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Magic Moments > 2010 > Jade's Arrival Episode 6065

Written by Perri Cummings, Directed by Ralph Strasser, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 10/12/10, Five: 28/01/11

Toadie is worried by Sonya's inability to throw away any of her old stuff, as she moves in with him... Summer and Toadie are worried by Lyn's insistence that she wants to appeal Steph's sentence... Lyn is shocked by Tim's legal costs, but signs the documents anyway...

Lyn follows Tim Collins out of number 26, and he finishes a phone call and tells her that it's all systems go for the appeal - she just needs to talk Steph into it. Lyn is very agitated, making sure that nobody sees them, and even opens Tim's car door for him, to encourage him to leave, but Toadie then spots them and comes over. Tim's surprised to see him, and explains that he's doing the job that Toadie couldn't - Toadie is shocked that Lyn is going through with this.


Toadie follows Lyn into number 26, trying to get her to talk about what she's done. He says that she's crazy for involving Tim, but Lyn says that she assumed that Toadie no longer wanted to be involved, so she had to find someone else. Hearing all of the shouting, Summer comes out to see what's going on. Lyn says that she had to find someone who would do something, and Toadie is furious, telling her that Tim's going to lose the appeal and Steph will end up with a longer sentence. Toadie then leaves, and Lyn reassures Summer that it's all going to be fine, and that Toadie's wrong.

At number 30, Sonya is making dinner, and Toadie lays the table the tells her what happened with Lyn. He admits that he was a little relieved when Lyn told him that he was no longer involved, and Sonya tells him that doesn't make him a bad person. He decides that he wants to focus on his own family, suggesting that they go away on holiday next week.


Lou is outside Harold's Store, looking at a Citizen of the Year leaflet. He then spots Sophie and Lucas sitting at one of the tables and goes over to them, trying his best to butter them up and even offering free cake with their order. Lucas sees the leaflet and realises that Lou is trying to buy their nomination, so he increases the order. Lou then spots Susan and Karl walking across the complex and goes over to them - at first, trying to be nice about it, but then he just gives them the leaflet and tells them to vote for him.

Later, Karl, Susan, Donna and Zeke arrive home, with Donna saying that she'd vote for Lou if he gave her cake, but both Susan and Karl think that there are more worthy winners. As Susan and Donna start tidying up and folding up the quilt, Karl had an idea. He offers to help pack up, and smiles at Susan as he goes into the bedroom. Susan then looks at the Citizen of the Year leaflet and gets the same idea.


Toadie and Sonya are looking at a resort online, and she is leaving a message for her boss, asking for the next week off. Toadie tells her that the resort has availability, and they can collect Callum from camp on the way to the airport. The phone rings, and Sonya excitedly answers, expecting it to be her boss, Anthony, but she's shocked when she answers. She claims it's a bad connection and leaves the kitchen, then tells the caller not to contact her again. She goes back to Toadie and claims that the line dropped out, but tells him to go ahead and book the resort - who cares about work.

Later that night, Sonya gets up and goes to the kitchen, finding three missed calls on her phone, all from the same number. She then gets a text message, which says 'Coming to see you'. She calls the number, telling the person to stop bothering her and that she's going away tomorrow, but they hang up on her.


The next morning, Sonya tells Toadie that there's been an emergency at work, and they begged her to stay. She suggests that Toadie go today, and that she'll join them in a couple of days, as it only costs $50 to reschedule. He reluctantly agrees. The phone rings, and Toadie grabs it before Sonya can get to it, but she's relieved when it's only Summer.

At Harold's, Lou asks Lucas if he's put in the nomination yet, but Lucas explains that he's still thinking about it. Meanwhile, Toadie turns up, with Sonya and Summer, to see Lyn. Lyn tells him that she won't change her mind, but Toadie says that he's going on holiday, so he won't be around to hassle her, but points out that there's a three-day cooling off period in the contract, and he thinks she should use it before Tim takes everything from her - he says that she's risking her own future, and that of Summer and Charlie. Sonya and Summer back up Toadie's opinion, and Summer begs Lyn to call Tim and cancel the contract.


