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Magic Moments > 2015 > The 2015 Season Finale Episode 7270

Written by Sarah Walker, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 04/12/15, Channel 5: 18/12/15

Michelle Kim turns up to see Paige, desperate for a place to stay... Daniel tells Imogen that Paul bribed Sue Parker to secure the Freestyle development... Imogen goes straight to the police, leading Sue Parker to be dragged in on corruption charges... Belinda punches Paul in the face... Suspended from work because of her affair with Steph, Belinda accuses Toadie of reporting her... Toadie denies it, but Belinda says he’s made himself an enemy he didn’t want to have...

At number 30, Toadie is ranting to Sonya about Belinda’s behaviour, and she encourages him to calm down. He’s also stressed about his operation today, and is worried he could be paralysed forever, but Sonya tries to get him to think positively and reminds him that they knew the surgery was going to be risky but they’ve weighed up the pros and cons. Toadie comments that the cons are pretty big, and Sonya agrees, but adds that there is a very small chance of them actually happening and if something happens they will deal with it, like they have dealt with everything else. Toadie agrees with Sonya and kisses her; they then head off to the hospital.


Over at number 24, Paige is telling Nate and Aaron about her wedding plans, while Mark is on the phone in the background. Mark comes in, finishing up his call, he tells everyone he has to leave. Paige gets a text from Michelle. Mark asks Paige who Michelle is and Paige replies “You know. Michelle, Michelle.” A concerned Mark reminds Paige that she is a criminal under his protection, ‘not a buddy to hang with’. She tells him that she thought if she was texting her, she could find out what she is really up to. Mark reminds Paige that it is his job to do the investigating, but then Paige jokingly states that she might just text her and invite her to their wedding. Mark grabs her phone and says, “Not if I confiscate this, you won’t! Which I will, if I catch you texting her again!” Paige is not pleased, and quietly demands that Mark return the phone. He relents, and heads off to work, stating it’s a big day and he's unsure when he'll get home. Brad comes in with some stuff for breakfast, but Paige tells him she’s not hungry and goes to her room.

Paul is being dragged towards the police station by a couple of cops. They pass Terese, and Paul shouts to her to confirm to the police that Sue Parker was acting as a consultant for Lassiter’s! Terese just watches, baffled, as they cart him into the police station. Mark is leading Daniel towards the station, too, and Daniel’s protesting that he has no useful information. Shay turns up, and Terese says to Mark, “What is she doing here? That woman broke into my house and went through confidential work files. She’s a company spy.” “Really?” says Mark. Terese continues “Yeah. I asked HR to look into it, but we haven’t been able to resolve anything because it’s Christmas. But you can’t believe a word she says!” Mark tells Terese that he’ll be the judge of that and continues to take Daniel towards the station. Terese asks Mark if Shay has something to do with the issues with Paul. Mark tells her that they can talk about this inside and states that, as she is the operations manager, she’ll be interviewed as well. Terese heads inside.


Belinda is walking past the Community Centre, when Sonya rushes to catch up with her. She tells her that Toadie had nothing to do with reporting her to the hospital for having an affair with Steph. But Belinda simply replies that Toadie is a controlling bully, and that no-one else knew or had a motive. Again Sonya states that Toadie is not lying and adds that he’s a good man that just cares about Steph. Belinda asks Sonya if she think’s that she doesn’t care about Steph, and declares that she loves her. Sonya asks Belinda why she went to Paul. Belinda explains that she was genuinely worried about her, with Sonya replying that Toadie was genuinely worried about her too - that’s why he’s involved in all of this. Belinda doesn’t believe her and thinks Toadie wants Steph out of her world and back in his, adding that Toadie is ‘a selfish manipulator who can’t stand someone else being close to her!’ Sonya, getting angry, tells Belinda that she doesn’t even know Jarrod, and doesn’t know what she is talking about. Sonya concludes that Toadie is not lying, but Belinda doesn’t believe this and again states he is a liar. She says that she’s lost her girlfriend, possibly her career and declares that she’s not going to let him get away with it, before walking away.

