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Magic Moments > 2013 > Sarah's Return Episode 6571

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Fiona Banks, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 04/02/13, Five: 04/03/13

Susan is shocked to hear that Paul has sold the newspaper... Sonya tells Vanessa that Lucas is in love with her... Lucas tells Vanessa he loves her, and asks how she feels about him, but they're interrupted by a problem with Patrick...

The team are rushing around to help Patrick, and Vanessa and Lucas are trying to find out what's going on. Rhys comes in and explains that he's struggling to move enough oxygenated blood around his body to stay alive, and that they're going to have to operate before his oxygen levels drop any further. Vanessa reminds him that Patrick isn't strong enough to undergo surgery, but Rhys tells her that they need to do it now. He explains that, if they don't, then they risk brain damage. Vanessa wants to go with Patrick, but Rhys tells her that she can't, and he leaves, as Lucas comforts a shocked Vanessa.


Callum is with Sonya and Nell outside Lassiter's, and he's asking how long it'll be before Nell can walk, as he wants to make her do his share of the housework. He goes back to get his bag, and then spots a woman getting out of a cab outside the hotel. He tells Sonya, and starts to wonder why she looks so familiar to him, when Sonya gets a call from Lucas...

At Harold's, Karl is buying a coffee and asking Susan about her job at the newspaper, offering her help if she needs it. Paul then comes in, looking for Susan, and tells her that the English rep is flying in today, explaining that there might be a job in it for her if she keeps things professional - he claims that not everyone is as flexible as him when it comes to employees with 'attitude'. They talk briefly about plans for the final edition of the Erinsborough News, but then Paul has to take a call.


Sonya rushes into the hospital, and Lucas hugs her. They try to say that the operation was inevitable, but Vanessa points out that it shouldn't be happening so soon, and not like this. She goes outside to get some water, and Lucas admits that he thinks he's made things worse, by telling her how he feels about her. He explains to Sonya that Vanessa didn't get the chance to respond - Sonya tells him not to give up - but Lucas says that the only thing they need to be focussing on now is Patrick.

Outside Charlie's, Toadie, with baby Nell, has told Karl what's happened to Patrick, and he admits that he doesn't know how he'd cope if it was his child. Toadie asks Karl to dinner, but Karl says that he was thinking about asking Susan over - he's made a decision - he thinks that he and Susan should be back together, but he's worried about her and what she wants, as she's been hard to read lately. Toadie suggests asking both Karl and Susan over for dinner with him and Sonya.


Toadie goes into the newspaper office, where Susan is preparing the third last edition of the Erinsborough News. He asks her to come over for dinner, and she happily accepts.

Later at the hospital, Lucas, Sonya and Vanessa are sitting around, waiting for news on Patrick.


Vanessa suddenly stands up and says that she can't stand all the waiting, when Rhys comes along and tells them that the operation was a success and Patrick is in recovery. Vanessa goes to see him, and Lucas thanks Rhys for everything. Sonya hugs Lucas and tells him that everything is going to be alright now, and he goes to be with his son.

Later, Georgia is checking Patrick, and she tells Vanessa that he seems to be responding well now. She asks Vanessa and Lucas when they last had something to eat, and when Vanessa last slept properly, and reminds Vanessa of the offer for family accommodation at the hospital. Vanessa is adamant that she won't leave her son, but Lucas asks about the accommodation, and thinks it's a good idea, as they'll have proper beds and will only be a minute's walk from Patrick, so he accepts. Georgia leaves to organise it, and Vanessa says that they never finished their talk earlier. Lucas says that it doesn't matter now - Patrick is all they need to worry about - and he goes to pick up a few things from home for them.


Later, at number 30, Sonya is amazed to hear that Susan and Karl are coming to dinner, and that Toadie didn't think to warn her. He says that it's for a good cause - they're going to help Karl to win Susan back. Sonya points out that he's a hypocrite, as he told her off for interfering with Lucas and Vanessa. Meanwhile, Callum is looking for a video - the Ramsay Street reunion documentary - and he tells Toadie that he thinks he saw someone from it earlier today outside Lassiter's. He doesn't have time to tell Toadie who it was, though, as Nell starts to cry.


