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Magic Moments > 2013 > The Turners' Arrival Episode 6574

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Fiona Banks, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 07/02/13, Five: 07/03/13

Lou seems jumpy when Karl and Susan ask him about his family... Sophie shows Rani some unpleasant Facebook comments about her parents... Rani tells her dad about the Facebook page... Rani and Sophie run away after Rani has done something that shocks Sophie...

Paul is walking around the hotel when he spots some staff and guests laughing about something, then he spots the words 'Paul Robinson = 1 sleazy creep' sprayed on the wall by reception. He sends them all away and then calls the police.


At Harold's, Lou bumps into Lucas, and asks after Patrick, who is recovering well from his surgery. Lou says that Lauren and family are on their way, and should be arriving in an hour, so Lucas offers for them all to stay at number 32. He explains that things seem to be progressing with him and Vanessa, and he's moved into the hospital with her. Lou is grateful, but is worried about how he's going to deal with telling Lauren that he's broke. Lucas tells Lou to just be honest - she's his daughter and she's not going to love him any less.

At number 24, Priya hands a sandwich to Rani, who doesn't say thanks. Rani then leaves to see Sophie, but again ignores her mum. Priya sits with Ajay and suggests that they should go to family counselling, but Ajay doesn't want to put Rani through that when she's done nothing wrong. Priya doesn't think that Rani is coping well with this situation, and wonders if Ajay only wanted her to move back in so that he could watch her suffer. She tells him that this can't go on, and walks out.





Out on the street, Lou is raking the garden when Lauren drives into the street, and gets out of the car, hugging her dad. Amber and Bailey join her, and she admits that it was a fairly difficult drive down from Queensland with the two kids. Lou asks after Mason, who's apparently been caught up at work but will be flying down later. Lauren thanks Lou for letting them stay at number 32 until they find somewhere permanent. Bailey gives Lou a hug, as does a reluctant Amber, and Lauren predicts that they're all going to be very happy in Erinsborough, though Amber says that she's going to miss her friends in Mt. Isa. Lauren asks her dad why he moved out of the old house, and he claims that it's because number 32 is smaller and less maintenance, then quickly changes the subject, asking what's happened to Matt...

Matt pulls up in a police car at Lassiter's, gets out and is immediately set upon by Paul, who is annoyed that it's taken so long to get someone out there. He explains that he's only just started his shift, looks at the graffiti and says that it must be personal, as there's no tag. He asks Paul if he can think of anyone who might have done it, and Paul says that it must have been done in broad daylight, so there must have been witnesses. Matt says he'll ask around, once he's taken some photos of the scene. Paul leaves, and Matt then finds a can of spray paint dumped in the bushes.


At number 32, Lauren, Amber and Bailey comes in with their bags, and Lauren tells Lou that the rest of their stuff is on a truck and will go into storage until they find their own place. Lou asks again about Mason, and Lauren explains that they left him with a one-way plane ticket, but he was doing so well with his apprenticeship that they didn't want to rush him. Bailey asks his granddad about doing some odd jobs at the car yard, and Lou is forced to admit that he doesn't own it these days, telling Lauren that business wasn't good and he had to make some difficult decisions. She checks that her dad's finances are better now, and Lou manages to avoid answering as Bailey comes in, looking for food. Lauren decides to go and buy some, and get some better coffee.

At Harold's, Lauren is asking when the shop's name changed from Daphne's, but Sheila overhears and says that it's always been Harold's since she's been there. She introduces herself, and Lauren explains that Harold was a good friend of her father - Lou. Sheila says that everyone around here knows Lou, and that her grandson Kyle was in business with him. Kate comes in, and is delighted to finally meet Lauren after all this time. Sheila thinks they should throw a street party, as she and Kyle were going to have a barbecue anyway. Paul comes in and is introduced to Lauren, though she thinks they met before when she used to live in Erinsborough. Matt comes in and overhears Paul complaining about people being incompetent, and is surprised as Lauren introduces Matt as her husband. Meanwhile, Sheila has a dig at Paul about the graffiti, and tells a surprised Kate about it, who realises that it might be connected to what she saw with Sophie and Rani earlier.




