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Magic Moments > 2017 > Gabriel's Birth Episode 7612

Written by Melanie Sano, Directed by Declan Eames, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 30/05/17, Channel 5: 30/05/17

Paul asks Terese if they have a chance of reconciling... Sonya is charged by the police... Leo tells Sonya that she will pay for what she did at the Backpackers... Sonya asks Toadie to look after Nell as she prepares to go to rehab... Paige talking to Karl about whether she needs a caesarean... Susan asks how far away the shack is... Susan tells Piper that she's feeling unwell... Paigeís waters break whiles sheís alone in the shack...

Susan and Piper are in the car, wondering where Paige is. There's no phone reception, and Piper can't go out and search on her crutches. Susan is looking pale, she takes some pills and water and tells Piper that a walk in the fresh air will do her some good.


Toadie is at no. 30 with Nell. Steph comes in and asks Toadie if has finished packing. She says that it would be much simpler if he moved back in, but Toadie doesnít want Sonya to think that he is taking over. Leo comes over. With little sympathy for Sonyaís plight, he quickly wants to know what is happening regarding the settlement over damages at the Backpackers. Toadie walks away without answering Leo, leaving Steph to try and get him to see reason. However, Leo isnít interested in her interfering and leaves, telling Steph she needs to keep her opinions to herself if she ever wants to go into business with him.

Susan is walking haphazardly through the bush, she looks dehydrated and faint. She comes across the shack, and finds Paige inside in terrible pain. Paige yells at her that the baby is in breach and she needs help. Susan tells her that she wonít be able to carry her back to the car and instead says that sheíll get help, despite being in a lightheaded state.


Karl is at Harold's and is worried about Susan, heís tried to call her but sheís not answering her phone. Jack comes over and Karl asks him if Susan and Paige are still at the shack. Jack isnít sure, and tries to call Paige on the phone, but it goes to voicemail, so he offers to buy Karl a coffee while they wait for them to return.

Susan is stumbling through the bush back to the car, her condition deteriorating further as she manages to make it through the clearing. She is able to tell Piper about Paige being in labour in the shack, but her own medical issues worsen and she collapses on to the steering wheel, causing the horn to go off. Piper tells Susan that she canít drive in this state. As this is happening, inside the shack Paige hears the car horn and wonders what is going on outside.



At Robinsons Motel, Steph tells Paul that Leo is unlikely to go into partnership with them, especially after what happened with Sonya at the Backpackers. He wants to remain as a solo operator, much to Paulís consternation. Paul is wondering what the point of having money is if he canít help out his family, but Steph says that there is plenty of work that needs doing at Robinsons. She doesnít understand why Paul wants to bring Leo on board when they are doing well as they are. Paul says that they are expanding into different markets and asks Steph if she wants to back out of the deal. She replies that there may not be a deal to back out of considering the conversation she had with Leo earlier, but Paul is adamant that his son will be an asset to growing the business and starts to make a call.

Back at Harold's, Karl and Jack have still not heard back from Susan and Paige, and are becoming worried. Jack considers taking a drive up to the shack to see if they are okay, but Karl doesnít like the idea of getting in trouble for checking up on them. Toadie and Dipi are chatting at the counter - heís grateful for Dipi helping out with Nell especially with how difficult things have been recently. Toadie is hopeful that Sonya is getting the help that she needs at the clinic and decides to give her a call to see how she is settling in.


Paige is still stranded in the shack waiting for help.

At the car, Susanís condition has deteriorated further and she can barely keep her eyes open. Despite her injured leg Piper moves over to the drivers seat, hoping to drive them somewhere where they can find a better phone reception. Piper struggles to settle into the driverís seat, and in her attempts to start the car injures her leg further. She eventually manages to start the car and tries to pull away.


At the Waterhole, Paul is chatting to Leo about his reservations about going into business with him and Steph. He doesnít understand why Leo wonít accept the business deal heís proposed, but Leo is happy with his business at the Backpackers and doesnít want to stretch himself financially. Paul asks Leo when he became so conservative with money, and Leo replies that he has other options open to him that donít involve investing in another business. Paul insinuates that this has something to do with Sonya and the money Leo is expecting from her and Toadie, and again tries to persuade Leo to invest in his business. Leo doesnít want Paulís help though, heís happy to have his independence and is convinced that his legal action against Sonya is the best way forward for a better financial footing. Paul accepts that he cannot win Leo over.

