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Magic Moments > 2013 > Summer's Departure Episode 6554

Written by Lucas Testro, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 10/01/13, Five: 07/02/13

Tash and Andrew try to keep their new relationship a secret from Summer... Sheila announces that she's moving in with Kyle... Ajay asks Priya to move back in, for Rani's sake...

Priya arrives home, and Paul approaches her as she's getting her bags out of her car. He realises that Ajay hasn't forgiven her, and he tells her that she can have a room at Lassiter's. She turns him down, and tells him that she needs to be with her family at the moment. Paul walks away, disappointed, and Priya pulls her bag up the driveway, only to spot Ajay watching her from the balcony.


Priya walks into the house with her bags. Rani is watching TV, and Ajay is working on his laptop - Priya tries to explain to him that there was nothing going on downstairs with Paul, but Ajay tells her not to talk about it with Rani in the room. Priya tries, and fails, to make small talk with Rani, who then walks out. Both Ajay and Priya look unhappy with the situation, and she takes her bag to her room.

At number 26, Kyle is getting a beer from the fridge, when Sheila comes in from the back, complaining about the state of the garden. She asks who left muddy footprints all over the kitchen, and what happened to the roster on the fridge. Kyle insists that it's not a problem, but Sheila grabs his beer and tells him that he needs to sort things out. She can't believe the mess, and wonders how he can relax in all the chaos, as she certainly can't. A frustrated Kyle then has a brainwave, and tells his nan that he'll clean up, so she goes out to get some food for dinner.


At Charlie's, Tash and Andrew are finding excuses to be alone together and are crouched by the fridges when Summer comes in. Tash spots her and loudly warns Andrew, before Summer asks Tash why she didn't turn up to help with the garage sale. Tash apologises and says that she's just leaving work now and will come and help. Andrew looks relieved as the girls leave the bar.

On Ramsay Street, Summer is holding her garage sale, and Paul comes over to wish her luck, and make sure that she's actually going to leave this time. Tash then comes out with some more stuff to sell, and is surprised that Summer is selling the dress she wore to the uni ball, but is keeping her textbooks. Summer sees some old zombie badges that Andrew gave her, and decides that she might keep them. Tash is worried that this means she still has feelings for Andrew, but Summer says that he was just an important part of her life.


At number 24, Rani emerges from the bedroom, having smelt dinner cooking, but is annoyed to see that it's Priya who's cooking it. Priya says that it's Rani's favourite, chicken biryani, and Rani reluctantly agrees to sit and eat when Ajay comes in and encourages her. They all sit down, and Priya asks if they'd like to watch some Bollywood movies after dinner. Again, Rani isn't keen, pointing out that her mum doesn't even like Bollywood, but after more encouragement from Ajay, she gives in.

Back at number 26, Kyle is throwing magazines around and generally messing up the house, when Chris comes in with some washing. Kyle explains that Sheila can't live in a messy house, so he's going to make it even worse in the hope that she might leave, and he won't have to hurt her by asking her to go. He says that he loves his gran, but he doesn't want to live with her. Chris agrees to go along with it, but runs off when Sheila then comes in the door. Kyle tries to blame the mess on Bossy, but Sheila says that she isn't stupid - she calls Chris out of hiding and says that she's going to get cleaned up for dinner, but when she returns, she expects the house to be spotless.


At Charlie's, Tash finds Andrew and says that they have to tell Summer about them before she leaves, as she doesn't want her to find out over Facebook once she's in Paris. Andrew says that Paris would be the perfect place for her to find out, as she'll be happy in her new life. Tash isn't impressed and storms out, saying that it he won't help her then she'll just do it herself.

Summer is continuing with her garage sale, and Tash arrives back and says that she needs to talk to her about something. Summer stops her, and she says that she knows it seems weird that she'll selling all of her stuff, but for the first time since she missed out on uni, she feels like her life has a direction and a purpose again. She also says that Tash has become like a sister to her, and there's nobody else she'd like to spend her last day in Erinsborough with. She goes inside to get some more change, and Andrew appears, relieved when he realises that Tash was unable to tell Summer the truth.


Later, Sheila is happy to find that Kyle has cleaned up the house, and he shows her his books from the handyman business to prove that he's usually very organised, and has just let things slip a little bit lately. He says that he doesn't need her around to keep an eye on him, but she says that she'll stay anyway. Kyle asks her what's really going on, and she says that there's nothing going on - she's spent her life raising Kyle's dad and his brother, and then looking after the grandkids, but now she feels like everyone's grown up and nobody needs her any more. She tells Kyle that she'll leave in the morning.

The Kapoors have finished watching the first film, but Rani doesn't want to stay for the second. Priya reminds her that it was meant to be a family night, but Rani turns on her and says that this isn't going to make up for what's happened. She tells her mum that she's always trying to act like she's better than everyone else, but she's just a phoney. Rani tells her mum that she hates her, and storms out, with Ajay going after her, leaving Priya alone and shocked.


Later, Ajay comes back into the kitchen and Priya asks if Rani is OK. She says that they just have to keep trying and things will work out, but Ajay points out that none of this will make up for what she's done to them, and suffocating Rani with attention on her first night back isn't going to fix things. He goes to bed, while Priya is upset as she gets a text message from Paul, reminding her that there's a room for her at Lassiter's if she needs it.

The next morning, Priya has made breakfast, and runs off to hide in the laundry when she hears Ajay and Rani. They're surprised to find the food, and Rani realises that her mum made it and asks if she has to eat with her. Ajay doesn't think so, as only two places have been set at the table. An upset Priya listens as they sit down to eat without her.


At number 26, Sheila is preparing to go, but Kyle tells her that he wants her to stay, as they need someone around to stop things becoming too rowdy. Sheila checks that Chris is OK with it, and Kyle insists that Rhys will be OK too, but she needs to be a bit more relaxed about things. She tells him that she won't live like an animal, but she'll try to go a bit easier on them. Kyle then shows her the classifieds and says that she should try to find a job to occupy her time. She goes to unpack her bags, but not before reminding Chris to clean his plate rather than just leaving it in the sink. In the kitchen, Chris asks Kyle if he's sure this is the right thing to do - Kyle explains that his gran has always been there for him, and he can't kick her out just when she needs him.

At number 28, Summer is hugging Chris, but Andrew reminds her that they're all coming outside to the car with her. Tash then says that she has something to say - but Summer interrupts and says that she knows about Tash and Andrew already. Andrew is surprised, while Chris is shocked that he's only just finding out about this. The boys go outside, while Tash says that they were both worried that Summer would be upset, but Summer insists that she thinks it's awesome and that they could have something really special together. They're interrupted by Susan arriving to take Summer to the airport, but Summer hugs Tash and tells her to give it a chance.






Andrew is helping Summer to the car with her bags, and he asks if she's really OK about him and Tash. She says that she is, and he tells her to have a blast in Paris. They hug, and are joined by Susan, Chris and Tash. Summer hugs Tash, and quietly says that she expects to hear that Tash and Andrew are working out. She then hugs Chris, and tells him that he's the best. Summer then gets in the car, and waves as Susan drives her out of Ramsay Street. Andrew is surprised by how well Summer took the news, and jokes that it's a pity that they don't have to hide it now, as he was enjoying it. He goes home, while Chris teases Tash about her new relationship with Andrew. She looks awkward and insists that it's not a proper relationship...

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson, Chris Pappas, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Priya Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Jordy Lucas as Summer Hoyland
Summer's final words are "See you in Paris!"
Priya has hired the Bollywood films Devdas and Paheli
Sheila gives Kyle's full name as Kyle Eugene Canning

Summary by Steve

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