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Magic Moments > 2017 > Gary and Terese's Wedding Episode 7706

Written by Sarah Walker, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 09/10/17, Channel 5: 09/10/17

Paul tells Terese that he doesnít think he can live in a world without her in it... Terese and Paul sleep together in his office at Lassiters... Terese tells Paul that she has chosen Gary... Terese confesses to Paige that she slept with Paul just before her engagement party... Paige advises Terese to keep the affair a secret from Gary... Sheila looks to purchase the Lassiters couch that Paul and Terese were intimate on... Susan tells Terese that she canít be her celebrant after she confesses what happened with Paul... Paige reveals to Terese that Paul is returning to Ramsay Street in time for her wedding to Gary...

Terese is in the Lassiters lift wearing her wedding dress, heading up to Paulís penthouse. Paul is wondering what sheís doing there and tells her that she looks beautiful. Terese asks Paul why he disappeared with no explanation and has now suddenly returned just on the day she is due to get married; she feels that this is no coincidence. Paul asks again what she is doing there, and Terese says that she didnít feel good about pushing him away after he helped support her with her cancer. She understands that his behaviour with her brother Nick was done out of love for her, and that they can all move on with their lives, but Paul questions whether she actually does want to move on. He thinks that her marriage to Gary will be a mistake she will regret for the rest of her life, and confirms to Terese that he has returned to try and stop the wedding. He still believes that, despite all the past mistakes, he and Terese are meant to be together. Terese says that he is wrong, but despite this they share a passionate kiss.


At no. 22 Terese wakes up; her rendezvous with Paul was nothing more than a dream. She scratches her arm and nervously wonders what to do next as her wedding day is only a few hours away.

The Lassiters Lake has been set up for Gary and Tereseís wedding; Tyler and Piper are finishing setting up. Tyler tells Piper that he has decided that he is not going to change his surname after speaking to Hamish. Piper says that he can always change his surname later on, and Tyler uses this as a hint that he could change it to Willis when he and Piper get married. Piper, however, is adamant that she will not be walking down a church aisle any time soon. Dipi arrives and tells Piper that she has done an amazing job with organizing the wedding. She has brought along a lucky elephant ornament and asks Piper if she can put it somewhere. As Dipi leaves Piper confirms to Tyler that she will never be getting married, she will be using all her money to go on her gap year. Xanthe arrives and starts inspecting the work Piper and Tyler have done; sheís not happy with the layout of the table and chairs and starts bossing them about! Ben arrives with his guitar and Xanthe slightly softens.


At Harold's, Shane is helping Kirsha with her guitar, to make sure she doesnít have any problems at the wedding. She tells him that she will be fine, implying that he is more nervous than she is. As they leave, Leo is flirting with Misthi at a table; he tells her how incredible she looks in a dress sheís wearing and she looks flattered. Steph comes in and interrupts them, she needs to ask Leo something. Sheís heard from Amy that Paulís returned, and asks Leo if he knows whatís going on. Leo tells her that he hasnít had a chance to speak to Paul yet, but Steph is concerned he has returned to prevent the motel sale from proceeding. Leo assures her that his return has nothing to do with the motel, but Steph isnít convinced and says that Paul never does anything without a hidden agenda.

Wedding preparations are underway at no. 22. Paige is talking to Terese, telling her that she has a big day ahead of her and she needs to stop being preoccupied with thoughts of Paul. Terese asks Paige why she thinks sheís worried about Paul, but Paige counters that it would be typical of Paul to stop the wedding going ahead due to his dislike for Gary and love for Terese. Paige is surprised when Terese says that she is going to speak to Paul; she doesnít like the way that she left things and feels that she owes him an explanation. Paige implores her to reconsider, telling her that she is due to be married in a couple of hours and going to see Paul should be the last thing on her mind. Terese looks less than enthusiastic about her impending wedding as Paige departs to run some errands.


At the penthouse, Leo asks Paul why he didnít make it to New York, and Paul says that he had a change of plans. He also asks him if he is disappointed that the sale of the motel has been signed off, but Paul responds to this by saying he will use the money to put into his latest business venture. Paul tells him that he will divulge more information later when Amy, Jimmy and David arrive; he also has some other news he wants to share. Paige arrives at the penthouse to see Paul, she wants to talk to him about Terese. She asks him why he has returned to Erinsborough on the day of Terese and Garyís wedding. Paul tells her that he has some business to attend to, although Paige doesnít believe this is his true motive and reveals that she knows what happened between him and Terese in the Lassiters office. Paige implores Paul not to interfere with Terese and Gary on the day of their wedding, but he tells her that he no longer has any interest in Terese. Paige is still not convinced and tells Paul that she hopes heís genuine in what he says, and he looks thoughtful as she departs.