At Erinsborough Police Station, Mark is interviewing Paul, who is claiming that Sue Parker received her house on the Freestyle development as payment for consultancy work at Lassiter’s – and not for fast-tracking the development through council. Paul says to Mark: “It’s very similar to the arrangement I had with Terese Willis. She’ll confirm that.” The interview then shifts to Terese, who says: “That’s correct. There was an arrangement in place whereby the house in Ramsay Street was part of my employment package at Lassiter’s.” “Right. But did he put the house in your name?” asks Mark. “The lease was in my name,” she explains. Mark asks Terese to confirm she was never given the property, like Paul is claiming Sue Parker was. The interview moves to Mark interviewing Daniel, who says, “Yes, I was asked to put Sue Parker’s name on one of the properties.” “Right. And what sort of business did she do to earn the house?” asks Mark.

Mark is now interviewing Shay. “I have no idea,” she says. Mark asks her, “So after working at Lassiter’s, and looking through all the files, you can’t say what Sue Parker was contracted to do for the company?” Shay explains: “But that’s it. She wasn’t contracted.” “There was no official record?” is Mark’s next question. “Correct,” says Shay. Mark is now asking Daniel if Sue Parker’s work was in fact to get the Freestyle development through council. Daniel tells Mark that he didn’t know the details. Paul tells Mark that the fact Sue Parker signed off on the permits for Freestyle doesn’t mean there was anything untoward going on, but Mark points out there’s a clear and obvious conflict of interests. Back in Shay’s interview, she tells Mark, “Well, when someone’s consulting and getting paid a stipend as large as a house, you’d expect to see paperwork pertaining to it.” Mark continues to question Terese, who says: “Well, Paul often works with people outside my management.” “Well, yeah, but if he’s paying these people, surely there’s a paper trail?” asks Mark in reply. “No, not necessarily. Sometimes the deals are worked out privately,” Terese says. “What information is valuable enough to earn a free house – and yet you, the manager, knows nothing about it?” Mark then asks Daniel if he saw any evidence that Paul bribed Sue Parker. Daniel claims not, so Mark asks if he’s heard anything. Back in Paul’s interview, Mark tells Paul the police can interview his employees without a search warrant – "so there’s no time to run off and line up your ducks in a row. Falsifying and backdating documents won’t be possible." Mark also tells him that if he’s charged with bribery his assets will be frozen. Mark hands over to the detectives from the anti-corruption unit to continue the interview. Mark leaves and Paul looks worried.




Back at the penthouse, Paul tells Daniel that the police have nothing concrete on him. Terese storms in, saying Paul ought to have given her the heads-up sooner so she could have been prepared for the police interview. Paul then asks Terese to help him get paperwork in place to corroborate his story. Terese declares that she is not breaking the law for him, and adds that it’s too late. Paul asks why and Terese explains that a bank representative is downstairs; the bank has been tipped off about the investigation and is calling in all loans, despite the earlier reprieve. An increasingly worried Paul says, “So that means they can just sell this place out from underneath me?” “Well, I’m afraid it’s actually worse than that,” is Terese’s reply. Paul asks her what she means. Terese informs Paul that they’ve already got a buyer for the hotel and the penthouse, and she apologises to Paul but tells him that he doesn’t own them anymore – effective immediately. Paul demands to know how they moved so fast, surmising the bank must have been in negotiations with someone already. He accuses Terese of tipping them off. Paul then comments that he won’t even get the money from the sale, since he put up the equity against the development loan - so it already belongs to the bank. “That means I have lost everything!” Paul declares.

Toadie is in a bed, awaiting his surgery at Erinsborough Hospital. He’s worried about Belinda potentially taking her anger out on Sonya while he’s in hospital, but she insists she’ll be fine and tells him to focus on himself. Karl comes in, relaying opinion from the surgeon, to the effect that Toadie’s mobility will be ‘hugely improved’ once the bullet is removed. Sonya goes to get a drink, and outside in the ward, Karl reassures her of the surgeon’s excellent reputation. She admits she’s worried because of some problems they’ve been having with Steph, but Karl tells her just to forget it and focus on Toadie.


