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Magic Moments > 2015 > Harold's Return Episode 7062

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 17/02/15, Channel 5: 03/03/15

Brennan telling Matt that they need to bring down Dennis Dimato... Amber and Imogen’s car being stolen... Dimato getting Tyler interested in doing jobs for him... Paige asking Bryson where the money is... Bailey admitting that it’s his fault the money has gone...

The Turner family are out in the back garden, and Amber asks everyone about their plans for the day; no one answers at first. Matt is busy unclogging the drain, Paige breaks the awkward silence by telling Amber that she hasn’t got much planned. Just then Matt curses as he has caught his hand on something. Lauren asks Amber if she is ready for her first day at uni, she replies that she should be OK as she only has one class. Amber then suggests that they all meet up for lunch later to cheer themselves up. Matt then angrily says “With whose money?” Lauren gives Matt a firm stare, and Amber then suggests a picnic as it won’t cost anything; “No thanks” is Matt’s response. Lauren reassures Amber that her dad is a bit tired, so next Amber suggests they hold a garage sale, while Paige proposes that they could ask Kathy for financial help. Lauren tells Paige that she has already spoken to Kathy and she’s not in a position to help. Matt says out loud “You mean she wasn’t happy to have her money stolen!” Everyone looks awkward, Paige tries to break the awkward silence by announcing that she’s going for a run and offers Amber and Bailey the chance to join her.


At number 24, Naomi heads out of Brennan’s room wearing his shirt, whilst a shirtless Brennan is preparing a breakfast of smashed avocado and egg. Naomi suggests they skip breakfast and go back to bed, but Brennan tells her that he needs to leave within the hour - Naomi then comments in a flirty manner that she’s good at working to deadlines. However, Brennan tells her that he needs to get to the police station so he can start his application process. Naomi says that she can’t wait to see him in uniform, but just then, a shirtless Tyler enters from the backyard. He introduces himself to Naomi again, and she reassures him that she doesn’t normally go around semi-clothed, but Tyler tells her that he doesn’t have a problem with it. Tyler asks about their plans for the day, Naomi says “Nothing as exciting as your brother, tell him the news...” but Brennan quickly cuts her off and says “I’m giving up sugar... yeah, I watched a doco about how bad it is”. Tyler is not convinced but doesn’t get a chance to reply as Brennan tells him if he wants some breakfast, he should go and shower first. Tyler leaves, and Brennan then gives Naomi her breakfast, but she doesn’t say anything.

Paige is out on her run and comes across Bryson at the park, so she heads over to him and asks what he's doing - “Exercising, is that ok? Or are you going to call the police?” he says. Paige wonders why he hasn’t left town yet and Bryson tells Paige that he stayed at the hotel last night but will be flying back out tonight. Paige, sensing an attitude, asks Bryson what his problem is - Bryson tells her that he’s angry about being accused of stealing. Paige reminds Bryson that he was the one sending fake photos. They start to argue and Bryson decides to walk away from Paige, who says “Don’t you walk away from me, I’ve had enough of the silent, angsty treatment at home!” Bryson stops and Paige apologies to him and comments that she will cool it on the banshee act. Bryson tells Paige that Banshee is number two on his list of favourite Irish monsters. She asks who's number one and Bryson tells her that it's Westlife. She laughs. Bryson apologises to Paige about lying and asks if she is ok. “Not really” is her reply, so Bryson offers to take her for a coffee.


Back at number 24, Brennan is all smart and ready to go to the police station, he asks Naomi how he looks and whether she would give him the job. Naomi half-heartily tells him he looks great. Brennan notices the mess Tyler has made and says “it’s like living with a child”. “A child you’re keeping secrets from” is Naomi’s reply. Brennan tells Naomi that Tyler doesn’t need to know right now, but Naomi reminds him that he’s going to find out sooner or later. Brennan informs Naomi that when the time comes he will be the one to tell him, it’s not up to her to share his news. They start to have a discussion about the situation which doesn’t go too well as Naomi proceeds to get her stuff and makes a sharp exit, whilst Brennan looks annoyed.

In Harold’s, Imogen tells Amber that the car insurance company got back in contact with her and they are only going to give them $500. Imogen remarks that it isn’t much but she has seen some cute cars for sale online. Amber apologises and tells Imogen that she is going to give her share to her mum and dad to help them out - Imogen tells Amber she understands. Tyler enters and Imogen introduces him to Amber, Tyler and Imogen pass small talk, he then goes to the counter to order something, as Amber asks Imogen if he is the same guy that Daniel had the run-in with. Imogen confirms that he's the guy. “Shame, I was going to suggest double dating,” Amber says. Imogen tells Amber that Tyler is not her type, and just then Amber receives a text from Daniel telling her he has a surprise for her. As Amber goes to leave, Imogen reminds her about uni but Amber reassures Imogen that she doesn’t need to be there until after lunch. Amber heads off and as Imogen looks over to Tyler, he smiles at her.


