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Magic Moments > 2014 > Josh's Accident Episode 6812

Written by Nick King, Directed by Chris Adshead and Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 04/02/14, Channel 5: 18/02/14

Amber thinking of going camping, but has no one to drive... Imogen asks Isaac to go camping and agrees to drive them... The police escorting Isaac from number 24 as he was selling the Kapoors' furniture... Jacob tells Sonya that his feelings for her go deeper than friendship...

Sonya enters number 30 looking upset, however she composes herself before greeting Toadie, who comments that he hadn’t realised she would be out that long. Sonya tells Toadie that Elliott wouldn’t settle, so she and Jacob took him for a walk and went to Harold’s. Trying to change the subject, Sonya asks Toadie how Georgia is and asks why he isn’t ready for their date. Toadie tells Sonya that Georgia is fine and he thought the date was cancelled. Just then Sonya’s phone bleeps, it’s a text message from Jacob. Sonya quickly makes an excuse to Toadie saying it’s from Jacob thanking her for today. He asks Sonya if she still wants to go on their date, she tells him that she does and he leaves the room with Nell. Sonya looks at her phone with concern and proceeds to delete the text message from Jacob.


Callum is in Harold’s with a large wrapped box as Josie enters. Callum, pleased to see her, mentions that he wasn’t sure if she going to make it. Josie tells Callum that she can’t stay long as her mums are waiting in the car. Callum carefully passes Josie the box explaining to her that this is his way of apologising for his behaviour recently. Josie is surprised to find a puppy inside, and she starts to lift it out, but Callum stops her, informing her that the puppy isn't meant to be in the shop. Callum asks Josie if she likes the puppy, as he got him from the local shelter, and Josie says that she loves him. Conversation moves on to Callum’s recent behaviour - he tells Josie that he has been an idiot and she was completely right about Jacob, though he still doesn't understand why she was so mad at him. Josie tells Callum it was the way he spoke down to her, he sounded like her birth dad, Josie continues to tell Callum that she doesn’t see him much but sometimes he can be really nasty to her mums. Josie kisses Callum and tells him that he’s nothing like her birth dad, he is sweet and kind. She says that she wishes she could stay longer but her mums are waiting, Josie picks up the box with the puppy inside and Callum opens the door for Josie.

Mason is driving Hermione, with Imogen in the passenger seat and Amber and Josh in the back. Imogen comments that they would have been here ages ago if Mason hadn’t taken the wrong turn. Mason reminds Imogen that he is the one with a licence, and Amber tells them both to stop arguing as they are giving her a headache. Mason parks up near the lake.


The kids all get their camping equipment out of the car. Josh comments on Mason’s tent, saying that it looks like it been around since the crusade. Amber explains that their dad refuses to invest in a new tent. Mason opens the tent up to find it ripped and in a bad condition. Imogen, realising that Mason has nowhere to sleep, tells the group that the boys can share. Mason and Josh both refuse, Mason then suggests bunking in with Amber. Amber tells Mason that isn’t going to happen as she is not giving up her ‘alone time’ with Josh. Mason looks over to Imogen, she's appalled and tells Mason that he’s not sharing with her. Mason then declares that he’ll sleep in the car. Amber comments that sleeping in the car will be uncomfortable, so Imogen sighs and tells Mason he can share her tent but he has to stick to his own sleeping bag.

In Charlie’s, Sonya and Toadie are having dinner. Toadie mentions that he loves Charlie’s for their ‘ambient lighting’. Sonya, obviously not picking up on Toadie’s vibes, suggests going somewhere else. Toadie sighs and tells Sonya that he was a little bit jealous earlier with the way she drops everything and goes running everytime Jacob calls. Sonya, shocked at what Toadie has just said, realises that it's true, though Toadie tells her it's fine, he gets that she does it because she has a big heart. Sonya reminds Toadie that she and Jacob are just friends. Toadie tells Sonya he knows and he wasn’t accusing her of anything, and they hold hands. Sonya declares that she is aware of how incredibly lucky she is to be married to Toadie, Toadie tells Sonya he’s lucky too, and he kisses Sonya’s hand.


