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Magic Moments > 2016 > Pam's Return Episode 7345

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 15/04/16, Channel 5: 15/04/16

Ben and Xanthe find a bag of cash in room 601 at the hotel and decide to take half each... Piper confirms to Xanthe that she and Ben are just friends... Imogen says goodbye to Josh... Karl tries to resuscitate Doug to no avail... Lauren worries about one of Ned's tattoos as it belongs to a well-known gang, but he confirms he is not a part of that life... Aaron tells Nate that he doesn't deserve a job with Sonya and later confesses that Tom Quill is dead because of him...

At Sonya's Nursery, Nate is confused by Aaron's confession that he had something to do with Tom's death and asks him to explain. Aaron tells Nate that Tom was in the car park when the explosion happened as they found his security card, but Nate still doesn't understand what that has to do with him. Before further conversation can be had Sonya comes over; she assumes that Aaron has changed his mind about the management job at the nursery and is pleased. Aaron quickly confirms to Sonya that he isn't here about the job and he and Nate just happened to be at the nursery by chance. Sonya looks deflated at this and leaves, allowing Nate to try and force Aaron to divulge what occurred between him and Tom. Finding it difficult to tell the truth about that fateful day, Aaron walks away, telling Nate it's better that he doesn't know.



Imogen is working on her laptop at no. 22, as Josh comes downstairs to get an energy drink from the fridge. He asks her what she's doing, and Imogen tells him that she's trying to get some work done. Josh tells her that she looks stressed and that she should go to the gym with him as exercise will help relax her. Imogen tells Josh that he's being annoying, and he quickly comes over and starts pulling her hair, making Imogen laugh loudly. It's revealed that Imogen has actually been asleep and dreaming of Josh, but she's quickly roused from her slumber by Daniel, who's making sure that she is okay. He tells her that the funeral company phoned requiring extra details for the service, but Imogen says that she needs a nap as she's feeling tired. As she goes upstairs, she notices the energy drink on the counter and thinks again about Josh.

At Harold's, Piper and Ned are playing cards as Lauren comes over. Piper tells Ned about card games she used to play years ago when the family went on holidays together, and Ned says that he wishes he had been there. Piper talks about Josh teaching her to play snap and looks sad at the thought. As Ned goes to get a drink Brad arrives at Harold's with a surprise visitor - it's Pam. She goes over to give Piper a hug and asks her what she's done to her hair, after which she greets Lauren and Ned. Pam looks surprised and slightly perturbed at the presence of Ned, and after a cursory kiss quickly goes over to the rest of the family.


Over at no. 28, Ben is listening to music as Xanthe comes over for a tutoring session. Ben tells her that the tutoring sessions are only cover for the $10,000 they found in the hotel room, giving them an opportunity to discuss it in private. Xanthe replies that they need to keep up the pretence of studying together if they are going to stop Sheila, Karl and Susan from suspecting anything untoward. She then moves on to talking about how they will spend the money but Ben quickly corrects her, stating that they intended to use the money to help others rather than themselves. Xanthe then starts talking about love and taking their study books for Romeo and Juliet to his bedroom, but Ben becomes flustered and tells her they can study in the living room instead. As he goes to get his books Xanthe checks her appearance on her phone.

Back at Harold's, Pam is talking to Brad and Piper about the funeral arrangements for Doug, telling them that they will have him cremated here and then hold a memorial service for him in Darwin. Brad says that he'll look into some flights as it will be good to get away from Erinsborough for a while, telling Pam that they could go and spend some time in Litchfield as a family. Pam thinks that is a good idea and suggests they could scatter his ashes at Wangi Falls, but Ned asks about Buffalo Creek as he remembers spending time with Doug fishing there and recalls a lucky escape they had from a crocodile. Ned is overruled by an unhappy Pam, who says that Wangi Falls was where Doug found most peace and his ashes should be scattered there. Brad agrees with Pam, to Ned's annoyance.


Nate finds an upset Aaron outside the Men's Shed and asks him again about what happened to Tom, telling him that he won't go away until he hears the full story. Aaron reluctantly begins his story Š he tells Nate that he saw Tom Quill going into the underground car park on the morning of the explosion and wanted to see how he was doing after his firing at the hotel. He says that Tom became angry, telling Aaron that it was his secret recordings that got him charged and ruined his career. In anger Tom started throwing punches and Aaron tried to contain him, but in trying to defend himself knocked him out cold. Aaron tells Nate that he left the scene without checking to make sure Tom was okay, and not long after that the boiler exploded. Aaron believes that Tom is still buried under the rubble and tells Nate that he is stricken with guilt at his actions, believing that it is his fault that Tom's dead.

