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Magic Moments > 2017 > The 2017 Season Premiere Episode 7511

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 09/01/17, Channel 5: 09/01/17

Brad and Lauren’s wedding afterparty... Lauren asking Brad who the mysterious lady is... Ned trying to apologize to Maxine for burning her house to the ground and subsequently being arrested for arson... Paige saying things have always been complicated with her and Jack... Sonya having some medical issues and later looking at a pregnancy test... Mark proposing to Steph... Stonie showing a picture to Toadie that looks suspiciously like his late wife Dee...

In the bedroom of No. 30, Toadie is having a dream about Dee; he wakes up suddenly with Sonya asking him if he is okay. Sonya is also having problems with sleeping, and Toadie asks her if she is worried about the cancer. She reveals that she is pregnant.



In the kitchen, Sonya says that she wanted to wait until after she’d had the blood test to confirm. She tries to find out if Toadie is freaked out by the news, but he says that they should wait until it’s confirmed. Sonya then asks Toadie if his dream was about the surrogacy, but he says that it wasn’t.

Over at no. 24 the next morning, Mark and Steph are in bed together, wondering if they are ready to tell Sonya and Toadie that they are engaged to be married.


At the garage, Tyler and Piper are in a tryst, not happy about having to sneak around but also finding it fun. Leo comes over and Piper has to hide to avoid being caught. Leo introduces himself and asks Tyler if he has heard from Amy. Tyler says that she is visiting her mum and brushes Leo off with a cursory goodbye. Piper comes out of hiding and reveals to Tyler that she has a spare key to No. 26, where she is sure they won’t be caught.

At Harold’s, Paige is looking at wedding photos. Terese comes in and talks to Brad about Ned’s arrest for the fire. Brad reveals that the police have taken away his passport and thinks it’s ridiculous that they consider him a flight risk. He also asks after Piper and Terese says she is busy with extracurricular activities! Brad wants to talk to her about Ned. Meanwhile, Jack has just walked in and he and Paige are having a frosty conversation about Christmas. Paige doesn’t want to chat and they make awkward small talk, she seems preoccupied with her pregnancy news.


At the Tanaka brothers' apartment at Lassiters, David confirms to Paige that she is pregnant. David asks her if she has told the father, but Paige says she doesn’t want him to know. David says he can refer Paige to a clinic if she doesn’t want to keep the baby, but she doesn’t seem sure about this option. She leaves.

Whilst walking across the Lassiters complex, Paige sees Jack playing cricket with some youths from the church, and she looks lost in her thoughts.


At No. 30, Steph and Mark pop over to give Toadie and Sonya their big engagement news - there are hugs all round. Mark says that it was a spur of the moment decision but they wanted Toadie and Sonya to know first. Sonya also reveals her big news, she is pregnant.

Steph and Mark look shocked at the news, and Steph is tearful and struggling to digest as this wasn’t what they had decided regarding the surrogacy. After Mark and Steph leave, and Sonya goes to check on Nell, Toadie receives a text message from Stonie saying that he is on his way.


Over at no. 26 Tyler and Piper are watching a classically awful movie according to Piper. They decide to ditch the movie and have a smooching session, but they are interrupted by Terese. Terese asks Piper how long this has been going on for, and Piper says since the engagement party. Piper says that she is in love with Tyler but Terese is not happy with the age gap and the fact that Tyler and Paige slept with each other. Piper and Terese argue. Giving her an ultimatum, Terese tells Piper that she either breaks up with Tyler or she isn’t going to be welcome at no. 22. Piper replies that she’ll go and talk to Brad about staying at his house.

Toadie is at the Waterhole looking at the photo of Dee, remembering his 2003 wedding day before it all went tragically wrong. Stonie walks in and asks Toadie where he has been. “2003”, he replies.




At no. 32, Piper is saying her piece about her relationship with Tyler. Brad isn’t happy and says that he agrees with Terese about this, Piper is too young and Tyler isn’t right for her. He also doesn’t like the affairs that Tyler had with Paige and Imogen. He is adamant that he won’t change his mind, and Piper storms out.

Stonie is telling Toadie about his travails to try and find more information about the mysterious woman in the photos. No one has recognized her. Toadie needs an explanation as to the photo, but Stonie has other questions about why, if this is Dee, she hasn’t come forward yet to say she has been missing, and what she has been doing in Colac. Toadie tells Stonie about the dream, and how much this is affecting him.


Paige is serving Mark at Harold’s. Mark wants to talk to her about his news about Steph, the surrogacy and Sonya being pregnant. Mark seems happy with the news but Paige is confused, she thought that he and Steph were not going through with the surrogacy. Mark agrees that this is going to be a big adjustment with Steph, but he feels that this is the right time to start a family. Paige is teary, clearly thinking about her own pregnancy issues with Jack.

Over at no. 24, Tyler congratulates Mark about his pregnancy news. Tyler also reveals to Mark about his relationship with Piper and his love for her. Tyler asks Mark if Piper can move in, but Mark isn’t sure. He doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of Brad and Terese and doesn’t feel comfortable with Piper living with Tyler at his house, especially when she is still at school. Tyler looks deflated.


Later in the evening, Steph comes over to chat to Mark about the surrogacy news. Mark understands that she is upset but reassures her that this is something that could be a blessing in disguise. Mark takes a ring out of his pocket and puts it on Steph’s finger. She is happy, but sad at how complicated the news of Sonya’s pregnancy could be for their relationship. She tells Mark that they will take it one step at a time, but after her and Mark embrace, she looks worried.

At no. 30, Toadie and Sonya are in the kitchen. Toadie wants to tell Sonya about his Dee-related dream, but Sonya is distracted by her pregnancy sickness. Mark and Steph come over and Steph apologizes for not being excited about the pregnancy news, she needed to process. She says that she is happier now that she has had time to think about this, and is looking forward to being a mum. Everyone looks a lot happier, but Toadie is pensive. He is still looking at the picture of Dee and thinking about what he should do.


Leo, David and Paige are having dinner at the Tanaka apartment. They are not having clams, much to Paige’s relief! Paige thanks David for his help with her pregnancy news, but she reveals that she just wants to forget everything for the time being and live in the moment. David heads off to work and leaves Paige and Leo for their tete-a-tete.

Toadie is on the phone in the bedroom of no. 30. He calls PI Tracey Wong and asks her to investigate the disappearance of first wife Dee.


Back with Paige and Leo, Paige looks uncomfortable, whilst Leo is giving her some lame come-ons, which Paige laughs off. Leo continues with his romantic techniques, and they are getting rather cosy. Paige is looking doubtful about whether this is the right thing to be doing considering her pregnancy news, but they start leaning in for a kiss…

Featured Regular Characters: Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Steph Scully, Leo Tanaka, Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis, David Tanaka, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Paige Smith, Jack Callahan

Guest Cast: Madeleine West as Dee Bliss, Anthony Engelman as Stonefish Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
2017 Opening Titles Version One (complete with spelling mistakes) made their debut in this episode
• Takaya Honda (David) and Tim Kano (Leo) are credited in both the opening credits and the closing credits

Summary by Michael

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