At number 28, Susan is on the phone, having just been told that she's been nominated for Citizen of the Year. She's very surprised, but they can't tell her who nominated her. She tells Karl, Donna and Zeke the news and they congratulate her, then Karl's mobile rings. Susan says that'll be about his nomination, and they realise that they've nominated each other. Donna thinks it's sweet, but Zeke declares it to be a disaster, as they'll be competing against each other. Susan, however, doesn't believe that Karl will accept his nomination...

Shortly afterwards, Susan and Karl are making a toast to each other, and Donna thinks it's all lovely. Things quickly descend into an argument, as Karl refuses to pull out of the contest, and Susan thinks that he's implying that she can't win with him still in the running.

At Harold's, Lou gives Lucas another reminder to put in his vote. Meanwhile, Tim arrives to see Lyn and says that he's started to go through the court reports, but Lyn mentions the three-day cooling off period, and that she might not be able to afford this. Tim realises that Toadie's been talking to her, and he implies that she doesn't care about her family as much as some people. He then says that, with what he's just found, he could have got an early release for Steph - Lyn then quickly agrees to retain his services.

Karl follows an irritated Zeke out of the house and explains that he's managed to get Donna to be his communications director, and he'd like Zeke as his campaign manager. Before Zeke can answer, he gets a message from Susan offering him the same job, naming his own terms, so he decides to go with her.


At Charlie's, Donna, complete with bribery cake, is listening as Karl explains that he needs lots of badges and posters with his face on them. He stops Lucas and Kate as they walk by and explains about his face being all over Ramsay Street - Lucas reminds him that it's Christmas, not Halloween. Donna then tells them about Karl's nomination and they're pleased for her, until they hear that Susan's been nominated too.

At Harold's, Zeke, complete with bribery cake, is listening as Susan talks about her grassroots campaign. She wants to spread the word on social media, and Zeke describes her as 'the Obama of Erinsborough'. Lou then comes over and asks them what's going on.


Back at Charlie's, Lucas says that he won't be on Karl's team, as he's already backing Lou. Once he's gone, Donna and Karl talk about their plans, and then Sophie comes over to them - Karl realises that they're going to need some spies, and she could be perfect for the role.

Back at Harold's, Lou is annoyed to hear that Karl and Susan are both nominated. Sophie then comes in and says that Karl offered her a milkshake to spy for him. Susan offers Sophie a milkshake and a muffin, to which she agrees. Lou then wanders off, declaring that he's going to beat both Susan and Karl.


Outside number 30, Toadie is loading his bags into the car, and Sonya is there to see him off. He notices her strange mood, but she gives him a hug and a kiss, and tells him to have a good time. He goes to get in the car, but gives her another kiss first, before driving out of the street. Lucas sees him go, and Sonya explains that he's going on holiday, but she's staying behind as she has things to do. Once she's on her own, Sonya phones her mystery caller and suggests that they talk.

Inside, Sonya is taking down photos and personal documents from the fridge and hiding them, when there's a knock at the door. Sonya answers, and it's her younger sister, Jade, who marches on in. Sonya asks why she's there, and she says that she just wanted to come and visit her big sister.



Jade tells Sonya that it's good to see her - Sonya says that it's been nearly 7 years since they last saw each other. Sonya clearly doesn't want her there, but Jade says that she has lots of time and she's not going to leave until they've fixed things. Sonya then leaves the kitchen, and makes a call to Toadie - she tells him that she won't be able to come up and meet them at the resort, as something's come up that she needs to sort. She tells Toadie that she loves him, and then looks at Jade in the kitchen, with a very worried look on her face.

Featured Regular Characters: Sonya Mitchell, Lyn Scully, Toadfish Rebecchi, Summer Hoyland, Lou Carpenter, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Donna Brown

Guest Cast: Gemma Pranita as Jade Mitchell, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Gemma Pranita as Jade Mitchell
Jade's first words are "Aren't you gonna invite me in?"

Summary by Steve

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