Imogen and Mason are arguing in their tent, whilst Amber and Josh are kissing in theirs. Mason is tormenting Imogen and conversation shifts on to Isaac, “the second-hand furniture salesman”. Imogen wonders how he knew about that, as neither she nor Amber told him. Mason decides to confess to Imogen and informs her that he might have been the one that dobbed him in to his dad and that he was trying to do her a favour. Imogen, angry with Mason’s confession, tells him he’s unbelievable and they start arguing again, with Imogen claiming that Mason is jealous and she can fight her own battles. In the other tent Amber and Josh hear the argument, and it then goes very quiet. Josh wonders what they are doing. Amber tells Josh she doesn’t care and tells him to focus, and they start to kiss again.

At number 30, Sonya sighs, her phone beeps; she has received another text from Jacob. Sonya decides to reply and tell him to leave her alone, and then turns her phone off. She looks worried.


In the tent, Mason is talking about Isaac and telling Imogen how much of a tool he is, but Imogen seems disinterested. Mason continues by saying he is a better judge of character than she is. Imogen scoffs and says “yeah right, because I thought you were a decent guy once”. Mason takes his singlet off and starts flirting with Imogen, suggesting that she used to stay up all night thinking about him, and he doesn’t want her coming over to his side of the tent. Imogen tells Mason that she’d rather sleep outside than go anywhere near him. Imogen turns her back to Mason and she smiles – whilst Mason chuckles silently.

The next morning, Amber is making breakfast, whilst Imogen and Mason are still sleeping. Josh comments that there is no sign of life and decides to give them a morning wakeup call. Josh proceeds to grab a pan and spoon and starts to bang, he peeks into their tent, but is shocked to see Mason and Imogen looking very cozy. Imogen tells Josh to get out. Amber asks Josh what's wrong, but Josh can't quite find the words - Imogen and Mason then appear and she insists that there was nothing going on. Josh doesn’t believe Imogen, telling her that it didn’t look that way. Mason concurs with Imogen and tells Josh that nothing happened. Amber breaks up the argument by asking if anyone would like breakfast, and she tells Imogen and Mason that she and Josh are going for a bush walk. Mason makes fun of their plans and suggests they could go abseiling instead as he has got the gear in the car. Amber wonders who brought it - Mason tells her that he hired it and reminds Amber that he always went abseiling back in Mount Isa. Josh tells Mason that he and Amber will pass, and so Mason starts to poke fun at Josh, who says that Brad would kill him if he did something as risky as abseiling. Amber stops the argument between the boys and Imogen decides that she is going to go with Mason, as she does not want to be the third wheel. Josh tells Imogen that she is not going to go abseiling, however she tells him to stop acting like their dad. Imogen and Mason then head off, and Josh wonders if they should go with them, however Amber tells Josh no, as they can spend more time together.


Sonya enters number 30, surprised to find Jacob and Toadie looking at paperwork. Toadie informs Sonya that they’ll be finished in a minute and she asks what’s going on. Jacob tells Sonya that they decided to meet up here to talk - Toadie explains his idea, that Jacob should allow some sort of shared custody with Elliott’s grandparents as it's going to end up very bitter on both sides. Sonya tells Jacob that family is really important and meeting them halfway is not a bad idea. However, Jacob is not convinced it will work, as Elliott’s grandparents live in Adelaide and he lives in Erinsborough. Jacob comments that he likes living in Erinsborough, the place has gotten under his skin and he’s not going anywhere. Sonya looks disappointed at Jacob’s decision.

Amber and Josh are looking out at the lake; Amber asks why life can’t be like this all the time. Josh tells her that she would get bored. Amber comments that she wouldn’t as long as he was here to entertain her. Amber can tell Josh has got something on his mind and asks if he's worried about Imogen, though he insists that he isn't.


By the cliff, Mason is showing Imogen how to abseil - she looks worried. Mason successfully abseils to the bottom, he shouts up to Imogen telling her that it’s her turn.

A little while later, Mason is making sure all the abseiling equipment is fitted to Imogen correctly. Imogen comments that he was a pro, Mason informs Imogen that he’s done abseiling plenty of times before and tells her to relax. Imogen looks down and tells Mason that she has changed her mind, but he calmly tells Imogen to take it easy, it will be fun and to trust him. Mason does one final check to make sure the equipment is secure and Imogen starts going down the cliff.


