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Magic Moments > 2011 > Harold's Return Episode 6156

Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 09/05/11, Five: 06/06/11

Callum wants to keep seeing Sonya in secret, but Sonya doesn't think it's a good idea to keep it from Toadie... Toadie is on the phone to Harold, and says he'll see him when he gets there...

Toadie waits outside number 30 - ignoring a call from Sonya - as Harold's campervan drives into Ramsay Street. They warmly greet each other with a hug, and Harold comments on Toadie's weight loss. Toadie admits that it's been a tough couple of years. Harold looks around the street, commenting that things don't seem to have changed, but Toadie thinks that Harold might be surprised. Harold then rushes inside to use the toilet, saying that it's a while since his last loo break.




Inside, Harold tells Toadie that he had a good journey down. Toadie admits that he feels a bit selfish, dragging Harold all this way to ask for advice, and he goes on to explain that he still loves Sonya, but he's struggling to figure out if he'll ever be able to trust her again. He hopes that Harold can offer some objective advice, but Harold believes that only Toadie knows whether he can trust her again. Callum then comes in, happy to see Harold, and asks Toadie how it went last night. Toadie admits that he didn't go. Callum asks Harold how long he's staying, and Harold tells him that he has plenty of time - he's just come for a visit, but if he can help with their problems, then he'll do that too.

At number 28, Harold sits down for a herbal tea with Karl and Susan, who are both delighted to see him. Karl checks that Harold's health is OK, and Harold confirms that it is. They talk briefly about Harold's Store, before Susan mentions Toadie and all of his recent problems. Karl warns Susan not to speak out of turn, but Harold says that he already knows everything. He admits that Toadie called him and asked him to come back - and he asks where Sonya is staying. Susan says that she's with the Ramsay girls, but she isn't sure it's for the best, having her so close by. Karl and Susan then start to bicker about the situation, with Susan believing that Sonya should have been honest from the start, and Karl not wanting to hold it against her, as she's Callum's mum and they have no idea how much she's suffering. Susan is shocked, and Harold struggles to know what to say to either of them.


Jade catches up with Sonya by the lake, and Sonya tells her that she'd arranged to meet Toadie last night, but he didn't show up and now he won't answer her calls. Jade thinks that all men are the same, but Sonya just wishes she knew why Toadie had suddenly gone back to ignoring her. Jade asks if Sonya wants some company, but Sonya insists that she's fine. Jade then spots Kyle, chatting up a girl and getting her number. After the girl, Hannah, continues on her run, Jade goes over to Kyle , laughing about him picking up random women, and asks if he wants to get some breakfast with her.

At number 24, Sonya answers the door to Harold, and they both recognise each other from photographs. She asks him in, telling him that Kate's out at work, but he explains that it's her he's come to see. She asks him why he's come to see her, and he explains that he came back for Toadie, and now he's been hearing everyone's opinion on what's happened. Sonya gets upset, believing that Harold has just come to tell her what a terrible person she is and how much she's hurt Toadie, but he says that he's simply come to hear her side of the story.


At Charlie's, Jade and Kyle are having breakfast, and he's struggling to read the number that the girl wrote on his hand. Jade thinks that she could have been 'the one' and laughs about Kyle's terrible pick-up technique. Kyle doesn't think she could do any better, so they decide on a 'Wingman Competition' with the winner being the one who can score the most phone numbers for the other.

At number 24, Sonya explains that she'd managed to move on from her past, but when she saw Callum's name, she wanted to see her son again, as he was the only good thing to come out of that part of her life. She explains that she wasn't expecting to find Toadie too, but he was so easy to love. Harold wonders if she just fell in love with the idea of the perfect family, but she says that's not the case - she loves Toadie and if she could do this all over again, she wouldn't change a thing. She just wants things to go back to the way they were.


Sonya walks Harold back over to number 30, as Karl and Susan - who are taking out the bins - watch them. Harold realises that he and Sonya both love gardening, and are both vegetarians, and admits that it's been lovely to finally meet her.

At Charlie's, Jade and Kyle are both scanning the bar for their first victims. Jade tells a group of women the tragic story of how Kyle lost his wife in a freak avalanche during a skiing trip. He, meanwhile, tells a group of guys about how Jade is a personal trainer, and very flexible, and that she also likes football. Afterwards, Kyle has only managed to get two numbers for her, but she's got five for him. He tells her that this isn't over yet.


At number 30, Harold walks in and Toadie asks if he'd like a sandwich. He asks if Harold's been with Karl and Susan all this time, but Harold admits that he went to see Sonya - he wanted to see her for himself, as he only knows what Toadie has told him. He explains that she's very upset that Toadie didn't meet her the previous night, and that she said that she loves Toadie. Toadie reminds Harold that Sonya lied, and Harold agrees that it's difficult to know whether to trust her, but he can understand why Toadie fell in love with Sonya. Toadie just wants Harold to fix the problem for him, like he always did, but Harold says that only Toadie can decide what happens next.

Later, Toadie is pacing around the room, and looks at a photo of him, Sonya and Callum. He then walks out the door.


Outside, Sonya is putting the bins out at number 24, when Toadie walks across the street. He apologises to her for the night before, and he admits that he found out that she'd been seeing Callum in secret, which was why he didn't show up, and why he called Harold. Sonya understands, but asks him why he's come to see her now. He says that he understands why Sonya had to see Callum in secret, as he was making things difficult for them, but he wants to move on from that now, and to go back to how things used to be. Sonya says that she wants that too, and they both wonder where to start. She takes his hand.

At Charlie's, Jade now has 7 numbers, but Kyle has 11. Jade isn't impressed when she hears that Kyle got the number of the 50-year-old guy in the beer garden, who was there with his wife. She demands a re-match, and then suggests that she ups the stakes by getting Kyle a date. He agrees, but says that she has to tell the truth about him.


Jade approaches a woman at the bar, and points out Kyle, telling her what a great, funny and uncomplicated guy he is. The woman thinks there must be something wrong with him - or with Jade, if she hasn't snapped him up. Jade insists that he's not her type, and the woman, Lexi, goes over and starts chatting to Kyle. As they go outside, Jade suddenly starts to realise that she might have feelings for Kyle herself.

Callum is kicking a football by the lake, when Toadie finds him. He says that he knows about Callum and Sonya seeing each other in secret - which Callum takes full responsibility for - and he explains that he and Sonya are going to try and work things out, but they'll be taking small steps. He tells Callum not to get his hopes up, and says that Sonya was very sick and she's managed to sort her life out. Callum already knows this, and he says that Sonya promised him that she'd never go back to being like that - Toadie is shocked to hear this.



Sonya answers the door to an angry Toadie, who wants to know why she promised Callum that she'd never relapse again. Sonya becomes upset, and says that they'd just started talking again and Callum needed reassurance, but Toadie thinks that she manipulated him. He walks out.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sonya Mitchell, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Bessie Kay as Lexi Wilson, Ellie Gangitano as Hannah Bence

Trivia Notes
Ian Smith returns to the cast for a six-week stint as Harold, having last appeared in February 2009
The song Beg Your Pardon by Josh Pyke is played over the opening scene

Summary by Steve

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