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Magic Moments > 2013 > Angie's Return Episode 6577

Written by Ceinwen Langley, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 12/02/13, Five: 12/03/13

Lucas and Vanessa are finally together but are worried about how messy things are about to get... Susan thinks that Sarah and Karl are enjoying sneaking around together again... Vanessa breaks down and admits she's struggling to be alone with her thoughts...

Toadie sees Vanessa outside Harold's, and is surprised that she's back at work, but she explains that she's just covering a shift until they find someone to fill in for her. He asks after Patrick, and she spots a doll that Toadie's bought for Nell. He quickly ends the conversation and says that he has to get back to the office, and Vanessa looks a bit confused as he hurries off.



At number 30, Toadie admits to Sonya that he felt guilty that he'd been buying toys for Nell, when Patrick is still so ill in hospital. Sonya says that they can't stop being excited about Nell, but they just have to be respectful. Toadie wants a hug with the baby, but Sonya says that it took her ages to get her to sleep, so he'll just have to hug his fiancee instead. There's a sudden, loud knock at the door and Sonya is worried that it'll wake the baby - then Angie makes her entrance, hugging Sonya and then Toadie, and commenting on all the weight he's lost. She says that she's there for the naming day - apparently word never got to her that it had been cancelled. She hears the baby cry and rushes off to meet her new granddaughter, leaving Sonya slightly taken aback.

At number 28, Sarah arrives to visit Karl, and tells him about Susan turning down the job offer. She says that the way Susan spoke to her was terrible, and it wasn't just about the job offer. Karl says that they can't always just forget the past, and he promises to speak to Susan. As Sarah goes, she insists that she just wants what's best for Karl and Susan.


Sonya is trying to help Angie with a crying Nell, but Angie insists that it's not the first time she's dealt with a Rebecchi baby. Angie then goes on to say that it's a shame about the naming day, and that she doesn't think Vanessa and Lucas would hold it against them if it still went ahead. Sonya says that it's about respect, but Angie thinks that Nell should be the first priority. Toadie quickly says that he has to leave for work, giving Sonya, Nell and his mum a kiss, and then Georgia comes in. She hugs her Auntie Angie, and a crying Nell gets burped in the process and quietens down. Angie tells Sonya that it's been a few years, but all the parenting skills will come back to her, then she drags Georgia off to find out about her new job.

Karl is at the newspaper offices, as Susan comes in and he tells her that Sarah had nothing to do with the job offer. Susan says that she doesn't care, and that he and Sarah can continue to see each other if they want to - they don't need to sneak around behind anyone's back.


Angie is telling Sonya about her neighbours and their various problems with their kids, and Georgia comes in and says she has to leave for work. Sonya tries to get her to stay, with no luck. Angie is then interrupted again, by a call from work, and she says that she'll have to go out. Angie insists that she'll keep an eye on the baby, so that Sonya doesn't need to take her out. Sonya is quite reluctant to leave, but Angie insists that she knows what she's doing.

Susan is walking by the lake, she hesitates as she sees the rotunda, then bumps into Paul. She's not really in the mood for him, either, but is surprised when he mentions that he had lunch with Bob O'Brien and recommended her for a job at the Star newspaper. Susan realises that Sarah had nothing to do with the job offer, as Paul tells her it was his farewell present to her.


At number 32, Matt is looking online at houses in the area, telling Lauren that they're all a bit expensive. She wonders what they'll do if the house in Mt. Isa doesn't sell, and thinks she should look for some work. Lucas comes in to collect the mail, and Lauren asks after Patrick, giving him an old rattle that has been a good luck charm for the family. Lucas notices that Matt is now looking at house ads in the newspaper, and Lauren says that she'll probably need a job if they're going to afford anything. Lucas then mentions that Harold's are looking for someone to cover Vanessa's shifts, and Lauren thanks Lucas for his help.

At Charlie's Karl comes in to collect his order and finds Sarah drinking alone. She tells him that she needed some Dutch courage before she went back to the office. She asks him to join her, but he's a bit hesitant, and he admits that it's been lovely to see her again but every time someone seems them together, it's taken the wrong way. She agrees to keep her distance, and Karl admits that he can't give up on Susan and his marriage.


Back at number 30, Sonya arrives home and Angie insists that everything is fine, but Sonya is surprised that Nell didn't finish her bottle. She's annoyed as she realises that Angie gave her formula instead of the expressed breast milk in the fridge - as Sonya had asked - and Angie suggests that maybe Sonya should have made herself clearer. Sonya quickly calms down before the argument turns nasty.

At the newspaper, Sarah arrives back and Susan comes into the office to apologise, as she's found out that it was Paul who got her the job offer. Sarah says that she has no agenda - she's not here to try and get Karl back, but Susan insists that it's none of her business anyway. She then takes a call from Bob at the Star and tells him that she won't be taking his job.


At Harold's, Angie is catching up with Susan, as Lauren comes in, chatting to Vanessa about how grateful she is to get the work at the store. She mentions how grateful she is to Lucas, and then talks about the rattle, but it's the first Vanessa is hearing of it. As Vanessa is showing Lauren the till, Angie overhears and introduces herself, saying how terrible it is about little Patrick. She says that, in the circumstances, she can understand why the naming day was postponed and Vanessa is shocked to hear about the whole thing.

In their accommodation at the hospital, Vanessa gets back and tells Lucas that Lauren's now on the roster at the store. She also mentions the rattle, and Lucas says that he forgot about it, but she doesn't believe him. She says that Toadie was weird with her earlier, and now they've cancelled the naming day - but she's upset to realise that Lucas knew all about that. She decides that the whole situation is ridiculous and leaves the room.


At Charlie's, Paul bumps into Matt, and they talk briefly about Rani completing her little pick at Lassiter's. Paul thinks she got off too lightly. He then spots Karl at the bar, and jokes that he has a wife and a mistress in town, but he's still on his own. Karl has a go at Paul about keeping Sarah in Erinsborough, but Paul insists that it was nothing to do with him, and the orders came from higher up. Karl tells him that it's causing stress for everyone and Paul should think about doing something for someone else for a change - Paul then tells Karl that he got Susan the job offer from the Star.

Karl confronts Susan at the newspaper office, asking why she's being so stubborn about the job offer. Susan says that she now knows it didn't come from Sarah, but she's turned it down because she's ready for a change in her life. He mentions that, three weeks ago, they almost kissed, and says that he still loves her. Susan insists that this isn't what she wants, but Karl tells her to think about things - if Sarah's presence is hurting her this much, then she clearly hasn't let go of him yet. She says that they can just be friends or nothing, and he walks out.



At number 30, Toadie is shocked to hear about Angie putting her foot in it. Vanessa then arrives, and she insists that she has no problem with them holding the naming day, but Toadie says that it's too short notice now anyway. Angie points out that she's there, and all their friends are there, so there's nothing stopping them now, and Vanessa agrees, but as she leaves, she doesn't seem too happy with the idea.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald, Georgia Brooks, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner

Guest Cast: Lesley Baker as Angie Rebecchi, Nicola Charles as Sarah Beaumont, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Lesley Baker since Toadie and Steph's wedding in February 2008
Past characters Lyn Scully and Stonefish Rebecchi are mentioned
Angie mentions two of her Colac neighbours, Rhonda and Janet Harper, who are both having trouble with their children

Summary by Steve

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