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Magic Moments > 2016 > Mark and Paige's Wedding: Part One Episode 7297

Written by Sam Carroll, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 09/02/16, Channel 5: 09/02/16

Mark proposing to Paige in Harold's... Paul warning Paige about Michelle and Paige discovering that she has been set up for thefts in the area... Mark reminding Paige that he warned her about Michelle and that she refused to listen to him... Toadie warning Steph that if she sees Charlie she may never be able to get access... Lyn asking Jimmy where Charlie is and discovering that he left Harold's by himself... Steph opening the door of Number 30 and finding Charlie standing on the doorstep...

Still standing at the front door of Number 30, a confused Charlie tells Steph that she is supposed to still be in hospital. Steph reveals that she was released a while ago and Charlie, still staring at her, asks if that means that she is better. Steph agrees that she is and wonders if she has been mentioned by Max or his partner. Charlie replies that Steph is never mentioned. Steph gathers herself and apologises for having scared Charlie when she last saw him, explaining that she was unwell. Fighting back tears, Steph asks Charlie if he believes her, but he fires back that he hates her.


Steph tries to catch Charlie as he runs away from Number 30 into Ramsay Street, begging him to let her explain, stating that she never stopped loving him and that she always wanted them to be together. He shouts back that he wants to be with 'mum and dad' in Fiji as Lyn and Susan rush up the street. Charlie tells Lyn that he wants to go as Steph still tries to get Charlie to listen to her. Susan tries to get everyone inside as Charlie tells Lyn that he knows he was brought to Ramsay Street to see Steph. Susan leads Charlie away as Lyn turns to a distraught Steph, apologising for what has just happened. A hysterical Steph cries that she is Charlie's mum and that she is being erased from Charlie's memory. Lyn tries to reassure Steph that all Charlie needs is time, but Steph isn't calmed and shouts that she is Charlie's mum, before beginning to sob uncontrollably.

Doug leaps up from a game he is playing with Brad at Number 32 when Paige arrives, greeting her enthusiastically. She is holding a mug and tells Doug she has a wedding present from Mark; Lauren then walks across and excitedly tells Paige that there is another present from Singapore. It is from Mary, who is unable to make the wedding. Lauren and Paige quickly close the box when Mark reminds them that he can't see it. The happy atmosphere quickly becomes subdued when Doug asks Mark what his connection to the wedding is. Paige explains Mark is her fiancé: Doug laughs that he was only joking, although nobody is sure about that, particularly when he asks when the wedding is actually taking place. Paige replies that the wedding is the following day and reassures Doug that he doesn't need to worry about having not organised a gift as he gave them a ring on his last visit. Doug apologises for having had a long day and heads off to the bathroom. Paige sadly comments that Doug is much worse than last time he visited and Brad replies that it is the nature of the disease, Lauren adding that Doug having to adapt a lot that day may also have played a part.


Lyn is enjoying a cup of tea at the Kennedy house as Susan asks her what she is going to do now. Lyn replies that she doesn't know and that the whole situation is awful as she has managed to ruin both the lives of Charlie and Steph in the last twenty four hours. She asks Susan if she will have a word with Charlie, much to Susan's surprise, as she isn't sure that would be a great idea. Lyn replies that Susan does have a way with children and Susan reluctantly agrees to speak to Charlie, much to Lyn's relief. Lyn heads off, telling Susan how much it means to her.

Doug is wondering if Mark has got a buck's night lined up. Brad explains that it has already happened as most people don't have them the night before the wedding anymore. Mark comments that he doesn't want to look shabby the following day, adding that he has to work the next morning. Brad is surprised that Mark has to work on his wedding day and says that someone obviously doesn't like Mark. Mark replies that it will only be for a couple of hours, and as Paige delivers cups of tea, she jokingly tells everyone that Mark is married to his job and that she will be his second wife. Suddenly, Doug jumps up, believing that he has lost his watch. Paige points out that it is on his other wrist and Doug becomes agitated when he isn't able to wind it up. Brad reminds Doug that it is battery operated and so doesn't need winding. He stands up and announces that he is turning in, asking Doug if he is ready for bed also. Doug follows Brad out and Paige goes to sit next to Mark, telling him that she hates Doug's disease, lamenting the fact he is unlikely to remember being at the wedding. Mark agrees, but comforts Paige by telling her that he will enjoy it for the time he is there at least. Mark adds the day will be amazing and they both confirm that they love each other.


