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Magic Moments > 2016 > Xanthe's Arrival Episode 7285

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 22/01/16, Channel 5: 22/01/16

Piper kisses Tyler, then later has a strop when he says he’s too old for her... Imogen chooses not to rekindle her relationship with Daniel... Sonya and Toadie agree to see a counsellor... Max’s new wife Philippa tells Steph she wants to adopt Charlie... Steph begs Toadie to stay and help her talk Philippa round...

On Ramsay Street, Kyle is in his truck, on the phone to the vet - they can do the operation to remove Bossy’s brain tumour next week. Kyle, feeling hopeful, gets out of his truck and sees a girl trip over on the street. Helping her pick up her things, he sees her bag is full of hairbrushes! As she tells him what each brush is used for, Kyle stops her and tells her he believes her. He begins to tell the girl about his ‘lack of a hair routine’, but she looks disinterested. Kyle gets back in the truck and drives off. She then looks at her phone and approaches number 26 with interest…


Outside the Community Centre, Toadie turns up, only slightly late for the appointment, explaining to Sonya that something came up last-minute. He admits that it'll be good to talk to the counsellor about what’s been going on between them. “Even if it’s scary?” asks Sonya. Toadie replies, “Babe – I love you, you love me. Everything else can just be sorted out.” Sonya, seeing clarity from Toadie’s statement, proceeds to ask him why they are paying the counsellor $150 an hour. Toadie admits that it's a good question but as they are there they will just go to the appointment.


Back on Ramsay Street, the girl with the bag of hairbrushes knocks at the door at number 26, but there’s no answer. She’s about to walk around into the back garden, when Tyler and Daniel pass by. Daniel asks if she's looking for someone, the girl states that she was going to head into the back yard to check if anyone was there. Daniel advises her to try back later, and not to go into the garden, as there have been a lot of burglaries recently. She asks where she can get some food around here. Tyler suggests Harold’s and The Waterhole. The girl says: “The Waterhole?! Where animals go to drink?” “You’re hard to please, aren’t you?” is Daniel’s reply. The girl states that she has good taste and proceeds to leave. As she ‘clops away’ in her high heels, Daniel and Tyler snigger and Daniel says to Tyler, “Ever wondered what a baby giraffe would look like trying to walk in platforms?”

At Harold’s Cafe, Mark hands Imogen the documentation relating to his purchase of number 24. He’s particularly protective of the bank cheque which will transfer the funds for the house, and snatches it from Aaron’s hands to stop him creasing it! Mark’s unsure about leaving the task of facilitating the transfer in Imogen’s hands, but she assures him she’s done it plenty of times before. Imogen tells Mark that by 3pm today, the house will be his and the bank’s. Aaron drags Mark away to let Imogen handle it, but Mark tells her to call him if she needs anything. Once they’re gone, Piper joins Imogen and they go to leave – just as Tyler and Daniel come in. There’s some post-breakup awkwardness between Daniel and Imogen, and Imogen drops all of Mark’s papers on the floor. She quickly retrieves them and she and Piper leave, Piper calling her ‘smooth’.


At The Waterhole, the mysterious girl is at a table, when Sheila comes over to serve her. She tries to order a glass of champagne, but Sheila swiftly tells her she’s under eighteen, so not to bother trying. Sheila’s about to throw her out, but the girl begs her to let her stay claiming she’s been travelling all day and just wants some food. She says to Sheila: “The guy on the bus next to me had these boundary issues, and he hadn’t showered in, like, a decade. And he coughed all over my sandwich so I couldn’t eat it, because it was probably covered in tuberculosis...” Sheila relents, and lets her stay for food and a soft drink. The girl orders a burger and an orange juice.

Within the Lassiter’s Complex, Piper accuses Imogen of still being in love with Daniel, but Imogen denies it. Looking through her papers, Imogen suddenly realises that the cheque Mark gave her has gone missing. They conclude that she must have left it when she dropped the papers on the floor at Harold’s, so she rushes back to find it. Piper follows her.


Sonya and Toadie return home and are discussing the counselling session they’ve just had, which seems to have helped somewhat. Steph enters and Toadie asks her how the rest of her video chat with Philippa went. Steph is frustrated, because Philippa is still determined to adopt Charlie. Steph reveals that Philippa’s a lawyer, so is in a good position to get her way. She's is in a bit of a state, and tells Toadie that she wished he could have stayed longer to talk to Philippa. Steph declares: “She wants to take him from me! I really thought I was closer to getting him back. I thought everything was finally gonna be okay!” Toadie assures Steph that they’ll work it out, and takes her hands in comfort. Sonya looks concerned.