The hairstylists have arrived at no. 22. Paige tells Terese that she went to see Paul at the penthouse; she believes that he is genuine in what he says, and Terese agrees that Paul would not try and interfere with her big day. Piper calls Paige over to get her hair done, and tells Terese that she looks beautiful. Terese doesnít look overly thrilled as Piper goes into detail about the preparations at Lassiters Lake, her mind seemingly elsewhere. Piper asks her if she is okay, and Terese replies that she is just thinking about all the people that couldnít be there for her big day. Paige assures Terese that it is okay to be nervous on your wedding day, whilst Piper mentions that Gary loves Terese and she shouldnít be worried. Xanthe arrives with some anti-histamines for Terese. She has also brought a present from Gary, a pair of earrings and a card. Terese looks touched as she reads the card:

ďTo the love of my life. I want you to know how proud and happy I am to soon be your husband, I canít believe my luck. All my love, see you at the wedding, GaryĒ

Terese is teary-eyed after reading the card and goes upstairs to continue getting ready, with Paige left wondering if these are tears of happiness or regret.


Ben is practicing on his guitar at the wedding pavilion with Kirsha, entertaining the wedding guests. Gary and Sheila are chatting with the celebrant, Susan having pulled out at the last minute. Karl and Susan have also arrived at the pavilion; Karl is asking Susan why she pulled out of being celebrant because of superstition, but Susan says that she didnít want to bring Gary and Terese any bad luck.

Over at no.22, Piper is concerned about Terese, she asks Paige if she thinks Terese may be having second thoughts about marrying Gary. Paige says that she is probably not the best person to ask after her wedding disaster with Mark, but tells Piper that getting married again is nervewracking. Paige asks Piper if she knows if Mark is coming to the wedding. Piper says that both he and Tyler will be there, and they both hope that the tension between the two of them wonít ruin the day. Terese has now finished getting ready and comes down the stairs in her wedding dress; Paige and Piper are taken aback by how stunning she looks. Terese says that the anti-histamine Xanthe gave her seems to have helped, but she still looks concerned and unhappy as the limousine pulls up to no. 22.


The wedding is now in full flow as all the guests have arrived. Xanthe is impressed by Benís guitar playing skills, and Gary tells her that he is very talented. Meanwhile in the congregation Mishti hopes that the wedding isnít too romantic, and Dipi tells her that she should have brought a date with her. Dipi starts reminiscing about her own wedding to Shane, and Yashvi isnít impressed when she starts going into intimate details about the detour they took! Sheila tells Xanthe not to forget the rings, as Gary watches on, nervously wondering whether Terese will turn up or not.

A car arrives at the ceremony. Itís Terese, Piper and Paige. Terese hand is still itching but Piper says that she will ask Xanthe if she has any more anti-histamines. As Piper goes to find Xanthe, Terese is still looking worried; she asks Paige if her itchy hand is a sign that she is allergic to marriage, but Paige tries to assure her that it is just nerves. Terese isnít happy about concealing her secret liaison with Paul from Gary, and tells Paige that he wonít want to marry her if he finds out the truth. Paige brushes over this and tells Terese to concentrate on the moment at hand, all Gary wants is to see Terese with him at the altar and everything else can wait. Piper comes back, she couldnít get hold of Xanthe but tells Terese she needs to forget all her past history and concentrate on the future. Terese is still unhappy, saying that she is concerned that Gary is too good for her and she will just let him down. Paige and Piper tell her to stop talking like that, saying that she deserves some happiness.



Xanthe calls Piper over and asks her what is causing the delay, she says that Gary is becoming more agitated but Piper tells her everything is fine, Terese is now here and they can get started with the ceremony. Sheila tries to calm Gary down by telling him that the bride is traditionally late for the wedding, although she does say that Terese is pushing her luck. Xanthe rushes over and tells her dad that Terese has now arrived and they can get started with the wedding ceremony. Ben starts singing as the congregation take their seats, however Terese is still looking unhappy as bridesmaids Paige and Piper lead her out. Terese slowly begins her walk up the aisle towards Gary; Susan looks tight-lipped as she watches her walk past, seemingly concerned about the legitimacy of this marriage after the confession Terese made about her infedilty with Paul. Terese is wearing the earrings that Gary brought for her earlier, and he tells her her not to cry as she stands beside him to begin their vows. She tells Gary that the earrings are beautiful, looking overcome with emotion as he tells her how happy she has made him. Gary says that he hopes he can make her just as happy, and Terese is struggling for words as the celibant begins the ceremony.

