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Magic Moments > 2015 > Callum's Return Episode 7214

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 17/09/15, Channel 5: 01/10/15

Nate and Aaron kiss... Toadie is presented with a new wheelchair... Terese is furious that Susan is still speaking to Lauren... Amber tells Brad that Terese has stopped the renovations going ahead... Piper arrives home in the middle of a family row...

At number 22, there are lots of hugs all round for Piper; Terese tells her that she wasn’t expecting her back till Saturday. Piper explains that she packed her stuff quicker than she thought and got an earlier flight - Imogen enquires about the extra cost in doing that, but Piper says, “Not if you rock up at the airport and tell them that you need to get home fast as your family is falling apart!” Terese glares at Brad, who tells Piper that she should have called and they would have picked her up from the airport. Piper tells the family that it was fine as she got talking to a guy sitting next to her on the flight, who lives in Anson’s Corner so she shared a cab with him from the airport. Her parents are horrified, but Piper tells them not to be: “Relax, Mum. I can tell if someone's a psycho or not. I also know a major domestic when I hear it. You guys sounded like something from Jerry Springer...” Piper asks everyone to go inside so they can talk.




Over at number 30, Callum is on a Bla Bla video call. He tells Toadie that he loves the US, and then asks him how he's doing. Toadie says that the rehab is going well and he's going back to work. Toadie and Sonya begin to bicker about this, and Callum comments that nothing's changed. He offers to fly over and help out, but Toadie tells him it's fine. He then asks if he can go back to bed, they agree and add that they love him. Sonya also tells Callum to give Jade a hug from her and ends the video call. Sonya asks Karl if it's a good idea for Toadie to go back to work. Karl tells her that it’s up to Toadie, who says that it's ‘rehab for his brain’ and he wants to feel useful. Karl agrees and tells them that it makes good sense.

At the Willis house, Terese asks Piper about Ryan, the hockey player she was dating. Piper tells her mum that they broke up and adds that she only liked him for his muscles. “I cannot believe that for years of bagging me out for being a meathead swimmer, you date a full-blown jock,” jokes Josh to his little sister. Piper adds that she made a vlog about it all recently entitled ‘A Survival Guide To Dating A Jock.’ The Willises talk about Piper's vlog, and she explains that it started as a school assignment then it took off. Brad comments that it's called Pipe Up, she has a few hundred followers and it's funny. Terese asks Brad how he knows about it and he tells her that he’s seen a few videos, and that he and Piper have been talking a lot lately. Piper adds that they’ve been talking every night. She then asks when she can meet Paige, and she invites everyone else to come with her. However, Josh has a gig and Imogen has to work, but Brad's free. Terese asks why he isn’t at work, Brad tells her that he spoke to Susan and he has the rest of the term off to sort himself out. Terese comes back with, “If anyone should be taking stress leave, it should be me!” Brad takes this as his moment to leave. Once he's gone, Terese apologies to Piper and tells her that this wasn’t the welcome home she had in mind. Piper tells her mum that she understands that things are messy at the moment.


In Harold’s, Paige and Amber comment how Harold's is like a "ghost town", because Lauren had told everyone it was shut for a week. Amber is trying to drum up publicity online. Paige asks if she can start her shift at lunchtime, as she's meeting Piper, which she's quite nervous about. Lauren comes out of the kitchen and Paige assures her that the customers will be back next week. Lauren tells them that there won't be any renovations when they do come back. Paige tells her mum that she really doesn't deserve this. “I don't want to cause any more trouble,” is Lauren’s reply. Paige reminds her that the renovations are going to be good for the store and for Lassister's, which should be in Terese’s best interests. Lauren looks defeated and Amber says to her: “Hey, what happened to the tradition of strong Turner women, we need to set a good example for this one.” Amber pats her bump and Lauren realises that maybe there’s something she can do.

In the Lassiter's Complex, Piper is doing a vlog entry about being back in Australia, and wonders whether everyone in Erinsborough is really as nice as they seem. So she picks someone at random - Lauren. She asks about the price of a bus to the city, and Lauren gives her travelcard to Piper, explaining that she’d like it if someone helped her child if they needed it. Lauren comments on Piper’s jacket mentioning that it is very nice and very 90s. Piper thanks her and Lauren tells her to have fun in the city. Piper finishes her vlog by telling her followers that the kind folk of Erinsborough have scored again and stranger number 2 was very kind, down with 90s fashion - but was more 90210 than Nirvana!


Inside Rebecchi Law, Toadie assures Sonya that everything is within his reach, and he thanks Imogen for her help. Lauren arrives and asks for a word in private. As Sonya and Imogen leave the office, Imogen hears Lauren tell Toadie that it's about Terese and the renovations. Once Sonya has left, Imogen goes to stand by the door, but then Sonya comes back to look for her keys, looking suspiciously at Imogen.