At Number 28, Susan asks Charlie if they can have a talk. Charlie replies that he has nothing to say, leaving Susan to reply that he must be doing an awful lot better than she herself would be in that situation. She goes on to acknowledge how hard it must have been for Charlie last time that he saw Steph. Charlie agrees, pointing out that Steph screamed at him and tells Susan that he didn't know Steph was ill at the time as she didn't tell him. Susan comments that Steph is better and that she has had a rough time, having had a lot on her plate recently. Charlie mentions the fact that he knows Steph has hung out with Jimmy as Jimmy said Steph was really cool and Susan wonders whether it means that Charlie doesn't like them being friends. Charlie shrugs and says that Philippa is his mum now as she is adopting him. Susan confirms that she has heard the news and asks Charlie if that is what he wants. Charlie replies that Philippa is cool, but Susan points out that Steph is too and adds that she knows Steph really misses Charlie. She asks Charlie to let Steph tell him that before he leaves.

A little later, Susan is with Steph at Number 30, relaying her findings to Steph. Susan explains to Steph that she thinks Charlie misses her and that she doesn't think he would be jealous of her spending time with Jimmy if that wasn't the case. Lyn thinks that is something, at least, as Susan goes on to say that Charlie said Steph never contacted him. Steph replies that she wanted to, but wasn't allowed. Susan urges Steph not to give up hope and heads off when Paige texts with a few more queries about the following day. Steph thanks Susan as she leaves and tells Lyn that she should talk to Charlie. Toadie, who is sitting across the room reminds Steph that if she talks to Charlie and that things don't go well, she will end up making the situation worse. Steph replies that she knows the risks, but Toadie isn't sure she does and says that he is only doing his duty as a lawyer and a friend when Lyn orders Toadie to stop trying to scare Steph. Steph tells Toadie she appreciates what he is saying, but can't let go of the opportunity to make things right with Charlie.


The next morning, Brad and Lauren are teasing Paige about her wedding, reminding her of how she didn't want a big wedding or a fancy dress. Paige relents that she does want it after all, and Lauren kisses her, wishing her a happy wedding day. Paige tells Brad and Lauren that she should go and get ready: Brad stops her, pointing out that Doug is in the kitchen and making crispy bacon, something for which he is famous. Doug comes over and tells Paige that he is making all her favourites as it was his ring that got the wedding started. Brad replies that some good timing was involved also, but Doug is adamant that he gave things a push in the right direction. As he returns to the kitchen, Paige comments how much better Doug is in the mornings; Brad agrees and says that is when Pam said he is at his best. Paige asks what he will be like in the afternoon, but Brad suggests they not worry about it and just enjoy every moment.

Mark is enjoying his wedding morning with his colleagues at the station, floating around in a wedding veil. As he walks through the station, he meets Det. Sgt. Crabb, who tells him that they have already had a briefing that morning to do with the recent spate of robberies. Mark wonders why he wasn't informed as he wanted to be part of the investigation. Det. Sgt. Crabb replies that it may not be possible as some new information has come to light regarding a lot of stolen items turning up in one of the donation boxes in the area. Mark asks if the stolen items have yet been fingerprinted; Det. Sgt. Crabb replies that they have and that they got lucky on one of the items as the prints belong to Paige Smith. Mark laughs until he realises that Det. Sgt. Crabb is being serious and says that there has to be a mistake. Mark is incredulous and argues that Paige can't be involved in the robberies and he goes to call her after he is told to keep his distance from the case. Det. Sgt. Crabb advises Mark not to make the call until they have more information about the crimes.


Paige finishes her breakfast and tells Lauren that Doug is amazing in the kitchen. Lauren agrees, but says that like most men, he is terrible at cleaning up after himself. Paige doesn't agree that it applies to Mark and disagrees when Lauren sarcastically says that it must mean Paige is the slob in the relationship. Paige becomes serious as she again makes the observation of how different Doug was that morning compared to the previous evening. Lauren agrees as Paige suggests bringing the wedding forward a couple of hours for Doug, telling Paige it is the loveliest and most selfless of gestures. Paige replies that she just wants Doug to be there and Lauren points out that they run a business and so bringing forward a wedding by a couple of hours should be easy enough. They make plans to contact the necessary people, Paige comments that Mark will be able to get someone to cover his shift, and a happy Lauren starts the process of making Paige look beautiful.