At number 30, Toadie is on the phone to Callum, as Lou knocks and enters. Toadie ends the call and fills Lou in on Callum who has had an accident. Toadie tells Lou that Callum was playing GridIron and he has snapped his achilles tendon, and is now in hospital with Jade by his side. Lou reassures Toadie that Callum will be OK and ushers him outside, where he has a surprise for him. Toadie tells Lou that he needs to contact Sonya first, but Lou replies that Sonya is already outside. Toadie asks Lou what he is up to and all Lou tells Toadie is that he will love this.

They head outside, Sonya is rushing inside and tells Toadie about Callum’s accident and informs him that someone should be there for him - Toadie mentions that he has a big trial starting and will be unable to go, so Sonya says that she will work something out and heads inside to book flights. Toadie starts to follow Sonya in but Lou stops him, and again Toadie wonders what's going on but Lou isn’t giving anything away. Daniel walks up number 30’s driveway, saying that Amber is on her way. Daniel asks Lou about the surprise and Lou says to Daniel “It’s someone you want at your wedding!” Just then, Lou’s mysterious guest arrives in a camper van... it's Harold! “Jelly Belly is back!” Lou exclaims happily!



Harold and Toadie are catching up, as Amber arrives and Daniel introduces her to Harold. Harold says that he can’t wait to find out all about her, and kisses her on the cheek. Daniel and Amber start to kiss and Harold comments that it’s like looking at his mother and father before they were married, ‘blissfully in love’. Amber tells Harold that she is so pleased he can come to the wedding - Harold tells her that he wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Conversation moves onto Harold’s wife Carolyn, with Toadie asking where she is. Harold informs Toadie that her tea business is going wonderfully well and that it takes up a lot of time. Daniel asks if she will still be able to make the wedding. Lou jokingly tells them to ‘leave the old fella alone’. Harold quickly changes the subject to the upcoming Erinsborough Festival and hopes that someone will be able to do something with what he’s got, and he proceeds to brings out a box file from the camper van, with some old photographs inside - "30 years of Ramsay Street history" he proclaims!

At the Waterhole, Matt enters and tells Brennan, who is doing some last minute reading, that they are ready for him at the station. Brennan tells Matt to wish him luck, but Matt says that he won’t need it, as he’s got it in the bag; the interview is just a formality. Brennan starts to leave, feeling confident but Matt says to Brennan “You do realise you’ll be starting at the bottom, you have to do your physical again, extra fitness test and full psych evaluation?”. “Yeah, right, whatever it takes to get my badge back” is Brennan’s reply. Matt asks Brennan which badge he is referring to - Brennan looks concerned and Matt tells him that he's coming back as a constable. Brennan reminds Matt that he was a detective but Matt tells Brennan that the sergeant was outranked and if he wants to come back, he’ll have to be a constable and wear the uniform. Matt adds “You’ve been telling me for months how to do my job, now you get to show me what you’re made of”. Brennan doesn’t look too happy.


At Harold’s, Bryson and Paige are talking about the money situation and online relationships. Bryson tells Paige that he thought Bailey was a computer whiz. “Yeah, obviously he was blinded by the hot Russian... who was probably a 50-year-old man with a beard” is Paige’s reply. Bryson comments that it’s easy to get sucked in online, but Paige insists that she wasn’t having a go at him; she just wants to help but no one in her family want to discuss the issue. Bryson advices Paige to do nothing, it’s not up to her to fix the situation. Paige points out that they're not coping and are shutting down. Bryson suggests that they might need time to get over the shock and figure out what to do next, and he touches Paige’s hand and tells her to just be there for them when they come out of the other side. Paige gives Bryson a reassuring smile.

At Fitzgerald Motors, Tyler arrives with a couple of coffees, but Brennan is in a world of his own and doesn’t notice he's arrived until he throws a cloth in Brennan’s direction. Brennan claims that he was thinking about Naomi when Tyler comments that he was a million miles away. Brennan starts asking Tyler about some car brakes and the brothers start jokingly squabbling, the guys then start to reminisce about an ‘old wreck’ their dad gave Brennan. Tyler suggests that they should open a garage together one day. “How you meant to open a garage when you can’t pay rent?” Brennan says. Tyler reassures Brennan that the money is coming, and Brennan says that it had better be soon as he’s not a charity. Tyler promises Brennan he’ll get the money and tells him to ‘chill’. Tyler’s phone starts to ring - it's Dimato, offering more work. Tyler tells him that he will swing by and ends the call. Brennan asks who was on the phone; Tyler lies and tells Brennan that it was ‘some chick he picked up’, then quickly makes his excuses and leaves.


Back at Harold’s, Bryson is showing Paige the app he created, ‘Friendship-Meter’ and comments that it’s huge in China. Paige tells Bryson that they should come up with an app together right now, but he tells her that he needs to go as his taxi is booked for the airport in an hour. Paige tries to persuade Bryson to stay an extra night so they can hang out some more. He laughs and tells Paige that things have gone well with the two of them, apart from the police situation, adding “I thought you’d want to run a mile when you first saw me!” “Well I’m still here aren’t I?” is Paige’s reply, they smile and Bryson goes into kiss her, but she backs off and asks Bryson what he's doing. Bryson apologises, and Paige tells him that she wasn’t expecting that. Again, Bryson apologises and quickly leaves with Paige calling after him.