Toadie asks Lauren if she has anything in writing to confirm the renovations were approved. Lauren explains that she hasn’t, but adds that she spoke to Terese in-person and she was confident that was enough. Toadie tells Lauren that as she doesn’t have anything in writing, she doesn’t have much recourse. Toadie enquires about the building quotes and asks if anything was signed off. Lauren tells Toadie that Terese suggested she use the hotel's electricians and plumbers as she might get a better rate. Toadie asks if she did and Lauren says that she spoke to them but hasn't heard anything back from them. Toadie promises to look into it.


At the Waterhole Aaron and Nate flirt a bit, then Aaron asks if it's OK to have a hen-do at the Waterhole at lunch time as the venue it was originally going to be at has been flooded. Nate agrees and adds that Sheila will be fine with it.

Terese goes around to the Kennedy house to speak to Susan about enrolling Piper at the school. Susan is put out because Terese isn't all effusively friendly and leaves quite sharply. Karl says to Susan: “So much for patching things up, I'm not saying what Lauren did is right, but asking you to take sides isn't fair.” “I was just trying to be a friend: to both of them,” is Susan’s reply.


Back at the Waterhole, Brad tells Piper that Paige will be there soon. Piper says: “So weird that I've got another sister. And Lauren's her mum. And twenty years after doing it with her, you go and do it again. I just hope there's no baby this time.” Brad tells Piper that she doesn’t need to worry about that, and Piper then says that she'd like to meet Lauren too. Brad tells her that there's no rush, but Piper points out that Lauren is connected to the family because she is Paige’s mum and Amber’s - and Amber is having Josh's baby. Paige arrives, and compliments Piper on her jacket.

They go outside, and Paige introduces Piper to Lauren. Piper gives her the travelcard back and thanks her for helping her out. Paige asks how they know each other and Piper tells Paige that she was the other person that liked her ‘90s jacket’. Josh comes along, and they talk about his gig. Terese sees the five of them together, seemingly very comfortable in each other's company, and doesn’t look too amused.


A little later, inside the Waterhole, Aaron and Josh perform for the hens, whilst Nate doesn’t look too happy, though Piper is very amused to see her brother's new line of work.

Sonya arrives at Rebecchi Law, and Toadie asks Imogen to pick up some documents from an electrician and a plumber. Sonya asks Toadie if it's a good idea having Imogen working for him, given the situation with Lauren and Terese. Toadie tells Sonya that Imogen has been loyal and he hopes that she has learnt from her mistakes.


Back at the Waterhole, Jasmine, the bride-to-be, asks Aaron if he's single (for her friends, obviously). Aaron says to her: “For lovely ladies like yourself, I am always available.” Aaron hands her his business cards to give out to her friends. Nate overhears and challenges him over how he made her believe he was straight. Aaron tells Nate that it's business, and goes to pack up as the conversation between them becomes heated. Josh and Piper are catching up over food, Piper asks Josh if he's going to get back with Amber. Josh comments that he tried and failed badly, and he's got to let it go. Piper says it's a shame, as Amber isn't the dumb blonde she was expecting her to be. Terese comes over and asks how it went with meeting Paige, also asking if she met anyone else. Piper tells her mum she met practically half the neighbourhood. Terese tells Piper that she was going to ask her to join her for lunch but as she is already eating, she will ask if they can put the bill on the tab - she heads over to the bar. Piper asks Josh if it was a good idea that she didn’t mention meeting Lauren, and Josh confirms that it was.

Susan and Karl see Terese coming out of the Waterhole and Susan catches up with her, giving her the enrolment forms. Susan offers help with the subject choices, which Terese doesn't want, but she does request that the staff don't make comparisons between Imogen and Piper. Susan insists that they wouldn't, as they deal with each student based on their individual merit. “Yeah, well, that hasn't been my experience in the past,” says Terese sharply in reply. Terese, even less subtly, tells Susan that Karl is waiting for her. Imogen arrives, and tells her mum that there's something they need to discuss, and they can't do it outside...


Inside the Waterhole, she shows her a quote from the electrician which Terese has signed. Imogen advises her to go to Lauren and tell her she made a simple mistake. Terese tells Imogen that it would be humiliating, but Imogen informs her mum that it would be far less humiliating than her and Toadie turning up on her doorstep waving the document in her face. Terese tells Imogen that there is another option, they could destroy it as it’s the only copy and then there wouldn’t be any proof. Imogen tells her mum that would be tampering with evidence, but Terese reminds Imogen that it’s not a murder case. Imogen still thinks that it would be wrong, but Terese pleads with her, telling her that it’s her fault she is in this situation, and she's been humiliated enough recently - Terese then asks a shocked Imogen to shred the document, and walks away.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Piper Willis, Nate Kinski, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith

Guest Cast: Morgan Baker as Callum Rebecchi, Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, Celina Yuen as Jasmine Jones

Trivia Notes
• Morgan Baker makes a brief return, with Callum appearing by video call, having last appeared on screen in June 2014
• This is the first episode to use 2015 Opening Titles - Version Six
• Past character Jade Mitchell is mentioned

Summary by Kyle