Back at the police station, Mark approaches Det. Sgt. Crabb to ask if there is any more information, as he is unable to focus on his other duties. She replies that there is and that a flat was leased in Paige's name. Mark replies that he can explain the flat as Paige was helping out Michelle. Det. Sgt. Crabb is surprised that Mark knew about the flat but Mark says that he only found out after Michelle had left and that he was given access to the flat which showed that Paige had nothing to hide. Det. Sgt. Crabb asks why he needed access and Mark explains that the police received a tip-off about stolen goods being held there. Det. Sgt. Crabb asks if Mark pursued the case any further and he says that he didn't because the tip-off was anonymous and the assumption was that one of Dimato's associates was trying to set Paige up. Det. Sgt. Crabb wonders if Michelle was ever seen at the apartment leading to Mark asking what she is getting at. She comments that everyone that was robbed was on a survey list at Harold's and that therefore Paige had first hand knowledge of when the customers wouldn't be at home. Mark retorts that Paige isn't a thief and that she wouldn't lie to him but is stopped in his tracks when Det. Sgt. Crabb asks if he knew whether Paige had a second phone. Mark is stunned and doesn't believe it and asks to go along for another search of the flat. Det. Sgt. Crabb retorts that Mark's fiancée is a person of interest and therefore he will be kept out of the loop. Just then, Mark receives a message from Paige asking if he can give her a quick call.


At Number 28, Steph thanks Charlie for seeing her and wonders if he has spoken yet to Max. Charlie replies that he hasn't as Steph goes on to say that she has so much to say to him but that she hasn't been allowed and could get into a lot of trouble with Max. She asks if he received her Christmas card: he explains that he didn't. Steph produces Charlie a bundle of letters and explains that she didn't send them because she was still in recovery and was scared that she was going to blow her chance with him if she did. Steph goes on to say that Charlie is the reason she returned to Erinsborough because she wanted to rebuild her life so that he would be able to visit or even live with her again one day. Charlie asks Steph if she would live in Fiji; Steph says that she wouldn't live in Fiji as Charlie says that it is where he lives and that he loves it there. Steph brushes over Charlie's comments and tells him that she doesn't know the details, she just wants them to be together as he is always on her mind as he is the most important person in her world.

A little later on Ramsay Street, Lyn and Charlie are getting ready to leave as Toadie tells Charlie they will catch up properly on his next visit. Charlie agrees and turns to Steph, telling her that he won't tell Max that he has seen her. Steph replies that she doesn't want to ask Charlie to lie for her and Charlie says that she hasn't, but won't tell Max anyway. Steph says that she will understand if Charlie changes his mind about doing so and he nods, getting into the car. Before stepping inside, he hands Steph a piece of paper and he and Lyn drive off. Steph opens up the paper, which simply reads "Good to see you, Charlie".



In the back garden of Number 32, Brad and Lauren are putting the finishing touches to the table, which has been set up for the wedding breakfast. Whilst doing so, they agree that Paige really is special for having moved the wedding forward to accommodate Doug. Just then, Paige, looking beautiful in her dress steps out of the door. She smiles happily as both Brad and Lauren rush over, saying how stunning she looks. They kiss her and Lauren asks how she is feeling. Paige replies that she doesn't know as she feels weird and Lauren thinks that is a good thing as it is perfectly normal. Paige sees the table and comments that Brad and Lauren were not supposed to go to any trouble. Bursting with pride, Brad says that her special day is a one-off and Lauren agrees that they couldn't help themselves. Paige thanks them both as Brad asks what Mark said about the change of wedding time. Paige replies that she couldn't get hold of him, but hopes that he will arrive on time as she sent several messages about the change. Brad tells Paige that he knows she doesn't want any speeches and asks if he could tell her what he would have said now instead. When Paige agrees, he thanks her for being so thoughtful about Doug and goes on to say that he is exceptionally proud of her and adds that it means so much for him and Lauren to be there with her today. Lauren begins to cry and realises she will need to redo her makeup as Brad finishes by saying that Paige has made a great choice in Mark and Paige smiles back, agreeing with Brad's sentiments.

At the police station, Det. Sgt. Crabb walks up to Mark and tells him that he is not going to like the news: a person has come forward from the block of flats where the stolen goods were kept and has admitted to seeing Paige loading things up into her car, acting suspiciously and then covering the items up with a blanket. Mark replies that it doesn't mean the items were stolen, but Det. Sgt. Crabb goes on to say there is evidence in the phone records confirming the locations of the houses which were broken into. Mark fires back that it doesn't make sense and sounds like a set up, demanding to know what Paige's fingerprints were found on. Det. Sgt. Crabb shows Mark the bangle which dropped out of the bag when he was with Paige adding items into the charity bins. He recognises it immediately and walks out to get some air, despite Det. Sgt. Crabb shouting after him that he can't go and talk to Paige.



Mark is numb with shock as he walks into the back garden of Number 32. He sees several guests and Paige already waiting for him there. Brad shakes his hand, Paige runs over happily, glad that he received her messages and Mark is still unable to say anything, completely astounded by the news he heard back at the police station.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Steph Scully, Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy

Guest Cast: Louise Crawford as Det Sgt Ellen Crabb, Janet Andrewartha as Lyn Scully, Alexander McGuire as Charlie Hoyland, Terence Donovan as Doug Willis

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