At the hotel, Paul is telling receptionist Wendy to make sure that Sarah Hannay's room is ready and that it's the lake view room, as the deal is important, but she points out that she's already checked in. Paul is annoyed to realise that she's arrived early, and tells Wendy to organise a gift basket to be sent up straight away.

Back at number 30, Callum has found the person in the video that he spotted outside the hotel. Toadie is surprised to see that it's Sarah, and thinks that Callum must be mistaken, as she doesn't even live in the country now. He explains that she used to live in their house and that she caused some problems - she broke up Karl and Susan's marriage.


At the hotel, Paul goes to Sarah's room and knocks. She answers and shakes his hand, says it's good to meet him and lets him inside.

Paul is checking out Sarah as she puts her bag on the floor, and he apologises and says that he thought she was arriving later. She tells him that her plane got in early and she was fast-tracked through customs - one of the perks of being a frequent flyer. He asks if it's her first time in Australia, but she says that she's been before, and she asks him where he's from. He tells her he's always lived in Erinsborough - except for most of the 90s, and she explains that that's when she was living there.



Meanwhile, Callum wants to know the story between Karl and Sarah - Toadie tells him that it wasn't an affair, just a kiss - she was Karl's secretary back when he had his own medical practice.

Paul tells Sarah that they'll have to arrange a meeting now with the newspaper's editor, Susan Kennedy. Sarah's face drops and she says that she's tired and they can deal with it in the morning. Paul points out that it's going to be difficult to do the deal without involving Susan, but Sarah thinks that she can do most of it over the phone.


Callum wants to know the full story - who kissed who - but Toadie says that nobody except Karl and Sarah knows the full details of what went on, but Susan found out about the kiss, and all hell broke loose. Toadie tries to explain that Sarah really wasn't a bad person, but Callum points out that Susan must hate her.

Paul realises that Sarah is trying to avoid Susan, but he thinks it's because she's worried about being the evil axewoman. He assures her that all of the staff will be completely professional about the takeover, and then, in a not very subtle way, asks her if she has a husband or kids back home that she needs to call.


Toadie explains that Sarah met a man named Peter Hannay and they moved to Europe, so it seems very unlikely that it was her outside Lassiter's, and Susan and Karl certainly don't need the reminder. They then arrive, and Toadie lets them in, as Callum removes the video with Sarah on it. They see the box of old videos on the table, and Toadie quickly explains that their VCR is broken, but he was just saying to Callum that some things are better left in the past.

Georgia shows Vanessa into her hospital accommodation room, and points out all of the amenities to her. She leaves, and a solemn Vanessa sits on the bed. Meanwhile, at number 32, Lucas has been packing some things, and he sits down on the couch. Lucas and Vanessa both sit, separately, and think about their situation.


Lucas arrives at the hospital accommodation to see Vanessa, with some clothes, food and various other things to help her settle in. She says that she's just been to see Patrick and he's doing well. He notices a box of kids' toys in the corner, that Vanessa has covered up with a towel. She says that it's silly but she couldn't look at them, and then she starts to cry. Lucas goes to comfort her, then pulls away, and admits that he now doesn't want it to seem like he's all over her, all of the time. She goes over to him and tries to say something to him, but then kisses him instead.

Sarah is in her hotel room - she takes out her diary, and a photo of Karl drops out. She looks at it.



At number 30, Toadie leaves Karl and Susan with baby Nell. She remembers the feeling when she held Billy and knew that it would be her last baby, as they'd decided to settle on three kids. Karl wonders if they should have had a fourth, and teases Susan about what a nightmare she was when she was pregnant. He says that they made some great kids between them, and admits that he's glad that things are good between them again. Susan agrees, and he looks at her fondly as she fusses over Nell.

Sarah continues to look at the photograph of Karl, with a worried expression on her face.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald, Rhys Lawson, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Nicola Charles as Sarah Beaumont, Natalia Ko as Wendy Leung, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Caspar Bolton Leunig as Patrick Villante

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Nicola Charles since 2005, and first time Sarah has returned to Erinsborough since 1999
Sarah works for GlobeWise Communications
Sarah is staying in room 106 at Lassiter's
Vanessa's hospital accommodation is room number 5
Past characters Billy Kennedy and Peter Hannay are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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