At Harold's, Brad tells Pam that he is happy for Gaby, Doug's sister, to speak on behalf of the family, however he does ask if one of Doug's friends could speak at the funeral. Piper suggests Lou, but Brad contends that Lou probably won't be able to visit as he's in Cambodia and doesn't even know that Doug passed away. Brad asks Pam if Ned could speak at the funeral, but she quickly cuts off the conversation and goes to get another coffee from Lauren, who tries to make small talk with her. She asks Pam about Ned and how old he was when he came to live with her and Doug - she mentions that she saw a tattoo that relates to a well-known criminal gang her husband Matt was working a case on and was worried that Ned was involved. Pam tells her it's probably nothing to worry about and goes back to join the family.


Aaron and Nate are getting a drink at the nursery, as Nate tries to reassure Aaron that his actions were not the cause of Tom's death as he was alive when he left him, telling him that until the rescue team locate Tom underneath the rubble it's pointless to blame himself. Sonya comes over to join them, looking harried with paperwork. She hints once again that it would be nice if Aaron could join her team as assistant manager, but before he can answer Nate jumps in, asking Sonya if she is still getting updates about the explosion and clear up operation. Sonya informs Nate that the rescue team haven't reached the underground car park as they are securing the structure, and it could take weeks to do this. She can see that Aaron is looking anxious about Tom being missing, but Sonya tries to assure him that there must be another explanation as to his whereabouts rather than being trapped under the rubble. Aaron wonders if he should go and see Tom's stepmother Julie, and Sonya looks confused as to why he would want to do this and whether he's hiding something. Nate quickly pulls Aaron away, telling him that he shouldn't say anymore otherwise he could implicate himself.

Back at no. 26 Ben is helping Xanthe with her studying, however she is distracted and starts talking to Ben about travelling to the United States. She wants to go to Seattle and Ben becomes interested in the conversation as he likes some of the bands that were born in that area Š he quickly realises however that Xanthe has been reading his Facebook page from a few years ago and is trying to get on his good side by pretending to like the things that he likes. Concerned about Xanthe's unhealthy interest in him, Ben tells her that he needs to go and mow the lawn and quickly shuffles her out of the door, despite Xanthe's protests that they haven't finished their studying.


Ned is helping Lauren with clearing up dirty cups at Harold's; she tells him that it must be nice to have the family back together again despite it feeling bittersweet. Ned agrees that it's nice to hear people's stories as it helps him to fill in the blanks from his time away. Lauren wonders if he has any memories of his own that he'd like to share but Ned tells her that he can't remember any as Brad left him and Beth when he was very young. She tries to assure Ned that despite having another family, Brad never stopped loving him Š she tells him it must have been difficult for Brad due to the distance between them and not wanting to see Beth. Ned tells Lauren that he can try and make some new memories as life is long, but realises his words sound a bit callous considering the recent bereavements. Lauren understands that Ned means well and tells him that being here for his dad is what counts. Ned tries to force a smile as she leaves the kitchen.

Over at no. 22, Daniel is looking through the Willis family album as Imogen returns from her nap Š he asks her if she managed to get any sleep, but Imogen is preoccupied with something. She tells Daniel that they have a name for people like her, a twinless twin, and only fifty percent of people with that title last more than two years. Daniel replies that she shouldn't be thinking like that, but Imogen is inconsolable, telling him that Josh was the other half of her and now that half has gone forever. She mentions the dream that she had earlier of Josh being the brother she always knew and her need to go back to sleep so that she could hopefully see him again. Daniel tries to console Imogen, telling her that he is there for her in whatever she needs, but Imogen tells him there is only one thing she needs, to feel whole again and have her brother back by her side. She breaks down in tears as Daniel goes to hug her.