ďWe are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of Terese Willis and Gary CanningĒ

At the penthouse Paul is looking at his watch, and Leo says that he can see whatís on his mind, his thoughts focused on the ceremony that has just started. Paul denies that this is what he was thinking about, but Leo wants to know how Paul is feeling about Terese marrying another man. He says he is fine, but Leo is unsure whether to believe him or not, and wonders whether Paul has some more tricks up his sleeve to try and win Terese back. Paul jokingly says that Leo clearly doesnít trust him enough to have faith in his words, and reluctantly forces himself to make a toast to Gary and Terese to save face with Leo.



Back at the ceremony, Gary and Terese are ready to exchange vows. Tereseís discomfort and anxiety is increasing as Gary begins: ďI stand before you in awe Terese Willis, you have more courage, fight and passion than anyone I have ever met. Never have I admired someone so much nor met someone with as much integrity as youĒ. At these words Terese reaches breaking point and tells Gary to stop. He thinks it is just nerves, but Terese tells him that she canít do this and storms out of the ceremony, leaving the congregation stunned. Gary rushes after her and tells Terese that she canít leave him like this; he grabs hold of her but Terese tells him that he doesnít understand and asks him to let go. Gary refuses, and asks her to tell him why she canít go through with the marriage. Sobbing, Terese confesses to Gary that she cheated on him with Paul, and once again everyone is taken aback by the revelation, as Gary tries to digest this crushing news.

As Xanthe goes over to comfort Gary, Sheila marches over to Terese, telling her that she has broken her sonís heart and humiliated him in front of all her family and friends. Becoming angrier as Terese walks away from her, Sheila tells Terese that she will rot in hell for what she has done to Gary. Piper and Paige try to usher Terese away from the ceremony, but she tells them to stop, she needs to talk to Gary alone. Xanthe tells her dad that she should have nothing to do with Terese after her confession, and as Terese comes over to talk to Gary, Xanthe slaps her. Trying to apologise for what she has done, Terese tells Gary that she has been living with this guilt but still wanted to marry him, but after looking into his eyes at the ceremony couldnít go through with a marriage based on lies. Gary walks away, feeling hurt and broken by Tereseís deceit. Terese slowly walks away from the ceremony, Piper and Paige following behind. Piper asks Paige if she knew about Paul and Terese sleeping together, and Paige says that she did. Piper is hurt by this news, and asks her mum how she could have told Paige but not her, but Paige defends Terese by saying it was her decision to keep this secret buried. Terese looks devastated at what has occurred and tells Paige and Piper that she canít go home, she needs to go and see Paul. Paige and Piper are astonished and tell Terese that this is a terrible idea after whatís just happened, but Terese contends that things canít get any worse than they already are. Piper asks Terese if her confession about the affair was because she wanted to be honest with Gary or because it would give her the chance to make a fresh start with Paul. Terese states that she is worried Gary could hurt Paul and says that she needs to warn him. Piper doesnít understand why she canít just phone Paul, but Terese is adamant that she has needed to see him all day and no-one will change her mind. Hurt by her motherís intentions, Piper says that she canít be a part of this and leaves.


At Lassiters, Terese is once again heading up to Paulís penthouse, as her dreams from earlier in the day are eerily mirrored into reality. Paul is confused as to what Terese is doing there, and she confirms that she isnít sure. He wonders whether she has come over to gloat, but she tells him this is not the reason why she is here. Just as she is about to speak, a scantily-clad Courtney Grixti comes out from the bedroom and saunters over to Paul. He reveals to Terese that this she is his fiancee. Unable to summon up any words of response, Terese is startled as she processes the news.

Featured Regular Characters: Terese Willis, Paul Robinson, Gary Canning, Xanthe Canning, Sheila Canning, Piper Willis, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan, Ben Kirk, Leo Tanaka, Dipi Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Yashvi Rebecchi, Kirsha Rebecchi, Mishti Sharma, Steph Scully, Paige Smith, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Elly Conway

Guest Cast: Emma Lane as Courtney Grixti, Roger Neave as Erson Carbajosa, Frank Ripa as Driver

Trivia Notes
ē Roger Neave returns for a one-episode guest appearance as celebrant Erson Carbajosa, having previously appeared in the recurring role of Dr Jeremy Levi

Summary by Michael

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