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Magic Moments > 2011 > Priya's Arrival Episode 6239

Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 01/09/11, Five: 29/09/11

Sonya and Callum are struggling with Toadie's stressful new job and working hours... Sophie is developing a crush on Noah... Rhys tells Karl that he covered for him and now he'd like to be invited to the next golf game...

At the hospital, Rhys is ready for the golf game, but Karl isn't impressed with the way Rhys managed to get invited and is thinking about backing out. Rhys reminds his colleague of his mistake and how he helped him, guilt-tripping him into keeping the golf invitation open.


Arriving at the golf course, Karl tells Rhys that he shouldn't have bothered with all of these underhanded tactics, as the doctors and surgeons use golf as a way of relaxing, and won't be impressed with him trying to talk about work with them. Rhys insists that he knows what he's doing, and is then introduced to Martin Chambers and his colleague Dr Adrian Pearce. Martin Chambers is happy to have Rhys join them for the game, but makes the point that they're not there to talk shop.

At Simmons & Colbert, Peter Noonan is surprised to find Toadie, getting some work done at the weekend. He asks Toadie if he might be able to help with something - getting a councillor's signature on some documents. Toadie thinks that it might be tough at the weekend, but Noonan convinces him that he's the man for the job and leaves him with it.


At number 30, Toadie gets home, on the phone trying to convince a council secretary to help him with the signature. Callum comes in and starts asking if they can do something together, but Toadie explains that he has to work. Callum is annoyed as he was meant to be jamming with Sophie but she hasn't shown up. Toadie then gets a call and finds out where Councillor Kapoor is having lunch, running off to get changed and promising Callum that, if he isn't back soon, then they'll do something next weekend instead.

At number 24, Sophie is playing the guitar with Noah, and he's impressed with her progress. He starts going through some new sheet music for her, and she smiles to herself as she looks at him. He then tells her about an open mic night that he'll be playing that evening, and Sophie says that she'll go. When she hears that it's in the city, she says that Kate will take her.


Back at the golf course, Martin Chambers is impressed with Rhys's golf swing, and Rhys uses the opportunity to mention his medical and surgical training, saying that he'd love to chat to Martin about some of his work. Martin is flattered, and says that they can talk about it - off the course. As he goes, Karl comes over, annoyed that Rhys is still trying to use the game as a networking opportunity. Karl warns Rhys not to underestimate Martin, he can pick a sycophant from a mile off. But Rhys warns Karl not to underestimate him either - he wants a place on the surgical programme and he's going to get it.

Later, Rhys and Karl are packing up the car, with Karl annoyed that he lost the game. They're joined by Martin Chambers and Adrian Pearce, and Martin asks Karl about Susan and whether they're still planning the trip to Peru. Karl explains that they've had to postpone, but isn't sure how to explain, and Rhys quickly chips in that Karl has just been so busy keeping him in line at the hospital. Martin tells Rhys that he's found an excellent mentor in Karl, and the four men make plans to meet up at Charlie's.


The four doctors walk into the bar, and Karl and Rhys go to get the drinks. Karl tells Rhys not to cover for him like that again, and that his marriage to Susan is none of Rhys's business. Rhys says that he was just using any advantage he could find to get a leg up in his career, reminding Karl that he was the one who endangered a patient's life because he was so caught up in his personal affairs. Rhys orders some wine - telling the barman that Karl will pay - and reminds Karl that, if he's feeling uncomfortable, he only has himself to blame.

Later, Martin compliments Rhys on the choice of wine, and asks Rhys about his history. Rhys tries to play it down, but Martin and Adrian want to know why Karl brought Rhys along. Rhys then starts to talk about his dream of working in surgery, as he can't think of anything more rewarding. Martin offers for Rhys to observe an operation he'll be performing the following week, and leaves, telling Rhys to get in touch with his secretary. Karl is clearly unimpressed with being used like that.


At Harold's, Sophie comes in and asks Kate if they can go to an open mic night to see Noah play. Kate can't make it, and doesn't want Sophie to take the train on her own. Kate apologises to her sister, but says that she'll need a bit more notice in future.

Back at Charlie's, Karl thinks that people won't appreciate being manipulated like that - Rhys might manage to rise up quickly, but when people see his true colours, he'll sink like a stone. Rhys suggests that they just have a coffee together, but Karl says that he wouldn't want to owe Rhys a coffee - who knows where that might lead.



Toadie finds Ajay and his wife at the Terrace cafe, and quickly goes over to say hi. Ajay introduces Priya, explaining that she's the junior head at Eden Hills Grammar, and Priya says that she knows Sonya, as the school just signed up for the kitchen garden programme. When Toadie starts to try talking business, Ajay explains that they're celebrating their anniversary and he's not dealing with any council matters today, asking that Toadie comes to see him on Monday instead.

Later, Toadie has sent a bottle of champagne over to the Kapoors' table, and Ajay signals him to come over. Ajay explains that he doesn't take bribes, but Toadie tells him that it's just an apology for taking up his time, but it'll only take a few minutes and then he can leave them in peace. Priya isn't happy, but Ajay agrees to look at the documents, so she gets up and leaves. Ajay then insists that he'll have to read anything before he signs it, and says he'll be in touch.



At number 28, Karl arrives home to an empty house and starts cleaning out the pockets of his golf clothes, depressed as he finds an old scoresheet with a note from Susan at the bottom.

Outside Harold's, Kate finds Sophie listening to music and offers to get her something to eat, but Sophie refuses. Kate goes back inside, and Sophie spots Noah, who's about to catch the bus into the city. Sophie explains that she's going to catch the train to the gig, as Kate can't come, but Noah explains that it's in a bar, so she won't get in on her home. A disappointed Sophie watches Noah leave.


At Simmons & Colbert, Toadie finds Peter Noonan doing some stretching exercises in the boardroom, and is about to apologise for not getting the signature when Noonan mentions that it just came through on the fax. He's very impressed with Toadie's work, asking him to stay for a drink. He says that he's been very impressed with Toadie's work lately, he obviously knows how to deal with the councillors, and he wants Toadie to head up a new project they're going to be working on.

Noonan is showing Toadie the plans for a new development - a shopping complex that will be the biggest in the eastern suburbs. Toadie thinks that there's going to be a lot of opposition to it, but Noonan believes that Toadie knows the local people and is the right man for the job. Toadie reluctantly raises his glass and agrees to take it on.


Toadie arrives home and finds Callum, playing computer games alone. He shows Callum some tickets to the footy finals the next weekend, and Callum is delighted. Toadie tells him that, although he's been working a lot lately, he's still his dad. Callum agrees to look after the tickets and takes them off to his room, as Toadie starts to worry about the new project he's taken on...

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Rhys Lawson, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Sachin Joab as Ajay Kapoor, Menik Gooneratne as Priya Kapoor, John Wood as Martin Chambers, James Saunders as Peter Noonan, Orpheus Pledger as Noah Parkin, Christopher Waters as Dr Adrian Pearce

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Menik Gooneratne as Priya Kapoor, who would continue as a recurring character until August 2012 when she became a regular cast member. Menik previously appeared in 2000 as Shanti Pandya
Priya's first words are "Pleased to meet you."

Summary by Steve

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