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Magic Moments > 2013 > Mason's Arrival Episode 6586

Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 25/02/13, Five: 25/03/13

Rani feels that the anti-Kapoor Facebook page is her fault... Number 32 is broken into, and Bailey hides money in a gnome in the garden... Matt and Lauren are worried that Mason has been released from juvenile detention but hasn't been in touch... Mason watches his family from across the street...

As Lauren gives Amber and Bailey their school lunches, they start to talk about how great it'll be to have Mason back with them. Matt takes a call and leaves the room, as Lauren hurries her kids out of the door and then goes to check with Matt, and see if there's any news. Matt says that there isn't, but he's got people at stations in the Mt Isa area checking and he's certain that Mason will turn up somewhere soon.


At the school, Kate is handing some paperwork to Priya, when she receives a text message. Kate asks if she's still receiving those horrible messages, but Priya says it's from Ajay and that the other messages seem to have stopped in the last few days. Priya admits that she hasn't said anything to Ajay about it, as she believes that the whole thing is over now.

Outside number 32, Vanessa has been sorting things out for the hard rubbish collection, and she ends up putting the gnome, containing the money, on the pile. Rhys comes along after a run, and he asks what she's up to. She explains that she and Lucas are moving out, and will be staying at the hospital for a while, until Patrick is better. Rhys offers her good luck.



At number 32, Lauren and Matt are still worrying about Mason, as his ATM card was last used the previous morning in Mount Isa. Lauren has called everyone and can't think where else to try, and Matt worries that he's fallen back in with his old crowd. They start to argue about this being a fresh start, but then Mason appears in the doorway and Lauren hugs him. Matt wants to know where he's been, but Lauren says that they can talk about that later, and sends him off to get a shower. She thinks that everything is going to be ok now.

At the school, Rani and Bailey are joined by Callum and they're discussing their science project, when Alistair comes by and makes a comment about Rani being easy. Callum tells Alistair to back off, which he does when Bailey stands up to him too. Rani walks off, sad that they can't prove that Alistair was behind the Facebook page, and Callum tells Bailey that he didn't need any help in standing up to Alistair. Bailey suggests that, if Callum wants a chance with Rani, he needs to find out for sure who made the Facebook page. Bailey then takes a call from his mum...


Bailey runs up Ramsay Street and into number 32.

Bailey runs into the house and jumps on his brother, delighted to see him. They're joined by Lauren, who brings her son a sandwich, and Matt, who now wants to know where Mason has been for the last few days. Mason is enjoying winding his father up, but Matt is in full police officer mode, reminding his son that they all shifted their lives across the country for him and he needs to be honest and show them some respect. He wants to know when his son is going to change, but Mason sits down and says that he's already changed - he's had a lot of time to think about how he let them all down, and he stayed away as he was wondering if they'd all be better off without him. Lauren is moved by her son's speech, and Lou then comes in and greets his grandson. He's in a bit of pain, and Mason hears about the burglary, sharing a knowing glance with Bailey.



At the school, Callum is watching Alistair go to his locker, and has roped Sophie into the plan. She realises that it's just another of his stupid attempts to win over Rani, but agrees to go along with it and distract Alistair, with Callum pushing her over to him. She pulls his earphones out and talks to him about community spirit, as Callum manages to grab his phone. Alistair walks off, thinking Sophie is the weirdest person in the world, but she then manages to guess his passcode for his phone, as it's the same as the one he used on his locker.

At Harold's, Callum shows Rani the phone with the Facebook app, which proves that Alistair made the page. Rani isn't impressed that he stole the phone or hacked into it, as she think Callum will get into trouble too, but he's happy to take the punishment if it means that Alistair also gets what he deserves. Rani is reluctant to help her mum, but Callum reminds her how much the page upset her too and encourages her to dob Alistair in.


Sheila is walking home when she spots the stuff that the Robinson house has left out for the hard rubbish collection, and she starts going through it.

At number 32, Bailey finds Mason and tells him that he doesn't think that the burglary was random - he thinks it was Robbo. He explains that he ended up with the money after the warehouse robbery, when Robbo did a runner and Mason was arrested and sent to the detention centre. Mason can't believe that Robbo did a runner without the money, and Bailey says that he didn't want the money but he kept it, as he had no idea what else to do.


Sheila has now moved on to the rubbish outside number 32, and is very happy when she spots a gnome.

Mason says that Bailey should have told him about the money before now, but Bailey points out that they haven't been alone together since the night Mason was arrested. Mason is still certain that it wasn't Robbo who broke in, as he doesn't know where they are, and besides, he's still a mate and wouldn't do that. Mason now wants to know where the money is...


Bailey is showing Mason to the money, but is shocked to find that it, and the gnome, have gone. They're both very worried, but are interrupted by Amber arriving back and greeting her big brother.

At the school, Rani goes to the office and hands over Alistair's phone, explaining that it has a Facebook app and it proves that Alistair made the page. Priya thanks her daughter and sends her away, saying that she'll deal with it. Kate reminds Priya that Alistair's father is on the school board, but Priya says that Alistair has always been a ratbag.


Later, Alistair is sitting in the office with his mum, who says that Brian's away in Canberra on business, and will be very upset. Priya tells him that he'll be suspended and this may lead to an expulsion, and Kate backs this up, saying that the school has a zero tolerance policy on bullying - of students or teachers. Alistair indicates that he understands, and so Priya then asks him about the text messages. He points out that she has his phone, so she can check for herself, and he becomes annoyed with her for accusing him of things she can't prove. She sends him away with his apologetic mother and a two-week suspension, and Priya is still sure that he sent the messages, even though he didn't admit it.

In the school corridors, Priya finds Rani and thanks her for her help, and she says that Callum will get yard duty for stealing Alistair's phone - but she'll also thank him for his help. Priya also thanks her daughter again and says that she could easily have turned her back when Callum gave her that information. Mother and daughter finally seem to make a breakthrough with each other.


Rhys sits down to read the newspaper in number 26's back garden, and hears Sheila talking to the gnomes. He isn't very impressed with her ugly collection, but agrees that they can stay when she suggests putting them out front instead.

At Harold's, Lauren is delighted to have Mason home, and she thinks that he meant it when he said he'd turned over a new leaf. She believes that the move to Erinsborough was the best thing they could have done, though Matt clearly isn't quite convinced.


Back at number 32, Matt is alone in the kitchen, unpacking the shopping, when Mason comes in. Mason asks Matt what sort of father would put his own son in prison, and says that his little speech earlier was just for his mum, but he still hates Matt. Matt says that he hated what he had to do, but Mason kept getting into trouble and it was the only thing he could think of - a few months later and he'd have had to go to adult prison. Matt doesn't think he had any choice, but Mason shouts that he did have a choice - and now he has to live with the one he made. He warns his father that he doesn't forgive and he doesn't forget...

Featured Regular Characters: Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Lou Carpenter, Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Callum Rebecchi, Priya Kapoor, Rani Kapoor

Guest Cast: Rahart Sadiqzai as Alistair O'Loughlin, Wendy John as Janette O'Loughlin

Trivia Notes
Although he appears very briefly at the end of the previous episode, this is Taylor Glockner's first full episode as Mason, and the first in which he has any dialogue
Mason's first words are "Hey mum... I'm fine, it's good to see you."
This was the first episode to feature the 2013 Opening Titles - Version 2

Summary by Steve

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