Out on the street, the barbecue is being set up and everyone begins to arrive. Bailey and Amber are meeting some of the younger residents of the street, and Chris asks if they're on holiday or here for good - Amber sadly says it's for good. Tash tells her to look on the bright side - she'll have to expand her wardrobe to account for hot and cold weather. Bailey takes Amber aside and tells her to make more of an effort. Meanwhile, Tash is annoyed as she thinks that Andrew is staring at Amber. Meanwhile, Lauren is introduced to Bossy the dog, and Sheila says that the Turners have really landed on their feet with Lucas' place. Lauren is confused, and is further confused as Sheila makes a dig about Lou fiddling Kyle's books. Once Lauren is out of earshot, Lou and Sheila begin to argue, but Lauren overhears and comes back, and Sheila says that Lou embezzled from his business partner and became an escort because he couldn't find an honest way to make a living.

Later, Matt arrives at the party, and Bailey points out Rani to him and says she's cute and is checking him out. Bailey goes over to her to thank her for coming. Meanwhile, Matt has met Ajay, and Matt has to ask if he can have a chat with Rani about the graffiti - the owner of the hardware shop said that a girl matching her description bought some spray paint. Ajay warns that he's a lawyer and that Matt had better have some strong evidence. Ajay takes Rani inside, and Bailey thanks his dad for ruining his chances with her. Lauren then comes over, telling Matt about what she's been learning about her father, and Matt admits that he might have just made enemies of their new neighbours.


At Harold's, Kate finds Sophie, and says it's strange how she saw Sophie and Rani running away after that graffiti was found. Sophie admits that she found Rani doing it, and tried to stop her. She asks Kate what she's going to do.

At the school, Priya is adamant that her daughter was at school all morning, as Matt insists that he needs to speak to her. He explains that he'll have to charge her - Priya tells him to go ahead, but her husband is a lawyer. Matt leaves, and Kate, who has been listening to the whole exchange, apologises to Priya and says that Rani wasn't in class that morning.


At number 32, Lou is apologising to Lauren about everything - he admits that he didn't see himself being broke and a tenant in someone else's home at this stage in his life. He tells Lauren that he's so glad they're all there with him, and Lauren admits that it feels like the right thing for them too. He promises to start afresh with no more secrets, and Lauren agrees, though doesn't look convinced as she leans on her dad's shoulder.

At number 24, Priya is trying to talk some sense into her daughter, who says that she wouldn't have done it if Priya hadn't had an affair, and that she did it for Ajay. He sends her to her room to do homework, and Priya explains that this is why she thinks they all need counselling. Ajay still doesn't think it's the right idea, as Rani has already had to deal with enough, but Priya tells him that there's an appointment at 11am the next day, and she's going to be there.


Priya sits in the hospital waiting room, filling in forms for the counselling, as Ajay hits the punching bag at the community centre. Priya continues to fill in the forms, and after briefly hesitating, she ticks the 'married' box, and continues to wait and see if Ajay will turn up.

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Rani Kapoor, Ajay Kapoor, Priya Kapoor, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas, Natasha Williams, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Lauren since 1994, with Kate Kendall taking over the role from Sarah Vandenbergh
First appearance of Matt, Amber and Bailey Turner
Over the years, Matt's name has also been given as Mark and Craig
Matt's first words are "Paul Robinson?... I only just started my shift."; Amber's first words are "I told you we should've flown."; Bailey's first words are "Hey gramps!"
Lauren mentions working in Daphne's coffee shop, though for the majority of her time, it was called The Hungry Bite Cafe
Past characters Daphne Clarke, Harold Bishop and Harley Canning are mentioned

Matt (to Paul about the graffiti): "Can you tell me anyone who might have wanted to do this? I can get you a pen and paper if it'll help."

Sheila (to Kate): "Somebody wrote an awful comment about your Uncle Paul - but they seemed to know him terribly well."

Lauren "OK. Here's a mental image for you. My father as an escort. What's that face? I know that face."
Matt: I think I just managed to make enemies of our new neighbours."
Lauren: Already? Welcome to Ramsay Street."

Summary by Steve

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