Back at The Waterhole, the girl begins to kick up a fuss with Sheila when she finds a hair in her burger, and declares she isn’t paying for it. But Sheila immediately identifies the hair as one of the girl’s own, and accuses the girl of scamming her. The girl deliberately starts shouting about the hair, so that all the other customers can hear. Sheila says: “Save the Oscar-winning performance, because I’m not buying it. You can pay $16.50 over there or you can explain yourself to the police.” “This is outrageous!” is the girl’s reply and she makes a dash for it, but runs straight into Kyle, who blocks her exit. “Get out of my way! This is false imprisonment! I have contacts in the tabloid TV world!” the girl declares. But Sheila’s already on the phone to the police!


Imogen and Piper are on their hands and knees looking for Mark’s missing cheque at Harold’s, while also trying to hide so that Tyler doesn’t see them and get wind that they’ve lost it. Imogen tells Piper to go and distract Tyler while she looks for the cheque; Piper’s not keen, but Imogen begs so Piper eventually relents, and goes over to ask Tyler if she can have a private word with him outside. Meanwhile, Daniel notices Imogen crawling around on the floor, and comes over to talk to her. “Is this your impression of a robot vacuum-cleaner, or…?” Imogen’s forced to explain that she’s lost the cheque for Mark’s house settlement, and he begins to help her look for it.

At number 30, Toadie and Sonya talk about Steph. Toadie admits that’s why he was late for the counselling session, and adds that he felt guilty about leaving Steph in that situation. Sonya tells Toadie that she would have understood, but Toadie admits he expected her to conclude that he’d chosen Steph over her. She tells Toadie that this is why they needed counselling, as they’re walking on eggshells around each other. Steph comes in, and Sonya is quick to declare her support over the Charlie situation. Sonya tells Steph that if she needs Toadie’s help, that’s okay by her – but Steph replies that she doesn’t want to come between them.


Piper makes awkward small-talk with Tyler outside Harold’s, but he wants to know why she needed to speak to him outside. She’s eventually forced to claim that Imogen asked her to distract Tyler, as part of a dare. An unimpressed Tyler walks off. Meanwhile, Imogen and Daniel are around the back of the building, having had no luck finding the cheque. Spying a giant green bin, Daniel wonders if someone’s put it in the trash and whips off his suit before diving into the rubbish, despite Imogen’s protestations. Daniel declares to Imogen: “Don’t worry; I used to do this for fun!” Aaron comes past, and is perplexed to see Daniel in the bin and asks Imogen what’s going on with the house settlement. Imogen claims she and Daniel are just doing some recycling, and Aaron goes on his way, while muttering to himself, “Crazy people!” Imogen tells Daniel they have 20 minutes to find the cheque and complete the settlement, so he dives deep into the bin.

At The Waterhole, Mark arrives to deal with the girl; Kyle admits he saw her hanging around in Ramsay Street that morning. Sheila asks Mark what he's going to charge her with. Mark tells Sheila that he needs to speak to her first - Sheila warns him to be careful as she’ll play him like a ‘two-bit banjo’. Mark proceeds to ask the girl for her name... “Xanthe” is her reply. Mark asks how to spell her name and she proceeds to spell it out one letter at a time. Mark then asks for her surname. She says that it’s just 'Xanthe' and explains that she’s been travelling all week, and just ran out of money yesterday. Sheila calls her a ‘little grifter’, but Xanthe insists she didn’t plant the hair. Mark mentions the spate of local robberies, but Xanthe insists she has nothing to do with them, offering for him to check her ticket. Mark enquires why she was on the road and Xanthe tells him that she couldn’t stay at home and doesn’t want to say anything else. Sheila states that if Xanthe had told her the truth, she’d probably have given her a free feed. Mark tells Xanthe not to pull any more stunts, and to come to the police if she needs any help. He gives Xanthe a number for a youth helpline which can help her with food and a place to stay. She smiles sweetly and thanks him, and Mark leaves – Sheila having grudgingly declined to press charges.


