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Magic Moments > 2013 > Steph's Return Episode 6621

Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 15/04/13, Five: 13/05/13

Kyle annoyed about Georgia's date with Pete, when she'd told him she wasn't ready to move on... Kate worries about how Georgia's coping... Vanessa and Lucas move into Susan's old apartment... Lucas planning to propose to Vanessa... Vanessa thanks Lucas for his support recently... Karl tells Lucas that the worst case scenario is that the cancer could be terminal...

Outside the hospital, Lucas and Vanessa are leaving with baby Patrick, Lucas has something on his mind, Vanessa asks Lucas if they're going to be OK. Lucas says that of course they will be. Vanessa says to Lucas that today is one of the best days of her life, then Karl comes over, Vanessa tells him she thought this day would never come. Lucas tells Vanessa to get into the car, as Karl stops Lucas to check he is ok. Lucas tells Karl that Vanessa has been through enough, he wants Vanessa to spend time with Patrick without anything hanging over their heads. Karl respects what Lucas is saying but mentions it’s cancer and they need to develop a treatment plan as soon as possible. Lucas agrees to take a scan but not today, he wants Vanessa to have a day without any other issues arising.


Back at the apartment, Vanessa and Lucas introduce Patrick to the flat, Lucas asks if Vanessa is ok, she tells him she is but hadn’t realised she had been holding on to so much angst. She finally feels great to be have Patrick at home. Lucas then sits and looks at the baby, thinking about things.

At Harold’s, Georgia is sitting drinking coffee, Karl walks in and orders a flat white. Georgia goes over to Karl and asks for a stronger prescription, so she can sleep. Karl asks if she has been getting any exercise and Georgia says she’s tried to, but she’s working a lot of hours. Karl tells her she’s exhausted, she’s running on adrenalin, working a lot of shifts and taking on agency work could prevent sleeping; Karl suggests taking some time off or having some counselling. Georgia tells Karl not to treat her like a random civilian. Karl being firm tells Georgia to take breaks and rest before he prescribes something stronger. Georgia has a change of heart and tells Karl she’s fine, she wants him to forget what she just asked for. Georgia proceeds to leave Harold’s.


Back on Ramsay Street, Callum, Sonya and Nell arrive back at number 30 from visiting Angie, and the place is in a mess. Georgia is obviously shocked to see them back so soon. Sonya tells Georgia they left sooner as Callum had to get back for school and she had work. Georgia asks where Toadie is, and Sonya explains he will be back in a few days. Georgia mentions she was going to do a big clean before they got back. Sonya tells her it’s ok, as long as she’s ok. Georgia tells her she has been working some major long hours at the hospital – ‘coming home, crashing, getting up, doing it again – I’m great.’ Georgia asks if they’ve had breakfast and suggests whipping something up, both Callum and Sonya refuse, and Sonya looks quite worried.

Amber and Chris are coming out of number 32, and Chris asks Amber how she’s feeling about her first day back after the holidays. Amber tells Chris she’s glad to be getting back into it, she wants it to be normal after everything that has happened. Amber mentions she didn’t make much of an effort last term but is going to try this term. She tells Chris she has been keeping in touch with friends online, and then tells him that he should be heading to work. Callum catches up to Amber and asks if he can walk with her to school.


At school Callum and Amber walk in, Amber tells Callum that Bailey got to school an hour earlier to get a head start on an assignment. On Amber’s locker the word TROLL has been written in black marker pen. Some of the girls are laughing; Amber asks them if there is a problem, one of the girls, Cassie, says she doesn’t have a problem - but it looks like Amber does. Callum tries to calm the situation however Cassie says to Amber ‘good one getting your little friend to fight your battles’. Amber again asks what is wrong and she will try and fix it. Cassie tells her ‘Don’t know how’. Amber tries to rub the graffiti off with no luck, Callum asks what happened; Amber tells him she has no idea, she mentions that she is friends with those girls on Facebook.

In Harold’s, Kate is talking to Lauren; her order is not ready, she mentions she rang it through earlier this morning but not to worry she needs to get to the school. Lauren tells her to sit tight. Sonya walks into Harold’s, she tells Kate she was hoping to run into her, as she wants to ask about Georgia. Kate fills Sonya in on what happened at Georgia’s birthday and her date with Pete the new barman at Charlie’s. Kate tells Sonya that they went on a date, it didn’t go well, Georgia tried to kiss him but he didn’t retaliate, she jumped to assumptions that Pete was gay. Sonia mentions Georgia is looking for answers in the wrong place, and Kate tells Sonya that Georgia was embarrassed about the whole thing. Lauren comes out from the kitchen at this point and hands Kate her lunch, Kate heads out of Harold’s telling Lauren she will pay later and will talk to Sonya later. Before leaving Harold’s, Kate bumps into Paul and tells him to call Lyn as she rang the house earlier, and said it was urgent. Paul asks Kate what was so urgent; Kate tells him Lyn would not tell her. Paul proceeds to get his phone out to contact Lyn and looks shocked as he hears what she has to say.



Outside Goodwood Women’s Prison, Steph is lead out by a policeman. She proceeds to walk away from the prison with an air of confidence and freedom.

