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Magic Moments > 2016 > Nate's Departure Episode 7379

Written by Megan Herbert, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 02/06/16, Channel 5: 02/06/16

Paige proves that Mandy is not actually John's girlfriend... Aaron tells Nate that they need to try and be kinder to each other... Nate informs Susan that he is finally doing something that he was trained for... Walter admits that he was in the car when Sonya's parents were killed, but that he is not her uncle, he is her father...

At no. 30 Walter begins his story, revealing to Sonya that her mother was going through a rough patch with her husband John, and that she sought comfort from Walter. They ended up having a short affair and when Sonya's mother fell pregnant, she realised that the father could only have been Walter. John was devastated when he found out the truth about his wife's affair and the unborn child not being his, but for the sake of the family they decided to raise the child as their own. Walter tells Sonya that he was devastated not to have a part in her life, but out of respect he agreed to stay away. He understands the hurt that his revelation has caused but tells Sonya he would like to be a part of her life if she will let him.


Sonya is upset and asks Walter to tell her more about the car crash that killed her parents. He reveals that when he was in the car he asked Sonya's parents if he would be allowed to reveal the truth about being Sonya's biological father, but they refused his request. Sonya is confused as to why Walter didn't come forward to look after her after her parents were killed in the car crash, but he tells her that he was in no fit state to look after a child and thought that she would be better off with her grandmother. He also tells her that his demons were getting the better of him but Sonya doesn't buy his excuses, telling him about Callum helping her become clean and how he could have done the same for her if he really wanted it. Walter says that this is the right time for him to get to know her properly but decides to give Sonya some space to decide what to do and leaves.

At Harold's, Susan is talking to Aaron and Nate about a Scandi drama she is watching. Before she can finish, Nate receives a phone call and goes to take it privately, leaving Susan and Aaron to discuss Nate's upcoming birthday. Aaron is surprised as Nate suddenly tells them he has to go.


Paige and Tyler are in the garden at No. 32, practising with a punch bag. Tyler is curious as to where John is and Paige tells him that she's giving him some space after his ordeal with Mandy. Interested to understand why Paige went to all the trouble of exposing Mandy as a fraud, Tyler insinuates that she must be in love with John. Paige laughs this off, informing Tyler that she would like to see where it goes with John but is in no rush, although Tyler isn't sure that this hands-off approach is the right one. Paige invites Tyler on a girls' night out with her and Courtney but Tyler isn't interested, unwilling to hang around with them as they try to pick up guys.

At no. 24, Mark is telling Aaron about his plans for the house, showing him a new leather sofa and getting excited about putting some 'clean lines' into the decor. Aaron looks less than enthused as Tyler arrives - he is carrying an old armchair that someone was throwing out and plonks it next to Mark's brand-new sofa! Mark looks disgusted as Tyler settles down in the chair.


John is chatting to Karl at the Waterhole, confirming that he has a new lead to help him regain his memory - a Lassiters employee saw him on the day of the explosion. Karl asks John if the psychiatrist has talked to him about the possibility of his memory not returning, but John tells him that they are both focused on keeping things positive. Paige comes into the Waterhole to order a bottle of wine and sees John with Karl; she asks him if he would like to go for a drink with her and Courtney but John declines, telling her that he has made other plans.

At no. 28, Nate tells Susan that the phone call he had earlier was from the admissions office for the defence force - they have accepted his application for re-enlistment. Susan is surprised and saddened at this news, asking Nate if this means that he will be leaving Ramsay Street. He confirms that he will. Susan asks Nate where that leaves him and Aaron, and Nate confesses that he plans to ask Aaron to come with him.


Back at the Waterhole, John takes the bottle of wine and leaves, as Karl wishes him luck. Karl then bumps into Nate, telling him that he's heard that he's leaving, and sees a slightly inebriated Walter and asks him how things went with Sonya, as Nate goes over to see Aaron. Aaron is taken aback when Nate asks him to come with him to Darwin, unsure whether there will be anything there for him. Nate assures him that he will find something, telling Aaron that this is exactly what he has been looking for after a tumultuous few months. Aaron still doesn't seem convinced about leaving Erinsborough, putting on a brave face as Nate continues to try and sell the idea to him.

At no. 30, Sonya has just finished a phone call with her Aunt Robyn, who confirms that she thought there had been something going on between her mum and Walter. Sonya is convinced that Walter is indeed her father and is hopeful that this gives her family a second chance, but Toadie implores her to be careful and reminds her that she is sometimes too willing to give people a second chance. He reminds her that Walter wasn't around when she was growing up, even after her parents were killed in the car crash, but Sonya counters that Callum was in a similar situation when she left him to get treatment for her alcohol problem. She assures Toadie that maybe Walter has come back to make amends, and to give her the things that she missed out on when she was younger. They are interrupted as Toadie receives a text message from Karl, telling him that Walter is in a bad way at the Waterhole and they need to come down.


