, and then bluntly asks her to leave, just as Rebecca walks in. Donna realises that something serious is happening, and she goes.

Kate and Rebecca sit down, and Rebecca says that Declan thinks she's packing the car. Kate tells her that Declan pushed Paul, but Rebecca says that Declan is lying, and she then explains what really happened:

Through flashbacks, we see Rebecca standing outside number 22, having found out about Paul and Diana, and realising that she'd been used again. She then drives to Lassiter's and gets out of the car...

As Rebecca is telling the story, Declan bursts into the house, continuing to claim that he pushed Paul. Kate tells them both to shut up, as she doesn't know what to think. Rebecca tells Declan that this has to end now.

Through more flashbacks, we see Rebecca walk onto the mezzanine - she puts her wedding ring in Paul's hand, and says the name Diana. She starts to list all of Paul's recent terrible acts, and says that she can forgive many things, but she won't forgive him for threatening Declan. Paul wants to explain, but Rebecca refuses to listen, and says that she never wants to see him again. Paul starts begging her as she tries to walk off, then she suddenly rushes at him and pushes him, declaring that she hates him. Paul crashes through the barrier and falls, and a shocked Rebecca realises what she's done...

Rebecca tells Declan to show Kate what he stole from the hospital - he produces Rebecca's wedding ring. Kate realises that Rebecca is telling the truth.



Kate is still trying to process what she's just been told. She says that Paul could have died because of them.

Through flashbacks, we see Declan dragging Rebecca away from the hotel and into the car. He tells her that it's all going to be alright, as the paramedics are looking after Paul now. Rebecca then breaks down and tells Declan that she pushed him. She wants to go to the police, but Declan says that they can't tell anyone...

Kate can't believe that they allowed someone innocent to go to jail, but Rebecca says that she tried to stop it - she sent anonymous emails to Susan and to the police, and she warned Diana that the police were on their way to arrest her. Kate then suddenly realises that Paul remembered everything, and rushes out of the house, saying that she has to see him, with Declan close behind her.


Ringo finds Donna still desperately trying to salvage the meal, and he asks what happened at her gran's to make her like this. She explains that Simon was always on his iPod and Tegan on her phone, and she doesn't want them to be like that, she wants a proper family, like the Kennedys. She says that she shouldn't even be worried about a chicken, when Kate has some serious things going on, and Ringo points out that she's just like Susan, always thinking about other people.


Later, Donna presents a meal to Karl, Susan and Zeke, and they're all extremely impressed with it. She and Ringo sneak off to the kitchen, where he checks that she hid the takeaway containers, and they all sit down to eat.

At the hospital, Kate watches a sleeping Paul, and Declan approaches her. She isn't sure what's worse - that Declan lied to her, or that she believed that he was capable of this. He insists that he was just trying to protect his mum, and he asks if Kate has decided what she's going to do. She can't believe that she lied to the police for him - but Declan points out that, if she reports this, she'll be charged for lying in her statement too, and she needs to think about Sophie. Kate is appalled, and tells him to leave her alone.


At number 22, Kate walks in, furiously telling Rebecca that she looked up to her and relied on her support, and tells Declan that she loved him and trusted him. She says that she knows there will be consequences, but she has to go to the police. Rebecca then tells her that she doesn't have to, as she's going to speak to the police herself. Declan protests, but Rebecca says that all of the lying has to stop now...

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Robinson, Paul Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Donna Brown, Ringo Brown, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
This episode features several flashbacks to the events of episode 6000, finally solving the mystery of who pushed Paul, a month earlier
Past characters Diana Marshall, Simon Freedman and Tegan Freedman are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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