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Magic Moments > 2016 > Lyn's Return Episode 7291

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 01/02/16, Channel 5: 01/02/16

Xanthe asking Sheila for money to get home... Xanthe telling someone on the phone that she’s not told Sheila the truth about her mum... Sheila discovering a note from Xanthe saying she's taken off... Steph telling Toadie and Sonya about Max’s wife Philippa wanting to adopt Charlie... Paul not amused at Tim Collins being elected and planning on changing his legacy...

At the Waterhole, Paul and Sonya are moaning about Tim Collins becoming the new mayor - Paul states that Tim wouldn’t have had a place on the council if it hadn’t been for him. They both agree that Tim isn't going to have the best interests of Erinsborough at heart. Sonya is somewhat surprised at Paul’s change of attitude with him taking ‘the moral high ground’, to which he says: “Oh fine, great, have a go, give it your best shot, this day couldn’t get any worse!” Just then, Lyn Scully comes over and spots the orange vest he wears to do community service, saying to Paul, “Fluro-orange… well I never thought it would be your colour Paul!” He's stunned to see Lyn and asks what she is doing here. Lyn replies: “Oh come on, is that any way to greet your fourth ex-wife?!”


Lyn brings Paul and Sonya up to date on the Scully family, she tells them that the café she runs in Bendigo is doing well, Felicity and Michelle are still in New York, Jack and Nina are doing well and Oscar spends his time with Joe at the farm but she sees him regularly. Lyn can’t help but get her own back on Paul by having a dig at him losing all his money before giving him a menacing glare for giving Steph a hard time - although she admits that she doesn’t quite know all the details yet. Paul says, “For the record, the only reason I did what I did is because your Stephie’s ex-girlfriend gave me the idea.” “What girlfriend?” is Lyn’s surprised reply. But before she gets an answer to that, Steph arrives and is happy, but shocked, to see her mum and immediately goes to hug her.

At number 26, Bossy is back from the vet, complete with a bandage over her head and plastic cone, although Sheila isn't too impressed at Kyle feeding her the organic chicken they were going to have for dinner! Kyle reminds Sheila that Bossy has had major surgery and deserves a bit of a treat. Sheila is not too impressed that Kyle is caring more for Bossy than his missing sister although he does concede it would be nice to hear whether she's OK. Sheila is getting concerned about Xanthe’s whereabouts and tells Kyle that she can’t get in touch with Brooke, she doesn’t know any of her friends she can call and Gary hasn’t heard from her. Sheila adds that her phone will be out of charge, she probably has had to sell it to get something to eat and she doesn’t have the faintest idea where she has been sleeping.

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Xanthe exits an expensive-looking show home after staying the night there, and checks her make up before tottering off.


Back at the Waterhole, Sonya tries to distract Paul from his worst day ever by coming up with a plan on how to deal with Tim Collins, although he’s not too thrilled with her suggestion of a petition. At the bar, Steph makes a cuppa for herself and Lyn and just about chokes on it when Lyn asks about ‘this girlfriend’. “I was in a relationship with a woman,” Steph explains and Lyn (after quickly finding a bar stool to sit on) tries to react calmly to the news she’s just heard and once she finds out that it was Belinda, Steph's nurse, tries very hard not to react!

Outside the Bric-a-Brac shop, Xanthe is having trouble getting a price for the bracelet she is trying to sell so asks Piper if she knows about any jobs going - after hearing that one at the garage is vacant she doesn’t seem too keen on getting herself dirty. Piper accidentally drops a bit of the sandwich she is eating and Xanthe looks at the slice of tomato with interest and Piper asks if she’s hungry. Xanthe explains she didn’t have brekkie so Piper offers to shout her something to eat at Grease Monkey’s, Xanthe thanks her and they go inside.


