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Magic Moments > 2015 > Lucas's Return Episode 7217

Written by Cassandra Barilla, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 22/09/15, Channel 5: 06/10/15

Russell leaving Ramsay Street after Mark and Aaron discover that he used to beat Tyler... Tyler kissing Paige after she help him locate a bike and tools stolen in a break-in at the garage... Sonya advising Amy not to shut herself off to the possibility of a romantic connection with Kyle... Jimmy's father Liam turning up unexpectedly in Ramsay Street...

An excited Jimmy is in Liam's car saying how cool it is and asking if they can go for a drive. Liam replies that they might be able to in a bit, but gets Jimmy to promise to take it slow around the corners. Amy and Kyle walk up to Liam and ask what he is doing on Ramsay Street: he jokes that he heard reports of a zombie invasion and has come to take care of it. Liam introduces himself to Kyle and shakes his hand, explaining that he didn't know he was coming to Erinsborough until he became his own boss again. Amy realises that Liam is on the sales trail again and he confirms that he is selling hand sanitiser. Liam turns to Jimmy and ask if he is going to show off his new room that Amy mentioned. Amy suggests that Jimmy finish his game with Kyle first, but Jimmy asks if they can do it another time and Jimmy races Liam to Number 30. Kyle confirms with Amy that Liam is her ex and she admits he is, adding that she might be a bit late for work.


At Number 24, Tyler walks into the kitchen and tells Mark that he thought he would already have left. Mark replies that his meet isn't for another hour. Just then, Tyler receives a message on his phone from the garage property lawyer, who informs him that the new owner wants to meet for a rundown of all the garage fittings. Tyler anxiously says he doesn't know what he is going to do as half the tools are missing since the break-in. Mark urges Tyler not to stress, pointing out he might have got them back before then. Tyler is still worried that the tools won't be back in time and reckons the new owner won't keep him on if they find out the tools aren't there. Mark doesn't think that will be a problem as they can just find Tyler a new job. Tyler sarcastically retorts that Dimato will give him a good reference, but Mark is still unconcerned as he thinks something will come up. Tyler tries to go to the meet with Mark: Mark refuses but is eventually persuaded by Tyler. Mark warns Tyler that he will have to hang back and leave the meeting if he is told to do so.

Liam is testing out some of the hand sanitisers on Sonya and Toadie, confirming to Sonya that there is no alcohol in any of them. He tells that to take a few bottles as it is the least he can do as they have both been so good to Amy and Jimmy. Liam chats to Jimmy for a moment, complimenting him on his growing muscles and other interests as Toadie asks how long he will be sticking around for. Liam confirms that it will depend upon how things go with the sales of his hand sanitisers. He adds that he wants to target big corporations, such as hotels, and Jimmy suggests Lassiter's. Amy, who is growing increasingly uncomfortable, tries to put Liam off when he says how great it would be to meet Paul, informing Liam that Paul will be very busy working. Jimmy asks Amy to phone Paul and check whether he is busy. Amy is still reluctant, but eventually has little choice but to relent and agree to seeing if Paul is free.


Mark and Tyler are waiting in the car for the meet-up to begin. Tyler comments that if it wasn't for Paige then they would never have got the lead, but Mark replies that having Tyler at the meet is bad enough - if Paige had been there they would be asking for trouble. Just then, a car drives past with Tyler's bike behind it on a trailer. Tyler is surprised that the person is so dumb, but Mark is unsurprised, explaining that sometimes thieves go back to the scene of the crime for more. Mark gets out of the car and approaches the man, Lenny, telling him that his girlfriend, who Lenny spoke to on the phone, has just gone to get some cash. Lenny invites Mark to look over the goods and tells him that he won't be disappointed. As Lenny lifts up the cover on the tools, Mark pulls out his police badge, telling him he is under arrest for the stolen goods. Lenny pushes Mark and tries to make a getaway, although is pulled to the ground by Tyler, who has set off in pursuit.

Kyle is in The Waterhole, explaining to Sheila about Liam's arrival when Naomi arrives, wondering what is happening. Noticing how subdued both Sheila and Kyle are, Naomi reminds them of how tough the Canning family are and urges them to buck up immediately. Kyle heads off to pick up a few things and Naomi tells Sheila that wallowing, following Russell's departure won't do her any good. Sheila reminds Naomi that when her heart was broken for the first time, she couldn't accessorise for weeks! Naomi reminds Sheila she was only twelve at the time and tells Sheila that they are due a mother-daughter day as she is in need of cheering up. Sheila is reluctant, as she is so busy, but eventually agrees and follows Naomi out of the bar.



