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Magic Moments > 2012 > Michael's Departure Episode 6367

Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Peter Sharp, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 26/03/12, Five: 24/04/12

Jessica and Karl split up... Tash finds out that Emilia and Michael were together when her mum died... Michael covers for Tash over the arson on the Sandman... Tash tells Michael that she doesn't want anything from him, ever...

Michael arrives home, with all of the terrible things that Tash has said to him, going around in his head. He sits down and Emilia comes in, asking him what happened. He tells her that the police believed his story about the fire, but he doesn't think that he and Tash can ever come back from this.


At number 28, Summer is fiddling with the camera and Tash is reading a magazine, when Emilia knocks on the door. Summer gives them some space, and Tash tells her aunt to say what she came to say, then leave. Emilia explains that Michael is very sorry, and Tash wonders why Emilia came back - was it for Michael? Emilia says that she only came back because Tash tracked her down, and she had no idea any of this would happen. She says that, if she hadn't come back, Tash would never have known the truth, and Tash bitterly says that she should thank her, as now she knows what a pathetic liar her father really is. She tells Emilia to go, handing back the charm bracelet and telling her to never come back.

By the lake, the hospital fun run is about to begin. Jade is joking about Aidan not taking part, as he's organising it, and she is also disappointed when Karl arrives in proper running gear, so she can't laugh at him. Karl and Jessica then have an awkward moment, and Rhys has a go at Karl about putting Jessica in a bad mood, as she cancelled his leave. Rhys suggests that Karl should throw the race and let Jessica beat him, as she's very competitive and it might improve her mood.


At Harold's, Paul arrives for a meeting, but first spots Lucas sitting alone and can't resist goading him about his run-in with the police. Lucas points out that he wasn't the only one with a grudge against Michael, but Paul says that his problems with the 'hippy ex-school principal' were nothing compared to Lucas and his love triangle with Michael and Emilia. Lucas just shakes his head and goes back to reading his magazine.

Back at number 32, Emilia is looking at the charm bracelet and thinking about Tash. She starts to cry, then calls her mum and tells her that she wants to come home, to Serbia.


Michael walks in, as Emilia is packing her overnight things. She leaves the charm bracelet on the table. Michael says that he knows Emilia was right - they just have to give Tash some time. Emilia says that it won't work, and that she's going to see her parents in Serbia. Michael is shocked and insists that this can work, and that he needs her, but she's made her mind up - she's booked her flight and she's going.

Outside, Emilia tells Michael that her flight is that evening, so she has some time to pack. Michael thinks about Rebecca, and says that he should be used to this by now. He asks Emilia to call him when she gets back. They kiss and say that they love each other, and she drives out of Ramsay Street, telling Michael to fix things with Tash.


At the lake, Summer arrives to take photos, along with Tash, who agrees with Rhys' assessment that he should let Jessica beat him. The race then begins, with Jessica ignoring Karl as he offers her all the best. Tash goes and sits alone in the pagoda, and Summer tries to get her to talk instead of pretending everything is fine. She says that Tash is doing herself no favours by ignoring her dad, and maybe she should listen to what he has to say.

Summer takes Tash to number 32, and leaves her at the end of the driveway as Michael comes out to join her. He explains that Emilia has gone back to Serbia, to give them some space, and he can only say that he's sorry. Tash listens as he says that he loves her, and then she tells him that he's too late. She tells a devastated Michael that, if he ever wants a chance for them to fix things, he needs to leave her alone. She walks away.


Jade runs over the finish line, and Aidan is pleased to tell her that she was the third female. Karl is about to finish when he falls over, complaining of a cramp in his leg. Aidan helps him, as Jessica runs up and asks if everything is OK. Karl tells her he's fine and says that she should finish, as he knows how much it means to her. She looks disgusted and runs off, as he shouts out that it's not like that! Then he yells out in pain.

At the gym, Aidan and Rhys are joking about Jade getting the bronze medal, but Jade points out that she still managed to beat Rhys. Karl comes in, looking for Jessica, and Rhys says that it wasn't a very subtle way to throw the race. Jessica comes out of the changing rooms, and Karl tries to explain to her that he genuinely had a leg cramp. She isn't interested, and he tells her she's being ridiculous by ignoring him like this. She simply tells him that her aunt has had an accident and she has to go to the country to look after her, and points out that they only had three dates, and not to make it out to be more than it was. She walks out, leaving Karl humiliated as Jade, Rhys and Aidan give him a round of applause.


At Charlie's, Lucas comes in and spots Michael sitting alone. He goes over and has a go at him about letting the police think he torched the Sandman. Michael says that he was trying to protect his daughter and he was in a difficult situation. He tells Lucas that Emilia has gone, and he's trying his best to fix the problem. Lucas says that Tash has made the best decision possible, as she's saved herself the hassle of having a loser like Michael as her father.

Michael sits outside the bar with a coffee, and looks upset as he sees Tash and Summer arrive and start joking around with Karl. Tash then has a glimmer of regret as she spots her dad get up and walk away.





Later, Tash arrives at number 32, she calls out to her dad but there's no answer. She then finds her bracelet on the table and a letter.

Dear Tash,
This is the hardest decision I've made in my life. But seeing you today and knowing what you said, I know it's the right decision. You said you needed space, and you said the only way we stood of fixing what's happened is time apart. You were right. I'm leaving with Emilia. I know how hard this is for you, but I'm doing this for both of us, and even though I'm not there, if you do ever want to talk to me again, I want you to know that you can always call me. Always. I love you more than anything else in the world, and that's why I have to leave.

As Tash reads the letter, Michael is seen getting into Emilia's car, and they drive away together as Tash breaks down in tears.

Featured Regular Characters: Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland, Lucas Fitzgerald, Jade Mitchell, Karl Kennedy, Rhys Lawson, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Freya Stafford as Emilia Jovanovic, Bob Morley as Aidan Foster, Glenda Linscott as Jessica Girdwood

Trivia Notes
Final regular appearance of Sandy Winton as Michael Williams, though he made one more brief appearance in episode 6408, in a telephone call to Tash
Final appearance of Freya Stafford, following a six-month extended guest role as Emilia Jovanovic

Summary by Steve

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