Paige enters the police station, and asks to speak to Mark. Mark comes through and tells Paige he can only spare a few moments. She begins by telling Mark that she doesn’t like the way he’s been treating her since they decided to get married. Mark comments that nothing has changed for him, but Paige brings up the incident this morning when he told her off like a child, in front of Aaron and Nate. He reassures that he wasn’t telling her off, but Paige disagrees and adds that it was embarrassing. Mark apologises but states that he’s just worried about her. Paige reminds Mark of how she looked after herself when Joey Dimato came after her, but Mark tells her that he won’t stand by and let her become friends with criminals. “That’s just dumb!” Mark declares. “So I’m dumb?” says Paige. “I didn’t say you’re dumb, I said that’s dumb,” is Mark’s reply, but Paige insists that it's the same thing. The telephone begins to ring and Mark is itching to get back to work, so Paige strops off as he answers the telephone.

At the penthouse, Paul, Terese and Daniel are each on the phone, in damage limitation mode. Paul is assuring someone that he’s not under investigation, while Terese is firefighting on behalf of the hotel, and Daniel is assuring someone their deposit for a Freestyle property is safe. Shay waltzes in. Paul asks who gave her permission to come up to the penthouse. Shay informs Paul that she doesn’t need permission, she owns the building - or at least her family does. Terese says, “Shay Ann.” “You finally remember,” comes Shay’s smug reply. Terese states to everyone that Shay’s stepmother brought her to Perth Lassiter’s for a conference, fifteen years ago – that’s when the photo was taken. “Back when Lassiter’s and Quill were friends,” Shay says to Terese. Paul looking lost enquires what is going on, Terese tells Paul that Shay is Julie Quill’s stepdaughter and Shay adds that she’s been using her mother's maiden name to avoid being found out. Paul says, “Quill. Of course – why didn’t I see this coming?” Shay adds that her stepmother has a long memory. Paul asks Shay why she took the job as a spy for Julie - “You were so smug when you got the hotel back. But it turns out, all we needed to do was sit back and wait for you to mess things up yourself.” Paul asks if it was her who tipped off the bank. Shay continues: “We’d already made a strong offer on the hotel. It just took that little nudge for them to accept it. And now I’m here in my capacity as interim manager for the changeover.” Terese tells Shay that she broke the law by sneaking into her house and going through her personal files. Daniel adds: “Where do you get off accusing my uncle, when you’ve been dishonest yourself? We can have you charged with fraud!” “Yeah. Or breaking and entering – we can sue, you know," says Paul. “Well right now, the only legality you need to concern yourself with is the fact that you’re on my family’s property. So my first job as interim manager is to order you to vacate the premises. Immediately,” is all Shay has to say.


Paige is moping around Harold’s, and gets a text from Michelle; Brad enters and asks Paige what’s wrong. She explains that she and Mark had a fight, and that he called her dumb. Brad gets all uppity, commenting that Mark shouldn’t speak to her like that. He offers to talk about it, but Paige tells him she has to go and meet a friend Mark would disapprove of. Brad says to Paige, “I’m glad you’re not letting Mark control you. It’s important to hold onto your own views and a strong sense of who you are.”

At number 24, Mark whines to Aaron about Paige coming to have a go at him at work. Aaron points out that Mark did patronise her this morning, but Mark says he knows from experience that people like Michelle aren’t to be trusted. Mark says to Aaron, “Ever since Kate died, I’m not taking any more risks with the people that I love...” Aaron encourages Mark to explain it to Paige like that, then leaves. Mark takes a phone call. “Constable Brennan… Paul’s what?!”


Back at Harold’s, whilst Brad is at the counter, Paige texts Michelle back, saying she’s on her way to meet her now, and then leaves.

Steph turns up at the hospital with flowers for Toadie, Sonya explains that he's just gone in for his premedication. Steph mentions about Belinda being investigated by Bendigo Hospital since someone reported her for her affair with Steph. Sonya tells Steph that she knows as Belinda is blaming Jarrod. Steph asks Sonya if it was him. Sonya sternly tells Steph that it wasn’t and proceeds to tell Steph that Belinda ‘freaked’ her out earlier, she wouldn’t believe anything she had to say and she made threats against Jarrod. Steph tells Sonya that she will talk to her, adding that Belinda is just a very passionate person when she gets fired up. Sonya tells Steph that she is worried Belinda might try to do something to hurt them. Steph reassures Sonya that Belinda wouldn’t go that far, but Sonya is not convinced and reminds Steph of the lengths she’s gone to already, commenting that she and Jarrod don’t need the extra stress and all they want is for her to stay away. Steph promises to track Belinda down and let her know that Toadie had nothing to do with the complaint against her. She leaves, but Sonya doesn’t look convinced.