At number 30, Sonya tries to encourage Steph to have a cuppa with her and talk out her problems with Charlie, but Steph comments that she has her own family to deal with. Sonya agrees with Steph but tells her that she’s part of their family. Steph tells Sonia that she is not part of their family, she is just Toadie’s friend and she tolerates her. Steph adds the only reason she is living at number 30 is because she felt guilty. Sonya does admit to Steph that it was true at first, but it is no longer the case. Steph tells Sonya that she doesn’t have to do this but Sonya insists that she knows where she’s coming from. She knows more than Jarrod. Sonya reminds Steph that she lost her boy too and she can talk to her anytime. Steph finally relents, admitting she can think of little else but Charlie. Sonya assures Steph that she’s going to do everything she can to help her get her son back. Sonya adds that doing the counselling today reminded her that you have to accept help when it’s offered. But on realising Toadie left earlier for a counselling session, Steph withdraws again, commenting that she refuses to keep coming between Sonya and Toadie, as she’s caused enough problems in their marriage. Steph walks out.

Daniel is still rifling through the bin at the side of Harold’s, looking for the cheque, while Imogen panics from the sidelines. She’s practically decided to call Mark and reschedule the settlement, when Daniel pulls a rather greasy-looking cheque from the bottom of the bin. Imogen declares to Daniel “You are actually the best!” and proceeds to rush over and kiss him on the lips. “I love you!” she says and rushes off to process the settlement, laughing gleefully. Daniel looks pensively after her. Imogen runs past Piper, who informs her that she ‘reeks’ – but Imogen isn’t stopping to talk!


Steph comes in to find Sonya and Toadie trying to hang a picture frame. When she asks what the picture is, they show her that it’s in fact a photographic montage of their family – with photos of Steph and Charlie included. Sonya tells Steph that they want her to know that she and Charlie are part of their family. Steph looks thrilled and comments that she didn’t have to do that. However Sonya states that they are going to do whatever it takes to convince her to let them help her fight Philippa’s case for adoption. Steph tells Toadie and Sonya that she is the reason they are now attending marriage counselling, but Toadie insists that she isn't, and adds that it’s more complicated than that. Steph is moved by their gesture.

Mark, Aaron, Tyler, Imogen and Piper enter the Waterhole, to celebrate the number 24 house sale going through. Mark offers to buy drinks, and says he’s sorry he ever doubted Imogen and adds that the whole process has run smoothly thanks to her. While the Brennans are at the bar, Piper asks Imogen about her kiss with Daniel after he found the cheque, and tells her to admit that she’s still into him. Imogen tells Piper that they broke up for a reason and adds that they both need space. “Oh, liar, liar, pants about to go up in flames!” says Piper. Imogen again states to her sister that she is over him. Piper makes a bet to Imogen that she and Daniel will get back together within a week. Imogen rises to the challenge and proceeds to shout over to Tyler at the bar. “Tyler... Do you want to go on a date with me?” Tyler is surprised but agrees to the date, and Piper looks mortified.


At number 26, Sheila is moaning to Kyle about how Xanthe batted her eyelids at Mark earlier, so he let her off with a warning. But she also seems worried about Xanthe, and where she’s going to stay tonight if the youth group has no beds. “Oh, and you reckon Brenno’s a soft touch!” is Kyle’s response. Sheila looks out of the window into the back garden, and is shocked to see Xanthe poking about outside the shed! “Oh, she’s probably here to egg the house, or wreak some other deadly revenge!” “Or maybe it’s a bigger con. Remember she was hanging around the street this morning as well? Although, how does she know where you live?” is Kyle’s reply. Sheila tells Kyle that she doesn’t know but she may have asked someone as she is ‘very well-known person in this community’.



Kyle’s about to call Mark, but Sheila rushes out into the garden to handle it herself. She turns on the hose and gives Xanthe a cold shower with it, telling her she’s trespassing! Xanthe tells Sheila that she is looking Gary Canning. Sheila immediately wants to know why, however Xanthe tells her that it’s none of her business. Sheila informs Xanthe that it is as she is his mother. Xanthe is shocked to hear this. Sheila again asks what she wants with Gary. “He’s my father,” declares Xanthe. Sheila and Kyle gasp in surprise.

Featured Regular Characters: Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Imogen Willis, Piper Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Steph Scully, Daniel Robinson

Guest Cast: Lilly Van Der Meer as Xanthe Canning

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Lilly Van Der Meer as Xanthe Canning
• Xanthe's first words are: (Kyle sees her drop her bag and asks if she's OK) "Thanks. Yeah." (He helps her pick up all of the hairbrushes and asks how many she needs) "Eleven... rounded brush for curling, paddle brush for smoothing, but if it's a hot day then I need to run a serum through it..." (Kyle stops her)
• Alexander McGuire receives his first credit as Charlie Hoyland for this episode, though the character is only shown in a photograph at this point, and will not appear until episode 7296

Summary by Kyle

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