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Magic Moments > 2010 > Samantha's Return Episode 6036

Written by Jane Allen, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 01/11/10, Five: 06/12/10

Donna being reminded of Ringo no matter how she tries to move on... Charlie going missing after trick-or-treating...

The Lassiter's Complex is full of kids and Summer thinks that she's spotted Charlie, but it’s just someone else dressed like him. Everyone is searching for him and while Steph is frantic with worry, Summer is distraught that he went missing when she was meant to be looking after him. Steph takes the frustrations of her son being missing out on Summer, by blanking her before calling the police.


In Harold's Store, Steph and Lyn give the police details on Charlie as more of the locals join in with the search. The police reassure Steph that he will turn up soon but just as they say that, Lucas comes in with Charlie's costume.

Back outside, a distraught Steph and the others resume searching the complex when Charlie suddenly appears and a very relieved Steph os reunited with her son. Charlie explains that a lady helped him and from the same direction Charlie came from, we see Samantha Fitzgerald appear from the shadows.


By the lake, Lucas checks up on how his ex-sister-in-law is coping with life - Sam confirms to Lucas that she is in contact with Dan. Lucas is very mysterious about her sudden return and she is a bit cagey on the reason.

At number 28, Donna is relieved to hear that Charlie is safe when Toadie calls Kate to let her know. Kate is surprised at how supportive Donna is being towards Steph; instead she's more worried about a forthcoming uni assignment and rejects Kate's suggestion of asking for an extension.


Over at Harold's Store, Steph gives Charlie a stern talking to about running away, before she heads over to where Sam is sitting, to thank her. Sam rubs it into Steph about a mother and child bond, before dropping it in that she has seen both Dan and Adam. Sam then goes on to says that she is in town to prosecute Steph, much to everyone's surprise.

Steph joins Toadie and Lyn in the kitchen at number 26, after putting Charlie safely to bed. Lyn thinks the fact that Sam is the prosecutor is not a good sign. Toadie agrees and adds that Steph should make sure she lets her lawyer know their history, even volunteering to call him for her, but she picks up the phone to make the call herself.


At number 24, Kate seeks Lucas' thoughts on what to do about Donna – that's she's pushing herself into things too quickly, like her uni assignment. It’s reminiscent of how Declan was when Didge died, trying to get back to normal too quickly. “Different people cope in different ways” Lucas reminds her and suggests that she just leave Donna alone to find her whole way though this, adding that she just needs to be there to pick up the pieces when the time comes. Kate replies that she'd rather act now so it doesn't get that far and he is quick to say that perhaps they have to be there just when the need arises.

The next day at number 28, Lucas and Kate volunteer their services to help Donna but as they do so, they get another visitor too – Sam. She starts by giving Donna her condolences before telling her that she is going to be prosecuting the case. Lucas isn't amused at her cold-calling, so Sam suggests to Donna that they meet to talk about her appearing in court, because she thinks that will help her. “That won't be happening” Donna tells her and both Lucas and Kate suggest that Sam leave. Since she is getting nowhere with Donna, she now tries it on with Kate when she finds out who she is, but Lucas is quick to cut her off and instead Sam hands them her card before leaving. Lucas follows after Sam telling her he wants a word.


Sam tells Lucas that she only came back to town to find out the truth. However Lucas doesn't believe her one bit, so she adds in that it isn't her intention to cause any undue stress. That isn't really washing with him either, so he asks her to lay off Kate and Donna, and adds in for her go to easy in general, as the local people have had a rough time lately.

At number 26, Steph refuses Charlie's request to go trick or treating again, just before Summer comes into the kitchen. Steph apologises to her for taking her frustrations out the night before when Charlie was missing. Summer then has a go at her stepmum for not hiring Toadie as her lawyer, especially since Toadie knows her, knows the case and knows how Sam operates. Summer tells Steph that if anyone can take her on and win, it's him, and urges her to put her issues aside and hire him.


Steph calls around to number 30 and asks Toadie to be her lawyer - they immediately get down to business, trying to plan her defence. Toadie outlines what he plans to do but first he wants to go through her statement. They begin by going over Steph's reasons for getting out of the motel - Libby was going on about giving up the baby - and he concludes that she was emotional, which Steph can't agree with. Steph asks why they need to go over it, Toadie explains that it helps to establish her state of mind at the time. He then asks where she was going and Steph replies that she doesn't know. Next he asks how fast she was travelling, and when she realised there were people on the road, which causes Steph to have a flashback to the accident. Toadie can see she is struggling and reaches over to reassure her that they are almost done.

At the Lassiter's Complex, Donna's handiwork is on display – the complex is covered in dolphin/ and penguin paraphernalia as part of Donna's uni assignment. However, when her tutor arrives, she tells Donna that she didn't meet the brief, so she fails. Watching on is Sam, and she offers to shout Donna and Kate a coffee once they clear away the display.


Donna and Kate are in Charlie's. Donna explains to Kate why she didn't go for an extension – doing the assignment kept her mind busy and away from thinking about Ringo, but she asks that they don't talk about it in front of Sam, who's getting the coffee's at the bar. Sam returns to their table but Donna decides to leave and, in the background, Lucas is on the phone to Toadie, giving him a heads up on what Sam is up to.


Later on, Toadie arrives at the bar and spots Kate and Sam chatting as he heads to the bar to speak to Lucas. Lucas explains that he called because he thinks Steph needs someone in her corner and is happy to hear Toadie say that he is now her lawyer. Lucas tells Toadie that he needs to start by doing something about Sam, before leaving. Sam wraps up her chat with Kate and smiles at Toadie as she passes him on the way out. Toadie takes Sam's place at the table and he asks Kate what she was chatting about, telling her that all she can do is tell the truth about the tragic accident. Kate agrees that it was tragic but also preventable so he suggests that Sam has been putting ideas into her head. Kate denies this, explaining that going over it step by step has made it clear. Toadie asks Kate why she now thinks it was preventable, and Kate explains that Ringo had time to push her out of the way, so if she hadn't been drunk, Steph would have had time to stop. Toadie just looks at Kate accusingly - Kate apologies but says to him that she was there and that is what she saw. She leaves, and Toadie looks very worried.

Featured Regular Characters: Stephanie Scully, Lyn Scully, Charlie Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay, Donna Brown

Guest Cast: Eve Morey as Sonya Mitchell, Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald, Nick Riley as Constable Lee Davis, Elizabeth Friels as Andrea Weisberger, Ryan Harvery as Ghost

Trivia Notes
• The start of a four-week guest stint for Simone Buchanan as Samantha Fitzgerald
• Past characters Ringo Brown, Bridget Parker, Daniel Fitzgerald and baby Adam are mentioned

Summary by Kyle

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