Back at the lake, Amber asks Josh why he is so protective towards Imogen - Josh says that Mason is exactly the same with her. Amber announces that she just wants to stay by the lake, but Josh says that he is going to call Imogen. However, he finds that he has no signal on his phone. Josh, getting more concerned, tells Amber that he’ll cook dinner if they can just go and check on Mason and Imogen. Amber reluctantly agrees.

Back at the cliff, Mason is shouting encouraging things down to Imogen, who reaches the bottom and laughs. Imogen tells Mason that it was amazing, she felt as though she was floating. Mason tells her he knew she would love it, and she declares that she is going to do it again.


At Harold’s, Jacob finds Sonya and he says that it’s good to see her. Sonya cuts to the chase and tells Jacob that he needs to take Toadie’s advice, move closer to his in-laws, he can’t stay around Erinsborough because of her, its not healthy for him. Jacob tells Sonya that he understands it’s complicated but the feelings they share are real. Sonya tells Jacob that isn’t the case, he is lost, his feelings are all over the place and he is still grieving. Jacob replies that he wants to be with her, but Sonya says that he's turning all this into something that it’s not and nothing is ever going to happen between them. Jacob accuses Sonya of giving up on him and Elliott - Sonya informs Jacob sternly that her marriage is more important than their friendship, she can’t see him anymore and for both their sakes he should leave Erinsborough. Sonya then proceeds to leave Harold’s.

At number 30, Josie hands the puppy back, and informs Callum that she’s allergic to dogs, which is why her mums never allowed her to have one. Josie comments that Loki is the most thoughtful present anyone has given her. Callum is pleased that she's named the puppy and suggests to Toadie that they should keep him, though Toadie says no. Callum and Josie decide to take Loki outside, as Sonya enters. Toadie wonders what she said to Jacob, as he's just been in touch and has decided to move back to Adelaide. Sonya sighs and tells Toadie that she told Jacob to leave before things got too complicated. Toadie asks her to explain, so she sits next to him and admits that she has been confused and part of her has been attracted to how much Jacob needed her. Toadie asks if she has feelings for Jacob, and she explains that she just liked the way he depended on her, in the same way that Lucas used to. Toadie asks Sonya what she is talking about - she says that when Lucas left, Jacob filled that void and she needs someone to keep her on track. Toadie, not taking this very well, says that he clearly can't give Sonya everything she needs in life, and he walks out.


Back at the cliff, Imogen and Mason are talking. Amber and Josh arrive, with Imogen telling them that they’ve missed out and that the abseiling was amazing. Josh says that he just wanted to check that they were ok, and Mason pokes fun at Josh, saying that he struggles when he is out of the water. Amber tells Josh to ignore her brother, but Josh answers back to Mason, commenting that it’s only a wall and unlike him he has talent and all Mason is going to be doing for his whole life is carry other people’s luggage. Josh and Mason continue to bicker, Josh then decides he will abseil and tells Mason to set up the equipment. Amber tells Josh that he doesn’t have to do this, but he says that he wants to.




Mason secures the equipment, however Josh is getting impatient. Mason goes through the relevant safety procedures with Josh but he's not paying much attention. Mason then informs Josh that he is going to check the anchor one more time. Josh decides to start the abseil anyway, and starts to descend the cliff. All of a sudden, Josh falls and hits the ground.

Featured Regular Characters: Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Mason Turner, Amber Turner

Guest Cast: Clayton Watson as Jacob Holmes, Madison Daniel as Josie Lamb, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Paul Rochford as Joshua Stunt Double, Beau Karolos as Mason Stunt Double

Trivia Notes
• Past character Lucas Fitzgerald is mentioned
• Australian academic and journalist Germaine Greer and British adventurer, writer and television presenter Bear Grylls are mentioned in this episode
• The text message from Jacob to Sonya was sent on 23/10/2013 at 10:17, however, the text Sonya sent to Jacob was correctly dated as 04/02/2014

Summary by Kyle