Tyler and Mark begin unloading the van of both Tyler's bike and the tools, shortly after they arrive back at the garage. Tyler opens the door to the van, but glances round at the garage and is horrified to see someone inside, believing that the garage is being burgled again. Tyler runs in, tackling the intruder and shouting out to Mark that it must be one of Lenny's mates. The intruder turns out to be Lucas, much to Mark's surprise, Lucas telling Tyler to get off him. Mark wonders what Lucas is doing there: Lucas hugs Mark, telling him that he is looking at the proud new owner of Fitzgerald Motors. Mark asks Lucas if he is moving back. Lucas explains that he isn't, but is going to hire a manager so that he can just check in and out. Mark suggests Tyler, who apologises to Lucas for pushing him to the ground. Lucas points through the window and says that he assumes it has something to do with the bike and tools that he can see in the van. Lucas replies that he has plenty of time and asks Tyler to explain what has been going on at the garage over the last six months.

In The Waterhole, Paul is telling Liam that he has heard a lot about him. Liam comments that he hopes it hasn't all been bad and goes to shake Paul's hand, who ignores the gesture. Amy tells Jimmy to help her get some drinks and Daniel tells her he will also help. Left alone, Paul asks Liam why he is in town and what made him stay away. Liam replies that he wanted to get his career on track, something that he is well on the way to doing. Paul points out that this means Liam will be helping Amy financially and Liam replies that that is the plan. Liam adds that he knows he has made mistakes and is determined to fix them for Jimmy. Paul asks Liam to explain about his career plans. Meanwhile, at the bar, Daniel tells Jimmy that things are going well so far. Amy coolly comments that Liam certainly makes a good first impression. At the same time, Paul is questioning Liam about the hand sanitiser product that he is trying to sell, asking where the product is manufactured. Liam vaguely replies that it is made in Byron Bay - mostly, something that does not go unnoticed by Paul. As Jimmy, Amy and Daniel return, Paul asks Liam where he is staying whilst in Erinsborough. Liam replies that he was hoping that Paul might be able to offer a family rate to him if he was to stay at the hotel. Paul says he will see what is available as Liam goes off to play pool with Jimmy. Paul asks Amy what she thinks about Liam being there: she says that Jimmy is happy and that is all that matters.


Sheila and Naomi are in the middle of a spa session in Paul's penthouse. Sheila asks Naomi how she has managed to move on after so many failed relationships. Naomi replies that Sheila needs to try not to dwell on things by picking herself up and moving on. Sheila says that it is not too easy with three reminders of Russell running around Erinsborough, and comments that she really enjoyed cooking for the Brennans. Naomi accepts that Sheila does make a mean mashed potato as Sheila goes on to say she really misses how Russell made her feel, particularly how he used to touch her. A horrified Naomi stops Sheila, telling her that she has given away too much information!

Tyler is discussing work matters at the garage with Lucas, explaining that he has built up the client base to almost double over the last six months. Lucas wonders if the robbery was connected to all the things that happened with Dimato: Tyler disputes the idea and says that it is all behind him now. Tyler apologises again to Lucas for having knocked him to the ground and says that he understands if Lucas doesn't want to take him on. Lucas replies that it shows Tyler cares about the business, but that he is more worried about all the activities that went on for Dimato. He adds that everyone deserves a second chance, however, and asks Tyler to let him think it over for a little bit.


Sonya is helping Toadie with some exercises at Number 30 when Mark arrives, talking on his phone. Mark hangs up and tells Toadie and Sonya that he has just got off the phone to the owner of the garage, who has agreed to keep Tyler on. Sonya asks who the new owner is and an excited Mark says he is happy that Sonya asked as she will never guess.

Liam is playing football with Jimmy, asking him about Amy and whether she has made any new friends since arriving in Erinsborough. Jimmy mentions Sonya, Toadie and Kyle; Liam asks about Kyle and Jimmy confirms that he is cool and has been teaching him how to use some of the tools at the yard recently. Liam says that it sounds like fun and goes on to ask whether Kyle and Amy ever hang out alone. Jimmy replies that he doesn't think so, except at work. Casually changing the subject, Liam comments that he can't believe Paul owns the hotel and therefore he must be a pretty slick businessman. Jimmy barely gets a chance to reply before Liam is asking whether Amy and Paul ever talk about work together. Just then, Paul walks over and tells Liam he was looking for him. He hands Liam a key card and tells him that his room is ready. Liam kicks the ball into a bush and Jimmy goes to retrieve it. Liam thanks Paul for sorting it out, but Paul explains that he didn't: the receptionist did. Paul comments that Liam was asking a lot of questions just then. Liam replies that he is having a catch up as Paul says it must be a relief that Jimmy is so forgiving and actually wants to spend time with him. Liam admits that he has done wrong by Jimmy, but now intends to put both him and Amy first. Paul says that he is glad because his family mean more to him than anything and that Liam needs to know that.