Harold and Toadie are hanging out washing in the back garden of number 30, and Toadie asks again about Carolyn, wondering when she is going to arrive. Harold is being rather guarded about Carolyn’s whereabouts and begins discussing the wedding, mentioning that he'll need some assistance buying a new suit and asks Toadie if he could help with that. Toadie agrees, commenting that they can suffer a shopping trip together, and they both head back inside.


At the Waterhole, Brennan enters as Naomi is leaving - she asks him about the interview and Brennan tells her that they want him back but just as a constable. Naomi tells Brennan that she’s happy for him, but Brennan isn't so pleased, as it took him years to become a detective. Naomi cuts him off and tells him that she needs to go as she has 25 volunteers waiting outside for her. As she rushes off, Paige enters and notices Imogen and Amber, so joins them. Imogen encourages Paige to unload her problems; Paige tells her sisters that Bryson tried to kiss her. Amber asks Paige what the problem is and Paige tells Amber that she and Bryson are just friends. Imogen says to Paige “I’ll tell you what the problem is, you're not psychically attracted to him and you're too guilty to admit it, it’s easier to blame it on the kiss than that”. Paige groans and asks if it is ‘psycho-analyse Paige day'. “Well it feels like you need it” is Imogen’s reply. Amber tells Paige to give Bryson a break and comments that it’s really scary putting yourself out there. Imogen agrees with Amber and adds that it’s pretty brave of him.

Back at Harold’s, Bryson is buying a drink. Paige enters and Bryson tells her that she is ‘off the hook’, he’s not going to push the situation, he knows that she isn’t into him. Paige informs Bryson that the relationship has been one of the best she’s ever had and they have a strong connection. Bryson says to Paige “Well that’s nice of you to say but” he sighs “I don’t want any more friends, if we can’t be more than that, I have to forget about this and move on”. “What if I don’t want you to move on?” Paige replies and takes his hand, they move to sit down. Paige tells Bryson that the last few months would have been hell if she hadn’t been speaking to him and she’s not ready for it to be over. Paige encourages Bryson to stick around in Erinsborough, to see how it goes between them; Paige then goes to kiss him. However, Bryson backs off from Paige and tells her that he is not a charity and it’s not going to work. Paige again tries to reassure Bryson that they could try but he's determined, he tells Paige that it’s over and goes to leave. Paige asks Bryson if she can still message him but he tells her that he’d rather she didn’t. Bryson then walks out of Harold’s, and Paige is taken aback.


At Dimato’s lockup, Tyler turns up and is waiting; Michelle then arrives and asks if he is Tyler Brennan. Tyler asks where Dennis is and Michelle tells him that he couldn’t make it so he asked her to meet with him instead. Tyler mentions that Dennis had some work for him and Michelle tells him to follow her. Michelle shows Tyler the work Dennis wants him to complete, a Ford Capri; Michelle explains that Dennis wants it stripped for parts. Tyler asks how long he has to do it and Michelle tells him 3 days and he will receive $750. Tyler explains that the timescale is pretty tight and he’s unsure if he’ll be able to take time off work. Michelle tells Tyler that he can access the yard day and night until it’s completed. Tyler agrees, then asks Michelle if he can have an advance as he is short of cash and promises to have the job completed within 2 days. Michelle agrees to the deal and gives Tyler the cash.


In the back garden of number 30, Lou enquires about Callum, and Toadie tells him that he’s OK and Sonya has managed to get a flight for tomorrow. Lou notices on the balcony, Harold is on the phone, wondering if Harold is speaking to 'the missus’. Toadie confirms he is and tells Lou that he hopes that he and Sonya are like them at their age. “What, living in a motor home?” Lou declares. “No, happy and adventuring” Toadie replies. Toadie tells Lou that his jealously is showing, and Lou says “I’m not jealous, well slightly envious maybe, well I can’t afford a place of my own, I’ve gotta live with my daughter. Meanwhile he’s swanning around Australia with his lovely wife!” Toadie sighs and tells Lou that his time will come. Lou comments that ‘good old Jelly Belly’ deserves it. Up on the balcony, Harold is talking to Carolyn “Yes I’ll send your things on to you. No Carolyn, I haven’t told them as of yet.” He sighs “Goodbye”.

Featured Regular Characters: Daniel Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Paige Smith, Imogen Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Travis Burns as Tyler Brennan, Ra Chapman as Michelle Kim, Brodie Derrick as Bryson Jennings

Trivia Notes
• Ian Smith returns for a five-week guest stint as Harold, having last appeared in 2011
• Past characters Callum Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell, Carolyn Johnstone and Kathy Carpenter are mentioned
• Craig McLachlan is incorrectly credited as 'Harry Ramsay' in the closing credits of the UK broadcast of this episode, and is not credited at all in the Australian broadcast

Summary by Kyle