Back at The Waterhole, Sheila isn't too impressed at Mark telling her that they're concentrating more on finding out who's behind the break-ins, rather than looking for Xanthe and dismisses his thinking that it’s her who is responsible. “I'm sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Steph tells Lyn as they head to a table to continue their chat. Lyn is more miffed at Steph keeping it a secret, as they don’t usually keep things from each other but Steph explains that she didn’t want Belinda to get into trouble. “Or you were worried that I wouldn’t accept you dating a woman,” is Lyn’s reply. “Okay, a little bit,” Steph eventually replies. Lyn tells Steph that she can be ‘open minded’... she watches Ellen and she’s always liked a bit of KD Lang. Steph sighs and Lyn admits that it's going to take a little bit of getting used to. Conversation moves on and Steph denies she’s keeping any more secrets from her. “My whole focus now is on getting Charlie back,” she says and Lyn is very confident that will happen and promises to back Steph all the way in her fight.

Xanthe has taken Piper back to the show home. She tells Piper that the owners, friends of hers, are out-of-town and have allowed her to stay. Xanthe also tells Piper about her wanting to raise the cash to get home to the Gold Coast now she’s discovered her dad is in prison. Piper has a brainwave on how Xanthe can raise the cash – have a party and charge people for entry! “You are a genius,” says Xanthe.


Tyler and Josh are at The Waterhole and are surprised by the texts they’ve just received inviting them to a party. They agree to go along and check it out, and both leave. Meanwhile, Sonya explains to Steph that it was her who called Lyn as she thought she needed more people in her corner to help fight Phillipa. Steph isn't angry at what Sonya did, she just wishes she’d had more time to prepare for her mum’s onslaught! Steph admits that she loves her mum being here, but she can just bit a bit ‘full on’. Sonya comments to Steph that Lyn sounds a bit like Angie. Steph tells Sonya that when she was in hospital, her mum came in every day and she liked it, but when she started to get better and wanted ‘space’ her mum wouldn’t back off - she understands that it was coming from a place of love but it was a bit too much, and that’s why she hasn’t told her mum about the situation with her and Paul. Sonya tells Steph that she can relate and Steph admits that she does not want to go back to that place. Sonya comments that she is doing so well, and Lyn will probably respect the boundaries - Steph just laughs.

At Harold’s, Lyn is trying to get information out of Karl and Susan about how Steph is doing and they reassure her that she's doing well and is holding down a job at The Waterhole. Karl lets slip that Steph had a run-in with Sheila, although Susan tries to tell Lyn it was nothing. Karl’s phone rings and he quickly excuses himself. Steph enters and looks bemused as she has to hold her mum back from going to have words with Sheila!


“Money's coming along nicely,” Xanthe declares after collecting cash and allowing some party goes to enter the show home. Piper is curious to know what she’s going to tell the punters about the celebrities she’s promised, and as she spots Josh and Tyler walking down the street, Xanthe tells Piper that they are “the hotties from the new vampire series...” “They're not,” Piper informs her but Xanthe thinks they could be as she moves forward to meet the boys. She confirms to them that she was the one that sent their invites and suggests to Josh that her friend thinks he’s really hot! Josh says to Xanthe, “Yes, your friend there is my little sister!” “Hello Joshua!” says a sheepish Piper. “Hello Piper!” She denies that she's at a party while grounded; she's merely helping to organise it. Xanthe now goes to Tyler to tell him that Piper “really likes you!” Cue awkwardness all around and Xanthe thinks Tyler is also Piper’s brother and Tyler quietly says no. The boys decide to give the party a wide berth as they think it’s full of high school kids and Josh agrees not to tell their parents where Piper is, but warns that if caught, she faces being grounded “for the rest of her life!” Xanthe wants details on what happened with Tyler and Piper gives her the very edited version that it was one-sided - Xanthe declares that she's too good for him anyway!

Outside Harold's, Karl can't help gloating to Paul about chatting to his ex-wife - but reassures him that he wasn’t mentioned at all, it was all about how Steph is doing being back in Erinsborough. He invites Paul to join them inside. Paul says, “I’d rather eat glass!” Karl is somewhat surprised at that statement and thinks deep down he’s a little bit happy that Lyn is back. Paul again insists that he isn't, and adds that marrying Lyn was a ‘momentary lapse of sanity!’ Karl says: “I'm sure if you think about it, you'll find a happy moment!” Something must have struck accord with that statement, as Paul looks like he’s had a brainwave!


