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Magic Moments > 2012 > Vanessa's Arrival Episode 6358

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Richard Jasek and Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 14/03/12, Five: 11/04/12

Summer suggests making some changes to the Erinsborough News' online edition. Andrew is pleased with the progress he's making with Red Cotton. Everyone is worried about Lucas after he finds out about Michael and Emilia; Chris runs off with the keys to Lucas' motorbike.

At Charlie's, Chris phones Aiden to tell him that he got the keys, just as Lucas comes in, demanding them back. Chris says that Lucas needs to have some food, as he has alcohol in his system, and orders a burger and a bowl of chips. He says that, last time someone went off on their bike like that, they ended up killing somebody. Lucas is annoyed at the mention of Steph, but it seems to snap him out of his anger and he agrees to sit down and eat.


At number 22, Summer is telling Andrew about the success of the newspaper's new Twitter account, and it gives Andrew an idea to help promote Red Cotton. Paul comes in, and Summer is telling him about all of the new followers they're getting on the newspaper website, but he isn't even slightly impressed, as the newspaper sales haven't increased at all. Summer says that it will happen, but Paul tells her to stop plagiarising his newspaper's name. He leaves, and Summer tells Andrew that she knows she's right about this, so she's not going to stop until she proves it.

At Harold's, Summer meets with Susan, and is talking about how she's convinced that her work online will secure her a job at the Erinsborough News. Susan brings her back down to earth, telling her that she's going to have to find a big story that would generate enough online traffic to have any effect on actual sales. Summer wonders where her big story is going to come from, and Susan hands her some press releases, suggesting that there might be something amongst them, but warning her not to tell Paul that she's the source.


Lucas is still grumpy with Chris as he finishes his burger. As Chris goes to get a soft drink for Lucas, a woman sits at the next table with a drink and starts sharing glances with Lucas. Chris notices this, and suggests that Lucas go to talk to her, but he doesn't want to, until Tash and Emilia walk in. Lucas then decides that he's going to stay and have some fun, and sits with the woman, who introduces herself as Vanessa. She goes to get him a drink, as an unimpressed Emilia walks out.

At Harold's, Andrew is showing Griffin his progress with the band, and says that online and social media are the way forward, and that he's trying to secure some interviews. Griffin isn't impressed, and wants to know when they're going to be able to record an actual album. Andrew says that he doesn't have the money for them to do that, so Griffin tells him to find them a label and get them a record deal, as there's someone else interested in managing them, and if Andrew can't help them, they'll have to go elsewhere.


The next morning, Kyle and Jade are walking towards Harold's, when he gets a text from Chris, asking if he's seen Lucas. They go inside, whilst at a table, Andrew and Summer are both struggling to find solutions to their problems. Summer has a press release about a new community centre and decides it's her best chance at an interesting article, and when she sees Ajay, she goes over to quiz him. He is reluctant to talk after what happened with PirateNet and the shopping centre, but she insists that she's learnt her lesson from that, and just wants to get her facts straight this time. Ajay insists that there's nothing untoward going on and that there'll be no less police on the streets when Erinsborough police station merges with West Waratah. Summer is pleased with the information he's given away.

At number 24, Lou is getting frustrated as he does his accounts, and goes to make breakfast, as a dishevelled Lucas appears from the bedroom. Lucas explains about Michael and Emilia, and says that Chris helped him out last night, but he can't remember much else. Just then, Vanessa appears and introduces herself to a shocked Lou, as an equally shocked Lucas looks on.


Vanessa is making a Corsican omelette for breakfast, as Lou eagerly helps her and a slightly confused Lucas watches. She talks passionately about the food, and mistakes Lou for Lucas' grandfather. Lucas takes her to one side and says that she doesn't have to stay, and she insists that she's not planning on invading his life - she had fun last night and now she's hungry, then she'll get out of their hair.

At Harold's, Andrew is still struggling to find a record deal for Red Cotton, as Tash encourages him to keep trying, and Summer rushes off to work on her article. Jade comes in, and Tash suggests asking her about her music interests. Andrew asks if she knows any good venues where they could get residency for the band, Jade asks if he's tried Charlie's, as it would be easier to start somewhere local. Andrew says that Rebecca never used to have a resident band, but Jade points out that Rebecca doesn't work there now.


At number 22, Summer is telling a disinterested Paul in her story about the new community centre, and he reminds her that she's still using his newspaper's name without permission. He gives her a cease and desist letter from his lawyers. She says that she's just trying to help his business, and doesn't think he'd go as far as to sue her, but he warns her not to push him and find out.

At number 28, Andrew walks in and surprises Summer, as she has her earphones in. He says that he's made an appointment to meet with the new manager of Charlie's, and Summer is pleased for him. She shows him the online reaction to her article about the new community centre, and posts some remarks herself to keep the debate going. Andrew thinks that it sounds like the sort of underhand thing that Paul would do, and she explains that she needs to do something, and shows him the letter, giving her 24 hours to stop using the Erinsborough News name. Andrew tells her to stop, as this is a serious threat, but she says that she's viewing it as a deadline.


Outside Harold's, Kyle and Chris are still wondering about Lucas, when the man himself appears. He is talking about his night and the girl he met, when his mood suddenly changes as he spots Tash and Emilia walk out of the store. Lucas decides to head to the garage to do some work.

Inside the store, Paul is on the phone, alarmed to hear about the number of calls from people to the newspaper, wanting to know more about the new community centre. Susan listens in, and smugly asks Paul if he wants her to do an article, as the Waratah Star are running the story on the front page tomorrow. Paul is confused, and Susan explains that people are concerned about the closure of the police station.


At Charlie's, Andrew is showing the Red Cotton website to the new manager, Celeste. She's impressed, and agrees to give them a trial gig - if that works out, they can have every Friday. She tells Andrew that they'll need to bring all their own gear, and he'll have to handle the publicity, but in return he gets to keep 50% of the door sales. Andrew is hesitant, but agrees to the deal.

At number 22, Andrew arrives home to find Paul looking at Summer's online article about the community centre, beginning to wonder if she was right all along. Andrew tells him about the Red Cotton gig, and asks him for a $1000 loan for publicity, insisting that he'll easily make it back. Paul reminds him that he still owes him money and doesn't pay any rent at home, and tells Andrew that he needs to do this on his own and prove that he can make money from all of his big ideas.



Later at number 22, Andrew is telling Summer about what Paul said to him. Paul then walks in, telling Summer that she still hasn't listened to him, but she's finally made her point. He says that he's decided to offer her a job as junior online editor, before the opposition snap her up. She's thrilled and goes off to call Lyn to tell her, while Andrew is furious that his dad is helping Summer but won't give him a loan. Paul points out that Summer did all the work herself until she proved herself, and that's what Andrew now needs to do, instead of asking for hand-outs.

Featured Regular Characters: Chris Pappas, Lucas Fitzgerald, Summer Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Natasha Williams, Jade Mitchell, Kyle Canning, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Alin Sumarwata as Vanessa Villante, Freya Stafford as Emilia Jovanovich, Sachin Joab as Ajay Kapoor, William Ewing as Griffin O'Donahue, Cassandra Magrath as Celeste McIntyre

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Alin Sumarwata as Vanessa Villante
Vanessa's first words are (introducing herself) "Vanessa." (Lucas asks if she minds if he joins her) "Not at all. You wanna drink?"
Past characters Rebecca Robinson, Lyn Scully and Steph Scully are mentioned, as is Steph running over and killing Ringo
Summer posted on the Erinsborough News website under the name Erinsborough55

Summary by Steve

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