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Magic Moments > 2012 > Georgia's Arrival Episode 6505

Written by John Hanlon, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 05/10/12, Five: 02/11/12

Toadie and Sonya continue to disagree over the birth. Paul and Kate are told that Sophie's injuries from the car crash are serious. Paul and Priya continue to dance around each other, and finally share a kiss.

Priya is sitting alone in Charlie's, worrying about what just happened with Paul. Ajay comes in and asks her about her day, and tells her that her perfume is very strong. He realises that she's distracted, but she continues to have flashbacks to Paul's house. Ajay leaves and Priya says that she'll stay, as she has a few things to do.


At number 22, Kate is delighted as Paul arrives home with Sophie, on crutches. Sophie wants to know what's been happening in her absence, but Kate and Paul have little to report. Kate suggests calling Callum and asking him over. Kate then goes to get Sophie's bags and finds a jacket on the floor. Paul quickly explains that it belongs to Priya - she left it at the bar earlier after their board meeting - and tells Sophie to call Rani and get her to come and collect it.

At number 30, Sonya has fallen asleep with her phone in her hand. Toadie gently takes it from her and switches off the alarm, but she wakes up and asks why her alarm didn't go off. She quickly realises that Toadie turned it off, and he says that she should stay at home - Callum and Rani can look after the nursery. Sonya isn't convinced and says that she'll take it easy, but she says that women have been getting pregnant for thousands of years, and they don't just stop doing anything for nine months. Toadie's mum calls, interrupting the conversation, so he tells her he'll call her back. Sonya reminds him that this is her business and she can't just leave it, but he says that all women need to take a bit of maternity leave, stay and home and relax. She tells him that she'll be happier around her plants, and she goes.


At the nursery, Rani is helping Sonya, who notices Callum talking on the phone. He tries to tell her that it's a mate, but Sonya takes the phone, realising that it's Toadie checking up on her. Callum then asks if he and Rani can leave early, as Sophie just got back from Sydney and they'd really like to see her. Sonya reluctantly agrees, as there's only one customer.

At Charlie's, Rani is picking up a cake for Sophie, when she bumps into her mum. When Rani explains that she's going to visit Sophie, Priya insists on going with her, as Sophie is one of her students and she wants to see how she is. Rani tries to protest, but Priya won't take no for an answer.


Back at the nursery, Sonya asks her only customer if she needs any help. The woman is struggling to make her mind up about what to buy, as it's a bunch of flowers for someone she's never met. She starts to wonder if it's weird buying flowers for a stranger, as Sonya gets increasingly impatient with her. She suggests roses, but the woman says that they're too romantic. She then suggests daisies, but the woman wonders if they would look too cheap. Sonya quickly goes to call Lucas for some back-up, whilst also taking an unexpected delivery. She then goes back to the woman, who has decided that she wants a mixed bouquet, with one of everything - but no daisies.

At number 22, Rani and Priya arrive to see Sophie, with Priya making it clear to Paul that she's just there to see Sophie, before spotting her jacket on the chair. Priya is talking to Sophie about coming back to school, when Kate innocently hands her the jacket. Priya is thrown, until she realises that Paul lied for her about leaving it at the bar. Paul enjoys seeing Priya so flustered, and she runs off to get a glass of water. He follows her into the kitchen and tells her that she's a terrible liar. He warns her to watch the way she behaves, or people will start to notice.


Later, Priya makes her excuses to leave, as Callum arrives. With the kids in the kitchen, Paul grabs Priya, but she reminds him that they live next-door to each other and know the same people, so this is never going to work. He says that those aren't problems - they're opportunities. She remembers that he's done this sort of things before, but tells him that she hasn't, and she quickly leaves.

Back at the nursery, the woman is delighted with the bouquet, but starts worrying about whether the recipient will have a vase big enough. She then notices Sonya rubbing her swollen wrist and goes down to check her ankles. Sonya is alarmed but the woman says that she's a nurse, and tells Sonya to eat more bananas. Lucas then arrives and Sonya sends him to collect the delivery from the driveway. The woman then asks Lucas what he thinks of the flowers, and he says that there are a lot of them, as Sonya looks alarmed. Lucas quickly changes his answer and says that they looks special, and she's pleased with this and offers her thanks to Sonya before leaving.


At number 22, Rani, Sophie and Callum are about to watch season 5 of True Blood when Kate comes in and asks them not to use the TV right now as she's recording something for school. Callum explains that he thought Sophie would be stuck on the sofa a lot, and she realises that they're feeling a bit awkward, but tells them that her legs will get better. In the kitchen, Kate sees Paul working and he almost blows his cover for spending time with Priya earlier, but Kate accepts his lies.

At Charlie's, Priya is drinking alone, when Paul comes in. She tells him that she can't go home yet, but Paul tells her that it'll get easier. She wonders if that's meant to be comforting. He tells her that he had to lie to Kate, and he mentions meeting up again. Priya isn't so sure, but he reminds her that she still has the key to the hotel room. As Paul goes, Ajay comes in, Priya is uncomfortable as he asks if she'd like to order some takeaway.


Outside Charlie's, Priya and Ajay are heading home with their food, when she spots Paul outside the hotel. She asks Ajay to puts hers in the oven, as she has to go to Lassiter's and pick up some paperwork about the sponsorship. He agrees, and she quickly heads inside.

Inside Harold's store, the woman from earlier is now trying to choose between all of the cakes, annoying Ajay who's behind her in the queue. He suggests the banana cake, and she takes the last one, she he has to get the cheesecake. Sonya then comes in, the woman spots her and tries to talk, but Sonya quickly backs off, saying that she's forgotten what she came in for. The woman loudly declares that Sonya is such a nice woman.


At number 30, Sonya arrives home, exhausted. She tells Toadie about her day as he rubs her feet, and admits that there was one customer who stressed her out, telling him about the woman and her flowers. She thanks him for not saying 'I told you so' and he goes to make dinner, as she falls asleep.

Later, Callum answers the front door to the woman from earlier. She knows his name and says he's heaps older and cuter than she thought. She kisses a confused Callum on the cheek and introduces herself as Georgia, Toadie's cousin. Toadie's pleased to see her and she compliments the colour scheme of the house, he says that it was Sonya's doing. She gives him the cake and explains that it's to say thanks. He's confused and she says that Angie was meant to call and check that it would be ok if she came to stay.



Later, Sonya emerges from the bathroom to find Georgia in her living room. Sonya is alarmed to realise that she's going to be staying with them, as Toadie explains that Georgia's about to start work at Erinsborough Hospital, so it might be useful to have a nurse around the house. As she goes to help Callum get her things from the car, Sonya tells Toadie that, at any other time she'd be ok with this, but not right now. Georgia hears them and says that it's fine, she understands that they need their own space, so she'll go to a motel. Sonya can't let her go, though, and insists that they were just arguing over which of the spare rooms they should give to Georgia. She isn't completely convinced but goes with Callum to see her new room, as Sonya collapses onto Toadie's shoulder.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor, Priya Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Saskia Hampele as Georgia Brooks, Tasker Streete as Delivery Guy

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Saskia Hampele as Georgia Brooks
Georgia's first words are "Yes! You have an amazing selection."

Summary by Steve

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