Outside no. 24, Mark is hurriedly removing Tyler's armchair from the house, but Tyler runs after him, telling him to stop what he's doing. Mark is exasperated as Tyler plonks himself back into the chair in the middle of Ramsay Street! Aaron arrives home as Tyler again tries to convince Mark of the advantages of the armchair - he tries to get Aaron involved but he is pre-occupied with Nate. He tells Mark and Tyler about Nate's re-enlistment news and relocation to Darwin, and how Nate wants him to come with him. Although Mark looks sad at the news, he tells Aaron that he shouldn't let them or his job get in the way of a fresh start with Nate if that's what he wants, forcing him to consider whether he wants Nate badly enough to leave his life behind.

Inside the Waterhole, Karl is trying to look after Walter who has had too much to drink - Sonya and Toadie arrive to see what's going on. Karl apologises for not stopping him sooner, as Toadie informs him that Walter is a recovering alcoholic. Toadie tells Sonya that they should leave Walter to it as he is a grown adult, but Sonya insists that Walter comes home with them as he is family.


Aaron has gone to see Nate at no. 28, who tells him that he is super excited about rejoining the army and he can't wait to start as soon as possible. He is still keen for Aaron to join him, but Aaron isn't sure - he tells Nate that he's worried he will leave him again with no explanation and doesn't want to go through that again. Nate senses that something is wrong and confirms his suspicions by asking Aaron if he is coming with him to Darwin. Aaron breaks the news that he thinks Nate is too much of a lone wolf to be able to settle down properly with someone, and tells him to look after himself, knowing that staying on Ramsay Street is not an option for him. They have a heartfelt embrace, knowing that their relationship will not survive with Nate's imminent departure.

Over at no. 32, Paige is getting ready for her big night out with Courtney as John comes over, explaining that he was investigating a potential witness to help jog his memory about his life before the explosion, and that's why he couldn't join her for the late-night partying. Paige is curious as to why John has come over to tell her that, asking him if she is a Plan B option now that his witness didn't work out. He hands over the bottle of wine he picked up at the Waterhole earlier and apologises to Paige for the way he has been behaving and the mixed signals he has been giving her. Paige asks him why he acts that way, and John says that in his head he does want to be around her. Misunderstanding his words, Paige tries to kiss John before he can finish explaining things to her. He tells her that he wants to be around her but he can't as he feels like he's committed to someone else in the same way that Mandy hoodwinked him. Paige is upset at John's behaviour and angrily tells him that he must be getting some sick pleasure out of treating her like this, leading her on and then knocking her back. John tries to defend himself, telling her that this is not his intention but Paige is very upset, telling John that she's ignoring her own instincts to punch him in the face. She orders him to leave.



Karl and Susan gather outside on Ramsay Street to say farewell to Nate - Susan asks him if he can't stay for another couple of weeks but Nate tells her that his orientation starts the next day. As he prepares to get into the taxi, Tyler and Aaron come over to say goodbye. Aaron is emotional as he jokes with Nate about making sure he doesn't get himself blown up, and they have a farewell hug. Nate tells Aaron that he is an amazing person and it took him too long to realise that. He also thanks Karl and Susan for giving him a home, as he gets into the taxi to start his new life.

Over at no. 30, Walter has sobered up as Sonya makes him a cup of tea. He tells her that he will move on soon, and this gives Sonya the opportunity to ask him why he stayed away for so long. Walter confirms to Sonya that he was a fool to not look after her when her parents died and would do anything to have that chance again. She asks him if that includes staying away from alcohol, and Walter confirms that is his intention. Sonya suggests to Walter that she could offer him some support if he wanted it, advising that they should go to an AA meeting together as a first step.


Meanwhile, as Sonya and Walter are chatting, over at Harold's, Toadie is talking to Karl about Sonya and Walter, concerned that Sonya is too easily willing to help people in distress. Karl counters that this is one of the reasons that Toadie loves her, and he agrees this is true, however he is concerned that Sonya's offer of support is a way of making up for her own past mistakes. Karl wonders if this is a journey Sonya needs to go on regardless of the outcome, in order for her to get to know her father better. Toadie isn't sure about the 'hope for the best, prepare for the worst' scenario, but concedes that this may be the best option in order not to drive a wedge between himself and Sonya.


The armchair is back in no. 24, as Aaron tells Mark and Tyler about his sadness at Nate leaving. Mark is sorry that things didn't work out but tells Aaron that he would have missed him - he also suggests to Aaron that he is starting to grow up by not running off to be with Nate at the first opportunity, but being more considered with his choices. Aaron agrees that he is becoming more mature as Mark leaves. Tyler starts talking about the armchair again as Aaron receives a phone call - it's from Tom Quill. Aaron is shocked as he tells Tyler that Tom has found out who took his $10,000 from the hotel; he thinks it's Xanthe, and he wants the money back.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Aaron Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan, Paige Smith, John Doe, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Greg Stone as Walter Mitchell

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Meyne Wyatt as Nate Kinski
Past character Callum Rebecchi is mentioned

Summary by Michael

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