With the renovations of Harold's underway, Amy apologises to Kyle for bailing on him earlier. Kyle asks Amy how she is feeling and Amy says she doesn't know as she wants Liam to be the father Jimmy needs, although he just doesn't have a very good track record. Kyle replies that Liam could surprise her but adds that if he starts to muck her around she needs to let him know. Amy thanks Kyle, on both her and Jimmy's behalf and reassures him that Jimmy will still want to hang out as he is always saying how cool Kyle is. She goes on to say that she might cave and give Jimmy some extra credit so that they can continue to text. Kyle admits that he would like that, as he takes a crowbar and starts breaking up the shelves.

The spa is being tidied away in Paul's penthouse as Naomi asks what Amy's ex is like. Paul casually replies that he is very charming; Naomi notices that Liam has obviously not charmed everyone. Naomi reassures Paul that Amy will be able to handle Liam by herself and Paul agrees, wondering how long it will be until he gets his lounge room back. Naomi replies it will be about an hour or so and informs Paul that Tim Collins called earlier, having been unaware that he and Paul were tied up in anything at the moment. Paul confirms that they are not and reassures Naomi that it has nothing to do with the Rebecchi family and that Tim Collins must be chasing up an old bill. Paul heads towards the bedrooms as Sheila returns, admitting she got a little carried away with her discussion earlier, but that she thought they were at an age they could talk about men openly. Naomi points out Sheila is her mother and therefore there isn't an appropriate age. Sheila reveals that she thought Russell was her second chance: Naomi softens and comments that Sheila will find love again.


At the garage, Sonya and Toadie greet Lucas, Sonya hugging Lucas and saying that he should have told them he was coming back first. Lucas replies that he wanted to get the business stuff out of the way and is planning to run both this business and the one back at home. Lucas points to Toadie's wheelchair and says that if he had heard he would have come down sooner, asking Toadie how he is coping with everything. Toadie admits he has good days and bad days, but says he wants to know about Lucas. Lucas suggests that they go out to dinner somewhere nice, so he can tell them all about Vanessa and the children. Sonya asks if he and Vanessa are doing well and Lucas reveals that they have had a bit of a windfall. Before Sonya can say anything, Lucas suggests they invite Mark along as well. Just then, Lucas receives a phone call, Sonya listens in worried, as it sounds suspiciously as if Lucas might be gambling again.

Jimmy and Liam are playing Jenga at Number 30 as Amy comes in, asking them to keep the noise down as Nell is asleep. As the tower falls, Amy tells Jimmy that it is time for bed: Jimmy is reluctant but Liam agrees with Amy and tells him he will read a chapter of 'My life and other mistakes' before bedtime. Jimmy goes to get into his pyjamas and Amy sits down, Liam telling her she has done a good job with Jimmy as he is a great kid. Amy agrees, but says it wasn't easy doing it on her own. Liam tells Amy that he should have been around more, but Amy demands to know why Liam is there now and wants the truth, because if it is money he is after then she doesn't have any. Liam apologies that Amy had to pay off all his debts as she asks him if he has any idea how hard it has been on her, with bills arriving as soon as she has cleared the previous ones. Liam tells Amy that he will help and urges her to wait and see: she retorts that she thinks he is fooling himself more than her. Liam explains that he has grown up and wants to take care of her and Jimmy and will be someone that she can depend upon - he asks Amy if that is what she wants too.


A short while later, Liam is reading to Jimmy when Kyle walks in, apologising to them for disturbing the story. Looking over at Jimmy and Liam, Kyle explains that he came to see Amy about the plans for Harold's before the refurbishment begins the next day. Kyle comments to Amy that it looks as though Jimmy is having fun, and Amy admits that he is. Kyle reminds Amy about what he said earlier in Harold's and Amy confirms that hat everything is ok. Amy goes over to listen to the story, on Jimmy's invitation as Kyle heads off.


Sonya is waiting at Number 24 for Mark to get ready for dinner with her, Lucas and Toadie. She explains that Toadie and Lucas are meeting them at The Waterhole, but Mark notices her worried expression and asks if everything is ok. Sonya says that it is, but wonders whether Mark thinks there is anything going on with Lucas. Mark doesn't think so, but Sonya says she is worried as Lucas is spending a lot of money and is being strangely secretive about where the money is coming from. Mark replies that a lot of people don't like talking about money and wonders if Sonya thinks Lucas is gambling again. Tyler comes into the room and overhears the conversation as Sonya admits that Lucas gambling is exactly what she thinks is going on. Tyler asks whether Sonya and Mark are being serious - that his new boss is a gambling addict.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Amy Williams, Jimmy Williams, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, James Beck as Liam Barnett, Slavko Zwirn as Lenny Macey

Trivia Notes
Scott Major makes a return as Lucas Fitzgerald for this episode, and making two further guest appearances in episodes 7218 and 7228
Darcy Tadich (Jimmy Williams) is credited in both the opening and closing titles for this episode

Summary by Alex

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