Leo is now at Harold's, trying to make some money-saving deals over the phone. David asks Leo if he is substituting price over quality, but he replies that the Rebecchis have limited funds and he needs to make savings elsewhere in the business. David is unhappy that Leo is going ahead with his financial vendetta against Sonya, and asks him why he doesnít want to accept Paulís money to safeguard his business. David begins to understand that it isnít the offer of money thatís the problem, itís working with Paul thatís the real issue. Leo doesnít like the way that he operates, but David counters that Leo is much the same as Paul with his business operations, and that he should re-think his stance. David says that he'll be having drinks with Paul later and gives Leo the opportunity to think things over, saying that it would be nice if they had something to celebrate.


In the bush, Piper has managed to drive a short way down the road, however she is in considerable pain. She stops and tries her phone again in the hope that she can get a better signal, but itís still not transmitting in the area. Suddenly she gets a signal and phones 000, but the signal is still poor and she canít get through to anyone.

Over at the shack, Paige is in the throes of labour, and is trying to moderate the pain whilst waiting for help. She is also becoming disorientated as her vision swims in and out of focus.


Paul is chatting to David at the Waterhole about Sonya being in rehab. He doesnít understand why she canít keep away from her weakness with alcohol, and David clarifies that she is an addict and itís not as black and white as Paul thinks. Leo comes over with some good news for Paul, he has re-considered his offer about going into partnership. Paul looks pleased with his change of heart, but Leo has several conditions if he wants this to work, including full transparency over all business dealings and no petty rivalries against Lassiters. Paul agrees. Paul then mentions that Tom Quill is in town; Leo feels that this is a good opportunity to test their new partnership and Paul lets him take ownership. As Leo leaves, David asks Paul why heís feeling so flat over Leoís news, he thought heíd be ecstatic that heís agreed to go into partnership with him and Steph. He asks Paul if he is still hurting over Terese, but Paul brushes this off.

Back in the bush, Piper is waiting at the side of the road for a passing car to stop and help them. She sees a white car driving towards her and flags them down. Luckily itís Karl and Jack. They both rush over to see whatís happened, Karl quickly sees that Susan is in a bad way and goes over to help. Jack asks Piper where Paige is, and Piper says that sheís in labour in the shack. After telling Piper to look after Susan and continue trying to seek medical help, Karl and Jack rush off to find Paige.


In the shack, Paige is still alone, she doesnít think that any help is imminent and concludes that sheíll have to deliver the baby herself. She tells her unborn baby that she loves them, and how much she wanted to be a mum.

Meanwhile, Jack and Karl spot the shack in a clearing and rush over. After calling out they find Paige, and Karl realizes that the baby is ready to be delivered as the contractions are now constant. Paige is worried and anxious, she thought that it was dangerous to have a natural birth, however Karl assures her that she needs to hang in there as help is on the way.

At no. 30, Toadie tells Steph that Sonya has checked herself out of the clinic without telling anyone. He asks Steph if she knows anything as she has been following Sonyaís treatment closely. However, Steph replies that she is as confused as Toadie, she thought that Sonya wanted to get better so doesnít understand why she would want to leave. Steph suggests that Sonya may be on her way back to Ramsay Street, but Toadie isnít convinced, he thinks she may have gone somewhere that no-one can find her.



Jack is holding Paigeís hand as she continues with the contractions. Karl tells her that she is doing a great job, but sheís still clearly in a lot of pain. The baby is in breach but Karl is being careful not to cause any injuries. He asks Paige to give one final push and eventually the baby arrives, much to her relief. Karl tells Paige and Jack that itís a boy! Karl passes over the baby boy to Jack, who looks overjoyed at becoming a father and cradles his newborn son, calling him beautiful. Despite the good news, Karl notices that Paige has drifted off and gently calls out her name to rouse her, but she doesnít respond. Noticing that something isnít right Karlís cries become more frantic, and Jack joins in as they try to wake up Paige. However, Paige is now fully unconscious and does not respondÖ

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Paige Smith, Piper Willis, Steph Scully, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, David Tanaka, Jack Callahan, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
ē Although Gabriel is born in this episode, he is barely seen, and not named or credited in the episode

Summary by Michael

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