At the garage, Lucas pulls in, Chris says ‘It’s a good thing you’re the boss, I would have to dock you for being late’. Lucas isn't amused and tells Chris he’s not hanging around; he has a few things on and asks Chris to hold the fort for a bit. Chris asks Lucas if everything is ok, he also mentions that business is pretty busy at the moment. Lucas tells Chris him and Vanessa brought Patrick home this morning and his family comes first. Chris tells Lucas he will figure it out.


In class, Kate is teaching about the solar eclipse. All of a sudden, a rat appears out of Amber’s bag. The whole class get a fright, many of the girls scream. Kate tells everyone to calm down, Amber gets the waste paper bin and traps the rat. Kate asks the class ‘Who did this?’ and Cassie speaks up, saying it came out of Amber’s bag - ‘Probs one of her rodent friends from the country’. Kate asks Amber if it’s her’s. Amber decides to say that it belongs to her and although Kate isn't convinced, she tells Amber to wait behind after class.

At the end of class, everyone leaves and Kate talks to Amber. Kate tells Amber that she knew it wasn’t her that brought the rat in, it was Cassie. Amber denies this, Kate tells Amber that it's hard to fit in and if there is anything she can do to help, Amber should let her know.


In Harold’s, Amber is sitting looking glum and Chris walks in and asks if he’s out of a job as a friend yet. Amber tells him that he's probably the only friend she has. She explains about the sign on the locker and someone putting a rat in her bag, she tells him Cassie was the one that did it, but she didn't want to tell Kate the truth. Chris tells Amber she needs to stop this as it’s bullying and will only get worse. Amber goes on and tells Chris that TROLL was written on her locker. Chris asks if anything had happened on Facebook or Twitter. Amber mentions she replied to people’s tweets, got poked on Facebook and got re-tweeted. Chris is curious as to what she wrote, and gets Amber’s phone and looks. He tells Amber that he thinks he knows why Cassie would hate her - she has written ‘You look pregnant’ on one of her photos. Amber denies writing that, telling him that it was meant to say 'You look pretty'. Amber then realises that the auto-correct had changed the text and she hadn’t noticed before posting it. Chris tells her it’s gone viral and that’s why Cassie is giving her a hard time.

Back at school, Amber tries to apologies to Cassie, she explains about the mix-up with auto-correct. Amber mentions to Cassie that there’s a website dedicated to silly mistakes with auto-correct and that she’s new to Twitter and would never say anything like that on purpose. Cassie tells Amber she nearly had her convinced, but doesn’t believe her. Amber tries again to explain but Cassie is having none of it and calls her a troll.


At the hospital, Georgia is walking out of the building when she sees Karl walking in and tells him she has been told to take time off thanks to him. Georgia asks Karl if he was one of the people that had complained about her work. She tells Karl that he had no right to interfere. Karl tries to stop Georgia, and he tells her the nursing manager just asked his opinion. Karl tells her it’s a good thing to take time off as she needs it, Georgia disagrees, but looks completely exhausted with everything as she gets into her car.

At Charlie’s, Kate walks in and sees Paul, she asks if he spoke to Lyn, and Paul tells her that someone they both know is getting out of jail. Kate realises that it's Steph, and wonders why she's out of jail so soon, whether she's got Charlie, and why she would come back to Erinsborough. Paul tells Kate that it’s been 2 and half years, she has been given parole and is planning to come back to Erinsborough as Lyn has given her the manager’s job at Harold’s. Paul tells Kate, he thinks Lyn has done this as she feels guilty that she didn’t do enough at the custody hearing.



Whilst Paul and Kate are talking, a taxi pulls into Lassiter's. Steph gets out and looks around at everything.


In Harold’s, Lauren gives Vanessa some books for Patrick. Lauren asks Vanessa how she’s managing, and Vanessa tells Lauren she feels bad for leaving him, she mentions her mum had to push her out of the door to get here. Lucas enters Harold’s and spots Steph sitting down, he looks shocked and pleased to see her, and they hug. Lucas asks Steph why she didn’t call, Steph says she wanted to surprise people. Lucas enquires about Charlie and if he’s with her, Steph tells him that Charlie is in Fiji with Max. Vanessa introduces herself and then realises who Steph is. Lucas asks Steph if she’s here for a visit, but she replies that she’s back for good, her mum’s orders, she is going to be the new manager of Harold’s. Vanessa looks a bit shocked, and Steph asks them what she's missed while she was away.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Carla Bonner as Stephanie Scully, Lisa-Marie Shaw as Cassie Nicholls, Basquait Voevodin-Knack/Caspar Bolton Leunig as Patrick Villante

Trivia Notes
• Carla Bonner returns to the cast as Steph, after two and a half years away, for a two-month guest stint
• Past characters Angie Rebecchi, Lyn Scully, Charlie Hoyland and Max Hoyland are mentioned. It is mentioned that Lyn and Max battled for custody of Charlie, and that Lyn lost, so Charlie is now in Fiji with Max
• Off screen explanations for characters who do not appear: Toadie is staying up in Colac to look after his mum for a few extra days, Bailey went to school an hour early to get extra time in the library, and baby Patrick is being looked after by Vanessa's mum
• There is a continuity error, as Steph is released from Goodwood Women's Prison. Although this is the prison that she was sent to in 2010, she was transferred to a different, low security prison near Bendigo in 2011
• This was the first episode to feature the 2013 Opening Titles - Version 3 and a new arrangement of the theme tune with vocals by Daniel Boys and Stephanie Angelini

Summary by Kyle

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