At the penthouse, Paul is shouting furiously at Tim Collins on the phone. “Don’t you dare give me that! How can you say it’s not personal when you’re the one heading the consortium?! Tim? Tim!” Paul flings the phone down, and explains to Daniel that Tim Collins ‘and a few of my other associates’ have bought up the rest of the Freestyle development. Paul then tells Daniel that it's official - he has nothing else left to lose and declares he is not leaving the penthouse. Daniel enquires if it might be too late. Paul advises that it’s not, this is his home and he states that he’s been double-crossed out of everything, everything he’s worked for, everything he’s sacrificed. Daniel apologies and Paul tells him that it isn’t his fault. Daniel admits to Paul that it is and confesses that he leaked his files online. Paul says that it was Aaron, but Daniel admits that Aaron only sent the first email to the Star - it was his idea to do the rest. Daniel concludes that he didn’t mean for all this to happen. Paul asks Daniel what did he expect would happen, and Daniel explains that he was disappointed in him, after his cancer scare, he swore he would be a better person and then he just slid back into doing the wrong thing. Paul, getting rather angry, says to Daniel: “Where do you get this jumped-up sense of self-importance?! Is it your mission in life to punish me?” Daniel gets tearful and says, “I did not think that it would blow up like this, okay?” “Which is why you should have just left it alone in the first place!!” Paul shrieks. Mark enters with two cops, Paul asks what they want. Mark explains that they’ve been informed that he is refusing to vacate the premises. Paul confirms this and adds that he is prepared to fight. Mark advises him to just take his stuff and leave quietly. Paul again tells Mark that he is not moving. Mark then informs him that they will have no choice but to forcibly evict him. Paul stares thunderously at Daniel.


Paige is waiting to meet Michelle at Gower Drive and begins to call out for her. There’s no response, so she texts Michelle, unaware that a mysterious figure is lurking behind a nearby building, watching her.

At the hospital, Toadie is all prepped and drugged up for theatre, and sees Karl smiling down at him. Karl wishes him good luck. A nurse then puts a breathing mask over him, and he begins to lose consciousness.

Paige awakens somewhere, in darkness. Her head hurts, and she touches it, finding blood there. She whimpers, terrified.

Paul is bundled out of Lassiter’s lift with a handful of files, by Mark and the other police officers. Daniel, looking guilty, is following him. Terese, who’s in reception, watches as they escort him from the premises.


Paige turns on a torch and shines it around her, still terrified.

In the Lassiter’s Complex, Mark and his colleagues are marching Paul out of the hotel - the police officers shove him, so that his files fall all over the floor. Shay appears, watching smugly. Paul declares: “Don’t think this is the end. Because you will never get away with this. Oh yeah, I’ll be back, you can count on that!” Shay seems unmoved, as Mark, Terese and Daniel watch in bewilderment.

Paige is crying, and starts banging on a surface above her, she’s locked in the boot of a car. She shouts, “Let me out, please! Michelle! Michelle!” The car speeds away, with Paige still yelling inside.


Back at the hospital, Toadie is starting to pass out from the general anaesthetic. Karl appears above him and says, “You’ll be nodding off soon. Mr Lee’s just getting scrubbed up, so I’ll leave you in the hands of the nurses.” But before he passes out, the last thing Toadie sees is Belinda looming over him. “Hello, Jarrod. My name’s Belinda”. A panicked Toadie starts breathing heavily. Belinda continues, “Don’t worry, I’m gonna be taking good care of you today...” With that, Toadie passes out.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Paige Smith, Nate Kinski

Guest Cast: Nikki Shiels as Belinda Bell, Yasmin Kassim as Shay Daeng

Trivia Notes
• For the first time, this was the final episode of the year broadcast in both Australia (on 4th December) and the UK (on 18th December), meaning that from Monday 4th January 2016, episodes were broadcast on the same day in both countries
• Past character Kate Ramsay is mentioned
• The registration of the car in which Paige is held captive is OGE 964
• Michelle's texts to Paige read: 'Freaking out, could do with some…’ and 'Are you around? I need a friend. Can we meet – Gower Drive'
• Paige's texts to Michelle read: ‘On my way now, see you soon’ and ‘I’m here, where are you?’

Summary by Kyle

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