Back at the nursery, Aaron is still feeling responsible for Tom's disappearance and tells Nate that Tom's stepmum Julie and younger sister Shay have a right to know what happened to him. Nate tries to make Aaron see reason, implying that if he tells Julie what happened to Tom she will make his life a living hell when it may not have been his actions that caused his presumed death. Nate adds that Tom's body hasn't been found yet, and if he was killed by anything it would have been the collapse of the hotel and not Aaron's actions in the car park. Aaron doesn't seem convinced, feeling that if he hadn't assaulted Tom he may have made it out of the hotel area before the boiler exploded. Nate reassures Aaron that he can't keep thinking in what ifs, and tells him that once they know more, they will work it out together. Aaron seems touched at Nate's use of the word 'we'.

Xanthe is behind the counter at Harold's as Piper comes over to pick up a quiche for her family barbecue. She has been looking at Ben's Facebook profile on her laptop and informs Piper that Ben has received lots of likes for a video he posted last week. Xanthe is worried and asks Piper how many of those likes will be from girls, but Piper jokingly tells her that she's veering into online stalking with her behaviour. She then asks her about a girl called Emma Romero who is in a lot of photos with Ben, and Piper replies that she is his ex-girlfriend from Ballarat. Xanthe looks unhappy at how pretty she is in the photos and asks Piper if Ben is still in love with her. Piper doesn't think she is considering what happened between them, but Xanthe still isn't convinced, telling Piper that she has an amazing body which all men go for. As she leaves to take the quiche to the barbecue, Piper assures Xanthe that she is gorgeous as she is, and if Ben can't see that then he isn't the right person for her.


Preparations for the barbecue are underway at no. 22, as Pam asks Imogen how her mum is coping. Imogen tells Pam that her mum is still struggling with grief but will hopefully come down later for dinner, as Daniel comes over with refreshments. As Daniel departs Pam looks uncomfortable as Ned joins them with some snacks; Imogen tells Pam what a rock Ned has been since he returned to Erinsborough but Pam makes a sly comment about him being 'Archangel Ned'. Lauren has been observing this conversation and asks Ned what is going on between him and Pam as she can sense a lot of tension. Ned tells her it is nothing and quickly walks away to help with the barbecue, leaving Lauren looking bemused.

Later in the evening, Pam and Ned are having a heated argument as Lauren enters the kitchen. Pam is convinced that Ned is still involved with the East Coast Gang as he still has their insignia branded across his chest, but Ned assures her he has left that life behind like he said he would. Lauren joins the conversation and is unhappy that Ned lied to her about not being involved with the gang, but Pam tells her there is more to it than that.


Ned looks visibly upset as Pam tells Lauren the full story Š the East Coast Gang were informed by Ned of a house that was easy to rob, which turned out to be Doug and Pam's home. The gang broke into their house as Ned thought that Pam and Doug would be out for the evening, but Pam had returned home early. They knocked her to the ground when she came downstairs to investigate the disturbance. Lauren doesnÕt understand why Brad never found out about the break-in, but Pam tells her that Doug talked her into keeping quiet as Ned promised them that he would leave the gang and start a new life. Ned angrily tells Pam that Doug was the only one who trusted him, and he never let him down. As they continue arguing Brad comes in and asks them if everything is okay. Ned lies and says that they were talking about plans for the funeral tomorrow, to ensure that everything goes smoothly for the family. Brad asks Ned if he would like to be pallbearer and he looks taken aback by the offer; Brad tells him that he is a part of the family now as an unhappy Pam departs to help clear up the barbecue. As Brad and Pam go outside Lauren walks over to Ned, clearly upset at the revelations about his part in the gang that robbed his grandparents' house and his denials to her that he was ever involved. She tells Ned that she doesn't like keeping secrets from Brad but he assures her it won't be for long. Lauren isn't convinced of the deceit and tells Ned that she is taking a big chance on him and she doesn't want to regret it.

Featured Regular Characters: Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Piper Willis, Xanthe Canning, Ben Kirk, Aaron Brennan, Nate Kinski, Sonya Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Sue Jones as Pam Willis, Harley Bonner as Josh Willis, Ben Hall as Ned Willis

Trivia Notes
• Harley Bonner makes a brief return as Josh, as part of Imogen's dream sequence
• Sue Jones returns to the role of Pam Willis, having last appeared in 2014
• Past characters Doug Willis, Gaby Willis, Lou Carpenter, Beth Brennan and Matt Turner are mentioned

Summary by Michael

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