Xanthe and Piper are on the run after the police raided the party. They take cover behind a car parked outside Grease Monkey’s after hearing a police car approaching. Piper tells Xanthe that she is extremely worried at the thought of getting caught and getting into more trouble from her parents. Xanthe tells Piper to go, and she manages to get away, just as the police car stops and Mark gets out. He asks Xanthe to get into the back of the car, informing her that Sheila has been worried sick. Xanthe does as she is told and adds: “Well I can’t say I haven’t been in a police car before!”

At number 22, Paul is taking a trip down memory lane by going through some old stuff when Josh arrives home. Paul’s spotted something in amongst the papers; shares in a mining company he bought as a wedding pressie for Lyn and calls Simon his stockbroker to see if they are worth anything.


At Harold’s, Lyn says to Susan: “I'm only here to make sure my daughter's OK, no point if she doesn’t want me around.” Susan reassures her that Steph does want her around, but she just needs to back off a bit. Lyn explains that she used to wish for peace and quiet when living in a full house but now she’s got it, she finds she doesn’t want it. “It’s hard when you're not the centre of everyone's world anymore,” Lyn states and admits to Susan that she hardly sees Oscar as he is always at the farm with Joe. Susan empathises with her and suggests Lyn stays on in Erinsborough for a bit - but to give Steph boundaries.

Mark escorts Xanthe back to number 26 and while Sheila is relieved to see her, Xanthe isn't exactly jumping for joy. Sheila asks where she's been, and Mark explains that she was running from a party she was hosting in a display home! Xanthe makes it clear that she's only back temporarily, but Mark puts a dent in her plans by informing her that, as she isn't 16 yet, she has two options – staying with Sheila or being put into a foster home. “You’ve got to be kidding!” Sheila declares. “No,” is Mark’s reply and he allows her time to think about what she wants to do - and for Sheila to tell him what the decision is before leaving them to it. Sheila asks Xanthe what she is going to do. Xanthe comments that she doesn’t have much choice and confirms that she's staying.


Paul is over the moon at the call he takes from Simon as he enters The Waterhole - the shares are worth $70,000! Paul saunters over to where Lyn is sitting at the bar and greets her with, “I owe you an apology.” A surprised Lyn replies: “I don’t think we've met! You look remarkably like somebody I married once but he never learned to say sorry!” Paul expands by saying he feels sorry for giving Steph a hard time when she returned and Lyn thinks she's hallucinating as Paul never admits he's wrong either! He again says that he was just protecting Jimmy and compares it to what Lyn is doing with Steph. Lyn decides to take the route that he is genuine and to accept his apology and can't believe he can remember her favourite wine when he orders a refill for her. Paul simply says, “Seeing you in town, Lyn, I remember a lot of things I haven’t thought about for a long time...”


At number 26, Kyle is tending to Bossy when Sheila enters the living room and isn't amused to see he’s given Bossy the duvet from Xanthe’s bed! “She’s not recovering from major surgery,” is Kyle’s justification for using it. Sheila understands that Kyle’s not happy that Xanthe is back but pleads with him to make an effort. “The house is too crowded as it is,” he complains, and she reminds him that Xanthe has nowhere else to go. Kyle then reminds her of Option B – foster care. “She’s your sister,” declares Sheila, but his take is that he’s given her too many chances and points out she’d have ripped his or Naomi’s head off if the party thing had involved them. Sheila replies: “Tough love did not work on Naomi, so I’m trying something different with Xanthe.” Kyle is annoyed at her comparing Xanthe with Naomi and says, “Xanthe is ungrateful and spoilt. She doesn’t even want to be here so why are we bending over backwards for her?” As the pair of them head through to the kitchen to continue the conversation, they're unaware that an upset Xanthe has been listening in on their conversation from the hallway.

Featured Regular Characters: Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Paul Robinson, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Joshua Willis, Piper Willis, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Steph Scully

Guest Cast: Lilly Van Der Meer as Xanthe Canning, Janet Andrewartha as Lyn Scully

Trivia Notes
• Janet Andrewartha returns for a guest stint as Lyn, having last appeared in 2011
• Past characters Flick Scully, Michelle Scully, Joe Scully, Jack Scully, Oscar Scully, Nina Tucker, Angie Rebecchi, Max Hoyland and Charlie Hoyland are mentioned
• Lyn's favourite wine is Roselli Pinot Noir

Summary by Kyle

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